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  2. I still don’t understand why you guys hate on a kicker. I mean come on, they are a kicker.
  3. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    public option would kill private insurance and drive down costs across the board. the elimination of private insurance moves us one step closer to nationalizing the entire healthcare industry. but don't take it from me, take it from kindred healthcare, a fortune 500 company that bankrolled the democratic politicians who killed the public option
  4. 60 yards out? needs to move it in bout 45
  5. Fanspeak Mock Simulator

    Guice is probably the only other RB I'd take in the 1st round, but I"m still not a fan of taking a power back that early. Jonathan Stewart has done well for us. He's a power back that has amazingly stayed intact. Power backs of the mold of Stewart on average don't last very long. Hurney has talked about the depth of this class so I'm reading his blurb as a RB on day 2 or later.
  6. True definition of “bend but don’t break”. They make you drive the entire field and once you’re in the Red Zone they keep you from scoring td’s
  7. Things that trump says

    That’s pretty good.
  8. The whole class is kinda weak. Even if there is a rush on QBs, we still may not end up as a heavy-hitter-day-one starter. Of course we are kinda weak at in the defensive backfield department.
  9. More than we should spend. His pro bowl invite will boost his value and we were already overpaying him.

    I don’t think think Oher was or ever will be ready to play again...
  11. Colemans a scrub who just rode the coattails of Josh Norman taking away half the field in 2015 . Hes whiffed on plenty of tackles this season and was terrible at SS in 2016.
  12. Maybe Hurney learned his lesson and will take advantage of another GM the way they did to him by trading our 2nd this year for some team's 1st next year...
  13. In our division with Ryan, Brees and Winston, we need a first rate secondary. That said, our offense needs more attention as the scoring shows. Norv was a huge step forward. We need weapons and protection there.
  14. How much will it cost to sign that guy
  15. Fanspeak Mock Simulator

    Really interested to see how Price does at the Combine, guy could start Day One if he had to and from what I see on tape probably not much of a drop off from Kalil.
  16. So, who is at fault

    Pas? I hope it’s an education bill.
  17. I don’t think it is a particularly good draft this year. Losing three likely first round DL really hurts for us looking for another DE. S seems decent and they usually drop a bit more than say CBs so that could definitely be there for us. I don’t think OT is much better than last year so that’s a bit weak. What would be nice is if the talk about WRs being weak helps them drop a bit. Maybe they regressed a bit from 2016 and maybe that creates some value. Maybe Ridley could drop far. Might not be a bad thing. I just hope the weaker class makes the QBs fly up the boards. That’s what we need at 1.24.
  18. This draft class may not be the strongest...

    Hurney's biggest sins as a GM were cap management and trading up. He was always a good first round picker. It was only when he started moving up in drafts that he missed. If this is a reformed Hurney, I agree that he may stay put instead or accumulate more picks. He'll pick during his first round, but I could see him playing around with our 2nd and two 3rd rounders to accumulating more.

    Blame this on Dave. He never did anything to solve the LT once he got here. We couldve just go into the season with Oher but instead he gave no1 money to Kalil knowing that Star and Norwell’s needed to be taken care of. Dave will find a way to screw NYG up. Maybe hes willing to take Kalil in a deal to NYG.
  20. So, who is at fault

    I cant remember...... were they trying to pas a spending bill or an immigration bill ?
  21. Shinn level stupidity..

    The problem is the Hornets are 9th in payroll, they aren't very good because they have no depth behind Kemba at PG or another legit scoring option. Out of all the pieces on the team, he's the only player with trade value. So the Hornets need to start over because they are stuck and aren't going any where as currently built. To start over and move the bad contracts like Williams, MKG, Zeller, Batum they have to include Kemba to get that done. You keep the status the same and they will loose even more bench depth next off-season and bring back the same core with Kemba moving into an expiring contract year looking at a big money max contract that the Hornets can't afford to give him. It's really quite simple, the Hornets can't afford to keep him and have to get rid of him while he has good trade value.
  22. Fanspeak Mock Simulator

    Hate this one. Everything else after Harrison is bad Love Guice. Like the first four Great draft

    I'm down for trying Moton, but I will defer to the judgement of Matsko and Rivera.
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