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  1. I think that you have to absolutely try. Franchise QBs don't grow on trees. If there's a way to make it happen, you have to see. Houston is a dumpster fire right now. They traded their best WR last year, they have alienated their franchise QB, and they don't have a lot of team to build Watson. They need to maximized their assets moving forward to rebuild the team.
  2. I love catching light rays! Did you edit your photos at all? The sky's appear just a little BLUE to my eyes =P
  3. It's really special seeing the relationship between children and animals. We had two cats with my son was young, and he still talks about them, keeps pictures of them. It sounds like your boxer mix had a pretty rockin' life =)
  4. She has several different barks! The worst are the "someone is at the door" bark. It's so shrill! Generally, she's a pretty affectionate girl. She's our princess dog, dainty, careful, super sweet. When she gets the zoomies going, she's off like a shot. She loves ball play and going on walks. I wouldn't describe her as super active. She's not destructive. She's just super sweet. Now she does have some SERIOUS anxiety. In her previous life, she was a bait dog in a dog fighting situation. Someone broke her teeth out so she couldn't fight back. It happened really young. She h
  5. I love big dogs! I wish my dogs traveled well, they don't at all. One gets car sick, the other wants to sit on the driver and barks the whole time...
  6. Like you mean with entrapment? I have no problem doing that to pedophiles. They are some of the worst creatures on this planet. I'd be far too paranoid to think about using any kind of the internet/darknet for purchasing anything remotely illegal. It's one thing to torrent a few movies, it's another to purchase things which would put you in jail. Certainly, drug laws need to be changed, but that's a TB discussion...
  7. I have two rescue dogs, Minerva is my Stafford Shire Terrier and Taylor is my Boxer-Beagle mix. Both of my girls had a really hard life before they were rescued. As you can see, they live a life of luxury. Though don't tell them that, they often think they are neglected, never fed, and never loved! Oh the life of a dog! I
  8. I'm pretty lucky I have Adobe Creative Cloud through my school. But I am quickly growing more and more frustrated with it lagging and crashing. For a while I've played with Luminar 3 and 4 (which I got with Humble Bundles for super cheap) for a while, I never really used them because LR was working so well. Well times have changed. I picked up Luminar AI, which I was familiar with, and excited after seeing the demo stuff. Now, it doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it has sped up my workflow. The only kicker to me is the loading between images that happens. I get to the results I like
  9. I still can't believe I managed to snag this image on my phone of all things.
  10. I'm super stoked! The concept in the trailer is pretty amazing. I can't wait to see what it ends up being!
  11. I mainly shoot on my Canon 80D and the 18-135 kit. I set up an off camera flash in front of and above to try to create a "beauty" style light.
  12. So with Discovery+ out, and Hulu's $10 price increase, I'm debating trying spectrum's streaming tv plan. Anyone have any experience with them? I'm wondering how their on demand compares to my current Hulu plan. I'm on the Hulu Live with no ads on certain things, but I seem to be finding more and more shows that have ads I can't skip.
  13. My 8 year old wouldn't have batted an eye... Then again, he is a gifted swearer! =)
  14. d-dave


    I did to. I love all the promotional materials for the film. It looked like it could have been, and there was so much good. Call it bad direction, bad editing, whatever, but WB ruined that movie. It could have been a lot of fun, but they missed the point of the film themselves about short cuts...
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