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  2. I mean, he is not wrong. Look up Ginn's stats before coming here back in 2012. We were likely his last stop before being out the league. Gettleman tried to do the same thing with Charles Johnson, someone with a similar career trajectory and 4.39 speed, but the man got hurt in the offseason.
  3. Updates on the team sale

    Just dome the current stadium. And buy some land near the stadium and turn it into a 20,000 space parking lot. If the parking lot is too far they could shuttle people over like they do at Disney World. Win win for everybody. But billionares and millionares are too greedy to understand this concept.
  4. I have been keeping up with the draft forever atp and Kiper many, many years gives us OL. I think he isnt interested much in Carolina. Thats my take. And no, we dont pick an interior DL, or OL unless he is cant miss amazing. Top needs to me: WR, SS, DE and LB. RB if a great player drops and yes QB if one drops.
  5. How much weapons does Matt Ryan need? we need a safety
  6. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    For what it's worth, every team who has had Sanchez as a back-up raves about him in that role. They say he's a great leader, teacher, and coaching presence on the sideline. Apparently he has a future in coaching if he so chooses. I wouldn't be against bringing him in as a backup and drafting a dude with a late round pick.
  7. It has nothing to do with JR being cheap or only caring about profits. The team has consistently spent to the cap or close to it. They couldn't have spent more even if they wanted to. The issue is where the team spent the money.
  8. I remember when huddle idiots said Wallace was washed up. We should of signed him 2 years ago, he’s a better version of Ginn
  9. is possible to have a majority party?

    I didn't say has wasn't any of those. I said a demographic that was absent before and after those elections voted for him based on his race "because it was time" or "let's make history". You read too much into others posts. What I said is fact. If it wssn't Hillary would be President.
  10. So, we get 2 WRs one a vet (fine with Wallace) and a rookie to groom. Otherwise we are fine for now. We dont need 4 WRs here.
  11. Updates on the team sale

    yeah i just read that one - article is 5 years old. but, i am sure it still applies.
  12. Updates on the team sale

    The truth: A PSL is only permanent and forever for as long as the team stays in Bank of America Stadium. Link - http://www.journalnow.com/news/state_region/psl-is-forever-unless-carolina-panthers-move/article_0bdbe06e-6a12-11e2-8be0-001a4bcf6878.html
  13. Updates on the team sale

    A lifetime of football in BOA, moving to a new stadium null and voids the agreement and it's in the paperwork giving the team the right to move to a new stadium and not have to refund you. It's in the small print that the PSL is only valid for BOA. here
  14. Updates on the team sale

    god no our politicians will be down on their knees we already played that game one time with the hornets and lost
  15. He dropped sooooooo many deep balls. I'm forced to watch them. Pryor not nice. *googles Lil durk*
  16. NC State beating Houston in 1983 championship, greatest ending to Championship ever.
  17. Updates on the team sale

    post link if you find it. I think all agreements are different. Or if a PSL owner here has their contract, they could look.
  18. That's because the Redskins used him like a possession WR. Pryor is a deep threat, use him as such. *You look like Lil Durk btw.
  19. Updates on the team sale

    I do not think this is on their long list of concerns. I would imagine most PSL owners would get first chance to purchase similar seats at the new stadium at a reduced rate or transfer their current agreements to similar value. I would image the same, or similar, seat in a new stadium would have a higher value. At the end of the day it would cost the organization very little compared to what they would bring in for a new deal. For the people who might get fuged over, a very small amount of them would take legal action or they would sell their rights (if they transfer). That said, I do not know much about the legal ins and outs of the agreements. But, I would imagine this is not the first time an organization has ran into this issue.
  20. Abacab is the only rhyme scheme

    Poop button is to the right
  21. One of the first games I ever remember watching.
  22. I live in Redskins country and Pryor sucks. He couldn't catch passes from Cousins and shied away from hits. I'll pass on him
  23. Updates on the team sale

    This is incorrect. I'll have to find the link but according to the person who wrote the PSLs rules, leaving BoA makes the PSLs go bye bye.
  24. Updates on the team sale

    "for a lifetime of NFL football." Even if they built a new stadium, the PSL's would have to transfer.
  25. I guess reading comprehension is just too much to ask. It plainly says... 3 yards is not that far. And every time somebody is "wide open", that easily skews the numbers. CMC or Olsen coming out of the backfield are usually 10 yards from anyone, but not downfield.
  26. Updates on the team sale

    That says "in Bank of America Stadium".
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