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  2. Maybe you’ve been asleep the last few days but we sign THE Jarius Wright! Not just any J.Wright but THE Jarius Wright. Plan the parade
  3. Love how everyone went straight to panic. Very misleading thread title. Reading is fundamental.
  4. How do we know we haven't reached out to his agent already? I suspect we are doing due diligence on most of the remaining safeties.
  5. I’m starting to worry that I’ve set the bar so high for what people will expect the typical Canadian to be that it’s not fair to the rest of the people in my country.
  6. The issue isn't near as black and white as you make it out to be. I personally believe in the Bill of Right's. I'm sure some here don't.
  7. Other teams either have more cash or more prominent roles for these guys. I think we're an appealing franchise to play for and it's the only reason we're in the running at all.
  8. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    If Lord Ahmed existed, he wouldn’t allow an act of such shoddy punctuation in Watkins’ life.
  9. No. I'm watching straight and clear with all four of them. Do your research!
  10. You keep harping on salary when a bunch of guys have arguably been overpaid for their services. I mean, what would you say that his services are worth since you obviously don't like the 8 million per year figure? I mean is he worth 7 mil a year? 6 mil? 5 mil? 4 mil? What's the magic number? I mean, how is at least reaching out to him gonna hurt? I mean, he can't get injured by a phone call. Is a one or two year deal going to cause us to slip into cap hell? What's the magic length? Or is he simply and mysteriously untouchable because of injuries that other rostered players have had?
  11. Reid is like Kaepernick to me. Had some good years but are only relevant anymore because of the knee issue. When the 49ers don't think you can play anymore that tells me plenty. There are other guys I like better including Vaccarro and Boston. I might even take a chance on Branch even though he might not be ready until training camp or even later. He would be cheap and before he got hurt was very good.
  12. He's from Brooklyn and lives in Miami....his company just bought a Canadian steel company.
  13. I believe so. He stopped, and I believe he was in with Malcolm as the group who said they’d stop kneeling if the owners agreed to pay towards their causes. Reid has given no indication that he’s going to stop kneeling.
  14. So no big improvement so far....

    I just don't understand what people don't understand. 1) Just because a free agent signed with another team doesn't mean we didn't offer him something. Hell, in some cases, we could have offered more, but that player wanted to be a starter or liked the other organization slightly better. Nothing we can do about that. 2) The Free Agency class this year was absolutely garbage. There were slim pickings and teams were throwing around stupid money on potential. You want a Sammy Watkins or the Honey Badger? You better have money. That's one thing we don't have, so who are you going to cut and/or let go to make room for them? Sure, we could let go of Kalil, but that still wouldn't solve all of our other problems. 3) Our secondary would have gotten better with Breeland. There was no way for us to know that a cut on his foot would turn into an infection. Sucks, but that's life. Hell, how do you think he feels? He could have been $24 million richer. 4) There's been like 4 teams who have made a splash in FA. You know why? They had money and they had to pay a lot for average guys that probably won't help the team that much. There is no Hurney vs Gettleman. It's the state of the NFL right now. Hopefully, we kill it in the draft and there will be more Free Agents available after the draft is complete. Just because we haven't made a flashy move in the first two weeks of Free Agency doesn't mean that we won't. Be patient. Stop bitching. It's early.
  15. You sure about that?
  16. It is either a Drug rather taken intentionally or unintentionally or late onset of a Mental Illness that is the only two things to narrow it down too.
  17. I agree in premise, plus that 1st round status gives them a 5th year option. I want their 5th round (140), not 178 though. It looked like we were losing in your scenario.

    Saudi Arabia is largely behind a lot of Trump’s ME policy. They got him to jump on Qatar out of nowhere despite the US’ key strategic relationship with Qatar that folks had to clean up and Saudi Arabia is largely behind the Trump only Iran stance.

    everyone here did when Trump went over there.
  20. @*FreeFua* is already more Canadians than we need.
  21. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    Pretty sure he just misspelled a word
  22. then you are watching with crooked eyes.
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