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  2. This is Goodwin first year actually getting an opportunity, he was buried behind Watkins and woods in Buffalo. I disagree I think he’s could be a nice #2-3 guy, better version of ginn. As for dg that’s what I was referring to, those cheap signings were high risk high reward, hoping a player out performs there contract value. I’m eager to see, ive been on the Lee train since the 2014 draft, but I’ll eat crow if Pryor or Moncrief show up next year
  3. Kalil is a decent LT. He sucked early but his second half was, dare I say, slightly above average overall. Kalil is >>>>>> Williams or Moton at LT.
  4. It is. Wilkins would have been gone way before but the two DEs would have been options. Sucks that 3 options are now gone for 24 (DEs and whoever would have dropped due to Wilkins).
  5. Good thing our loss to the Patriots in SB38 was before the era of the smartphone capturing everything. The Kasay kick out of bounds would have shown widespread apoplexy.
  6. Getting closer to the real Trump/Russia truth

    The economy and stock market are largely out of the presidents control.
  7. DNA Kits

  8. Keep polishing that turd, it will be a diamond some day.
  9. What is your take on Jaleel Scott, the 6'6 215 pound beast out of New Mexico State? 3-5 round proj, has #1 potential. Runs a 4.5, so Juju Smith speed. I like him and he knows how to use his size to his advantage.
  10. Getting closer to the real Trump/Russia truth

    Untrue. Watergate took years and ended up indicting dozens of people. There is no reason to even think this will be done before 2019.
  11. Clemson can't pay as much. Even with a new contract they are giving him almost nothing for a coach of his caliber. To compare muschamp is only making 2 million less and he is on his first deal. Alabama will give him 15 just to start.
  12. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Ive been really looking forward to seeing this kid at senior bowl week. He may legitimize himself as a 1st round selection. Looks a whole lot like Brandin cooks.
  13. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Well really top notch players ramcyk and Ruben foster fell all the way down to the end of r1 last year. And I remember also Jonathan Allen and Malik hooker were projected to go top 5 in early projected but fell to mid round due to injury concerns I like Miller too he's probably my favorite WR in the draft . Has speed but maybe most importantly serious toughness and makes contested catches . Steve Smith comparison is a bit far fetched .
  14. I'm intrigued by John Brown, WR from the Cardinals....he seemed to come on strong his sophomore season before injuries took a toll on him. But more importantly, we need a strong possession WR with reliable hands. WR1: Funchess WR2: Brown/Possession WR WR3: Possession WR/Brown WR4: Byrd WR5: Samuel
  15. Are we in a Window situation?

    We are absolutely in a window. Look what happened when we let Norman go, now TD is retiring next year and Olsen is getting up there too. We're all worried about Luke and his concussions. Windows are completely real.
  16. Are we in a Window situation?

    Of course there’s a “window” if you think Cam, Luke and others are good enough to get you to a SB.
  17. And that's why we need to strike in free agency.
  18. Those are his snaps at Ohio State. He certainly couldn't see that number of snaps here in one year, especially when he spent a lot of the year hurt.
  19. Titans part with Mularkey...

    It could also indicate McDaniels knows Luck's injury is worse than the Colts have let on publically.
  20. I was going right along with that narrative until someone pointed out to me the quality free agents that Hurney has signed in the past. And I don't remember any breaking the bank. And he did trade for Greg Olsen at a bargain. Sure, his drafts weren't great, especially the latter ones, and his re-up contracts and evaluation on that front were, well, kinda shitty to very shitty, but he did an OK job identifying needs and addressing them in free agency.
  21. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    As funny as it sounds considering the KB trade. I honestly think Turner brings in a big body WR who can win jump balls ( in the mold of Vincent Jackson ). Lets look at what we have currently : Funchess : Young WR with good length and hands, doesn't play the most physical but he can be really shifty in his routes. Honestly the guy can get open short, mid and long. He just lacks ( for now, kid is getting better everyday ) that jump ball/box out skill. Samuel : I get it, he was hurt this year. Doesn't mean we should count him out. Injuries happen. His was especially tough because the hammy kept him out and then he ended up injuring his knee. If you pay attention WR with hamstring injuries take a while to get up to speed after they heal. Samuel was doing just that, he was just starting to shine when a freak knee injury sidelined him. Hes got deep speed and a lot of agility for the underneath stuff. Smaller WR though so he won't be physically beating CBs all game, he's biggest value is getting open between 5-10 yards from the LOS and YAC. He IS going to be a weapon here. Y'all need to calm down with the injury prone talk. Its been 1 season, if hes out next season then its valid. Byrd : Speed for days, our true deep threat. He needs to work more on his route game, but man he can fly. We know Cam loves the deep ball. We are just missing that big body, you can't jam me because I'm going to throw you around anyways come down with the jump ball WR. ( this is what KB lacked IMO ) We aren't far. Cam has a lot of weapons if everything goes well.
  22. Could binge watch these things for days
  23. Black Mirror

    PurityControl started a thread in the Lounge but for those of you that liked Black Mirror, check out P.K Dicks Electric Dreams on Amazon. Very similar concept from what I can tell. I only watched one episode so far (Human Is with Bryan Cranston) but really liked it. https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/15/16893038/amazon-video-electric-dreams-philip-k-dick
  24. Titans part with Mularkey...

    So Wilks has two more opportunities. Arizona and now Tennessee. Have they indicated whether he will be interviewed?
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