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  2. Dumb poster.. Yeah let's go into next season with Addison and what's his name and see if it works out in our favour??
  3. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    I say at least 9, this will be our first time having consecutive winning seasons.
  4. There is always guys projected in the second and third round this time of the year then after the combine and pro workouts the talking heads start talking and all of sudden you got 4 or 5 guys going in the 1st that are not on the list today. Just gonna have to wait and see how everything shakes out but I think we are in a good spot for someone to slide down and get a great player. I don’t think a wr we want will be there I see us going either offensive line or TE to be honest, or if a top safety slides . we are losing a top notch guard and turners offense needs road graders for the run game. It will be interesting what we do in free agency
  5. I am a Gamecock fan and I have watched Hurst a ton. Most of what needs to be said about him has been said. He's mighty good and a potential diamond in the rough. There has been so much bad about the Gamecock offense the last few years that you really can't fully gauge Hurst's capability. By necessity, he's been misused (and also consider the bumbling fool of an OC the Gamecocks have had). The age would be a double edged sword ... more maturity would probably mean a better work ethic, less chance for off field issues, etc, but downsides are obvious. I'm surprised to hear talk of him going in the first round. Second round, maybe, probably third. We'd have to think about him in the second but probably not. If he's available in the third round, we ought to get him.
  6. Thank You Trump!!

    Thats all they got...and even its not real
  7. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    This draft will be a good indicator for those that believe Marty Hurney has learned from his past mistakes. If MH drafts another RB in the first round, chances are he hasn't.
  8. Today
  9. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    Checks who the GM is...we'll take a LB or RB.
  10. He was just flabbergasted that the shill he brought in managed to do something productive.
  11. I guess Shepards punishment for going off-script was to be stuck playing the role of a poo receiver for the rest of the season.
  12. After seeing Philly fans throwing beers (during a WIN? fkn really?) and waving banners cussing that old lady Minny fan, I hope the Patriots blow them out.
  13. LMAO! Dude, are you serious? Do the teams meet up in secret before the games and practice their choreography?
  14. Propaganda Buries Facts & Manipulates Emotions

  15. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    Numerous times over the years it's been reported that we've had safeties highly rated on our board and the draft just didn't fall right. Hell, it's been reported that we LOVED Mark Barron and he would've been our pick if he was there (over Luke). Sure dodged a bullet on that one.
  16. I have DVRed a bunch of Panther games this year. It's one particular play that I watched 100x. Its the game at the beginning of the year against the 49ers. Cam throws a pass to Russell Shepard. Shepard spins and runs in for a touchdown. What is so odd about the play is Ron Rivera reaction after the TD. While everybody was celebrating he actually seemed upset as if the team went off script. But why be upset after your team just scored? Maybe we wasn't supposed to score then? just seems fishy. I'm still a Panthers fan I just know that it's entertainment like a movie.
  17. RIP Tom Petty

    As I get older I find the opportunities to see legends dwindling. Did get to see Tina Turner and Joe Cocker many years back but I would trade that for Petty and Wind wood.
  18. the trade war has begun

    If the 30% tariff on solar panels was actually intended to create more American jobs why wasn't the same logic applied to flat screen TVs? Americans buy a boatload more TVs than solar panels. Wouldn't that create even more jobs here at home? Give me a break... this isn't about helping the American solar industry... it's about killing it.
  19. Anyone rooting for the Patriots should be banned.
  20. Turner discusses plans for Newton

    I am pretty stoked about this hiring as well. Turner has had success in this league and running a solid offense. Given all the tools he currently has and the addtion of a Vet here or there and the sky is the limit. Turner realizes that Cam is a one of a kind QB and will take advantage of those skills. Refining and getting Cam to get the ball out quicker is a good thing to hear. Something from another topic someone started a week or so ago keeps ringing in my ears. Turner said something about the hell with progression if a guy is open. THROW IT. Something like that. I have always been a fan of the Air Coryell offense. I remember Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow and Charlie Joyner and the rest of Don Coryell's team. That was an exciting team to watch. The Panthers have the equipment plus Cam to run a very potent offense. Can wait to see it on the field.
  21. Sure, but who cares what happens to these guys after they're done playing? It's not like they're human beings with families and stuff, right? You have to have priorities, and our entertainment is obviously more important than their lives.
  22. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    Daniel Jeremiah is a terrible, terrible man.
  23. We know Rivera tried to hire him before, but he chose to go to Cleveland with Chudzinski. (boy did that turn out to be a great judgement call) Obviously there could be more to it than that, but even that alone is enough to infer that if the opportunity came open again, he'd have a shot at it. He also indicated that he and Rivera talk pretty regularly. It's not difficult to think that at some point Rivera could have said something like "Hey, if ya ever wanna be an OC again, I'll take ya."
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