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  2. science is good for both devices...but neither are perfect, in fact brian cushing's concussion that he got in week 1 (before the 10 week peds suspension) happened while he was wearing the zero1. interesting excerpt from a little article about it here: what i bolded and underlined is what the "glorified cock ring" is trying to accomplish. it's not just the hit that can cause the concussion. it's the jarring of the brain inside the skull that is the issue. the Q-collar helps the brain swell slightly so that there is less room for the brain to bounce around in the skull. obviously it's not perfect. no collar or helmet is going to eliminate the damage that can come from a head getting hit or bouncing around. it doesn't have to take much, either. i've been dealing with a concussion that i got a couple months ago and while my head did hit the ground i think that the whiplash effect caused the most damage and that's pretty common in a lot of people who suffer from concussions. it doesn't have to be an external impact that causes it, in fact there are quite a bit of people who suffer concussions solely because of whiplash. helmets won't help with those type injuries. i think @jfra78 is right...maybe he should be wearing both. it could be that he starts wearing it in conjunction with the Q-collar next year. both devices are pretty much in test stages right now anyways. players go with what they feel comfortable with. kuechly might have had a few concussions, but he's no dummy. i'm certain he's done a whole lot more research into things that can help stave off concussions or at least limit the damage than anyone here and i'm sure he's had more experts looking into options. he chose the Q-collar for a good reason...the science is sound. it could be that the next step is adding the zero1. at any rate, i'm sure he knows about it and he's considered it.
  3. I would say we have 0 excuse losing to a rebuild team , but we did lose a fluky game against the Bears. The Jets definitely aren't the dumpster fire that the Dolphins are , but I think we should win if the players take the game seriously and we limit the turnovers. The only games we lost this year is when we had way too many turnovers. I think we've won every game that Cam didnt throw a pick in.
  4. Is losing Wilks a foregone conclusion?

    I was thinking the same thing. If he DOES get a head coaching job, it should be here with us!
  5. They'll get destroyed if they're spending all week looking past their next opponent
  6. Their offense is easily below average in every category I can find.
  7. I would love to see a breakdown like this of Carolina's route concepts and implication.
  8. Yep. Focus on the saints and you end up losing both games
  9. Your most dangerous opponent is the one you're facing next. Can't ever afford to look past anyone in the NFL. Hopefully losing to the Bears drove that point home for this team.
  10. We've been facing Brees and Payton twice a year for a long time. Focus on the next and less familiar opponent.
  11. Sky Penis

    It would be the navy that didn’t this poo lol
  12. how often have we come out of the bye week with guns blazing? aside from the last couple years, we hadn't done very good with rivera after having a week off. we thrive on momentum and to get/keep that momentum going, we can't allow ourselves to focus on anything other than the game in front of us. that, at the very least, has to be the primary focus.
  13. If you type "Atlanta Lem" Google auto completes it so it's clearly more than Ryan who likes them.
  14. Today
  15. How do you go from that to ranting angrily about SJW's? Yeah you don't get it Coolin. That's too bad.
  16. not one player watched film. Maybe Luke. Hopefully Shula
  17. I think at the nfl level. 1-2 weeks preparation is all that is needed. We’ve played the Saints so many times over the years. Luke and Cam have seen it all before. It’s going to come down to execution of the game plan. We always beat the Saints when we need to beat them. That’s because deep down they are a candyass team that only won the Super Bowl because the NFL gave it to them. We will beat them. Cam will dab and we dab and we will win the NFC south.
  18. We can watch the Saints and focus on them if we want, but the team needs to focus on the next up. I just hope they dont change any of their preparation and get a week off.
  19. Should be mandatory next season.
  20. So, looking ahead at the Jets, I thought it would be good to give all of you a better idea as to what this team actually is. First of all, they won't be easy. You can argue past games and results, but the fact is the Jets can and will be tricky. They may not have the all-star pieces, but they have a mastermind at the helm engineering a very interesting offense. It's one derived from the college Air Raid system, and it's working. Jets offensive coordinator John Morton - former Saints WR coach and clear Sean Peyton disciple - helped create a pile of junk in a rebuild year into something that is pretty competitive. His concepts and ideas are pretty interesting and could in fact rival Kyle Shanahan's genius in a few ways. But that's enough fluff for now. I'll get right to the point. This article from Football Outsiders really does give a good perspective on just how tough the Jets offense is. Sure, they lack the play-makers, but they have the right blueprint. The Panthers defense sure is lucky to get an extra two weeks to try to solve this puzzle, but by no means will this be a breeze. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/film-room/2017/film-room-new-york-jets-offense
  21. The Richest 1% Now Own More Than 50% of the World’s Wealth

    Bullshit. your posts consist solely of talking about white people/racism and trying to appeal to the greatest common denominator on whatever white knight SJW poo the topic is on. You post absolutely ZERO critical analysis on dems or Obama or the time line which brought up the trump presidency so save it. I dont even know why you are telling me about people being content with voting for cronies. Me and @NanuqoftheNorth have been talking about this poo for a better part of two years while people like you and rodeo and Coookin defended Hilary. your holier than thou bullshit is tiring to say the least. Actually do or say something of substance and then we can talk but until then I’m putting you back on block because you literally add nothing to every thread you are in.
  22. Maybe he should wear both
  23. Well it does matter WHICH brains you're testing. If you test the brains of players in pop warner, middle school, high school, college, and the NFL....you're going to get a pretty big deviation. It scales, which can absolutely matter when putting the best thing out there to be used. Plus, a college setting vs a high school setting, in terms of testing, is going to be more equipped to study this just due to resources, and no amount of guess work or number crunching is going to compare to finding the precise speed and mass of players at big colleges or in the NFL to determine the force exerted.
  24. Are you done puffing out your chest? I don't care about fryfan or any other Hillary shill. I'm talking to you. I've been round and round about Dem leadership here, particularly leading up to and after the presidential election. I've also been quite frank in my criticism of Obama and how ultimately some of his decisions will reflect on his presidency years down the line. The entire point is we are where we are because we continue to remain content with just voting in another round of cronies bought and paid for by the same men. I could delve into the tone deaf support of Hillary amongst white people, but it would definitely ruffle feathers here.
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