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  2. 2 million American taxpayer dollars going to support extrajudicial mass murder. don't ask for fuging healthcare though, peasant. https://www.untvweb.com/news/usa-pledges-multi-billion-peso-fund-support-duterte-administration/
  3. I always thought FSU should have suspended him. Lost all respect for that program when they let him play.
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  5. Big Ben

    Know whats worse than dilly dilly? People bitching about it.
  6. The Richest 1% Now Own More Than 50% of the World’s Wealth

    Yeah because the rich hoard their wealth and use it to influence laws to allow them to keep and not pay fair wages and ship jobs overseas. Making them pay their fair share of taxes isn’t a penalty
  7. Hurney scouting?

    Jeff Otah? We gave up two first round picks for him so that's 3 bust years. Jon Beason was a bust. So that's 4 bust year s out of 12 years. So that a 70% hit rate. Not really all that great when you factor in the average pick range is around 10. I will say this, before Hurney it was ugly. Like we had terrible GMs.
  8. The threat of the Saints run game

    You are one of the biggest tools I've ever come across. Where were you the past 4 years when the Saints were the laughing stock of the NFC? They will be right back down there very soon, don't worry. And as far as playoffs, you have 0% chance of winning a game. Quote me on that, bet me on that, I don't give a damn.
  9. Lamb needs to stay a starter..

    Yep.. I would also move Frank to starter andthe Marvin to 2nd unit.. We need to separate Cody and Frank because they are to soft to bethat on the court at the same time..
  10. The threat of the Saints run game

    Need to worry about the jets right now
  11. The Walking Dead season 8

    Saw this today at Food Lion. It wasn't sideways there....
  12. I dont believe that at all...the question is will congress work with trump or will they try to preserve the status quo...the particulars arent as important right now.
  13. The threat of the Saints run game

    I bet most Saints, Bucs and Falcons fans loved Pickles... Also, I heard Matt Ryan like to eat lemon pepper chicken wings while wearing a braided belt. I bet his favorite jolly rancher is lemon... he is one sick SOB.
  14. Saints game Dec 3

    Poo for asking for pie
  15. The threat of the Saints run game

    Man. I liked ole Pickles.
  16. The Saha challenge

    *in nazi voice* "um do your research and you'll see that calling black people 'dindus' is ACTUALLY about bias in the media"
  17. people think that even though the protests broke 0 NFL rules, Goodell could have just waved a magic wand and made those thugs just be quiet.
  18. Lamb needs to stay a starter..

    I was originally against this idea but with how poorly the bench has been playing, this could actually help. I think the assumption was that MCW was going to run the point but that hasn't happened and as we saw today against Chicago, Monk is not a point guard. Let Nic run the second unit/play point forward and keep him out there an extra few minutes in the 2nd when the starters come back in. Basically he'll play starter minutes off the bench.
  19. Saints game Dec 3

    bent over and flexed for that ass pounding
  20. The Saha challenge

    we march with swastika flags and torches but don't you dare call us nazis. 3 trump officials have been arrested and more on the way but don't you dare talk about russian conspiracy bullshit. go back to your safe space where you don't have to be confronted with reality.
  21. I just give poop to everyone that says it. im sick of it
  22. The threat of the Saints run game

    Cam Newton >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jimmy Clausen.
  23. The Saha challenge

    i remember. i also remember when he posted about the "dindu nuffins"
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