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  2. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Thank You Kemba for playing over bad coaching..
  3. Wilks will take a year or two more before he gets on the HC radar. He'll make a fine one then, someone will get a real winner, but there's still a lot to take in before HC.
  4. Plenty of NFL players are wearing this Vicis helmet. If you look at the OP there is a list put out by the NFL showing this helmet as the top performer based in their tests. So I suppose the other companies aren't paying nearly enough.
  5. They just got into the NFL regular season this year I believe. There's no way he doesn't know about it
  6. For sure enjoy this year because teams will be picking us apart coaching wise.
  7. Could be anything from not being aware of it's existence to not liking the fit. If a helmet doesn't fit well to somebody's head, they will go with a different model helmet. It's why not every player is wearing the same helmet. If the NFL REALLY cared, they'd make these helmets mandatory and ensure that each player gets a customized fitting to ensure comfort and security. The league has plenty of money to do this. Unfortunately, I'm sure Riddell and Schutt pay far too much money to ensure that the NFL doesn't do this.
  8. Meanwhile the Q collar received their data from high school tests and doesn't have FDA approval https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/study-indicates-q-collar-may-help-protect-football-players-brain-function-300456013.html
  9. Is losing Wilks a foregone conclusion?

    Maybe a HC job with the Panthers.
  10. Work place drug test question

    Do you mean this as a right to know while on the clock or in general?
  11. The science behind this helmet and data is very much convincing instead of the collar he is wearing. With Luke and the training staff concerned over concussions and the data behind this helmet scoring it #1 amongst NFL approved helmets I cannot comprehend why the training / equipment staff do not have Luke wearing this but sign off on a glorified cock ring instead
  12. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Well at least that skid is over.
  13. Is losing Wilks a foregone conclusion?

    As long as Rivera is here I don't have much concern for the D.
  14. Is losing Wilks a foregone conclusion?

    They're actually doing better than when we had McD. Granted the talent is better this year, but still, Wilks knows his poo. And he sounds like Denzel when he talks.
  15. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Great technical foul by Dwight...
  16. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Batum stupid
  17. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Totally not necessary bring in the beat players and beat this team.
  18. Today
  19. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Please put in O'Bryant for Frank... dear Lord.
  20. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Lol Deja Vu... blowing a 4th quarter lead
  21. Hornets vs. Clippers

    No penetration players need to move.. Penetration than players can stand around the 3 point line... Coaching 101
  22. Kurt Coleman Fined

    Haha bitch !!! http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/11/18/falcons-officially-rule-devonta-freeman-out-for-monday-night-in-seattle/
  23. NC senators see which way the wind is blowing for once

    Kinda like Mueller running this russia thing...
  24. Hornets vs. Clippers

    No movement one person runs thru picks everybody else standing around.. Great coaching..
  25. ...I hope we crunch that ho next time around....
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