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  2. whatever fricken works at this point.
  3. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    I did not limit my comments regarding the O-line to "this offseason," and I'm not limiting my comments to Hurney within the fishbowl of the last few months. Big picture- look at his entire run in Carolina.
  4. I don't know Marty? what do you think?
  5. You don't build a successful team long term by trading out of the first round hoping you can hit needs in the early second. By definition you are reaching, as the chance that your top guy is also your top need is very slim, and those guys usually ends up to be borderline starters at best. I've lost count of all busts described with "we had a first round grade on him". If you can ransom someone because they really like a player at your pick, go head, but "value adds up for both teams" trade out of the first is basically never a good idea.
  6. I feel like he might get a “random” drug test. Had the Bills not stole him he might have been a Panther
  7. so uh what's up with all these bombings in austin?

    Apparently 24 year old white male, so they know who he is but won’t release anymore info.
  8. When u say it like that, I get it...but the whole point to my question was if certain players were already off the board...at that point, the next guy u might want could be had lower in the draft. Just like many ppl felt we could have traded down to get Shaq. I realize we would need a willing trading partner but there in lies the point of my original question. The colts have 3 2nd rounders and might wanna jump up and scoop somebody that they know won’t fall to 36 or 37.
  9. I can do without the white supremacy comment, but the packers painting when cam tore down the sign is pretty cool,
  10. so uh what's up with all these bombings in austin?

    He dead. Cops found him and dude blew himself up.
  11. Tidbits from my source

    14 years trying to replace Muhsin...and now 5 years trying to find a "replacement" for Smitty. I've given up, the Panthers are cursed at WR...
  12. well, now he's thinking about it.
  13. NFL.com Ranks Carolina

    I feel like a dog after a good poop...
  14. Today
  15. Really though, one is breaking natural laws and the other isn't. We've seen crazy politicians win. We've seen corrupt and broken systems. Trump winning was a statistical possibility. A burning bush that talks is a whole other level.
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  17. 1.Mike Hughes CB, UCF This guy plays like an elite big boy corner, shut down every big name wr or limited them where the team would move them to other side of field or slot. Good speed, short space quickness and hips that can mirror a wr. Got kicked out of North Carolina cause of some stupid/immature sorority fight but other than that stays out of trouble. 2.Anthony Miller WR, UM, Plays similar to Antonio Brown and has passion like Steve Smith. Could put on some muscle but he is actually 5'11, taller than his popular nfl comparisons. Great hands, adjustment under/behind thrown balls on the fly and quickness/speed. He can run crisp run routes which help him get open, can play both in slot/outside and is a deep threat. Also has good injury history. 3.Deshon Elliot FS, UT Raw young guy that capitalizes off qbs mistakes well with int. A threat at anytime to run back a pick six also with good open field running and decent speed. could work on covering ability but good value in the 3rd and could learn from a vet in secondary with him. 3. Kerryon Johnson RB, UA Tough nosed down hill runner from Auburn with deceptive speed. Reminds me of Demarco Murray and has some patience like Leveon Bell. Would be the thunder to lightning(MCcaffrey) in the backfield. Few have people have concerns about his health but has not missed many games. 5.Brandon Parker LG, NC A&.T Underrated 6'7 guy from a small college that won a NC. Played LT but I think he would better if he slid inside to lg because he doesn't have quick lateral feet. Once he gets his hands on you though its OVER! Guy might have the most pancakes out of all Olinemen in this class. Also can run well enough to pull block. 6.Skai Moore, OLB, South Carolina Lanky guy with speed, good tackler and a nose for the football while in the air. Could learn under Davis last year as a Panther. He can cover rb/te very good. would be higher if not for off field issues and missing a season due to neck surgery. scouts also think he could be a tweener strong safety(Jenkins,mathieu for ex). If he stays out of trouble and can stay healthy this could be a steal. needs to add muscle/weight. He had 93 tackles with eight for a loss, two sacks, two passes broken up and three interceptions in 2017. 7.Chris Herndon TE, UM(FL) Got hurt in the middle of Miami's run which affected them in the long haul. He might drop due to lack of stats(avg qb) and his injury. When he is on the field though he can block excellent and catch just as well. Also Miami is known for great TE in the nfl. 7.Marquez Valdes-Scantling WR, USF 6'4 wr with 4.3 deep threat speed but he has great hands. He is also limited with just the 9 route and maybe comeback/slant sometimes. Had one of the best yard per avg(16.6) on 53 catches and 879 yards. Cam has a great deep ball and this guy get separation. Lots of times he had to slow down to catch the passes preventing potential tds.
  18. Synthetic whatever has been on the banned list since 2016. I can't figure wht anyone would chose this junk over the real thing on purpose.
  19. I flipped out on pcp once, not this bad but I was having conversations with Jesus too, In my defense I thought I was doing acid...
  20. Not sure the Monterey value of these but, I think they are cool and the value they probably have to you is more than your probably gonna get a huddler to cough up.
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