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  1. The market will correct itself. If Disney blows a bunch of money on shows that fail, that's their pocketbook. They have to be smart.
  2. It's all going to depend on who the next HC is. If Sam plays really well, we win games, and he makes plays, then I have no problem with making him a backup. I also have no problem letting him go with everyone else and starting fresh. I just want to know who our coach is in 2023...
  3. Just wow... I can absolutely live with Matt just admitting to being a bad NFL coach. It's fine. Not everyone is cut out to be a NFL coach. Maybe Matt is able to make Nebraska something again, or he'll get fired again. I was wishing him luck because he's not our coach anymore. But fug that. Trying to take credit for what's happening now, implying he got bamboozled...Yeah screw you Matt. He needs to shut up, accept responsibility for his own stupid mistakes. Learn from it and be a better man. Everything is a stupid chess piece for him. I feel so sorry for his family. Screw that guy. Right in the butt with a thousand 3" wood screws.
  4. There's still a lot to go over when scouting these QBs. Right now, I have to ask "who is the gamer?" Who is the player who can make plays out of structure when your team needs you? Is there an alpha dog who can put a team on his back and will them to victory? I see Bryce Young....and no one else. But Young is also small which won't work out well for him when he starts getting flattened by 300lb NFL DLs. Stroud absolutely passes the eyeball test and the stat sheet test, but does he have the will to carry his team? Think about Jake Delhomme. Far from a good athlete, Jake elevated his team, put them on his back in the 4th quarter, and willed them to wins. Cam - how many times in the pros and college did Cam carry a team to victory? Then again, what do I know? I'm just an idiot with a keyboard. There's still a lot that of scouting that pros need to do, and then it's not up to me. So I'm all for the wins. They are more fun right now!
  5. That Image...my GOD...the pain...the ROFLs...the WHHHHAAATTTT??? I don't think my eyes will ever be the same...
  6. I love how wrapped up so many of us are about who to draft in November. Look, I get it, this is a crappy season with some real crap QB play. I understand how many have moved on to looking at the offseason. We don't know who our coach is in 2023. That is the biggest issue for the next 4 months. We need a new coach. I love what Wilks is doing making us competitive and interesting, but you know Tepper is going to want an offensive coach because that's what the NFL demands. Offensive coaches are able to maximize their QBs faster which leads to more ticket sales and sometimes, even a SB trophy! Who is it going to be? What do they like in a QB? As I think about the draft (i'm partially there), I think about how each of the top players compares to each other. Do we have a franchise altering player in the top 10? That's something we don't just know yet. Still lots of evaluating to do, especially post playoffs and bowl games. Then there is the dissection that happens after, with the risers and the fallers in the draft. It's along way to say that THE franchise QB is going to be in this draft. Now if the team feels like that, then they will move heaven and earth (and daft picks) for them. It's pointless to complain about the tank-a-thon because if a team wants a QB, they will go and get them.
  7. I'm glad for the update. I have no ill wishes against Rhule. Sure, he sucked as an NFL coach, but he was trying his best. It's just not good enough. I do wish him the best of luck in the college ranks, and I hope he never thinks about coaching in the NFL again.
  8. While I understand the worries of the draftniks, I think it's overblown. First off, we still don't know who the consensus "best" will be. Sure we have an idea, but the combine, prodays and interviews are still to come. We've often seen guys come out of no where because of these events. So who are the BESTS franchise altering guys? Is Stroud better than any QB over the last three years? Young for that matter? How does Anderson rate on the edge scale? Is he better than Burns? Let's look at Dane Brugler's midseason draft prospect rankings: https://theathletic.com/3751194/2022/11/02/nfl-draft-2023-rankings-midseason/ Who is going to push us further? May one of the QBs, which are again a hit or miss proposition/coaching issue. Do we need tackle? DL top 10 again? Another CB? If we end up with #3, I'd happily trade down into the 10-13 range. Collect a bounty and still snag a top flight player. Let's not pretend there are any sure shots in the NFL draft, or that we know all the answers today.
  9. Foreman has the it factor right now. It’s going to depend on our new coach, their system, and the market. but he’s really fun to watch!
  10. I'm a Panther Fan. I hope all of our players succeed. That said, I don't think it's in the cards for Matt Corral. I liked what I saw in camp, and I hate that he got hurt. But we're drafting a QB next year who will get the lion share of reps and attention. Matt is going to have to show the heck out. Will we run such a RPO heavy offense? It's almost as if the offense was set up so that Matt could come in and be comfortable quickly... Matt is just another victim of a horribly mismanaged team, sadly. I wish him the best because he seems like a good kid. I just am not sure it's going to be here for him.
  11. A perfect transformation that every neckbearded internet nerd wrote 100x on their Tumblr page?
  12. This is why we are really putting the cart in front of the shark here regarding 2023 QBs. The main reason is that our coach will dictate who we select. That's part of the gig. Buffalo struck gold with Allen. It's pretty simple. Allen has the tools, and the team and him put in the work to get better. It worked. There's a poo ton of money in the NFL trying to figure out how to get the next best QB. For every Josh Allen, there are several more highly regarded rookies who flame out in the NFL. Sometimes, teams and players just get lucky, they mesh and they win. We'll have to see who our new coach is. That's going to determine for the team who the next QB is. It's all fine to argue their college performances right now, but there is a lot of luck in finding a NFL QB. And an organization devoted to finding and helping them. That's something the Panthers do not have right now.
  13. That's been an issue with most new fantasy shows that have these HUGE worlds and plots. I just am in love with Middle Earth, and the show helped me really scratch that itch. I'm really looking forward to seeing the follow up seasons, and the fall of Numenor. It would be kind of nice if there was a bit of a time jump that allowed the rebuilding of Peligar and re-establishment of the Numenorian colonies that would later allow Elendil to found Gondor and Arnor with something better than those magical ships they use.
  14. How well does Stroud play against pressure? How well does he rally? Those are hard questions to answer for an Ohio State qb. is there at QB we can build around? That is the much more important issue.
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