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  2. Ok I know we are all pretty familiar with Shaquem Griffin, LB from UCF. I’ve seen him go anywhere between the end of 2nd round to early 5th. So essentially, I have zero clue where he gets drafted. Also realize a lot of us talk about the SB window and a lot of that can be contributed to Thomas Davis not playing beyond this year...it was always TD, Kalil and Olsen brought up in those “window” discussions. You could also throw Peppers in there now too. With that said, I know finding TD’s replacement isn’t imperative to this season. BUT...my question is what are your thoughts on Griffin and what’s the highest pick you’d use on him? After watching him play the last 2 seasons, I keep secretly finding myself hoping to see him mocked to us at one of those 3rd round picks even tho I clearly recognize he’s not a need right now. I don’t know if I’m caught up in the “feel good” story or if I’m just truly blown away at his motor/determination mixed with his skill set. All I know is the thought of seeing Luke in the middle with TD/Griffin on one side and Shaq on the other, would be awesome. I’m fully prepared to hear people call this a stupid idea, but wanted to ask your thoughts anyway.
  3. Props to Rubio

    cnn issued a rebuttal stating that colton haab wanted to give a speech and was denied because it didn't fit the format of the town hall so his dad pulled him out: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/02/22/shooting_survivor_colton_haab_cnn_gave_me_scripted_question_after_denying_question_about_armed_guards.html
  4. Tagging Norman and Short were for negotiating leverage. It worked with Short. When he realized that Norman and his agent weren’t going to negotiate and insisted upon the top $$$ he cut his losses and took the 3rd round pick. Teams that have won multiple Super Bowls and are able to consistently win their division and have winning seasons have the luxury of tagging a fugging kicker. Willing to bet that Belicik (1) wouldn’t have ever gone into the regular season with two kickers on his roster and (2) would have NEVER allowed an adequate cheaper option to walk over a much more expensive one. Belicik, unlike Ron, doesn’t suck his thumb and need roster security bkankets. Its hilarious how you believe New England/Belicik is comparable to Carolina/Rivera/Hurney. You’re delusional. The only thing they have in common is their participation in the same sport.
  5. Jesus FTW

    Satan got some scrawny arms.
  6. I doubt that’s happening.. DG lovers pushing stories to make themselves feel better.
  7. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    oxford is one of the top universities in the world
  8. He also tagged Norman but we all know how he ended up botching that. Why do you keep moving the goal posts? You said it's a sign of incompententcy when obviously it's not. New England franchised their kicker THREE times for crying out loud.
  9. Bradley Chubb

    Him, Myles Garrett, and a good DEF coach would be scary.
  10. Lost in all this stupidity is they want a draft pick (probably a 2nd) for Landry and his 16 mil price tag. There's no other WR out there we couldn't get for 16 mil AND keep our pick.
  11. I'm in the Mood For Love....

    for the woman who wants to run her hand through some hair
  12. Scatback? LOL Landry would instantly be the best WR on our roster. I don't like the 16 mil price tag but we would negociate a deal before trading. Landry led the league in catches this year with Cutler throwing him the ball...
  13. The Glazers are terrible owners so I dont get the comparison.
  14. Today
  15. That's it.... .Let's overpay a kicker because he was an alternater on the PRO BOWL. The guy is 31 (in April) and we will make him top 5 pay. Good Bye Andrew. It was nice knowing you. Gettleman will enjoy you in NY. WTF is Hurney's infatuation with freaking kickers. Good God we will probably draft another one for the PS.
  16. Which is why the Jacksonville is so eager to re-sign him, right?
  17. The case for Billy Price....

    Yes, because legit FA wide receivers are just so easy to come by. And cheap to boot.
  18. I agree there. I think this is the Dolphins hoping and pure speculation.
  19. Props to Rubio

    Is it believable that CNN suggested another question? Yes Is it believable that CNN might have suggested topics? Yes Is it believable that the kid who says they scripted him a question has not produced a scripted question really got a scripted question? No Perhaps the kid will provide the "scripted questions" he got. He has yet to..and that is very suspect.
  20. Benjamin

    I don't think the bills are just gonna let him walk after giving us a 3rd for him.
  21. Well first off, this would be a terrible trade. I wouldn't put it past Hurney to trade our top picks for Landry. Secondly, this is all crap speculation. The Saints don't draft or sign LSU players and that's a well-known FACT.
  22. This thread is Saca having his feelings hurt because more ppl are figuring out his scouting skills and obscure stats are crap.. You should be more aggressive about your Sheppard breakdown than your bad opinion in Landry...
  23. Collins is about the only relevant one there. Henry would be playing even less than he is now. So he would be by your definition, a luxury pick. And we had two rookie CBs who played well enough to plan on them starting in 2017. So again, Lattimore is by your definition, a luxury pick. Hooker, on the other hand...... Who was our starting strong-side LB going into the 2015? And was RB not a “need” last year? We just chose the wrong one, value wise
  24. So you're a bitch.. That's what you are saying I guess.. You let some total stranger change your opinion on a subject.. All because they hurt your feelings..
  25. I can probably answer this. It's Wow. He's the most irritating person to debate with on this site because he's quick to turn to childish insults and acts like his logic is infallible. It gets under your skin. Makes you double and even triple down on your stance. Even me, a person who likes Landry found myself backpedaling on Landry poo just to be contradictory to him. Now I just don't give a poo lol
  26. Props to Rubio

    If you are dumb enough to believe that. You are dumb enough to believe anything.
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