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  2. So, who is at fault

    >tfw when illleeeeguls are better americans than you
  3. Today

    Ohhh... but he did. Cutting him after this season carries a 14.7M cap hit. There is no “out” like people keep claiming. Truth is, we haven’t even begun to pay for him like we will after this year.
  5. This draft class may not be the strongest...

    Nailing free agency is a must but nailing the draft is more important. Whether you agree or disagree teams are built through the draft. Hurney is known for nailing the 1st pick an not much after that. The DC, Turner, Rivera and Hurney need to be on the same page and get those players that can help. I think under the Rivera/DG watch we have overall done better with the draft. 1st round picks haven't been overshadowing like Hurney's but overall they did better. Let's hope Hurney listens to his staff and not some Panther Forum that tells him to draft some obscure player from nowhere university that has the potential to be a perennial backup.
  6. Hilarious...when you fail miserably at using your words, you can always resort to retroactively going back and pooping old posts that you had already replied to earlier. That’ll teach me...LOL. Probably legitimately the worst debater on this board ...and that’s saying a lot.

    He actually did find us a franchise LT in Oher. Injuries happen. Dave scrambled. Matt is not good and that contract is horrible, I hope he rebounds next year but that’s not likely. And we don’t know if whitworth even wanted to come here. I don’t know why people are acting like we chose Matt over him. We haven’t a clue. blue chip offensive lineman are going to continue to be hard to get. The talent in college is just not there and expect that to keep going down. That’s why norwell should be a priority over Star imo
  8. The Eagles now have an omen

    their fans make me sick hope they dont win
  9. The Eagles now have an omen

    If they win there's no way they beat the Patriots. Tom Brady and Bellicheck are not gonna lose to Nick Foles.
  10. The Eagles now have an omen

    ??? Falcons aren't playing this weekend.
  11. The Eagles now have an omen

    Vikes are gonna thrash them bad
  12. Matt Miller is the worst This RB class is just as good and deep as last years, and I think Rosen is a better prospect than almost any QB in the last 5 drafts
  13. The Eagles now have an omen

    I'd rather spend time in those shithole countries than in Philly.
  14. Vrabel, new Titans HC

    I might end up being wrong but this seems like a horrible hire. It’s basically a lateral move from Munchak, they need a offensive minded coach
  15. If ever there was a draft to do it, this might be the one. That being said, no way. For a first, I want as sure of a thing as possible. With his history, he is anything but. One more slip-up, and he's toast (as well as draft capital spent). I might discuss a second, and definitely a third because they're a little more speculative anyway, especially if they throw in a 4th or 5th.
  16. Patriots have the number 5 defense this year and had the number 1 defense last year. Brady in the last 16 years has had more top 5 and 10 defenses than any QB in nfl history You were saying??
  17. Playstation vue

    i'm a fan. got to watch them all.
  18. The Eagles now have an omen

    Awesome clouds
  19. The Eagles now have an omen

    I'm pulling for the Eagles, by law I have too. This is just for the playoffs.
  20. The Eagles now have an omen

    Oohhh, I love some O men.
  21. can you imagine how many baby mamas brady would have, if he had Cam’s penis?
  22. cant wait to have Greg back at 100 percent health.
  23. The Eagles now have an omen

    If the Eagles lose tomorrow, then it was a sign that - like clouds - the Eagles simply faded away.
  24. So, who is at fault

  25. The Eagles now have an omen

    Philly wins
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