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  2. dotard

    So the guy that had disparaging things to say about our former president is now the hero? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/northkorea/11314656/Kim-Jong-un-lambasts-Obama-in-bitter-war-of-words.html Don't act like this crap just surfaced. The former regime just didn't care.
  3. Sterling Moore and Marshon Lattimore

    Please, let's not encourage anyone to be a Dallas Cowboy fan. He can be a Rams fan or something.
  4. Dotard calls black NFL players son of a bitch

    No, they won't. Because nobody cares what an unemployed actor thinks. Oooh, let's see how attendance drops this Sunday. (In Buffalo) (They could use a backup QB)
  5. A look at Cam's stats

    Would you? I certainly don't.
  6. 35 - 14 panthers.. We are a better team and will show it in a big way..
  7. A look at Cam's stats

    No one calls your quarterback athletic.
  8. Does anybody know where SCP is?

    i just took a poo in the Taipei airport, he's not here.
  9. A look at Cam's stats

    Cams "athleticism" should be neither a reason for, nor a shield from, discussion of his accuracy.
  10. A look at Cam's stats

    Wouldn't all QBs look better if their statlines were "essentially adjusted for plays that are not his fault?"
  11. A ton of posters on this board knowingly voted for a white supremacist.
  12. I honestly don't know if we have the juice this year. Players look more frustrated than anything.
  13. A look at Cam's stats

    Grown men calling each other "hugger" as an insult is pretty funny honestly.
  14. Lol that Hogmahlie dude and davepanther might as well quit the NFL, because more players will be protesting.
  15. It's funny on Thursday night both QB's were getting there calls in before the clock hit the 20 mark. And we are talking about two of the brightest minds on offense.
  16. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    If we can sweep the Reds I feel like the division is pretty much locked up no matter what the Yanks do. Would love to have the division sealed before the Stros series though so we could rest Sale and Pom.
  17. Yeah but the whole line looked like poo. Even Turner and Norwell were confused on plays. Both our tackles were getting frustrated for sure with blocking assignments.
  18. how is kneeling during a song disrespecting a flag? the flag ain't even involved. is he confused and thinking about the pledge of allegiance?
  19. Im glad Jemele hasn't backed down.
  20. I like how OP is systematically revenge 'poo'-ing everyone -- hilarious. On a more serious note, Cam Newton should very obviously get the nod for Sunday and beyond.
  21. Who wants to take a bet that the number of those kneeling will double this week?
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