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  2. Hornets vs Bulls

    That loss really hurts.. I'm now a little worried.. something needs to happen so the season isn't lost.. we just arent playing good ball.. period
  3. We do need some more ball hawks. Turnover differential is many times the most important stat.
  4. There are games much much closer to 100% than those two. The Redskins are not a bad team and the Aints haven’t beat a good team aside from us and maybe the Bills (I wouldn’t consider them good after last week and the Jets game and now turning to a rookie QB but one could argue the other way) and we had our own issues then. This one should favor the Aints but this is nowhere near 100%. The Eagles game may be closer to a lock but it’s a division game and the Cowboys aren’t terrible even without Smith, Lee and Elliott. Like I said, I’m not expecting the upsets just saying they aren’t nearly as close to locks as you think. People who are smart with their money don’t bet on football games. My claim stands regardless of putting money on the table or not and I will be here after the games even if they’re both 40+ point shutouts.
  5. Why can’t people get the half game behind crap right? First, Eagles are not losing to the Cowboys and honestly I’m fine with them winning to knock Dallas out. Second, we are now 1.5 games behind Philly so if they lose we are 1 game back and if the win we are 2 games back. After this week we should be back to even game wise with everyone.
  6. Am I wrong for saying it is karma? I mean, my eyes are still burning from those lime green uni's and they didn't spend any time feeling sorry for my injuries.
  7. Just want to worry about the division title first. Let’s get that, then let the playoffs begin.
  8. Saints game Dec 3

    Whether you guys link up Saturday or not, with a 325p start there's no reason not to come to Handsome Willy's. It's a bar about 3 blocks from the Dome and they're cool with us taking it over. There will still be Saints fans there but there will be 300+ Panthers fans there easily. I need some of you fools to come and help me smack @saints4lifeagain around
  9. Some teams get lucky. Play Dallas with no Smith and no Elliott and now play Seattle with their secondary gone. Saints got GB the first week without Rodgers and won by 9.
  10. The Saha challenge

    there are no good faith right wing arguments. i know someone could look at that statement and say "see, this is exactly what's wrong with the discourse!" but take a look back at that old obama/cosby thread i brought up in the other thread and tell me i'm wrong. honestly i've seen less of a change in the right wingers here than the liberals. i've responded to the same, tired right wing arguments since i've been here while it seems like liberals have been moving more and more to the progressive-dem/dsa type stuff. some of it is i'm sure genuine and real and some of it is more of a reaction to trump that will go away the moment we get president biden or whatever. the way they express the sentiment has changed but this has pretty much always been the case. academics have always been "ivory tower elitist cultural marxists" and cnn has always been "the clinton news network." trump's "fake news" thing isn't any different from palin's "lamestream media"
  11. I get that. But she did report it to Uber when it happened and they did delete Winston's Uber account and advised her to go to law enforcement authorities. Which she did not. You could argue it was because she was intimidated but from the quotes I have a hard time believing that. https://nypost.com/2017/11/17/jameis-winston-grabbed-my-crotch-uber-driver/
  12. Degenerate? Lol. Yeah no kidding any team can win any game in the NFL, but those two games are about as close as 100% as you can get. So don't say I'm silly to say that when you won't put your money where your silly mouth is.
  13. Work place drug test question

    Why do you say that?
  14. Trump wants brutal authoritarian rule normalized. Why he embraces them all worldwide. and Trump has been successful normalizing things that the US has always stood against
  15. I’m not a degenerate. I anticipate both the Eagles and Saints win but it’s not a given.
  16. People float around "cam is mediocre at best" comment as often as "he didnt jump on the fumble" when making an argument or comment on social media.
  17. I hope it’s not true. I’m a fan of Jameis, and I want him to do well in this league. If he did do it, though, he should be punished. To not give him another chance in the NFL would be a bit harsh, though. A horrible thing done, indeed, but he shouldn’t be done in this league.
  18. http://www.newsweek.com/trump-russia-oligarchs-real-estate-florida-715733 100 mill just by Russians in S Florida alone. This will all come out. Just another tip of another iceberg 2 main points - Trumps wealth is largely exaggerated - Trump is survives taking dirty money and laundering it....comically kept afloat by Russia
  19. Hurney scouting?

    We gave up one first round draft pick for Jeff Otah not 2 and honestly from a purely draft pick perspective it was a hell of a deal! it was a 1(which turned out to be 28th pick in the draft in 2009 with our 12-4 record), 2nd(2008) and 4th(2008) for Philly’s 19th(2008) that we traded and the dude was awesome his first year(not a scouting problem) dude just couldn’t say no to food. He literally ate himself out of the NFL. otah only counts for 1 bust because we basically drafted him with the 2009 first round pick that we had. Jon Beason made the pro bowl 3 times and was AP all pro 2 Times. And you call that a bust? Rofl!!!
  20. Sky Penis

    this guy would pull a Shula banner
  21. Hell at this rate it’s looking good for the 49ers next week. Not kidding. They easily coulda/shoulda/woulda beat the Hawks in Seattle early in the year, and I can definitely see a 49er victory at home after all this with the Hawks on a short week.
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