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  2. Ed Bouchette talks about the Steelers lack of discipline.
  3. Hornets have made Kemba Available for Trade

    The Hornets had already made available Nicolas Batum (four years, $100 million), Dwight Howard (two years, $47 million), Marvin Williams (three years, $42 million) and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (three years, $39 million), league sources said, but those players and their contracts are largely unattractive in the marketplace. LOL, nobody wants MKG. Surprised on Marvin though. He's played admirably this year.
  4. Things that trump says

  5. Senior Bowl Players (Defensive) to watch

    BJ Hill from NC State would be a nice Star replacement if he leaves. If he keeps rising up boards though? Please not in the first or even second.
  6. That Lombardi trophy would look good in the future London headquarters, would it not?
  7. Hornets have made Kemba Available for Trade

    I want Trae and another building block.
  8. We got trai turner in the 3rd and Norwell was undrafted so why would use a first on a OG now? Far as offense that pick should be a WR or OT.
  9. I'm 100% out on Miles Bridges. Could get behind Trae Young or obviously Marvin Bagley
  10. Hornets have made Kemba Available for Trade

    Charlotte has been encouraging teams to make offers and appear eager to discuss attaching Walker to a larger trade where another team takes on one of the Hornets' several far less desirable contracts, sources said. So much for a high first rounder. :(
  11. Hornets have made Kemba Available for Trade

    Finally! God, we've been needing to do this. Let's get a high First Rounder, and get us some Trae Young or one of the Bridges.
  12. Senior Bowl Players (Defensive) to watch

    Model of consistent excellence in the SEC? You mean, Bama, Georgia and a bunch of bums. Your third best team got beat by UCF. Just STFU.
  13. Word that the Falcons are also interviewing Russell Wilson's former OC Darrell Bevell for this job.
  14. Relive the moment

    And, looking back, there was a chance Ken Crawley (#20) might have been able to catch Diggs, but he got taken out by Williams as well.
  15. Senior Bowl Players (Defensive) to watch

    Or.. so we can have a replacement for TD that was a model of consistent excellence in the SEC but sure yeah let's go with that.
  16. Relive the moment

    It's kinda like, "Yeah, I lost my left leg in an accident, but you lost your right; now I don't feel so bad."
  17. Like I said if we lose Star or Nor Well for a star outside threat in the passing game so be it.. We have a lot of money and pro bowlers in those position.. You have to spread your money out to be more blance.. If you have 2 highly paid DT you are cheapen another whole position on the team.. Same at guard.. Example Dallas.. High paid Oline with their dline and secondary taking the pay cut for it...
  18. sounds like another Nunes created bombshell is what is being pushed. They even have a twitter hashtag that they are pushing. Well the hashtag of course is being pushed by Nunes types and Russian bots. Sounds like Nunes once again has repackaged a bunch of old nonsense trying to drum up something. I mean, someone got the goods on Nunes. Nunes isn't like that FL DUI Congresssman and those types. They are just nobody opportunist thinking if they help Trump it will be good for them. Nunes clearly is scared given how deliberate and desperate he has been to help Trump.
  19. Jonathan is a great person and teammate but he clearly does not map to his contract, a terrible contract given to him by the person who know needs to terminate him Lets see if Hurney does what needs to be done, release Stewart and sign him back later if he wants but the Panthers must must get a lot better quickly at that position ...and no CAP isn't the answer
  20. DNA Kits

    Bad ass. You've got some big shoes to fill my man.
  21. Still waiting to find out if other changes will be needed on defense. Wilks is getting his second interview in Arizona today.
  22. I fully expect a hard push by the Republicans to get rid of Meuller. The conservative media and low level republicans have been setting that stuff for a few months now laying the ground work, getting republicans prepared to reduce the backlash.
  23. Agree with you Rayzor, even better, in free agency and draft, hopefully, Norv has input there too
  24. Cohen....sounds Jewish, so there's your built in Trumpy excuse for failure
  25. A couple footnotes on the Jags beating the Steelers... Le'Veon Bell skipped the final walkthrough before the Jags game Leonard Fournette's car accident involved him being rear-ended by Steeler fans
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