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  2. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    another vote for minny and jaxville and i honestly don't care who wins between the two. i just think it would be a great game. i know that this may not be the most exciting commercial and marketable matchup the league could have hoped for, but i really think it would be incredible for the league for this to happen in the long term. the league needs parity. fans of teams other than the big market ones need to see that their teams have a chance and it would go a long way to fight the prevailing thought among most fans who believe the game is rigged in favor of a select few....which is also the perception that i honestly believe is hurting the league more than anything.
  3. Top 32 players

    If this was a consensus draft board and we got McGlinchey with our pick I’d be pumped.
  4. I'd take Tomlin in a heartbeat. We'd win a Super Bowl in 3 years max under him. Maybe a 8-8 season next year gets him the boot and we can snag him up next offseason to replace Rivera if we fail to produce another effective season.
  5. Daeshon Hall

    So what’s the realistic expectation from our third round pick? He’s kind of the forgotten man from this past draft class, but is a very important piece at a position where we need a significant infusion of youth and skill. He only played 9 snaps week 1 and was gone for the year and was never really heard from since. I don’t remember if he got any hype in camp either, although he did make it to the final 53.
  6. The Snow Shade LOL

    I don't know about the rest of North Carolina, but Charlotteans can't even drive in the rain. And I am one!
  7. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Very funny, K.
  8. Shrine Game Update

    Walter football is a good source. Random tweets from draft analyst like below pop up from time to time as well. https://twitter.com/TampaBayTre/status/953672440281993217?s=17
  9. We Like War

  10. I would guess that Cam and Norv will evolve. Norv has never had a QB like Cam, and Cam has never had an OC like Norv. Expect both to get outside their comfort zones and embrace some things they might not have necessarily thought about too much before.
  11. as i mentioned elsewhere, get ready for a lot of these "minority owner being obnoxious and reactionary" stories if Sebates' group owns the Panthers
  12. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    yeah there's nothing the NFL loves more than the Patriots. woops Tom Brady just farted, they lost another first round draft pick
  13. Unless one of those minority owners suddenly becomes a Rooney, they have about as much say in Tomlin’s job as the average fan.
  14. Shrine Game Update

    wait we've already met with some prospects? dope. Where'd you find this out
  15. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    Is Shaq under concussion Protocol?
  16. We Like War

  17. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    he was pretty good for a couple of years but has really fell off. Id rather just have Armah
  18. Top 32 players

    Marcell Ateman ahead of clavin ridley , christian kirk, yeah ok. I can't take this seriously.
  19. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Patriots. We're witnessing history. A dynasty. May as well be part of it. A Jax/Minny/Philly win would be neat for like 10 min.
  20. That’s all I’m saying. Is don’t expect him to out strategize anybody. He’s a great recruiter and motivator like I said, but when talent level is equal he will lose to better coaches.
  21. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    That's what they want you to think.
  22. Haley fired

    he had some horrible play calls on 3rd/4th and short, but his team also put up 42 on arguably the best defense in the league.
  23. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Keenum/Bortles 2018.
  24. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Did the NFL cheat to help them win their last Super Bowl? (you're gonna wanna be real careful when you answer this question)
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