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  2. Sign: Walace, Moncrief Draft: Andrew Miller Keep: Funchess, Samuel Ain't too shabby
  3. Black Panther shirt - 6 bucks.

    reminds me of a velvet poster i had on my wall in 6th grade
  4. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Lowkey should have been on the chopping block, I like stew but he’s barely had more than a couple good seasons
  5. Black Panther

    Solid B+
  6. I believe that his son's mother is dead and there is no second chance from death.
  7. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    sensible gun control imo
  8. Its time for something to happen! Whether its Hurney as GM or someone else we need to move on. Everything seems to be dead as far as the management side of things. Probably everyone sitting on pins and needles waiting to see when the hammer drops with the new owners!!!!!!
  9. Today
  10. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    you sound like you have something to say but you're too timid
  11. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Obviously a minority on here. Everyone thinking that dumping him is the right move will have to eat crow when he goes somewhere else and has a monster year. Watch and see. All for 3.25 million. Stewart wasn't the problem the stupid ass play calling of Shula ruined him. While Cam may have been the leading rusher defenses weren't stacking the box for Cam. They were stacking it for Stewart. Stopping Stewart was their target. Stop Stewart and knowing Cam won't run every time we run. They contain our running game. Turner's offense is defensive suicide if they stack the box. Stewart would have had a great year. I would have far more confidence in him than another "proven Vet" Are we going to sell the farm for Barkley? No. Not very likely of hitting a home run later in the draft. That's a crap shoot. So we are left with CAP, who may or may not be able to carry the load. A rookie that isn't top tier or a Vet who may or may not be better than Stewart. All to save a little over 3 million. I would rather bring Stewart in at least through training camp. I think we are doing the wrong thing. Like I said obviously a minority. I'll keep the hot plate warm for my crow but IMO everyone on here are the ones that will be enjoying the feast of crow this time next year.
  12. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    my runner up was Cason but he was cut very quickly. Still, his suck stood out way worse due to the difference in positions. Plus his signing was part of our dead cap this year. glad he is officially off the books next month.
  13. Smokescreen. 5 years/$70m extension incoming. If he won't sign that, look for a franchise tag.
  14. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    I wouldn't touch him above the 4th round
  15. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    It's possible the coaching staff saw J-Stew's 2017 season film and realized that he's done. Maybe he's not even worth bringing back on the cheap.
  16. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Really, the dude rushed over 1,345yds (2dn highest career season)15 Tds when teams knew they were runnings the ball each time. p.s he also played in the best conference against the best defenses. He is a baller and Panthers should draft him.
  17. Watch Chubb and Michel in the same offense and the same line and there's no comparison. Chubb takes forever to hit a hole and will be an NFL bust.
  18. I've always liked Stew, but he just doesn't have it anymore. Cut until you have the money to bring in a superstar WR.
  19. Bucs hire Buckner

    I'm not convinced he's such a great coach to be honest. Cardinals DL has left a lot to be desired recently. Chandler Jones obviously amazing but outside of him they've sucked. Calais Campbell was very solid there but had his career year after leaving and joining the Jags...
  20. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Chubb may be damaged goods honestly. Hasn't been the same after his injury and I'd be concerned about his longevity.
  21. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    I'd have to think that he would be open to this if we offered. Doubt he would have much value on the open market.
  22. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    that was flotsam and jetsam's original name
  23. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    I would much rather J-Sew take a pay cut than be cut. Releasing him would create another roster hole for us.
  24. Will training camp move under new ownership?

    Just found a new use for the land where Eastland Mall once stood.
  25. Hurney aint playing around. I like it. Cj, kalil, shepherd, coleman are next.
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