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  2. Id rather spend FA money on WRs
  3. I was high on Hill coming out. Think he's been misused a bit in Cincy.
  4. Money wise you aren’t correct. Hill’s probably in line for a $3 million per year. Marqise Lee who’s done a whole lot less than Hill is likely going to get $7 million per year. RB is actually a position where the difference been a 2nd rounder and a FA is very little but a 2nd round WR and a FA WR is a lot more. That said maybe you don’t like the FA WRs, but 14 WRs make over $10M (soon to be more) and one RB does. Freeman and McCoy the 2nd and 3rd most paid RBs make Marvin Jones money. Desean Jackson the 12th highest paid WR makes almost 3 times the 12th highest paid RB (Lynch).
  5. Conference call tweets

  6. How valuable is Cody Zeller?

    Cody doesn't have much value. Just the painful truth.
  7. Thoughts on Carlos Hyde if you can get him for the price as Hill?
  8. Conference call tweets

    I would bet on the combination.
  9. Bengals RBs have been interesting. They’ve drafted 3 guys who have looked like studs recently but they keep seeming to toss them out before anyone can get a real foothold as the lead guy. Hill could be a good low risk high reward guy. I think he has a relationship with Trai too from LSU days.
  10. exactly. I think Stewart, CJ, and Russell Shepard should all be very obvious cuts unless Stew takes a pretty damn cheap cut and resign. I could see Stew being cut and offered a team friendly deal and reduced role, up to him to accept it or not.
  11. I wonder if Turner can get Cam to step up, instead of that step back/180 twirl/throw off the back leg with the defensive line rolling at your ankles technique he so often has.
  12. I don't buy into this yet. For the most part, I think Trump is doing his best to get interviewed immediately and saying he wants to come tell Mueller about X and Y. That it is more Trump going to Mueller and saying let me tell you about X and Y. Part of his strategy. As for Team Mueller, they generally only let you know about things until AFTER they happened. This being advertised only fits a Trump narrative/side. They are pushing this IMO. They kinda have been pushing this agenda/angle for awhile. If Trump can get Trump a seat w/ Mueller and set the perimeters that Mueller only talks about Flynn/Manafort. Trump will do it and then kill the investigation. Say it is over. I am a firm believer, Trump will make a true run at Mueller before the first family indictment.
  13. How valuable is Cody Zeller?

    This is a tough question. The team's record last season without him certainly suggests value, but I really don't think that this year's team is in a significantly better situation then they are right now if he hasn't missed any time. Zeller is probably in the top tier of centers in the NBA in terms of PnR play especially when it comes to setting screens. He is an EXCELLENT screen setter which is perfect for a PG like Kemba. I would probably argue that Cody is a better screen setter than Dwight is, but Dwight is so much more of a threat than Cody is when rolling to the basket. Dwight also is superior in other aspects of his game than Cody is which is why Cody is no threat to start over Dwight in this lineup. Cody is also a good rebounder and a high energy guy that never stops working. He runs the floor well too and can stretch you out to 18 feet as a 5 man. That skill set is great for a 2nd unit. However, when you put Cody on the floor with this particular second unit, it's less than ideal based on the other personnel around him. MCW is not a scoring threat as a PG. Sure he has his moments where he can get to the basket, but MCW isn't going to look for his shot and defenders are going to go under the screen every time because MCW is no threat from the perimeter. Plus Cody on the floor put either him or Frank out of position. Frank is a stretch five and nothing else. He can't be the four offensively because his offensive production isn't at that level or defensively due to his size and quickness. Cody can't be a four because of his inability to to stretch the floor to the three point line and while his lateral quickness is better than Frank's on defense, Cody is more effective defensively closer to the basket where he can alter shots and get rebounds. Ultimately, I think Cody is most effective on this Hornets team when he shares the floor with Kemba as the primary Center. The personnel in the 2nd unit doesn't fit with what Cody brings so unless Cho finds a backup PG that can score off PnR offense (like Jeremy Lin was able to) then Cody is expendable. I like Cody, he seems like a great guy and he has legitimately improved since he's gotten to the league, but unless the Hornets can trade Dwight or upgrade Frank and MCW in the 2nd unit, then to me it doesn't make sense to continue to hold onto him. I think most teams think highly enough of Cody Zeller at face value to where they'd be happy to trade for him, but his contract with recent injury history will make it tough. Short answer: Cody is expendable
  14. Lol of course you don't you do as you are told. Im sure you had no issue with them when they were investigating Hillary.
  15. He actually got criticized by Marvin Lewis for not waiting till the end of the season. He got it done mid-November so it shouldn’t be an issue if doctors said he could have waited. Funny thing was the Bengals were 3-6, Hill wasn’t getting as many carries and he was a FA after the season. I don’t blame Hill at all, seems the opposite of what we did with Cam even when we were out of it.
  16. "So I think there's some technique things that we'll zero in on with Cam, and there will be a major emphasis on the details of the route running, the style of routes and do things where we can do as much to help Cam and help him get the ball out quicker. That helps the protection. That helps everybody." Saying all the right things so far. Like the fact he wasted no time getting right to addressing the teams weaknesses.
  17. How valuable is Cody Zeller?

    He could start for most teams in todays NBA and would be excellent off the bench.. too bad his contract looks more like starter-money than bench-money.. we could potentially trade him and attach a worse contract to him but the injuries are starting to pile up on him..
  18. Like that time Cam Newton waited until the offseason to repair his bum ankle??
  19. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    My comment has nothing to do with anything other than Cam's age, which you brought up. Cam is halfway through his career. He might make 36. He will not be playing football at 38 like Brady, Manning and some others who never took hits like Cam did in the past, does now and will in the future.
  20. Think it would be a mistake to kick the tires on a free agent when this year's draft class is loaded at the position. Money's better spent at WR.
  21. Not a bad thought. Ingram got very little bite wise before resigning with NO. Hill isn’t going to command much, but could be a nice deal. He might be more interested for a little less to come here and prove it. Turner being here might make a RB more inclined to join us a bit cheaper. I love CMC and I think he’ll continue to do better, but Stewart was so bad this year outside of a couple games. CMC improves his ypc to 4.7 in the second half once the OL started run blocking but Stewart didn’t really. 5 of his 8 second half games were 3.09 ypc or under (2 under 2 ypc). Outside of the one run for 60 against Minnesota which was all blocking (gigantic hole), his best game was Miami with over 6 ypc. Only problem was that was actually under our team ypc average of over 8 ypc.
  22. I'd bring him in if the money is right, could make Stewart expendable, but I'd still like to see a back drafted. Fozzy, and CAP I'm not sure if they'll be around as we move forward.
  23. Conference call tweets

    First off, huge thank you to Mr. Scot for posting all of these in an organized 'one-stop-spot'. Next, these two tweets caught me as a major emphasis that has kept Cam and this offense from taking it to the next level..... ESPECIALLY the route running. Remembering an analyst that watched the All-22 saying that the routes we were running were practice squad or training camp.... I forget the exact terminology, but it's true. Route clusters that clogged the lanes and tipped our hat to the opposing defenses was critical to our failures on offense. I love that the terminology isn't too far off from what Norv is comfortable with. The Air Coryell is so rooted in this and comprehension of the terminology and signals being communicated from Cam to receivers, backs and o-line protections is crucial. It could just be what we want to hear, but I'm really warming up to the Norv hire. He might be an older disciple, but he is saying all the right things about what is wrong with this offense.
  24. Breaking: "Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is seeking to question President Trump in the coming weeks about his decisions to oust national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James B. Comey, according to two people familiar with his plans." https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/mueller-seeks-to-question-trump-about-flynn-and-comey-departures/2018/01/23/e6652db6-0068-11e8-9d31-d72cf78dbeee_story.html?utm_term=.b8f1b27702fe Those of you who are of a mind that you interview the target of the investigation last, this might mean that Mueller has almost everything he needs at this point. He's definitely stepping it up. Sessions last week. Penciling in Trump now. We might have indictments by Spring at this rate.
  25. Mass Shooting in KY School

    I mean if you are betting person. These things generally scream mentally unwell white kid.
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