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  2. I'm comparing timing ... When you come up for a contract makes all the difference how you get paid.. No matter what position you play...
  3. Every GM Drafting rankings over thier tenure

    Four straight years of losing, 3 winning seasons out of ten. At what point do you start holding the person tasked with being in charge of the franchise accountable?
  4. That Steele way poo is BS they cut lesser known people but if a starter or coach does something shitty they sweep it under the rug.
  5. And there's this from today: "If you had a teacher who was adept the firearm, they could end the attack very quickly," he said, stating that schools could arm up to 20% of their teachers to stop "maniacs" who may try and attack them. ----------------------------------------------------------------- So, which one is it?
  6. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    jesus, these Hurney picks are comedy lol
  7. That's dumb as fug... Because a GM doesn't throw or catch a ball or decide who does on game day.. So Hurney takes blame for Fox and Jerry having a fall out and Fox not giving a poo in 2010?? Ultimate team sport should no player or GM alone be graded by Win loss stats...
  8. a federal assault weapons ban would help
  9. Cloverfield Series

    If they could have cut the last 20 minutes from that movie it would have been top 5 SciFi.
  10. Steve Smith's Take

    That Lasley doesn't look too shabby either.
  11. Altered Carbon

    Some of the techno sci-fi terminology added to this IMO, I had to rewind a few times to make out some dialog.
  12. Steve Smith's Take

    Loved Anthony Miller, still love Anthony Miller
  13. and it is true....there is a tweet for everything
  14. By the way, please, none of you guys look at porn tonite. I want you all alive tomorrow. After all, it is a national health care crisis... much more so than semi-automatic assault weapons.
  15. Every GM Drafting rankings over thier tenure

    I use this obscure metric to judge my team's GM, it's called winning. By that metric Hurney's last four seasons were a failure. Furthermore, having been GM for more than a decade, Marty managed a grand total of three winning seasons. Calling Marty Hurney a mediocre GM would be an insult to mediocre people everywhere and throughout the entire course of human existence.
  16. Bet he wishes he could cchange those trump comments right now seeing how well Trump has done in office statistically outside of a few stupid remarks. Overall though, sounds like a good candidate and I like the no bullshit attiude he has. Certainly my 3rd favorite candidate behind Eddie D and Navarro.
  17. 5 games with arguably the 2nd worst roster in the NFL. Please don't ever compare Landry to starting QB's. Different pay levels my guy.
  18. well I do believe we need to do more for the mentally ill.... but there are a poo ton of mentally ill people in this country....so it is hard to blame mental illness for mass shootings. I think the fact we have guns comically assessible is a bigger issue.....then we have to look at the common themes most share and look at how they become radicalized.
  19. Steve Smith's Take

    No he said Corey Davis was the best.. But he did like Kupp..
  20. Every GM Drafting rankings over thier tenure

    You can always do the after the fact draft analysis and make any GM look bad. In 2000 every GM in the league passed on Tom Brady at least 5 times. I guess it proves they all suck at picking quarterbacks.... Right?
  21. Totally devolved from 17 people being murdered last week and adolescent teens actually doing more than the adults in the room to a soapbox moment talking about airline pilots being armed and mental health. Why is the assumption always made that someone who does this is mentally ill? Typical western psychology= I can't imagine anyone doing that, so when someone does do it, they must be crazy.
  22. He played 5 games for the 49ers .. Please stop now..
  23. Much harder to kill 50 people with a revolver than an AR-15....
  24. For the most part, people that go in to commit mass shootings want and are prepared to die in the event.....by police or by their own hand.
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