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  2. Choose a backup from the Vikings

    I dont think any of those 3 would sign early to be a backup. They would agree to be a backup if they dont win the starting job or if they are sitting at home as the season approaches and they are still not signed. But can we really wait to sign our backup until then. Then again, if they aren't signed by game 1 they might wait until a starter goes down and get plucked off the couch to be the backup/ starter.
  3. Choose a backup from the Vikings

    They are all starter quality qbs so they are going to get paid this offseason, but if I had to choose, give me Keenum, I like bridgewater but that injury is a big ?
  4. I met Buckner in his house as a kid. Dude was massive.
  5. Doubt we get any of these names. I will say the secondary has to be priority 1 this offseason. We have to counter Ryan and Brees in the division.
  6. So true,.. wheres the princess bride gif of “you keep saying that word, but I think you know what it means”? ha
  7. Fill as many holes as possible before the draft, would love Hyde here, and at what point are we going to see what cap has ? Also star is expendable, unless he’s coming back on the cheap, I believe letting him walk is best to keep norwell and sign some key fa’s
  8. Well what's even better for me is that led to this...
  9. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Oh I didnt say that Cam wouldn't be happy with winning or wouldnt be happy in the end. He has to be one of the most competitive guy on the team. But he is going to have to work his butt off to fix those things and he wont like that. Better mechanics often requires repetition over and over until he gets it right. Boring.......
  10. Yeah, he definitely poo talked Peppers on the Frank and Buck show years ago. Wouldn't even say his name like some Harry Potter Voldemort poo. Not that I'm some Harry Potter fanboy. Lol
  11. Voth trolls Mel Kiper

    Big time.
  12. Voth trolls Mel Kiper

    The only Mel worth a poo is Mel Gibson
  13. Not at all surprised it was our resident historian that nailed it. Thanks Scot!
  14. Jonathan Stewart saves 3.7 million. So you have to do better for 3.7 million. can we get Hill for 3.7 million? besides younger is he really better? the excuses will say he was “misused”—- I say that about Stewart. Haters say slow or lost a step bla bla bla. Hill I could say the same. Can he pass protect? Can he catch? If so sure, he’s big and young, probably more of a definite than a draft pick will be. will Cinci really let him go for that cheap if he’s good?
  15. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Who knows? There may be some friction at the outset, but Cam wants to win and hates to lose. I think he'll be thankful to anyone who helps him achieve that goal. And if, in the process, his receivers learn how to more effectively separate? Gravy. I think you sell Cam short, but we'll see.
  16. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    This is Hurney we are talking about,... Cam to New York Giants,...
  17. the trade war has begun

    What happens? There defiantelty is a trade imbalance though. Skyrocketed actually under fake tough talk Trump’s first year. China has thrived thus far under Trump’s Presidency. Deficit almost increased by 10%.
  18. Agreed. Cam’s window is now. Not later
  19. Voth trolls Mel Kiper

    I am less concerned with Kiper, than I am with the fact that the guy who drafted Clausen is in charge of the Panthers draft again.
  20. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    I think Norv will be successful here. He is well respected and both coaches and players will take what he says to heart. I dont know if Cam is going to be in heaven or not. I get the feeling that Norv and Scott are taskmasters and they are going to be on everyone to improve including Cam. I got the feeling from reading some insiders that they wanted an OC who will be more demanding of Cam and keep his feet to the fire. I don't think Dorsey could stand up to Cam and command his attention. Norv can definitely do that.
  21. Mass Shooting in KY School

    Still waiting for this Administration to make a VOICE like channel to appease our fears and provide an outlet for Victims Of MGTOW In Training, or VOMIT for short.
  22. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    I really like what I'm hearing from Turner. I hope he can translate that into the efficient offense he envisions. WRs who can separate? Cam will think he's in heaven. Let's see what he can do with that.
  23. 1st pick for Gordon? This place sometimes. That is lunacy. He had a 42.9% catch rate last year. He's going to be 27 in a couple months and is one strike away from being done.
  24. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    What he said I liked even better was when he talked about helping receivers be faster in and out of their breaks to create separation. One caveat is that it also means Cam will have to work on his anticipation, throwing to a spot before the receiver even makes his break so the ball gets there accurately when the receiver has the most separation and can get yards after the catch. Smitty was great at exploding out of his breaks and getting instant separation.
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