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  2. Panthers on this week's fanduel

    I actually like that idea
  3. Shula unrest

    The really amazing thing about the Buffalo Bills is how they seem to have more fans in literally every city they travel to than there are living human beings that still reside in the economic, cultural and climatological post-apocalyptic wasteland that is Buffalo, NY. Why the NFL bothers to keep a team there is one of the greatest mysteries in sports.
  4. Panthers on this week's fanduel

    My one Panther pick I'd roll with is actually J. Stew. They are going to try and lock down CMC(they may or may not succeed). Without Olsen we are going to be running ALOT. Nobody is going to own him, he will be dirt cheap, and he is going to have TD upside as well as a good number of carries.
  5. Kurt isn't happy...

    I just signed him up for daily email digests from no less than 8 fetish websites. Am I using my administrator privileges appropriately?
  6. Kurt isn't happy...

    Kurt needs too remove the D from his A.
  7. Shula unrest

    I've never been a Shula basher or ardent defender, but last week would have been hard to defend if I were. Whether or not it's his gameplan or Ron's, get the damn play calls in, man. Snap the ball somewhere between 10 and 0 instead of 1 every time. I know some of this may be on Cam, but sometimes he seems frustrated about the calls coming in so late. Stop wasting timeouts and get the damn playcalls in. Certainly this should have been ironed out after 4 years. That is all. End rant....but seriously, get the damn ball snapped on time, zoddamnit.
  8. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Join my DraftKings league if you want to play with other Huddlers and Panthers fans. https://dkn.gs/r/O3Zv3mtIwEKB3dZ1DeDvfg
  9. 1980's

    Used to wear this thing out....
  10. Kurt isn't happy...

    Yeah pretty much to be a real fan you have to be rich based upon his description. People can say wine and cheese all they want too...but I'm proud of our fanbase. Overall, it seems that we have far and away one of the more knowledgeable set of fans in the league....outside of a loud few. After living in Asheville and now Charleston, one common thing I see are Panther fans. There are a lot of Panther fans down here. Not everyone who loves the team can afford the time away from work, and cost of going to games consistently. The reason Bills fans travel well btw...is because they all got the hell out of there. I'd go to a Panthers game too if they came to town and I lived in Jacksonville.
  11. Panthers on this week's fanduel

    Speaking of DraftKings... Anybody want to join up in a league with fellow Huddlers and Panthers fans? Stay away from the sharks and play with other average Joes. https://dkn.gs/r/O3Zv3mtIwEKB3dZ1DeDvfg
  12. Changing the Launch Point

    Part of what I have bolded, is the proof that both Brady and Rodgers have proven over and over again that they can kill you against the blitz. Whereas the blitz was what crushed our super bowl hopes, and have plagued us since.
  13. Bored as hell at work, so here's this...

    I have been considering adding Professional Huddler to my resume for quite some time. Right underneath my martial arts achievements.
  14. Next Man(hertz) up

    im excited to see what Shula comes up with to negate the loss of Olsen.
  15. Next Man(hertz) up

    Sanjay, you really should get that checked out by a doctor
  16. Kurt isn't happy...

    Oh, Smutko... Bravo isn't a major broadcast television outlet ya big puss.
  17. Over or under 30 points put up on New Orleans

    Under. I'm betting we run it a lot and play TOP.
  18. Kurt isn't happy...

    Was it for a guy?
  19. Kurt isn't happy...

    LOL, nice try Tennesee Mom.
  20. Panthers on this week's fanduel

    I'm fading us this week. I hate it too cuz the matchup is so good but cam has gotta show better first. I like stew on FD if I have to play someone, but I play DK and he's not a good ppr back.
  21. Shula unrest

    Basically my biggest fuss is our coaching staff knowing the difference between a concrete plan to planning. If we stay in a plan when things go to poo, they deserve fire under their feet. Planning means you are open and will adjust accordingly.
  22. Kurt isn't happy...

    Kurt doesn't realize that Franzia goes down easy on a Sunday.
  23. Kurt isn't happy...

    Hey Kurt,
  24. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grave Encounters had its moments and was a decent watch as part of my netflix plan - would not pay additional for it. Grave Encounters 2 though was complete garbage. Avoid it.
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