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  2. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Damn not what I was expecting lol. But makes sense. I'd feel the same if I lived close to New Orleans. But my answer will always be the Falcons. I could actually see myself becoming quite indifferent to the Saints if a few select circumstances were to take place. Would be a similar feeling to what we all feel toward the Bucs lmao. But the Falcons? Nah f*ck that and f*ck them. Lol.
  3. That’s because DG had to restructure to bring down his ridiculous cap hits. Maybe we should have taken an 8.2M cap hit this year for him, like Hurney originally intended to pay him?
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  5. *must read* B/R Potential trade packages

    It means we are doing our due diligence because if we're being realistic about dumping Batum, Kemba may be involved so we are remaining open to the option. In the meantime, everyone and their mom is now buzzing about Kemba rumors when we're basically doing what any other team would consider in the situation. We're not throwing him on the block, we're allowing him to be a potential package item if the return is looking good.
  6. Fanspeak Mock Simulator

    These things are fun. Based mine off NFL mock. Not overly excited but I do like Orlando Brown was there for me round 1. So was Ridley but this is my draft. lol 24: R1P24 OT ORLANDO BROWN OKLAHOMA 55: R2P23 TE TROY FUMAGALLI WISCONSIN 85: R3P21 WR EQUANIMEOUS ST BROWN NOTRE DAME 88: R3P24 CB M.J. STEWART NORTH CAROLINA 163: R5P24 EDGE LORENZO CARTER GEORGIA 201: R6P23 DL JAY-TEE TIULI E WASHINGTON 235: R7P16 S TRAYVON HENDERSON HAWAII 243: R7P24 C SCOTT QUESSENBERRY UCLA
  7. #1 You resort to namecalling a lot. You're probably a tinderbox alt. Redirect Boy. #2 I can blame someone for trying. The fact that he didn't get a bite doesn't mean it didn't happen. #3 You're defending ......No, you're not defending Jimmy Clausen, you're defending the fact that Hurney was so enamored with him that he was trying to trade up to get him. Yet, every other team in the NFL said "nah, We good" when they had the chance. #4 3 winning seasons. Out of 11. 3. When you bitch about "back to back winning seasons", you know where to look.
  8. It's also been claimed as fact several times. He said, she said, but ....if you trade your #1 pick 2 years in a row, and people say you tried to do it again, it seems more than plausible. It seems like a trend.
  9. With all this talk of Wilks' possible departure and Washington most likely to replace him if he goes, does anyone know Eric's defensive philosophy? I know he has a reputation as a good coach, but don't know if I should expect more of the aggressiveness we got from Wilks (and McDermott to a degree) or a more conservative scheme. I'm assuming it would be DL focused, but what style should we expect?
  10. I like Wilks' aggressiveness. I just wish he varied it up a little more. I also think he put too much of an onus on our young CB's. Right now they're better at zone than man, but Wilks had them running man far too often...especially when facing top QB's. I think this killed Bradberry's confidence. I saw him thinking instead of reacting far too often this year. If he does come back I expect/hope that Wilks would make some adjustments to protect the back end a little better...and I also expect some new personnel at Safety.
  11. For the record, Stewart will be working under a Gettleman contract this year. His contract from Hurney was to expire after the season, but Gman gave him an extension. Not that it really matters, just wanted to set the record straight.
  12. Fanspeak Mock Simulator

    Chubb could crawl the 40 and have a negative vertical and still go top 15 based off his tape. Only ways he'd drop to us would be major injury or doing something really stupid/illegal.
  13. It's why Shula and Dorsey are gone. Ron's talking a bullet for Shula by lumping them together in not finding CMC's ceiling. The reality is that CMC is a huge part of our offensive future, and it was Shula's job to figure out how to properly use him. But since he clearly had no idea how to do that, a change at OC needed to be made (whether it should have happened sooner can be argued but is not the point).
  14. 2018 NFL Draft

    DE, S or TE for the 1st.
  15. And the crickets continue to chirp for Shula.
  16. Shinn level stupidity..

    couple things, it's the right move and the only move the team has. I said it when we signed Nic that the Hornets messed up again and got stuck being a 8th seed at best. the only way out would be a fire sale. They have to get rid of MKGs contract, Williams and Mic. To do that Kemba has to go. They have to tank and do it right and pick the correct players and actually build a team instead of throwing players together and hoping it sticks.
  17. Why can't the Canes get more love here?

    The Canes are home to the best owner the Carolinas have ever had in pro sports: Tom Dundon
  18. Enjoy it while it lasts because we’ll finish about 3,000 behind 29th for a few years. Just long enough to get the Sonics back on their feet
  19. Michael Jordan is a Terrible Owner

    Crazy that our city will have seen the life and death of two iterations of the Charlotte Hornets
  20. Michael Jordan is a Terrible Owner

    Well I’m sure that Seattle will be thrilled to get their Sonics back in a few years, and the only people they need to thank are Michael Jordan and Rich Cho. The Charlotte Hornets are not meant to succeed or even exist long-term. Everyone who disagrees simply does so out of willful ignorance. We may as well all pick our new teams now, or enjoy watching Jeremy Lamb and the Sonics In the Western Conference Finals.
  21. Any chance we bring in someone from the outside?
  22. Red, seriously, nobody is bashing Cam. I, as a football fan, a carolina panther fan, and a Cam fan, want to see Cam become the consistent passer he should already be at this point in his career. It's okay to say these things, cause they are true, You shouldn't need to resort to grade school level behavior because you are way overly defensive about a player we both love. Get some rest, and try to relax a bit.
  23. Next DC is Eric Washington unless he goes with Wilks. Then it's Al Holcomb.
  24. Michael Jordan is a Terrible Owner

    I'm not thrilled with Jordan at all right now. And I hate seeing this trade talk about Kemba, he's a good dude, and he's endured a lot of bullshit for us. But beyond all that, you have to be realistic, and ultimately lay blame to the league as well. The league has watched many teams go straight down the tubes over the years, there's what, maybe a handful of teams that have even a remote shot at winning anything meaningful? That's pathetic, and this hasn't happened overnight. It's been building for years.
  25. hoping this is sarcasm
  26. know more about not knowing nothing? probably football though? naw you really dont know a damn thing ROFL
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