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  2. They've invested heavily in their DB corps and I think he just got squeezed out as I was thinking/hoping he would. He shut down Zay Jones and had a great pick in coverage against him. I was also impressed with the TFL against Dalvin Cook seen in the highlights. I too hope we sign him to the PS. Charlotte's own to boot! No brainer.
  3. WP - Power Ranking

    Patriots above any 2-0 team? These things just get more and more difficult to read it any way but as comic relief.
  4. Armah promoted to the team

    They would've won one two years ago but I digress
  5. I reeeeeeeally hope we sign him. I've seen a lot of Tocho as a Wolfpack fan, but as a draftnik as well, he was a guy I was hoping we would take in the draft. Kinda confused as to how he fell to the 7th round, but it is what it is. A converted CB, Tocho's home in the NFL always seemed to be at SAF. The kid is an instinctual DB with a high football IQ and good measurables. He is a sound tackler and versatile enough to support the run and get physical in the box. He uses his body well and rarely let the player/ball get behind him. He reminds me a bit of Aaron Williams of the Bills, so if we have a spot on our PS, I'd love to bring him a long. Give him a year or two under someone like Wilks and a mentor like Coleman and Adams, and I think we could have a future SAF in the fold. However, like Mr.Scot said...... let's not get ahead of ourselves. There must be a reason why a late-round rookie is on the waiver wire.... especially a team that values defense like the Vikings do.
  6. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Opposing the use of violence in order to suppress Americans right to free speech doesn't make one a pacifist. Anyone that has even the most basic understanding of the founding of this nation should understand that much.
  7. So we move from the bears to the Vikings as our farm team?
  8. Geuax Saints (for Jangler)

    That's just the kind of Linebacker the Panthers like. Hits hard but doesn't know poo. Like keuchly can barely remember his name. Y'all lucky Jimmy Graham ain't here to give him fits anymore. Guy was ten times better than anything y'all brought out. Catching all those balls with so many other men on the field, Olsen is all Newton has and it's proof how you almost lost to those lowly Bills. Yeah, I saw that game. You could turn on the waterboy to see a better offense than that Buffalo trash! Coming to our field (is the game in NO??) Against Brees? The guy is a HOF QB! We got your WR, too. Ginn coming in to show you that we ain't going to take it easy on you. And Adrian Peterson is going to remind everyone that he's still All Day. Dude makes highlight reels every day. ALL DAY. Sure, beat your chest, that Shady kid didn't do anything because the Beels can't pass. We can. And Kenny Vocarro is gonna be featured. We are trading him. We are going to eat Cam Newton for lunch!
  9. Armah promoted to the team

    Holy hell, I bet you are a blast at parties.
  10. Armah promoted to the team

    Well, if they followed your advice they would certainly never do that.
  11. Armah promoted to the team

    Where in the Sam hell did you go?
  12. Armah promoted to the team

    I prefer to see the team win super bowls, thanks.
  13. Armah promoted to the team

    which puts him on track to come back right off the bye, which management no doubt got wide eyed with glee about as they thought they caught a break. This team is so concerned with doing things by the book they forget that their jobs rides on them winning super bowls
  14. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    I think a little violent uprising back in 1776, the again in 1812 and and some hard fought violent battles in the 1860's helped pave the road for Obama.
  15. Armah promoted to the team

    Never once posted about Byron Bell being left handed. Did not like Byron Bell. Still think he is the worst left tackle we have ever had. Mike Shula does deserve some of the crap he gets, but not nearly all of it. Some of it has to fall on the players as well. The point of my original post to you was that you can be a fan of this team without being so goddamn negative about everything. You are the type of fan who craps on every decision, and then hopes the team fails so that you can scream that you were right at the top of your lungs. Just because there are some of us who prefer to support the team instead of bash it, does not make us bad fans, or newbies, or idiots.
  16. Armah promoted to the team

    And not eligible to play for 8 weeks. This blows.
  17. Armah promoted to the team

    what were you try to spell this time?
  18. Seattle won a superbowl primarily with their defense. It allowed a total of 40 points in three games. The Giants won two of them by holding Tom Brady to his lowest scoring Superbowls. In fact, if you look at the Giants runs thru the playoffs in both year, they won primarily on the strength of their defense (including a 24-2 drubbing of the Falcons).
  19. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Perfect example is how President Obama rose to become the most powerful man on the planet through the use of violence. Oh, wait...
  20. Armah promoted to the team

    brainwashed slop about byron bell's left hand or mike shula's merits is pretty tough to stomach, so granted
  21. Every modern rule is written to benefit the offense and limit the defense and Ron is more comfortable ignoring that to rein in the offense (TOO RISKY!!!) and depending on that defense to make that last critical stop.
  22. Hate Week. Again.

    In the past our weakness on D vs Breesus was our shitty soft zone. I've noticed Wilks is more willing to change it up thus far, hopefully based on opponent. If so, I'm hoping this will be a time to dominate.
  23. Armah promoted to the team

    Greg has been officially placed on IR. Can return to practice in 6 weeks.
  24. Armah promoted to the team

    I probably wouldn't be going after other posters if I was you pantherclaw
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