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  2. Mr. Scot

    Tepper approved

    Hmmmm... Funny or awkward?
  3. NanuqoftheNorth

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    Agreed. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”― Upton Sinclair The NFL in a nutshell.
  4. If both teams protest will the penalties offset?
  5. Silent Majority

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    As you should.
  6. Mr. Scot

    Tepper approved

    Yeah, it was done to minimize the damage. Not sure how well it worked.
  7. Would you want someone so easily dismissing your ideas and concerns? And again, that's an easy thing to say if you're not paying for it. Let's say you want your employer to take a certain political stance. They agree, but their doing so is going to significantly lower your wages and there's no way around it. Do you still want them speaking out? How sacrificial are you when it's your paycheck that's being affected?
  8. The Anthem isnt political, but ok!!
  9. Shocker

    Black Panther

    I did not like this movie at all. I kept thinking Lion King dunno why. Boring movie.
  10. NanuqoftheNorth

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    Agreed and well said! No more NFL pre-game Star Spangled Banner!
  11. blackcat

    Raise your hand if you hate car shopping.

    my wife has purchased 2 carsxat Carmax. They make it easy.
  12. Good, NFL knows they lost alot of money and fans by letting players show their political views on the field. Keep politics out of football!!
  13. NanuqoftheNorth

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    If we survived the USSC banning organized prayer prior to high school football games, I think we will survive the loss of the Star Spangled Banner from NFL pregame activities. Those having US flag/nation anthem withdrawal symptoms can always resort to Youtube to ease their pain... At one point US television stations used to honor our national anthem/ flag/military 365 days a year. No more and I can't recall anyone making a big deal out of it when they stopped.
  14. Rubi

    Fascist Media Control

    What fake news ?
  15. faninsc

    So what is he saying?

    My prediction is 2024 season for the 30th anniversary - 7 seasons.
  16. Kevin Greene

    So what is he saying?

    It's like the Dodgers and Angels in Los Angeles/Orange County. So the Angels decided they wanted more of the LA pie and actually now call themselves the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Just trying to broaden the appeal.
  17. Squirrel

    Tepper approved

    Wasn't that after he had the awkward press conference involving her?
  18. Rubi

    Curtis Samuel ....

    I haven’t seen anything regarding DJ’s frame that would limit his ability to run the route tree. His college production/combine = high level athlete.
  19. Silent Majority

    Carolina Panthers OTAs - Photos and Notes

    Somebody please render Capt. expendable. Get his bitter bih , with declining skills - ass off of this team. Curt Sam is a Philly Brown upgrade (awesome). DJ Moore...Geebus christ! It moved!
  20. TheRed


    stirs leading the charge on the hurt fee-fees talk is honestly hilarious. He's dished it out plenty of times. You can keep flopping around on the floor gasping for air like everyone is out to get you, but anyone who isn't a conservative apologist that has read this subforum the last several years knows better. Spare us the faux anguish already.
  21. WarHeel

    So what is he saying?

    Boom goes the dynamite
  22. Can I pleasure myself during the anthem? 21 gun salute pew pew pew
  23. jayflip

    Fascist Media Control

  24. WarHeel

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I left in May 2017. I know they have been talking about wiping demonbruen out for some time. You need to check out midtown and demonbreun before it’s gone. Broadway is for tourists. Your local, you go to midtown.
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