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  2. teeray

    A million times this

    These archaic practices continue to disrupt families and communities. I know this isn't Spygate or Collusiongate so doubt this thread will get traction but criminal justice reform is needed yesterday and this is one of the aspects that needs reform ASAP
  3. The Lone Panther

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    The thing is, 40% of blacks are on welfare, despite only making up 13% of population. While only 39% of whites are on welfare even though they make up just over 70% of the population. Research before posting racist comments.
  4. The Lone Panther

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    You trying to justify that comment? What if I would replace white with black in that comment?
  5. Fryfan

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    It’s okay to be white right? white Christian straight males are being oppressed right?
  6. People watch one game and don’t pay attention to anything else. Philly was the #3 rushing team and the #13 passing team last year. The running game and the D are why they didn’t miss a beat when Foles took over. Look at our game with them. Did Wentz and Jeffrey dominate us or was it two turnovers by their D inside our 20 that won the game? Antonio Brown was 45 yards away from having twice as many yards as Jeffrey. Yep, that’s right, Brown a legit #1 almost doubled up Jeffrey. Jeffrey was 34th in yards. The people around him were Crowder, Gurley and Ginn. Jeffrey had a great catch but he wasn’t close to a #1 by elite WR standards and Philly was more of a running and defensive lead team.
  7. The Lone Panther

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    Very racist comment. You should be banned.
  8. X-Clown

    Playoff Thread

    You gotta love the LeBron haters. Had he put up 35-15-9 in this game and the Cavs lost, his legacy is “ruined”. Instead he does that and the narrative is gonna be “oh but the Celtics suck, they were missing their two best players.” Then they will immediately mention Jordan, and start arguing that Jeff Green is better than Scottie Pippen, lol.
  9. This year was considered a weaker WR class. 2 is probably more than expected based on early WR draft discussions being Ridley plus other guys.
  10. ItsPantone278

    Playoff Thread

    Proof your team is just a LeBron James away from an NBA finals.
  11. 332nd

    david hogg

    Riding his bike to the school on the "Day of the shooting" doesn't mean "I wasn't at the school on the day of the shooting". For example on Friday I dropped my son off at school. I walked him to the end of year concert in the gym at 5:00pm. Using your logic, the only that's possible is if I stayed at the school all day, yet I did not! Sorry for calling you a liar though. It's entirely possible you're just stupid.
  12. To be number 1 you can't copy the trends but set them. You got a deep threat and someone who draws double coverage, that's just deadly and always has been, always will be.
  13. Clinches Divisional Crown for Richmond just like he did with the 2013 Panthers, the last time he was allowed to play a full season-this time forcing the game sealing INT. http://www.richmond.com/sports/professional/football/roughriders-clinch-northern-division-title-with-home-victory/article_b9ddfaa1-c8aa-579b-8bb5-9bb7a398afaf.html
  14. Yep, thanks for this. Some reassurance right here.
  15. Today
  16. Someone explain to me why there is outrage about the NFL’s new policy? they tell people that are on the field have to stand(just like every other sports league in America) and then give the players an out and tell them they can go into the locker room if they want to protest. so they give the players an out if they want to protest still. While at the same time enforce a rule that every other league in the country already has? whats the issue.
  17. SmootsDaddy89

    The Wall, Immigration and racism

    smh more lazy, white welfare queens. Get a job, whitey.
  18. bull123

    david hogg

    I was gonna jump in here but most of you people seem pretty much demented
  19. But they are not protesting the anthem though.......even with its deleted racist(product of its time) 3rd verse..... Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego in the bible didn't bow down to the system....and God was with them to protect them(just fyi for the all the bible thumpers that voted in favor of the league national anthem policy)
  20. It is a generally subjective phrase, that is absolutely true. When I think of a #1 WR, I think of guys that play almost every offensive down and always have to be accounted for on every passing play. The guy in the WR corps that the QB looks for whenever he needs a critical play made.
  21. Jeffery is a #1? Funchess had more yards and catches than him last year. Is Funchess a #1?
  22. Woodie

    Derek Anderson...update?

    I'm basing it off history. You may not have been around long enough to understand the true value of sitting a QB for a while (not meaning it as an insult, just a historical perspective). Anyone picked in the high second or first does not really fit in this discussion since we are talking about mid-round QB's (and since I don't think anybody would seriously advocate taking a QB high while we still have Cam). And of the later round ones you mentioned, Cousins wasn't a full time starter until year 4, and the others had flaws that had to be covered by their defense or running game. Go look at the QB's who played early, none of them were ready to lead their teams. It took Wilson 2-3 years before he became the leader of the team, and not the defense. And Prescott looked good with Elliott, but when he wasn't there, his flaws showed. Neither were truly ready and would have benefited from sitting for a while. Even the high draft picks would benefit from sitting a bit. Every single expert and/or ex-player that has talked about young QB's mentions it. It's just that between the salary cap and a limited number of decent QB's, it's rare that one team has a solid guy to hold the fort until the young gun is ready. So teams tend to throw high picks out there prematurely. Heck, Aaron Rodgers has talked about how he benefited from sitting behind Favre for a few years. QB's need time to work on their game and learn how to operate in the NFL...especially with they way colleges are not really preparing them these days. Sure, some can have moderate success, but even those would have benefited from being able to watch and learn. And that's especially true of mid-round guys who have more flaws than the earlier picks.
  23. I've wondered if he's also the reason why we have no WRs in the 80's.
  24. it wasn't for the eagles in the Superbowl Jeffery balled out
  25. Rubi


    Spoiler Alert can someone explain the Darth Maul timeline to me? Didn’t he get cut in half in phantom menace ? How is he alive and well after the Empire is established ?
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