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  2. Not saying that the refs are perfect but anyone that believes the NFL wanted NO in the Super Bowl is flat out wrong. I could maybe get behind Minnesota since they are hosting the SB or Philly because of the NFC East bias but come on... I think this reddit thread (although slightly dated) proves that NO would be one of the last markets the NFL would be rooting for.
  3. Instead of Watching the SB....

    So you are punished for being successful?
  4. So, who is at fault

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/22/brand-new-us-navy-warship-trapped-in-canada-amid-cold-and-ice.html A year and a day ago this would have been Obamas fault for being an incompetent commander in chief.
  5. Eh he still had 2.5 sacks in December, but I get what you're saying. The issue was CJ got suspended and Peppers was playing more snaps than Ron/Pep probably wanted. He was eating up QBs when he was in that rotation role earlier in the year.
  6. Let's glance over how poorly officiated the two most recent Saints games were, after all, it was just a conicedence that the refs missed a false start and hold on the Saints on Ingram's 72 yard run.
  7. "nothing is scripted" holy poo i hope you are joking
  8. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I've got two close friends, one Pats fan and one Eagles fan. The Pats friend has gotten to enjoy winning the Super Bowl multiple times. I'd love for my Eagles friend to experience it.
  9. >lol I was only pretending to be retarded >get your rick and morty game up *laughs*
  10. >I just won't argue with a dip poo. >so, I don't care enough to do so. *laughs*
  11. Hurney? I don't see how he could have had any impact on this year, other than the KB trade, and by all accounts the offense improved in the aftermath of the trade.
  12. How about instead of crying about the Pats we as Panther fans demand more from our FO and coaching staff.. and new owners. I don’t think asking for consecutive winning seasons is asking for too much
  13. Chark is right now expected to be a 3rd-4th round pick. And while Scott is quick, he's not quote as polished or agile as Chark.
  14. Stop blaming the League and Goodell for the Panthers not being in the SB... we weren’t good enough this year.
  15. If you went into that game thinking the Patriots were going to get all the calls, you see conspiracy. If you just watched the game, there was no conspiracy. Jacksonville could have easily scored 30+ in that game.
  16. Only team I would pull for to win 2 SBs in a row would be our Panthers, and a Pats win would give them 3 out of the last 4. No fuging way.
  17. Don’t put the outcome of a game in the hands of refs... do your job and get your defense off the field on 3rd and 18
  18. So, who is at fault

    Alix Idrache is from Hati. Why shouldn't he be here?
  19. Could there ever be a better time to get the most athletic, raw, DEs you can find and have them learn from the GOAT for a year? Derek Barnett was a big name last year and he would have fit perfectly for us. Hoping to find someone with plenty of potential in the first or second round this year.
  20. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    Big Cat is just looking for validation to spend 10k on superb owl tickets and wear his Brady Jersey. Go Eagles!!!
  21. Pepper's will have as much impact off the field with Hall and others as a mentor as he does on the field. We use him as needed and give him the rest he needs I think he'll last two more years. He freaking had 11 sacks and probably could have had a couple more. Still a beast and highly welcome back. If he needs to take 2 or 3 days during the week to recouperate so be it. You aren't going to teach him any more than he already knows. As long as he studies and is prepared for Sunday. WELCOME BACK PEP.
  22. fug the NFL, We Should Be In LII

    Whaaaaa whaaaaaa Whaaaaaaa
  23. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I would rather be Jeffery Dahmer’s dinner
  24. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I grew up living in New England, and used to date a girl whose father had season tickets to the Patriots at the old Sullivan stadium (nothing like sitting on an aluminum bench in 5 degree weather, watching the 2-14 Steve Grogan-led pats lose again). And I will admit that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are likely the GOAT QB and coach. But I have grown tired of the insufferable arrogance of Brady and Belichick's sneering condescension with the press and, well, basically everyone. I hope the Pats get destroyed in the Owl.
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