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  2. This is why we should draft OT instead of targeting OG ...easier to move inside...
  3. I like your list and respect your point of view. However, I am not on the CB suck list though. Sophmore slump maybe. I think the Wilks scheme put alot of undue pressure on them and made them worse than their rookie year. I would move to 4 and move 3 and 4 up one slot. IMO Stewart is going to be awesome in Turner's offense. RB can be had just about any time.. IMO 1. DE Need to get younger 2. S Need to get younger 3. OL Need to replace the Kalil Brothers 4. CB Better Scheme and more depth 5. WR Think can be addressed in Free Agency 6. RB I want to see Stewart in Turner's offense. The tread is good on these tires. 7. LB TD retiring and LB needs to remain our strong point on defense 8. DT Star going. I expect a solid Vet to be picked up to help with the slack of losing Star. 9. TE Finding a suitable #2 that would develop into the #1 TE can be found midrange of the draft
  4. Today
  5. I wouldn’t mind having him as a posssesion WR.
  6. Depression

    I struggle with depression/anxiety daily. I was hospitalized with it and the stay lasted into my 21st Birthday. I took 7 years to finish my bachelors and as a result I work with a lot of people with a 3-4 year head start on me. I do well by any metric but my standards are very high for where I want to be. Therapy is very helpful and there are a lot of programs that can help you pay for it. comparing yourself to others is extremely self destructive, it’s a thief of joy. One thing I can say is don’t become invested in football to feel better as it’s only a distraction. It’s a lot better to have a full life and miss a game once in a while than a diehard psycho. Excercise, sleep, and diet are very important.
  7. We have a better version of Jeffery in Funchess.
  8. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    You know they ain't checking for that like that.... back to the coli you go I guess lolx.... #aintnunwrongwitxtrabyke
  9. Scott Turner: No need to change Cam

    That's a fair point. Shula consistently calling deep routes and our receivers inability to get separation didn't help him either. He started force feeding CMC underneath this past season.
  10. I’m sorry bro but WR is our 7th most dire need is ludicrous. I could see maybe as low as 3rd but in my eyes it’s first. Funchess is far from a proven commodity. He hasn’t shown he can be even close to a #1. I have hopes for Samuel and Byrd but both of them are as unproven as it gets, and Byrd has been on the team a long time. At this point was have one guy that might start for a few teams in the league as a #2. We have two guys that might be buried on the depth chart, and the rest wouldn’t even make the roster of 30 or so other teams. We have by far the worst WR corps in the league right now for me it goes: WR S DE LT OL TE CB RB LB . . . . . DT
  11. Hopefully Marcus Peters is Available via Trade

    Talent does not equal a solution to a problem. His talent doesn't mean much if he does as he wants. Rivera sat Norman because he couldn't get with the program early on in his career. To me it sounds like Peters does what he thinks is best not what he should be doing. I don't think he would fit in with our defense.
  12. jeffery should've been our jeffery
  13. Does this sound like the Gman we all knew? Don’t believe this for a second. He likes to shop at the Dollar Store not Kohl’s.
  14. i've never played RM before, how did you afford all of those world class players? did you sell Ronaldo? or do they just have 300 million or something? i struggled to afford Ilkay Gundogan, I couldn't even touch Pogba in my Arsenal career
  15. If they want to pay him like a LT, go ahead. Less money for their other needs.
  16. Can Dez Bryant regain his talent in Carolina?

    He is 29 y.o. Hardly washed up. I think you have to take into consideration that his numbers fell off when Dak took over. Not a coincidence. Same as Smitty numbers dropping when Cam took over. Just didn't work. Didn't mean Smitty was washed up. He went to Baltimore and resumed his terror on the league. The question is. Will he have chemistry in Turner's offense with Cam? I think so.
  17. Depression

    If you aren't hurting somebody else, you can't be so bad.
  18. Their stats were almost Identical with a QB who hates throwing into tight windows Funchess with Dak would be a laughable
  19. Season 3 squad Griezmann - Auba - Ozil Fekir Emre Can - Gundogan Alaba - Laporte - Umtiti - Bellerin De Gea I realized Mhikitarian is the same age as Ozil and decided to sell him instead, I just can't bring myself to sell Ozil, he needs to stay. I also brought back Ox to rotate with Gundogan when I want to go on ultra attacking.
  20. Any Fast Times at Ridgemont High fans here?

    yeah, a raunchy movie with heart... nobody knows how to make a good HS or college movie anymore.
  21. I can see bringing in a vet FA WR to compete and round out our corps, but anyone who thinks we need to use a draft pick on WR is overreacting. Funchess and Samuel are going to run this corps for years, and Byrd is going to be a nice #3/#4 too. None of the others impressed so I can see picking up a proven vet to put us over the top. But unless the next Antonio Brown falls in our lap, I'd rather not waste valuable picks on a WR. Contrary to popular belief, WR is far from our most dire need. I'd rank them approximately as follows: 1) DE (Pep possibly done, nothing behind Horton and Addison, who is old) 2) CB (this experiment with Bradberry and Worley went super bad last year. Could have been scheme, but I still think we can do better) 3) S (I still believe in Coleman and Adams if they had CBs in front of them that could hold their own and a DL that got more pressure, but both are old and we can surely do better) 4) OL (LT been a problem since Gross left. Possibly losing Norwell) 5) RB (power RB to spell and eventually replace Stew) 6) LB (Davis retiring :'( gotta keep that LB corps stout) 7) WR (a plug in vet would be fine here) 8) TE (Greg not getting any younger. Despite Dickson flashing, I don't believe in him long term) 9) DT (probably losing Star and I freaking hate it, but we might find someone better)
  22. Black Panther the movie

    i have not heard good things about the politics of this movie but aside from that i think it's good to have a black superhero movie. i don't watch superhero movies though so idk. bye everybody
  23. Hi there

    these are the dark days of the NFL....
  24. yeah, DG is trying to bluff Hurney. Make a deal or tag him.
  25. Hi there

    watching the Hornets win a game or two than lose 5 or 6!! No way Jordan needs to own the Panthers.. he can't get figure out the talent in his own sport!
  26. We need a receiver but he's not that speedy receiver we need and I think he is a cancer to the team..I am sure there are better wr's out on the free agency and for much cheaper than he will think he's worth!
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