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  2. people think that even though the protests broke 0 NFL rules, Goodell could have just waved a magic wand and made those thugs just be quiet.
  3. Lamb needs to stay a starter..

    I was originally against this idea but with how poorly the bench has been playing, this could actually help. I think the assumption was that MCW was going to run the point but that hasn't happened and as we saw today against Chicago, Monk is not a point guard. Let Nic run the second unit/play point forward and keep him out there an extra few minutes in the 2nd when the starters come back in. Basically he'll play starter minutes off the bench.
  4. Saints game Dec 3

    bent over and flexed for that ass pounding
  5. The Nazi challenge

    we march with swastika flags and torches but don't you dare call us nazis. 3 trump officials have been arrested and more on the way but don't you dare talk about russian conspiracy bullshit. go back to your safe space where you don't have to be confronted with reality.
  6. I just give poop to everyone that says it. im sick of it
  7. The threat of the Saints run game

    Cam Newton >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jimmy Clausen.
  8. The Nazi challenge

    i remember. i also remember when he posted about the "dindu nuffins"
  9. The threat of the Saints run game

  10. Something Is Up With Dwight...

    Selfish Dwight is back. When he's not receiving post touches he checks out elsewhere as well. He doesn't rebound and he doesn't play defense. The simple solution would be to give him post touches, but since his post game is so poor, we'd be damning ourself to NBA purgatory if we actually ran plays for him. He makes DeAndre Jordan look like Shaq. There's not a doubt in my mind that he could have blocked Dunn's shot if he was engaged defensively and rotated on time; but he had already checked out, the guy is a mental midget. If he gets his way, he stays engaged but more than likely it's going to be to the detriment of the team. If he's asked to do what's best for the team then pouts like a child.
  11. The gap widens because of the wealth already attained...to change that you'd have to penalize and take wealth away...
  12. This is true if we had legit weapons on offense like Aaron Rodgers had for years Cam would be well in the top 5
  13. For today’s supposed “Michael Vick” - a runningback who throws sometimes - Cam Newton has been doing great so far in his career. So far, Cam Newton has played in 103 career NFL games. His passing yards have landed him in the top 15 all time for other quarterbacks in the same timespan. As far as passing yards before quarterbacks pass the age of 29, he beats our Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Ben Rothlisberger, Phillip Rivers, and Tom Brady to name a few. He only needs 176 passing yards to surpass Brett Favre in this category. Just this past Monday night, he surpassed Archie Manning for career passing yards. He’s on pace to creep into the top 20 or higher by the end of his career. Reminder: if Cam Newton had 2011’s level of talent around him every year, his passingn stats would be beyond the roof and near unfair. So many drops, incompletions, and bad mistakes by his poor cast, and he’s still putting up monster numbers. Let’s appreciate the fact that Cam Newton’s our QB.
  14. Hurney scouting?

    Geez next year’s draft class is horrible. Really even wonder if we’d hit someone decent beyond round one. Not many stunning or good prospects at all, and the depth is bad. It’s probably one of the worst in years. And sadly, we invested a decent bit in this poo of a class. If Hurney’s our GM, I hope he can learn from his hiatus and mine those diamonds in this wasteland, because tbh I could say we should forget expectations of anyone decent beyond the first. And surprisingly, this time it wouldn’t be Hurney’s fault. This draft class is awful.
  15. Lol I like how the conversation has shifted to which scrub left tackle is worse. (They’re both very bad.)
  16. Your GM skills are showing with your talent evaluation
  17. Something Is Up With Dwight...

    Oh no, I'm well aware of his antics... it's why I haven't been a fan of his until we traded for him. I didnt even want us to pursue him as a FA last season when it was rumored that we were interested. But, once we traded for him, I hoped for the best, and i figured he would want to change his past behaviors and habits considering his hometown team just traded him for nothing and his former teammates reportedly celebrated it because he was so disliked. I just dont think his mind or his heart is in it anymore.
  18. Big Ben

    We can assume that guy isn’t drinking Knobb or Buffalo Trace or anything decent if he needs a chaser.
  19. The Nazi challenge

    There's a direct correlation with an invasion of embolden idiots that have influxed here and a degredation of the dialog.
  20. The Richest 1% Now Own More Than 50% of the World’s Wealth

    Yes it does. Hyper inflation is a real thing
  21. Today
  22. Something Is Up With Dwight...

    We’re on a 5 or 6 game losing streak I’m sure everyone is frustrated / pissed.
  23. Assuming you didn't watch the game. The guy Bell replaced was horrible.
  24. Something Is Up With Dwight...

    Can we trade Clifford and Frank with him?
  25. Bersin is a fan favorite...said no one. Hoover was a fan favorite because he was a small school player with limited athletic ability that overachieved. TD has a similar story in that he overcame the knee surgeries and he is undoubtedly a fan favorite. Granted TD is a fuggin baller and Hoover was an average NFL player but the point is, he shouldn't have been and TD shouldn't be the player he is after the surgeries. Armah has only saw the field in a few games, if he gets a few carries and continues to develop as a blocker he will become a fan favorite.
  26. Hurney scouting?

    Trading KB was probably a mistake, and not Gettleman's. The jury is still out on Vern, but its certainly not looking good so far.
  27. The Nazi challenge

    remember when this dude said he would suck a cop's dick if a cop told him to?
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