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  2. Another school shooting this am

    Anyone who has played a video game with ammo limitations knows that. Parkland shooter sounded a whole like more like semi auto then single shot point and shoot though.
  3. Wasn't a fan of the Gano move at the start of the season and it played out like many of us feared. As for everything else, he hasn't handed out horrific contracts so I'm not mad about anything. I guess I'm "pleased" that he hasn't handed out horrible contracts but I'm not "pleased" with what he has done since, well, it isn't really much now, is it? The draft is going to go a long way towards giving him a grade. Right now, it is a straight, average "C" with the draft dictating if he jumps up or down.
  4. Honestly the only thing that killed us last year was the Saints. If they would've had a normal year, we could've been in the super bowl.
  5. Kalil brothers have good year and we don't have any major injuries
  6. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    Matt Kalil is also making top tier money. He is the #11 top contract for all LT's. That is a figure for the total value of the contract, his 2018 cap figure puts him at #20 but that also has a lot to do with where you are in your contract and which end it is loaded on. For reference, Ryan Kalil is the #10 top contract for C's and #4 2018 cap figure. Trai Turner is the #2 top contract for RG's and the #10 2018 cap figure. Norwell's contract ended up at the #1 top contract for LG's and the #10 2018 cap figure. That would have made 4 of our 5 starting offensive linemen in the top 11 at their position in total contract value. Not a situation that is even remotely tenable in the long term, to say the least. I don't see why anyone would even have an issue with cutting Coleman. Not only does that clear up cap space but he was awful. No need to even defend that move, IMO. I think Hurney's biggest test is going to be the draft and handling Daryl Williams, Shaq Thompson and Devin Funchess upcoming free agency negotiations. Hopefully we don't see some more "Hurney contracts."
  7. Another school shooting this am

    You mean keep in?
  8. Another school shooting this am

    And if they don't have access to one, they would use a handgun or two like the v tech shooter. Or a shotgun...which is FAR more lethal than the .556.
  9. I just believe in one less god than you.
  10. Another school shooting this am

    Unfortunately, high school teenagers with an axe to grind find it more than adequate for their purposes.
  11. Norv Turner checking out TE Hayden Hurst

    Hurst will turn 25 before his first NFL game. Too old for a first rounder imo.
  12. And then possibly the super bowl? IMO, this team as it stands will be lucky, very lucky to make the playoffs again. Due in large part to glaring holes in the Defensive backfield. If we can somehow patch up the Defensive backfield I think it’s not only possible but likely. What the possibility of a Super Bowl comes simply down if Norv can get the offense turned around. if the defense gets fixed I say playoffs for sure, but super bowl? if everything goes well..... maybe?
  13. Near Miss Tragedy - a mental health perspective

    Ditto. And he essentially was prepping for a suicide in a way. You set off that much damage you aren’t coming out alive.
  14. From a quick read, it seems to me that the kid really wanted help, & gathered the things to carry out an attack to prove he was serious. Kind of like how someone will prep a suicide, then try to get help one last time.
  15. NFL.com Ranks Carolina

    If we started the game today I would say we are a 8-8 team. Have we really gotten better?
  16. We had the luxury of 2 kickers a year ago and opted for the $4-5million per year guy. Probably Rivera and vet thinking on that one. R Kalil could have been let go Good we let Stew go and maybe even Coleman Not sure that Breeland was 10x better than which is what we were gonna pay him Anyway, when you have 10 holes to fill and 20 million to do it, you can't spend 9 million on Poe right off the bat. 3 big money DT's and leave holes everywhere else. Maybe our 2 DT's split time with a 3 million dollar guy Lots of MMQ to do, but these are just some things I question.
  17. Another school shooting this am

    The military also complains that the caliber that it is chambered in, the .556, is inadequate. Also, are you saying an AR15 is LESS harmful if a bumpstock is used?
  18. Another school shooting this am

    Having trained/used the military version of the AR-15 for just short of a quarter century, I can say the most lethal setting of the weapon is single shot mode, not the rapid fire three shot burst semi auto mode. In fact, the first version of the M-16 rifle was designed with a full auto mode. The full auto mode was so inaccurate and wasteful the military quickly did away with it on subsequent M-16 rifle production. So those quibbling about the AR-15 not being fully automatic are doing just that... quibbling. The civilian AR-15 possesses all the lethal characteristics of the original military version it is modeled after, except for the semi-auto, three round burst. So, if you are looking for an efficient killer of human beings that is easy to transport and hard to stop, the AR-15 is the next best thing to M-16/M-4. That is why it has been the US military's weapon of choice for over 50 years.
  19. You do if you alreay jhave a guard and center making top tier money and a left tackle that's paid pretty well. But if you' hhave been paying attention you would've saw the day tuner got extended that we couldn't afford Norwell. Coleman was cut to give us more cap since he was going to be cut at some point before the summer anyways. Might as well do it early and use that cap in free agency then to wait for the rookie to take his spot and just have his cap be laying around. I wasn't a fan of keeping Hurney but he's done alot better job than I thought. The only TE2 contract we could've afforded and been happy with is the 5 mil ASJ got but at that point the team thought breeland was good and the cap was tied up. He could throw a few mill at Demarco Murray and DRC and make a few more people happy. But atleast he isn't over paying like before.
  20. Another school shooting this am

    Well, that & if 10% of the military went along with the whole "Hey, ya know what we need? A tyrant!" thing I'd faint from shock.
  21. There might be, but this guy gets open and catches a high % of footballs thrown his way... and we signed him on the cheap, which is what we needed given our cap problems and other areas of need. It still blows my mind that this signing drew the ire of the fans, but they were totally cool with signing Torrey Smith. Mindblowing stuff.
  22. I brought up bullying in one of the other threads just so I could hear them talk about misdirection or something. Yes, you attack it from all angles. Bullying and social media, cause a lot of problems with school kids, and apparently some here. Just look at what so called grown adults do here on a football message board. They choose sides and call each other names. They also do the third person thing as if in front of a crowd, not to debate an issue, but to act just like a teenager. "D-Dave thinks we should just let this little btch go" is the way it works. Not addressing you or your ideas. What do you expect from teenagers. I always thought the Huddle was filled with teenagers, till they started talking about their kids and being in jobs for 15 years and stuff, then I thought, "damn, these people have kids". Monkey see monkey do
  23. Another school shooting this am

    "If you just do whatever the cop says you'll be fine" "We need guns to defend ourselves from the government"
  24. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    I would say, even though I have no major criticisms of Hurney's moves, it would be hard to make a compelling argument that we aren't definitively worse as a team right now than we were at the end of the season. I realize that statement is based on an incomplete picture but I can't say we are better today that we were Jan. 8, 2018.
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