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  2. The Saha challenge

    rodeo why do you lie so much on here?
  3. Welp looks like we got another one

    Her statement was that he wanted to script a kiss for the show and she said she did not want to do it but he kept insisting on it and then she said ok but problem was he forced his tongue in her her mouth and held her too tight against her wishes.. here's the picture someone found of it while they was on stage.
  4. Agreed. They struggled to beat the Colts, Browns and Lions, lost to the Bears and got crushed by Jax. They have one good win (Minnesota) but they benefited from that being Keenum’s first start when Bradford was hurt. They beat KC, but KC has looked bad lately.
  5. Work place drug test question

    Kemper sports manages multiple courses and the Baltimore group owns multiple courses including Brunswick forest with Cape Fear National down near you. I worked for both companies once upon a time.
  6. Welp looks like we got another one

    No she didnt ...she gave permission for a pretend kiss...
  7. Alex Armah

    Agree with that. Plus...better to get something for him now rather than have to let him walk when his contract is up. Anticipating he would want more $$ than worth to the Panthers.
  8. The red lips on my potato arse...good one ...it is well established I am the potato here...documented...and you are the dumbass
  9. Saints game Dec 3

    or 9:25 for those who don't believe in time zones
  10. Welp looks like we got another one

    We she gave permission to kiss and I’m not comparing action to action. But yeah, if a man starts lap dancing on a woman with out her permission in a sexual way....plenty would call that assault
  11. Alex Armah

    I think using a fullback will really help the running game even on sweeps nexus Arma h. Gets out well and blocks
  12. The Saha challenge

    What 3 officials...
  13. Saints game Dec 3

    Yeah you should enjoy the pregame party for sure. The post game party not as much.
  14. lol no one says that. I generally find your posts to be entertaining and fairly informative but, here, your premise is flawed and your thread is unnecessary. You think Vick was an rb that sometimes threw? He was a pretty good QB, especially that year he came back for Philly - Actually, his completion percentage that year was higher than any that Cam has ever posted. There rushing yards per season looks the exact same aside from two years where Vick posted 900 and 1000. Edit: I will agree with you on the notion that there isn't much happening in this organization that is helping him out.
  15. So you don't know him?..you are still such a dumbass...
  16. The Last Jedi

    The lead actors are weak. I liked it ok, but I think if they had cast it with better actors who actually had a presence I would have enjoyed it more. For example, in TFA, Daisy Ridley's performance of Rey just exuded inner strength and power and you could sense that she was someone to be reckoned with. The female lead in RO (I can't remember her name right now) just didn't project any of that. Same goes for the lead actor. I think both would have been ok in supporting roles, but I think they were miscast as the leads.
  17. The Steelers are not as good as the 3rd best team in the NFC. They just get chances to win because they play weak competition.
  18. They just can't stand for Cam to receive praise for ANYTHING. Bitter bastards.
  19. This subforum has never been in short supply of people trying desperately to live vicariously through the wealthy elites by shielding them from criticism against all odds. It's as routine here as seeing someone casually post racist remarks.
  20. Do you actually know him ?
  21. Yes...as per the rodeo commie response...in reality you tax income not wealth...
  22. I’d like to submit into the evidence one Ted Ginn, Jr. The defense rests, your honor.
  23. lol people like CarolinaCoolin rail against crooked elites like Hillary, and consider themselves Bernie bros, then turn around and take it right up the ass for the wealthy. Doesn't add up.
  24. Justice League

    Saw it yesterday. Had modest expectations after seeing the reviews saying it was just ok. However, we all loved it. As with DC in general, it's darker than Marvel, and you have to accept the silly plot devises that you find in every superhero movie. But it was very enjoyable. I'm kind if eh about Affleck's Batman. They probably need someone with a little more natural charisma to draw your interest than Affleck has. But other than him, I really liked the other heroes. Wonder Woman is the same WW we've all come to know and love. Could not have been casted any better. Aquaman was awesome. Jason Mamoa is perfect in the role. Snarky and fun, while still being a badass. I was a bit worried about Cyborg going in, but while he's not one of my favorite characters, he was fine and didn't do anything to take away from the movie. I also liked The Flash, but think he was a bit over the top in trying to be the comic relief. I hope they calm him down a bit in future movies. The villain was ok, but I felt the movie was more about getting the heroes together than him. To me, he felt like a plot devise rather than a focal point in the movie. I wouldn't put this up there with WW, but it's at least in the same game as that movie. Overall, it was still a very good and enjoyable movie. Oh, stay to the end, there are a couple of post credit scenes...the last of which is very important to future movies.
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