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  2. Yep he is a future head coach for sure.
  3. Hornets vs. Clippers

    I think the big thing here is Howard is hitting his shots. I feel like we'll go how Howard goes. Just my opinion though.
  4. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Look at this game. Going inside more, playing smarter. Still like 90% wrong but playing decent basketball. Playing to our strengths. I dont for a second think this lasts but this is kinda close to what we should do. Something is really missing here but damn we could be good with a leader.
  5. Just wait until Cam has ONE bad game ... and the National Media on FS1 (Colin Cowherd and Jason Whittlock) will give you stats showing that the Panthers would be better with guys like Tom Savage, T.J Yates, Matt McGloin.
  6. Hornets vs. Clippers

    A smart coach would run the 2nd unit with Batum and surround him with shooters but we don't have that..
  7. Hornets vs. Clippers

    Well what do you know... Howard has taken the most shots and because of this, he's stayed engaged. Howard with 12 points (6 for 8), 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 1 block. This dude has to be the focal point or else he doesn't show up.
  8. Man how does this sit with the Stewart and CMC haters?
  9. The threat of the Saints run game

    So you are saying if we don't turn the ball over 3 times we should win,...right? thats what I said.
  10. Hornets vs. Clippers

    I see guys like Aldridge, Markkanen, and Porzingas and then I see Kaminsky and I'm like why...
  12. Hornets vs. Clippers

    For anyone that cares, Clifford has finally played MCW as the second unit point guard. But he's also relegated Malik Monk to the bench and still trots Frank's dumbass out there.
  13. I feel like Cam’s better when he doesn’t have as many big names and playmakers around him. As weird as that sounds. Makes him more hungry/derermined to ball out.
  14. Fire Clifford!!!

    Monk literally won us a game earlier this season only one outside of Kemba to do that. Now he is not even playing. Wasting talent by forcing Monk to play PG instead of SG off ball. Smh. This organization is crap.
  15. Alex Armah

    He should be also used in the passing game as an outlet. I can see him producing explosive plays similar to the one against Titans in preseason.
  16. If you get enjoyment out of the thrill of gambling then fine, do what you want with your money. It makes no difference to me and I find it to be stupid. Being right or wrong afterwards is the same to me whether there's money on the game or not.
  17. Definitely liked the play calling in the run game getting double teams and getting Kalil pulling. Good ole Norwell was paving the way in just about every big run. This OL is talented and with new found chemistry it’s going to be hard stopping this run game. Shula needs to get CAP more involved with Samuel out CMC receiving game can go to an another level.
  18. Today
  19. He allegedly taped someone in college and ststill got the awards and money then I watched him start a fight in the recent saints game and now Uber Plus he is a poo qb Why is he still in the nfl?
  20. If you're downplaying the swamp filling being carried out by this current administration then you are being inconsistent.
  21. Hurney scouting?

    Miami has good talent especially in the Secondary! Saca was all about Njoku
  22. The Richest 1% Now Own More Than 50% of the World’s Wealth

    Show me where I’ve been inconsistent or defending elites and corporations? i think your reading comprehension is sorely lacking if you think any where I’ve defended the rich
  23. If this year has told us anything about the NFL it's that any given Sunday is 100% true. Anything can happen.
  24. I'll be happy to take your money or very happy to give you mine if I'm wrong. You and Thomas can hang out behind the "any given Sunday" banner.
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