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  2. I don't see the big issues others do. Out defensive line has always been about the defensive tackles more than defensive ends. The tackles absorbing double teams frees up the DE to make a play only having to defeat one blocker. And Poe and Short will be the best tandem in the league. We don't need high priced vets at DE just good guys who can run contain and collapse the edges. Peppers isn't the starter, more of a pass rush specialist. The secondary is improved with faster speed guys except for Adams. We can finally play man at corner with Bradberry, Seymour, Cockrell and Gunter. Add Jackson, Elder and Munnerlyn for experience in the slot. Searcy is an upgrade over Coleman at free safety. I don't get it. Top 10 for sure. Top 5 possibly if we didn't play in the offense happy NFCS.
  3. tiger7_88

    UEFA Champions League

    OK, lets change those. Liverpool wins on aggregate (without bitching about any of the bad calls that went against them unless you live in a fantasy world where that didn't happen): 4-3. Happy now? lol
  4. dont see the new Deathwish movie. It will make you melt
  5. Yeah but you know, that guy over on NFL.com says our D line isn’t top 10.
  6. Awesome. We need Hall, Horton and Haynes to step big time.
  7. Can has always had weapons. People think just because we drafted CMC or Moore he now has weapons. Before even playing an NFL snap, we have weapons...because we drafted them....and they’re offense. That’s how you can tell the screaming Madden-playing posters, the ones screaming he doesn’t have weapons. He’s had 1,000 yard backs and receivers and has always had an elite TE. He has had more than other top elite QBs in the league he’s compared to. Easily. It’s just been harder to tell because nothing has been schemed properly. Digressing...as I said Cam has always had weapons. Always. What he hasn’t had for the first half of his career is an offensive line. And what he hasn’t had the latter 3/4ths of his career is an OC which is a huge reason people think he’s had little to work with. With Norv running things, it will get better and people will say it’s because of weapons but looking more closely it’ll be because he understands this offense much much more extensively. The offense is going to be not so much a worry for me more so seeing it run how it’s suppose to without any Shula BS thrown in there.
  8. Clicheking

    Derek Anderson...update?

    Pretty much. If you need 3 years to groom a qb to start, he's probably of very good
  9. Ray Lewis killed a guy
  10. Hall becoming even a rotation guy this year helps a ton. Pep is a HoF'er, but time is undefeated.
  11. pantherphan96

    UEFA Champions League

    City literally had 2 goals wrongly called offside while Liverpool scored an offside goal that was not called. Hilarious to see them lose in the final.
  12. CarolinaNCSU

    Which are you more worried about Offense or Defense?

    Defense, by far. Until proven otherwise, our OL scares me and it's ceiling is probably mediocrity this year. The rest of the offense should be pretty damn good. The defense tho? The only positions I feel good about are DT and LB, where one injury is detrimental. Feel like Hurney pulls a Jared Allen type trade during the season to help correct some things once we get started.
  13. Lumps

    looking to lease an suv

    I just switched to Honda’s after driving exclusively Mazda’s. Honda’s just have that solid quality feel and resale value you don’t get with Mazda’s and especially not with Toyota’s. With that said, the price of a Honda isn’t really worth it from a Mazda, unless you just like the car. Mazda’s are great, underrated cars and have excellent reliability. If I was planning to keep a car for it’s life I’d go Mazda no question, and would take it over Toyota, personally. Honda’s are my favorite at the moment mainly for resale value.
  14. Today
  15. PantherKing1983


    Was not terrible. Sets up aother film with the actual big bad "Darth Maul" the leader of the gang. Like was mentioned above the new droid was annoying but for me it was the whole black feminist thing it had going on.
  16. USC/panthers_11

    Which are you more worried about Offense or Defense?

    With 53 man rosters, you can almost say that with any unit for all NFL teams. The teams that stay healthy and have positive turnover margins will almost always be the teams with the best records.

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    the raccoon man is a cop
  18. SZ James (banned)

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    WHOOPS wrong thread not fixing it though
  19. ladypanther

    Tepper the biggest question unanswered?

    Don't see Tepper caring what the Observer says.
  20. SZ James (banned)

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

  21. PhillyB

    A bounce back year for him?????

    greg olsen has proven this wrong to many teams
  22. LinvilleGorge

    Tepper the biggest question unanswered?

    I truthfully don't care about the race/sex/religion/etc. of our organization either in the front office or in the lockerroom. Give me the best people for the jobs, period.
  23. TheMaulClaw

    Tepper the biggest question unanswered?

    The Charlotte Observer will always prevent the Panthers from signing players with history. That paper blows things way out of proportion way too much.
  24. We really need Hall to step up. Not sure Peppers can repeat last year's success and we need someone to fill Pep's shoes after this season anyway.
  25. Throw in the Potential of Hall, the group is solid. Especially with the pass rush ability of our DTs. This defense is going to be the poo this year.

    Poll: NFL fans overwhelmingly support league's national anthem policy

    good dog gonna make me lol when this gets posted on a main when they forget to switch
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