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  1. Here's a good little pod about Kirk - http://tun.in/piBO0 Take it for what it's worth, but the takes on Kirk are pretty damning. I would hate to see the Panthers trade even more assets for a QB who won't take us over the top.
  2. Read up on Cousins from Vikings fans. Not a pretty picture. On the surface, he looks good stat wise, but his teams have never gotten over the hump. Cousins is good for 7-9 wins a year, no more, and that's assuming everything is perfect. Look at what happens to the receivers where he was? In Washington, in Minny, great were chased off by Cousins and his crazy contract demands and his erratic play. He would absolutely be an upgrade, but he's not enough to see us to the playoffs and build sustained success no matter how good his stats look. we'd have to eat his $35 million cap hit, which would require us to off load Darnold. How is that going to happen? If he's cut, you know he's not playing for a "prove it" deal. He's going to extract every red cent he can.
  3. Interesting 3rd hand rumor for sure! As far as Kubiak, I've read a lot that he's overrated and not much of an upgrade for us. Definitely a name, but not so much of a rock star. I'm much more interested in the Rams guy.
  4. I think this speaks more to the vibe in the building: Rhule is God. He has unlimited carte blanche to do what he wants, cut who he wants, and no one wants to get on his bad side and lose their paychecks.
  5. In with the meme: "Don't know you all the players will be picked top 5!" nonsense! It's still a QB driven league, and there are still a lot of teams looking for their QB1. And there are two amazing pass rushers who could go top three. I have no idea what will happen, lol.
  6. I have no idea what the future holds for Cam. Will he retire? Is he willing to be a QB2/Short Yardage back? He still runs very well. I did see him hyping up Sam and looks to be a great guy even on the sideline. Some of y'all have been super eloquent about what Cam has meant, and I appreciate it and agree! This team though, good lord what a poo show. I wish nothing but the best for Cam, either on or off the field for all the joy and excitement he's brought me.
  7. Here's a thought, in the stream of "safe/unsafe" stories, one thing that stuck out was Rhule has to hire a real OC. What if he doesn't? What if Rhule isn't able to get anyone soon, and gets canned? I'm grasping for straws
  8. I know. My parents were OG PSL owners. It sucks. Just sell your tickets if you don't want to go. That's what they ended up doing until they have to just give them up.
  9. If you want to make a real statement, boycott the Panthers. No new Panthers licensed stuff, no games, no purchases, etc. That's about the only way peons like us can "take it" to big cats of the world.
  10. Thanks! I am a pretty prolific reader. My poor sleep schedule! I also have started reading more in the daytime, like when my wife wants to watch her terrible 90 Day Fiancée Shows. I just put in my noise canceling headphones and I'm down for an hour of reading at a time lol. I also have a tendency to skim through crap. Like as soon as I see Rand start complaining, I skip to the last line of the paragraph to see if it's worth reading. LOL. Honestly, he's not a well written character at this point in my reading. I understand he goes through a lot of changes, but man he's whiney AF!
  11. Too much dead money, too much for a team to pay, and his market is SO dead right now. CMC is going to have to come back and be a difference maker again. Then we'll see. As far as Rhule. Who knows? "be patient while I do impatient things."
  12. Yes! I had to spend a LOT of time studying a map lol. Between WoT and the Witcher...so much fantasy geography!
  13. Oh yeah, that was the weakest episode of the season for me. It was such a let down. The scene from the book is intense AF. I loved that part. I think they could have done something similar with the show, and keep the changes to Rand's exit.
  14. I think the far bigger point is that Matt Rhule is a bad pro coach. He makes arbitrary decisions, and Matt Rhule being right is far more important than doing the right thing. Rhule's ego is enormous. It's costing the team, and will continue to do so.
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