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  2. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

  3. Panthers vs Aints Predictions

    24-3 going into the half, squeeze out a 27-26 win after Aints make halftime adjustments and Shula doesn't.
  4. 4 Charateristics

    Good write up and I agree with all of it Except the score 20-10, because of said ball controll
  5. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    Being elite is not all about #s it's about making the players around you better which Cam does and winning the big games which Cam has done the only thing left is SB Matty Ice needed all this talent before reaching SB on the other hand Cam took a subpar offense to SB we all know who the real elite QB is please son.
  6. Any ECU fans??

    We are terrible, and we deserve it. Why? Because we fired a coach (who was a beloved alumnus) that went: 2010: 6-7 (Beat NC State) 2011: 5-7 2012: 8-5 2013: 10-3 (Beat UNC & NC State) 2014: 8-5 (Beat Virginia Tech & UNC) 2015: 5-7 (Beat Virginia Tech) We fired him, and now he's off at Oklahoma with former ECU OC Lincoln Riley, setting the college football world on fire. Who did we hire? Scottie Montgomery... a guy who was run out of Pittsburgh when he was WR coach for the Steelers, and was an average at best OC for Duke. He has now lost 12 of his last 13 games at ECU. Fire everyone.
  7. dotard

    To what solutions are you referring?
  8. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Honestly we should just spend the entire draft on OL/DL next offseason. Teams that can control the line of scrimmage win no matter what other talent is on the team. The Giants and Bengals are absolutely ruined this year because they ignored their lines. We can't waste Luke and Cam's primes like this.
  9. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    No problem, did say he's a very good QB, just that those passing numbers can't be used to prove it.
  10. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    • First player in NFL history to have 10,000 passing yards and 2,000 rushing yards in first four seasons. • Only player in NFL history to have at least 3,000 passing yards and 500 rushing yards in four consecutive seasons. • Recorded the third most career touchdowns by a quarterback in first four NFL seasons with 115. Only Hall of Famer Dan Marino (144) and future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning (118) had more. • Earned the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2011, when he set a then NFL rookie record for passing yards with 4,051 and an NFL record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback with 14. Just a few little tidbits for ya. Obviously doing something and being the only player to have performances this outstanding should atleast be in consideration with being "Elite" I mean for your logic hell Mark Sanchez should be elite because of the only player to record a butt fumble. (sarcasm) Cam is doing things with players that i would say maybe 1-3 QBs could do with what hes working with. Lets not paint a turd gold here, Cam has had crappy OL, has to lead team in rushing in most cases, his leading receiver is a TE, his OC is Shula for lords sake, has taken most punishment of any QB since stepping into the league, leading receivers on super run was Ted F-ing Ginn and Philly Brown (unemployed)
  11. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    Being elite is not all about #s it's about making the players around you better which Cam does and winning the big games which Cam has done the only thing left is SB Matty Ice needed all this talent before reaching SB on the other hand Cam took a subpar offense to SB we all know who the real elite QB is please son. CAM > Matty Ice 24/7
  12. White people get in here

  13. And FYI: Cam's stats =/= "Tired Tropes"
  14. White people get in here

    Healthy Home Market...seems to be doing well
  15. Your reception would have gone over a lot better if you hadn't spend the entire thread just regurgitating the same old tired tropes about running quarterbacks not having the smarts be to passers. I've seen more than enough of that the last 7 years. You don't see me posting this sort of asshattery about Matt Ryan being a choker do you? You are clearly intelligent enough to understand this. Bring something more or don't bother at all.
  16. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    A lot of people don't take into account we run the ball a ton and are near the top every year in run attempts. I think in 2015 weren't we the only team to be literally 50/50 run pass?
  17. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Sad face. Got a bad feeling about this game... :(
  18. weather isn't climate change...but maybe we can get INTEL to administrate the health industry...
  19. So sitting around I was thinking what stat cats should we focus on. What charateristics make the ground work of knowing a football team and the possible success? My big 4 revolves around: Momentum, Trenches, Identity, and Drive Success. These characteristics lead me to my stat choices. (Risk) Momentum, I focused on: net turnovers, penalities and net big plays. How do we impact our game with our discipline and opportunities. Evidently we are at a 0 for net turnovers, averaging 5.5 penalities a game, and 3 net big plays. This tells me we are solid on assignments as a defense, disciplined team as whole that is low risk. Aka Calculated Risk Ron is front and center as well embedded in our identity. With Cam still getting back to 100%, our big plays are down but it is not all on his shoulders as I will discuss later. Our defense is like a boeing constrictor, we do not allow many big plays nor yards. The experience on our defense is highly underrated. (LoS Control) Trenches, where games are won and lost. Our offensive line has been piss poor. For a ball control team, having a 2.9 for a rushing average will not do nor when we need Cam to pass with 9.7% sack rate. Lord knows what the pressure percentage is......... For our defense, my God they are monsters. 3.2 rush average is pretty good but not quite elite. The sack% at 10.7 is elite as JP has battled father of time to school offensive lines as an ageless wonder. Overall, our dline is awesome but as everyone knows we need our Oline to step it up. (Behavior) Identity, what we are offensively and defensively. The game is about match ups but we need have a clear label in describing the team's identity. For our team it is obvious, ball control. Our total offense average yardage per a play is an okay 4.2yds/play. We have enough pop in our air game to help our horrible rush attempts. ToP is where we blow our opponents as our offense gives our defense long breaks. Going to our defense, the area where offenses seem to get lost like the Bermuda Triangle, we are holding total offense average yardage per a play to an amazing 3.7 per play. This helps the old timers on our D a lot. Opponents offensive drives do not last long which leads to my last topic. (Finishers/Deniers) Drive Success, are we finishing on O and preventing on D. Our offense in the RedZone is horrible. You have the same odds playing Russian Roulette with a six shooter as our offense finishing the drive. Watching our offense will kill yah as each snap ends in denial as we repeat more so than not highly predictable RedZone plays. At least we can move the ball on 3rd down as we convert 48%. That is pretty damn impressive. On D, just to be in awe, 0% redzone conversions and 25% 3rd down conversions. We are a ball control low risk football team with a shaky Oline that is hurting our ability to finish. Without Cam, our defense efforts would all be for naught as a middle in the road team. Our coaches need to address weakness and learn to have a plan B and C just in case we start sputtering during the game. If our D stays at the same level and our O is firing on all cyclinders, no team can beat us. 34 to 10 Panthers win against the Aints.
  20. you wanted the article from me to make sure it wasn't a lying conservative opinion piece, so you offer up a lying liberal opinion piece ...great job. So i see how it goes ...its fallacy and fantasy... if the libs want money back then back the tax cut plan for starters...its not about saving money , it's about getting to that private money... it is in form of taxes and will go into the general fund...its a power grab and a money grab and libs are willing to sell their soul to potentially save a few dollars that in reality will never happen, but the satisfaction of their plan being implemented will make up for that ... I mean how vulgar is it to worry about money when our health is involved?
  21. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    I thought we were a run team with occasional passing..We would have to change our style of offense.. all those QBs are on a pass first except russell wilson snd now iam not sure if they are turning into more of a passing team...We are not going to change so really can't go off numbers alone he has to pass the eye test and based on what he has to work with..We know he is capable of putting up those numbers. So i would say yes he is aan elite qb..he is just not your traditional qb..He is not good on short passes but excellent on long passes, traditional are good on both. Can anybody run like him rodgers and wilson..Thats called a wash..now if he is not running then it drops his effectiveness and he would have to improve on his short throws..We are about there but for now i still say elite until injury is healed and he is back healthy.
  22. White people get in here

    Build more Whole Foods in urban areas?
  23. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Don't give me a reason
  24. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Ya since he obviously didn't get any camp time and only played one series. Dont be an asshole.
  25. 20-10 panthers its clear RR wants ball controll footballso score stays low. If other teams can keep them under 20 we should be able to keep them to 10
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