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  2. PFT saying Fins might be trying to trade Laundy. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/02/20/dolphins-may-be-trying-to-trade-jarvis-landry/ I could see this blowing up in there face but hey, as long as it's not to us. LOL
  3. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    You're not following the point. Our divisional rivalries for the period since the 4 division format is probably the best. Until we won 3 straight NO one won it back to back. Secondly up to that point each team won the division an equal amount of times. This creates a good rivalry. ARGUABLY the best rivalry. I pray you're not a new troll that is going to argue just to argue.
  4. Or the NFC West....they murder each other
  5. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    Wrong Outside the NFC East name me one division that has had 3 different divisional champs out of the 4. NFC East won't argue AFC West maybe comparable NFC North Only reason this might be comparable is they have such a long standing division. TB was removed from NFC Central back in the day otherwise this division has been owned by GR for several years. AFC North.... with Cleveland? Baltimore and Pittsburgh and Cincy yes but Cleveland. Maybe the OLD Cleveland Browns.
  6. Our rivalries don't sniff the rivalries of the NFC East, AFC West, NFC North or AFC North
  7. Steve Smith's Take

    More importantly we probably get him in round 2 or possibly our 1st 3rd.
  8. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    Agree with this. The NFL has to approve ANY purchase no matter if it is the Jaguars or the Steelers. They are not going to allow, as you say, selling to a buddy just to flip the bird at the NFL. That doesn't mean they are running the purchase and JR has zero say in the matter. If two comparable bids came down and one was local and the other Tepper (who I would rather have) JR could select the local buyer and it would most likely be approved.
  9. Yeah, that could be pretty bad for Cuban, even if he's not guilty of anything himself.
  10. Today
  11. Good chance he'd give someone like Omar Khan or Phil Kreidler a shot at the GM job. Khan has interviewed for GM jobs before and Kreidler is good at his job. His scouting department got them guys like Le'Veon Bell and JuJu Smith-Schuster. You could expect some others might come along as well (scouts and such) depending on their contract status. Obviously, he's not going to bring the whole operation with him but Tepper would likely want a strong Steeler influence. If they're in contract, the Steelers would likely allow them to interview as long as the job is a promotion. For lateral moves, probably not but if they want to come all you have to do is wait until they're out of contract. Honestly though, regardless of where the people he hires will come from, if I'm working in the Panthers offices, I'm updating my resume' right now.
  12. Albert Breer reported that the NFL has been "grooming" Tepper to be an owner and that they favor him owning the Panthers. Not that they were grooming him specifically for the Panthers, mind you. They just happened to be the next team that needed a new owner. Richardson does have the choice, but the NFL has to approve the final choice. Specifically, 24 of the other 31 owners have to say yes. That doesn't mean Tepper is the only one that they'll approve, but it's unlikely they'd approve Richardson taking a very inferior offer from a "buddy".
  13. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    Provide link. I have not heard this. JR has not been convicted of any wrongdoing as of now. This is his team until they NFL takes it away. I don't think that is going to happen in this instance.
  14. Again....that’s not the point. His stock is high (despite your or my opinion of him) and supply is low. He was going to get overpaid and he did.
  15. Sorry he has no say...the NFL is running this sale...
  16. Steve Smith's Take

    That's what I'm thinking...Miller looks more physical than Kirk but I wont complain if we got either one but I am partial to Miller...
  17. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    Not to mention the NFL wants the Panthers in the Carolinas. It's a good market. They have cultivated probably the best rivalries in all of the NFL top to bottom in a division. Seriously Each team despises each other. The games are highly competitive, even when one team is down and out. IMO the best division in Football year in and year out. The NFL isn't going to want to split that up because an owner wants to move the team.
  18. He just needs to go back to Being Riverboat and not Ron.
  19. As much as I like what I’m seeing of this guy (steelers guys expect to win), JR is still in charge and he defaults to helping his friends. Unless the money isn’t anywhere close, the local guys have the edge.
  20. Who said anything about bringing Steeler people with them? I wrote the mentality. I assume being a minority owner gives you at least access to the facility.
  21. 5% stake in steelers is hardly a reason to think he will bring a bunch of steelers peopke with him...lol at this becoming Pittsburgh South...
  22. Draft at least one this year ...
  23. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    You are seriously mentally ill. I hate that we keep responding to your BS
  24. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    Focusing on Russia is a losing play long term for liberals/dems. 2018 is a toss up at this stage when it should be a clean sweep for dems to get some control back.
  25. It looks like the Panthers opened the flood gates. Link: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.si.com/nba/2018/02/20/dallas-mavericks-sexual-misconduct-investigation-mark-cuban-response
  26. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    Dems have been politically bankrupt for decades. Crying "Russia, Russia, Russia" is pretty much all they've got left to campaign on. Democratic party leaders are pretty much out of ideas other than to imitate republicans. They've abandoned the working class and pledged fealty to the donor class just like the GOP. Too bad, because the fastest way back into power would be if the dems provided actual hope and change, rather than conspiracy theories and lip service to voters. They'd sweep the GOP out of power across this nation within a few years time, if they only gave a damn about the plight of the average voter. It would be sooooo easy. My god, we're talking about beating Trump of all people. But for some reason (personal enrichment/MONEY) the democratic leadership is doing everything in their power to fug things up again. These are the same stooges that lost over 1000 seats across this nation to the pubs from 2010-2016 and they still can't figure out why they're losing or simply don't care enough to change. Dems are doing the pubs a BIG favor. The Russia story is sucking up all the oxygen in the room. The distraction is allowing the GOP to continue to dismantle our social safety net, undo our nation's environmental policies, deregulate Wall Street, sell off federal assets to the highest bidder and give even bigger tax breaks to the rich and corporations. Nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. Remember when the democratic leadership said Bernie's idea to dedicate 70 billion towards education for our children was pie-in-the-sky thinking? Welp, the GOP just found an additional 160 billion for next year's war chest. We can afford more bombs, but can't afford to educate our own people? Democratic leaders are MIA yet again. Working Americans are getting screwed under Trump's administration, all the while, dems and corporate media remain transfixed on Russia's meddling to the exclusion of all these other important issues. And... don't even get me started on the dems sellout to big pharma and abandonment of seeking affordable medications for our most vulnerable citizens.
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