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  2. positional value really screws up the ranking list. it would be more fair to compare CMC to the 2nd RB taken in every draft the past ten years or so than to make a list like this. 2016 - Derrick Henry 2015 - Melvin Gordon 2014 - Jeremy Hill 2013 - Le'Veon Bell 2012 - Doug Martin 2011 - Ryan Williams 2010 - Ryan Matthews 2009 - Donald Brown 2008 - Jonathan Stewart 2007 - Marshawn Lynch
  3. I think what this indicates more than anything, is the total crap shoot nature of the draft. You can look at pretty much any top 10 slot over the last 10 years and be pretty underwhelmed at the performance of those who were picked. And, of course, the same applies even more so to those picked anywhere outside the top 10.
  4. You've broken my heart once this season already so I'm gonna temper my expectations
  5. Thankful to be 7-3. Life is much more fun when Panthers win. Thankful we have a bunch of the best players in the NFL to watch and root for: Cam, Pep, Luke, TD, Greg, KK, Stew, CMC... What an abundance of talent. Thankful too that this team is about so much more than play on the field... so many of the players go above and beyond to serve the community. It's a blessing for sure.
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  7. Camera advice

    I enjoy the unknown of opening up a film package. Nostalgia mainly, it’s fun to see what moments you capture. It’s not instantaneous, and I don’t mind that.
  8. I believe I'll be in the city Saturday so I'm going to try to stop by Amity Hall to give out free hugs.
  9. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    It’s cool Russia got this ”The FCC encouraged consumer feedback on how to proceed — and collected a record 22 million responses before the comment period closed at the end of August. But New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said his office has spent the past six months investigating hundreds of thousands of those comments, saying many were spam offering anti-net neutrality views. Some of the comments used fake names and email addresses, while others borrowed the details of real New Yorkers, which Schneiderman said is akin to identity theft.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/amp/backlash-building-over-plan-gut-net-neutrality-n823436
  10. CMC is doing fine. He's not gaining a combined 200 yds a game receiving and rushing and people want to say he's a bust. The kid is a big part of this offense and he's catching the ball, becoming more effective as a runner, and has 5 TDs in 10 games. That's not bad for a rookie. Plus, I think it's kind of a fools errand to go comparing #8 picks. Those were different positions. None of those players has CMCs skill set. He was a transcendent player at Stanford. He needs more experience at the professional level. Maybe it's been a little bit of a slow start, but I can see growth. Tavon Austin has all the speed and quickness in the world, but he's not that savvy of a football player. He's a pro, no doubt, and belongs at this level, but there's a reason he doesn't lead his team in receiving, even though he should. CMC is a smart football player. He is still developing his vision at this level, but he is improving. Look at his blocking of late. He gets it. Give him time. Our running game is solidifying.
  11. No one is saying he is a bust but as of now he is being out performed by guys like Hunt and Kamara who were third round picks. This is why you don’t draft running backs high in the first round anymore unless a rare prospect like Zeke comes along. Imagine if we got Lattimore or Hooker, Samuel, and Kamara or Hunt from this past draft.
  12. I think Austin would fit in the bust category... has he even had a 400 yard season in his career? EDIT: looked it up. In 10 games cmc already has half as many TDs as Austin has in his career.
  13. Fwiw, when the rams part ways with tavon Austin, I really want him here. He is the perfect Ted ginn style reclimation project for us and I think he would add a true deep threat that we've never seen.
  14. Damn...lost another dog

    Sorry to hear this. The corgi I got my mother in law about 8 years had to be put down yesterday too. Cancer everywhere. Not sure if I could handle one of my sweet boys leaving me.
  15. I think the thinking is top 10 RB's should be contributing to the running game immediately like Elliott and Gurley. Historically out of all the positions on the field, it has been RBs that rookies have contributed to immediately the most often.
  16. Are you marty or related to him? If you think he's a good GM, your opinion on things is invalid
  17. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    nope its just dumb
  18. Why does everything always have to be a comparison? Why can’t we just evaluate a player on his own merits and what he’s contributing? But if you really do want to make a comparison, then it doesn’t make any sense to compare McCaffrey only to other #8 overall picks...rather he should be compared to every pick from 8 onward. If you’re drafting a player at 8, there are at least as high of expectations for that player than any picked after him. Say hypothetically 10/10 #8 overall picks were busts in the past 10 years and McCaffrey is just an “average” player...but 10/10 #9 overall picks were All-Pros in the last ten years. Does that make McCaffrey a huge success just because he’s performed better than all of the #8 overall picks? I sure as hell hope you don’t believe that.
  19. 21st & Prime

    The only time he has ever giving us any credit is when he had to. When were on our roll in 2015 he jumped on the bandwagon. It killed him so much to say positive things about the Panthers.
  20. Happy Thanksgiving all the way from Nairobi kenya.. <3

    i ... i like you lol... Usakale turkey yote... na mungu abariki familia yako. <3
  21. Happy Thanksgiving all the way from Nairobi kenya.. <3

    Keep obama in america thank you very much... lol... actually hsi birthplace is about 5 hours away. nice drive through the rift valley.
  22. Top Panthers things to be thankful for?

    Fact that... we probably have the best team in the NFL.... thanks to gettleman and were probably going to go all the way to the super bowl. And were sitting here whinning ... meanwhile Mc dermott is now playing musical chairs with quarterbacks... ALa wakbar...
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