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  2. I see why Shepard was sent to the doghouse!
  3. Turner discusses plans for Newton

    While comparing Bersin to Theilen is a bit off base. Bersin has some pretty decent hands and can get open. Though a long shot it will be interesting to see if Turner can utilize him.
  4. Today
  5. How did the Jaguars lose?

    Fournette only gets 3 ypc so useless
  6. Other than Theilen being quicker able to get separation with better hands.. You're right they are the same??..smh
  7. It is hard to overlook. I have felt this way for many years. Storylines are exciting to the NFL. From the day Goodell had those tapes destroyed. Those tapes IMO would have implicated the Cheatriots on a epic level. I truly believe they had evidence of blatant cheating. Tapes that would prove the Cheatriots had everything they needed to win the Super Bowl. New Orleans and Katrina. Peyton Manning and the farwell tour in 2015. Manning was the face of the NFL for many years and they wanted him to go out in style. How did N.E. shut down the Greatest Show on Turf? Minnesota screwed the refs on their game last Sunday. There was no way the refs could have called anything on Diggs. I think the refs were as shocked as everyone was. The NFL wanted IMO a Brees/Brady match up. Someone forgot to give Minnesota the memo. Diggs made a great play and trumped the Goodell game plan. Good God I don't see how any Panther can't say the refs don't have any influence. Our SB was littered with bad calls. Cotchery's catch, which eventually lead to Cam's strip sack, Blatant offsides on the missed field goal. Batting the ball towards the endzone while the REF is looking right at it. Play over, Panther Ball. While they cannot dictate plays they sure can affect the outcome by a well timed flags and uncalled plays. This has been an ongoing issue since Goodell has been commissioner.
  8. Expanding further into Turner's coaching resume', I found a few more potential options and some other random connections... Ray Horton: played DB for the Cowboys while Norv was OC; later became an assistant on Norv's Redskin staff and was the Browns DC in 2013; very solid, aggressive coach who's currently unemployed but we don't have a DB coach opening (though perhaps we should) Jeff Davidson: yep, he worked for Norv for two years in Minnesota; he might like a job where he can actually talk to the players too Mike Sullivan: assistant OL coach in Tennessee; coached under Norv in his Cleveland season; narrowly missed being a player in Chicago while Rivera was coaching; shirttail kin Hal Hunter: Norv's OL coach in San Diego for several years; also coached at UNC for a while Chuck Pagano: John's brother was a colleague of Norv's with the Raiders Kevin Greene: played for the Rams while Norv was coaching their receivers (he's got a job) Jack Del Rio: played linebacker for the Cowboys while Norv was their OC (he's going to the Giants) Terry Robiskie: recently fired Titans OC worked for Norv in Washington Rob Ryan: Norv's DC in Oakland; no...just no Steve Sarkisian: was Norv's QB coach in 2004, already gainfully employed
  9. Totally. A smart team would totally let a 11-sack defensive end walk off into the sunset...
  10. If he's there in the 2nd, take him.
  11. Dumb poster.. Yeah let's go into next season with Addison and what's his name at DE and see if it works out in our favour??
  12. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    I say at least 9, this will be our first time having consecutive winning seasons.
  13. There is always guys projected in the second and third round this time of the year then after the combine and pro workouts the talking heads start talking and all of sudden you got 4 or 5 guys going in the 1st that are not on the list today. Just gonna have to wait and see how everything shakes out but I think we are in a good spot for someone to slide down and get a great player. I don’t think a wr we want will be there I see us going either offensive line or TE to be honest, or if a top safety slides . we are losing a top notch guard and turners offense needs road graders for the run game. It will be interesting what we do in free agency
  14. I am a Gamecock fan and I have watched Hurst a ton. Most of what needs to be said about him has been said. He's mighty good and a potential diamond in the rough. There has been so much bad about the Gamecock offense the last few years that you really can't fully gauge Hurst's capability. By necessity, he's been misused (and also consider the bumbling fool of an OC the Gamecocks have had). The age would be a double edged sword ... more maturity would probably mean a better work ethic, less chance for off field issues, etc, but downsides are obvious. I'm surprised to hear talk of him going in the first round. Second round, maybe, probably third. We'd have to think about him in the second but probably not. If he's available in the third round, we ought to get him.
  15. Thank You Trump!!

    Thats all they got...and even its not real
  16. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    This draft will be a good indicator for those that believe Marty Hurney has learned from his past mistakes. If MH drafts another RB in the first round, chances are he hasn't.
  17. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    Checks who the GM is...we'll take a LB or RB.
  18. He was just flabbergasted that the shill he brought in managed to do something productive.
  19. I guess Shepards punishment for going off-script was to be stuck playing the role of a poo receiver for the rest of the season.
  20. After seeing Philly fans throwing beers (during a WIN? fkn really?) and waving banners cussing that old lady Minny fan, I hope the Patriots blow them out.
  21. LMAO! Dude, are you serious? Do the teams meet up in secret before the games and practice their choreography?
  22. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    Numerous times over the years it's been reported that we've had safeties highly rated on our board and the draft just didn't fall right. Hell, it's been reported that we LOVED Mark Barron and he would've been our pick if he was there (over Luke). Sure dodged a bullet on that one.
  23. I have DVRed a bunch of Panther games this year. It's one particular play that I watched 100x. Its the game at the beginning of the year against the 49ers. Cam throws a pass to Russell Shepard. Shepard spins and runs in for a touchdown. What is so odd about the play is Ron Rivera reaction after the TD. While everybody was celebrating he actually seemed upset as if the team went off script. But why be upset after your team just scored? Maybe we wasn't supposed to score then? just seems fishy. I'm still a Panthers fan I just know that it's entertainment like a movie.
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