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  2. Work place drug test question

    No neither of those.
  3. Quad Rushing Attack

    I've been high on CAP his entire tenure here. Whenever he's gotten a chance to start, he's looked pretty good. We really need to use him more, not just to help Stewart but also to prep him as a future feature back. I really think he can be that good.
  4. Thought this was kind of funny. Two teams in the NFC South have the top four backs last week.
  5. The Saha challenge

    if he is guilty of anything it's being a trashy ass redneck who can't spell worth a damn.
  6. Welp looks like we got another one

    False. She gave permission to practice the kissing scene. She didn’t like how he opted to kiss her as he went all in he repeated that actors really need to rehearse everything and that we must practice the kiss. I said ‘OK’ so he would stop badgering me
  7. The Saha challenge

    You still lying dude.. trying to discredit his video by calling him mentally ill is pretty low dude.. even for you.
  8. Jones is an arrogant loud mouth but he's right to question the renewing of Goodell's contract. What's the hurry? The NFL is kind of mess at the moment (sliding ratings/attendance, CTE, protests,etc.). If they renew his contract they're basically stuck with him for another 5-7 years. I don't think there's any love loss for Goodell from most of the owners. They're keeping him around for three primary reasons: 1. He's made them a lot of money 2. There is no heir apparent 3. Upcoming CBA negotiations I think the CBA negotiation is the most important to the owners. Goodell got the owners such a favorable contract last time, they are hoping he can repeat that type of result. At a minimum, the idea of leaving those negotiations up to an unknown commissioner scares them more than the status quo, even with the current negatives.
  9. Quad Rushing Attack

    it's how the cool kids express agreement nowadays
  10. Quad Rushing Attack

    what's the point of "yee"?
  11. Welp looks like we got another one

    idiot.. he badgered for the kiss and she relented.. what she did not consent to was the tongue action and the tight pull in.. she thought it was just a simple kiss.. did you even read her statement about it?
  12. Fire Clifford!!!

    I'm over Clifford as well, for a man who prides himself on defense, we sure do get torched a lot. Not to mention his offensive sets are head scratching to say the least. If Kemba wasn't as phenomenal at creating his own shot as he is, this team might be the worst in the league (and it's not because of talent). I would like to see Silas get a crack and Stackhouse hired as the associate head coach.
  13. Brady's never had an elite defense? Lol what? Brady's had a top 10 defense for most of his career bro. Some crazy poo like 13 years he's had a top 10 defense to back him up. Several of those years it was top 3 in the league or outright the best in the league. Brady has also had the greatest thing a QB could ever have his entire career too. An elite head coach. And not just any elite head coach... but possibly the greatest fuging head coach of all time. And Brees had a pretty damn elite defense in 2013. It was like top 3 or top 4 in nearly every category that year IIRC. They finished 11-5, 2nd place in the division and got knocked out in the divisional round. Had a top 5 defense in 2010 and finished 2nd place in the division, 11-5 and knocked out in the wildcard round. Hell, speaking of coaches I'd take Mr. Vicodin over Rowboat Ron any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  14. Quad Rushing Attack

    If the offensive line really is gelling as they have looked like they are, that's going to continue to make the running game look good. It wasn't that long ago that Cox was throwing Turner around, Norwell was looking lost, Larsen was getting blown up and Kalil was awful at times. I think they are past that and either Shula has simplified the run calls or the OL is now playing well together.
  15. Welp looks like we got another one

    i mean he did it because they planned it and agreed on it.
  16. Falcan'ts get the Cowgirls without Zeke Elliot and Tyron Smith. Now the get the Seapigeons without most of their defense.
  17. The Saha challenge

    how about watch his fuging video. he is mentally ill. his story is incoherent and he barely even addresses beverly. he's never even met her.
  18. Maybe the Cam "defenders" will finally retire when his haters in the NFL media and in his own goddam fanbase finally retire first. @Still Brooklynbeing one of the long-time perfect examples.
  19. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    Goodell does not have an easy job. Just keeping 32 Billionaires relatively happy is a mountain. He and the NFLPA don't really get along and are constantly battling. Despite that resided as an owner friendly CBA was negotiated. He has to manage CTE, protests, domestic violence. Despite all of this he has ensured that the owners are getting richer through TV deals and global expansion and everything else. Goodell is effectively the CEO of a $14B company which is making its shareholders pretty happy. Jones is pissed that Goodell suspended his player. Nobody is going to take this job without being paid a huge amount of money..
  20. Quad Rushing Attack

    Yeah, that's the transition that I'm getting at. That Miami defense quit in the second half but he still seemed to have the quickness and authority he displayed at Auburn. Even if CAP is not the heir apparent, he could still find himself in a good place behind CMC. It be good to work him in more if our running game continues to be dominant. If we find a stud this next offseason, hell yes, but it would be good to start feeling him out if it's producing strong results.
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