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  2. Kalil Not Practicing

    another creak in his neck?...we have got to have him back on the field
  3. I watched it and this guy is very impressive...and I am still a big coach Rivera supporter
  4. Their OL is historically bad and Wilson not having Kearse as a miracle catcher has and will hurt. Our front 7 is better and our D has a real chance to be better overall although they will play some worse offenses as the season progresses.
  5. Voted. Good luck and hope she wins!
  6. I got beat up by bouncers

    Things, amazing things
  7. I like you fryfan. I'm sure you figured it out bubble, but having a discussion with Twylyght is a fruitless endeavor. That dude is a dolt, through and through.
  8. He is very impressive. I can't help but feel confident that our defense is in great hands under his leadership. I also hope that we don't lose him, or that we figure out a way to promote him to assistant head coach and keep him around as Ron's successor.
  9. I know that they've gotten a lot better, but since when is the falcons d-line better than the bills?
  10. Kurt Coleman Retweeted GMFB @gmfb Does @k4coleman think the @Panthers can be the best defense in the league? "I don't think we can be, I KNOW." 7:56 2:58 PM · Sep 20, 2017
  11. USA is middle of the pack in quality while last in affordability and therefore access.
  12. I hope your wife wins! Your daughter is so cute .
  13. 6.39

    If I wanted to brag, I would have said all-state or something worth commendation. I'm 5'7 and uninspiring at other sports.
  14. I posted cleary where ACLU stated it condemns white nationalist views. Do do you understand. They have not condemned antifas views. Why is this so hard for you. ACLU gave the map. White nationalist views wrong. Violence wrong zero statement the antifa views are wrong
  15. I got beat up by bouncers

    What you do ?
  16. Under . This is the most conservative I have ever seen our offense .shula is terrible ! I hate this new offense I'd rather go back to the read option bull dumb
  17. I got beat up by bouncers

    I am keeping my day job, I get paid way more then investigator.
  18. I got beat up by bouncers

    How do I type like him? Just because I type like someone doesn't mean I'm them lol . You even accused jermeysantos of being Igor too . Keep you're day job arsen you would be a terrible private investigator!
  19. Saw this meme on FB. Got a good laugh.

    It's becoming an epidemic
  20. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    Good stuff, thanks
  21. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    I'll catch it on the replay tonight
  22. WTF, Brees is nearly a dinosaur. Matt Ryan is and always has been a bitch. 28-3. Jameis has potential but let me know when he approaches an MVP level of play. It's Cam all day, every day.
  23. I like Newton. However if he is the greatest Athlete to ever play QB he needs to improve on some aspects of his game. He's smart and has all the tools and ability in the world. He can do better with the finer points of the game.
  24. Called in to Late Hits on my way home tonight. I love Gil. I wanted to know his thoughts on the Panther offense. He said these things... Bills are a lot better than most people think. McDermott's knowledge of our offense a big factor last week. Need to get more out of CMC. Benjamin has improved...Funchess has to keep improving. Of course tough to replace Greg. At the end said need to see better play "out of my friend" (Cam) I did not ask but he said that he believes the Panthers are a playoff team this year. Alex Marvez agrees.
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