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  2. Revenge for what? He won a starting job and we gave him a chance and then he blew it. Real shame too becuase if we had won the Super Bowl he would have been the MVP. One of the best games I’ve seen from a DE since peppers in his prime.
  3. You are right, phones do have a rotate device called “Rotate Hand Counter Clockwise”. Had to to do it.
  4. Too bad he wasn't this motivated when he was part of the team.
  5. Cam will make him look stupid.
  6. Motivated Ealy is scary. See Super Bowl 50 for evidence. He'll probably have the second best game of his career and then do nothing else the rest of the year.
  7. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000881054/article/jets-de-kony-ealy-wants-a-little-revenge-vs-panthers "I've got a lot of friends I played with over there and a lot of coaches," Ealy said. "It's going to mean more to me playing in that game and just being fired up about going out there and just really doing what I need to do for my team. But also, getting a little revenge, I guess you could say."
  8. Regarding Pilares - I thought your premise was that the Panthers are drafting or signing hybrid guys like Samuel, Shepherd, and Funchess instead of grabbing true WRs in college that put up real WR numbers in college. I apologize if you had another point buried in there somewhere. My response was to list ALL of the guys we drafted that were real WRs in college that put up big WR numbers. The point being, college production at the WR position may not always be the best way to measure how productive an NFL WR will be. On to your question - When is the last time the Panthers signed someone as good as Amendola? Finding someone of this caliber, putting up an average of 46-431-2 is a pretty high bar. I'll have to go all the way back to 2015. In 2015 we signed Ginn. 2015: 44-739-10, 2016: 54-752-4. Numbers better than Amendola. In 2014 we signed Cotchery. 2014: 48-580-1, 2015: 39-485-3. Numbers better than Amendola. In 2013 we signed Ginn. 2013: 36-556-5. Numbers better than Amendola. In 2016 we felt we didn't need to find a stud like Amendola since we already had Ginn, Olsen, and KB was coming back. In 2017 we already had 2 guys with strong potential to get 1000 yds each (Olsen and KB) and a guy that could probably get 400-500 as the 3rd option (Funchess) so we were not able to snag a stud like Amendola. But we did manage to add some potential in CMC and Samuel. As for NE's adds Moss was a great add. But, Welker was an undrafted guy they got from SD. We've tried lots of undrafted guys - maybe one of ours will turn into a Welker. Not many undrafted players can be Welker. Hell Pilares was drafted, had better college numbers, and still couldn't be Welker. Lloyd was at the end of his career and played for NE for 1 year in 2012 (74-911-4) - not a huge upgrade over Ginn. An over-the-hill Ocho Cinco played 1 year in NE catching a whopping 15 balls. And adding our cast off Lafell is your weakest argument ever. I mean I get that it would be nice to have DeSean Jackson on one side and Julio Jones on the other with Olsen at TE. But Cam doesn't need it. He (like Brady) is good enough to elevate the guys we have.
  9. Hornets v Timberwolves 11/20

    I was there, heck of a game. Got to meet Olsen at a Military event earlier in the night.
  10. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    Yeah a potential liar is so much worse than an actual rapist good job you piece of poo.
  11. Jeremy WTF?

    lolz *Accuses others of calling him a Nazi *points to a post calling out Saha as evidence and sites reading comprehension
  12. Movie Recommendation: Wind River

    On Prime yet?
  13. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    Was a bad interview. You could tell Cam wanted to talk about those kids, and not an injury or football....SVP didn't pick up on it. Cam needs a press release: "I don't want to talk about football to you guys...if you will ask me about anything other than what will get me in trouble, I'm more than happy to speak at length with all of you. Thank You."
  14. Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

    Ron Paul is completely off base with this one within the first minute of this address. To only talk about this being a result of the Arab Spring is discounting a lot of important history which contributed to this current problem.
  15. Video games are dead *rant*

    Even with mtx disabled, the loot box progression is terrible. Game is still fun but it's not the best way to progress for sure. The good thing is, BF2 has been the sacrificial lamb and future games are going to think long and hard about mtx.
  16. Lol Panthers are literally only 1 game up. And pretty sure the Panthers lost to the Bears. And maybe you should take your own advice on the blind homerism. If they played this weekend the Falcons would be favored at home. It’s a fact. Doesn’t mean they’d win.
  17. Lmao. And the Falcons lost to us, and the Panthers have a better record and beat the crap teams you lost to. Stop with your blind homerism lmao.
  18. What 4? I know 2 are Kam and Sherman (Julio abuses him everytime anyway). Falcons were without their pro bowl RB.
  19. Today
  20. Savagery

    live vid of falcons superbowl performance
  21. Lol what? Falcons were even favored by 3 in Carolina. If the game was played this weekend the Falcons would be favored by 4-5 points. ESPN FPI has the Falcons at 60% to win that game.
  22. you proud of that game last night? lol
  23. How’s that supposed to mean anything? SEA lost like 4 pro bowl level players to IR this year and most of their secondary.
  24. A Tip of the Cap to Dickson

    Thank you to Dave Gettleman for signing Dickson and bringing him in.
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