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  2. If they trade Kemba..

    Ding ding ding ding ding
  3. AFC south put two teams in the playoffs...
  4. Tom Brady Tells Cameraman to Get the 'F--- Out the Way!'

    the whole "if this was cam" poo is waaay past old and makes people sound like a bunch of whiney bitches.
  5. Thank You Trump!!

    In fact, I wouldn’t trust anything you posted. It’s clear you’ll post anything without fact checking. Your one of the dumbasses that Trump said he could easily manipulate. Shame! You, dumbass.
  6. Thank You Trump!!

    Discredit? You’re the same guy that said Mexico had a wall and it was in fact ours. Lol, you’re an idiot. You like to think your chummy with a number of Huddle old school posters. I sure would hate to be known as the dumbass amongst them, but you are the dumbass. But answer this; do you think we blacks weren’t smart enough to cross the ocean from Africa? You did say it’s because of whites were here.
  7. Also, on ESPN radio he was doing an interview. They asked what he thought of the last TD catch; “unf$)&ing believable” now I ask you, what would happen if this were cam. Bortles before the game on ESPN, flipped the camera off and said “f&[email protected] y’all” when referring to “haters” . Insane. Imagine if it were cam.
  8. Thank You Trump!!

    Oh shut up, you can't discredit my initial post, you must be a racist butthole...quite crying little baby...lol
  9. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    And of course, this is still Philly... Brawl breaks out among tailgating Eagle fans hours before kickoff
  10. I'd guess there's probably a pretty open line of communication. (not that anybody will ever admit to such)
  11. So, who is at fault

    I don’t really insult posters, but you are an idiot. My Lord...
  12. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    If The Panthers didn't have Cam, we would be the (your bad team here) 2018 is all on Rivera to save himself and Cam. We are the San Diego Chargers.
  13. Thank You Trump!!

    I’ll kill this one, too... Why is it important to note the basketball players as “2 thief black basketball players?” Oh yea, I forgot. You are the same poster that said blacks wouldn’t be here without whites.
  14. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    One last thing I want to say Please don't build a dome new owners. Fans need to say no
  15. Thank You Trump!!

    Why is it important to note the basketball players as “2 thief black basketball players?” Oh yea, I forgot. You are the same poster that said blacks wouldn’t be here without whites.
  16. He did interview already, right? I am sure there could have been discussions there on who would be targeted for assistant coaching positions
  17. It'll be awkward when Shurmur comes in with coaches already hired. I mean, they're not supposed to be talking to Shurmur officially, so I'm sure they haven't violated the rules. Right?
  18. Well this was a waste of emotion..
  19. What a disappointing weekend and goes for the disappointment of what this season was. The road is paved for Brady. The refs completely showed themselves in that game, and then the Vikings don't show up? That was supposed to be a great game and the Eagles aren't that good. If it wasn't for Peyton's Vicodin, we'd be going to the Super Bowl.
  20. The Steve Reed who said to pump the brakes on Turner being hired a few hours before it happened? It was either Voth or Person who reported that McGaughey wanted out.
  21. So, who is at fault

    What's wrong with my grammar? You began every sentence without capitalizing them. Oh the irony!!! Lol!!
  22. Today
  23. Instead of Watching the SB....

    Haven't watched an entire game since the Panthers were eliminated. Will have no problem skipping the SB.
  24. So, who is at fault

    Has anyone posted this yet?
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