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  2. I don’t know who I want to lose more
  3. Get Russell rambled, he is nothing....
  4. Seattle is about to get blown out in their own house lol
  5. I just ignore that poster. Worthless. Meanwhile, LOL @ Russell Wilson.
  6. Hornets v Timberwolves 11/20

    @Proudiddy, you watching this?
  7. Oh poo hahaha . Russell tried that stupid spin move and got strip sacked for a touchdown
  8. What's nuts is that just three years ago the NFC South was the laughing stock of the league. Now it's the exact opposite.
  9. He’s probably tired of you salivating over Derek Barnett. Been like 10 months straight of it now.
  10. I could definitely see both wild cards coming out of the south. We have three strong teams. Seattle may fall apart and the redskins and packers are falling apart
  11. Apparently dipshit @TheCableGuydisagrees with you. Pathetic dude loves that poo button
  12. Huge break for Seattle there.
  13. too bad its 14 - 7 ATL though
  14. I dont even know how Julio summons up the will to play football. He always has dudes draped all over him.
  15. Whose side are you on? The biggest knock on Glass-hon was his durability and it’s obviously playing out as scripted. The ex-con Okafor was a big part of what they’ve done recently and isn’t an insignificant loss for them-certainly noteworthy at worst.
  16. Seattle's D is horrid without Sherman and Chancellor.
  17. And the 4 weeks before that? Lead the league in QB hits/sacks with 9. Enjoy the 3 game skid and butt pasting Glass-hon back together again.
  18. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    This is very white culture thanks
  19. Nails may be the saltiest person on this entire site
  20. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    atlanta's defense is trash
  21. Man, this bye week is really shaping up to be a shitty one for the Panthers.
  22. You mean he ate up the backup to the guy that gave up 6 sacks last week? No poo? Who woulda thought? Isn't he the same guy you absolutely destroyed as being terrible while he was here protecting Cam? Yeah. That's something to pound your chest about. Just wait for the DROY. Have the butt paste ready.
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