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  2. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    If I could afford it under the cap, I'd tag Keenum. I just don't think you can give a guy a massive long-term contract for one good year at 29 years old. But, teams are so QB desperate that if he hits the market someone likely would do just that.
  3. wrong , christian kirk is a # 1 and he can stretch the field like no other in college
  4. McCaffrey's defintely not a bust. He's not some transcendent HoF game breaker either. He's been very solid and valuable contributor, and if he manages to stay healthy and keep picking up lot of first downs , touchdowns, and blocking well , he's probably well worth the pick . Just having two very good checkdown options (Olsen, McCaffrey) make a world of difference in how our offense performs on 3rd down. McCaffrey has been a gigantic reason why our offense is currently #1 in 3rd down conversion percentage, even though we're the 17th rank total offense. I think Olsen's going to change things quite a bit for McCaffrey. If teams keep ganging up on CMC on 3rd downs then Olsen's going to shred them for big gains down the middle every time. He's going to take alot more attention away and McCaffrey will have more space to move after the catch I believe.
  5. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Minnesota has some major issues with their FG unit.
  6. yes but we still need a deep threat but i love what i seem from funchess if he keeps it up
  7. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    keenam always showed flashes but hes really showing hes a starting qb , not scared of the vikings tho i think we win
  8. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Well they’ll need to pay or tag someone. Bradford, Keenum and Bridge all free agents
  9. He has shown a good bit of potential he's shown he also needs more work I believe he can be a key contributor next year. The one thing we don't know is how a player will turn out or develop no one thought AB was a clear number one during the draft process we just have to do good evaluations and find that talent it's there. A good speed playmaking wr opposite like Deebo Samuel or the kid outta A&M or a world of other talents. Maybe just maybe we trade a 2-3 for MB long shot but great option to explore.
  10. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Keenum is having a nice year, but I hope the Vikings pay him like a franchise QB after this season and he regresses back to his career median.
  11. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    This is typical Stafford. The guy is overrated big time. Detroit has constantly given him some of the best WR duo’s and he still has 0 playoff wins.
  12. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    Seahawks and Red Sox ewww
  13. Goes to my point that Fantasy Football ruins the fan base and has people worshipping their stats and group instead of being football fans. people would rather their teams lose and their fantasy teams win.
  14. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Stafford was out for Thanksgiving Eve
  15. No. Heaven forbid we draft a RB with the talent to do much more than just run the ball. Too many folks are simply too caught up in the lack of rushing yards CmC has produced thus far. But then again, that is something the average fan is obsessed with. RBs run, WRs catch the ball. Simplicity at its finest. Too many fans can't see the forest for the trees. I knew it was a mistake to respond to you. I usually don't respond to folks who communicate via hot takes. So I will not be making that mistake again. Happy Holidays to you.
  16. I don't understand this fanbase's obsession with this mythical "#1 WR". I don't care if we have a guy getting 1400+ yards a year. Given Cam's tendency to lock in on guys and force the ball, it might actually be a good thing to not have an elite guy, odd as that might seem.
  17. Justice League

    Flash definitely could, Idk about the other two though. they made captain America and Thor solo films before avengers and that worked.
  18. "IT'S ALL A FRAUD!!!"

    The fug are you talking about? Bent over for Hilary? She stole the primary wtf would you have him do? Youre an idiot heel
  19. Is Devin Funchess better than Steve Smith? Is Devin Funchess the next TO? Is Devin Funchess the greatest of all time? Is Devin Funchess the last Jedi?
  20. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Stafford has been pure poo today
  21. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    You’re being disingenuous as fug if you actually believe me not voting for Hilary is the reason this being caused. But then again you are a holier than thou self righteous asshole so that isn’t much of a surprise.
  22. The Benching of Monk if very frustrating

    I really like Monk and feel he should get burn at SG. I know Cliff loves size but we have seen a ton of players who are short become great two guards. Maybe with the Batum injury and Lamb in the starting lineup we will finally see Monk at SG where he is supposed to be. Also if he goes off in Q2 please play him early in Q3. Dont wait until Q4 and he be out of rhythm!
  23. Wtf did I just watch?! this is actually a thing?
  24. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    TJ Jones brother is going to be a STUD
  25. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    What in the fug is Stafford doing out there today?
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