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  1. I love my athletic style boxer briefs. Like the under armor ones. I've had those for years and I still wear them. I've also gotten some other brands as well which have been pretty good daily drivers. Helps keep my meaty thighs from cooking my bacon in the hot weather!
  2. Whenever we played the Falcons, my drunk friends and I would chant: "85 South!" to the Falcons and their fans. Most chants my buddies and I made up were drunk, and kind of rude. Otherwise we stuck to Let's Go Panthers and Keep Pounding. Lots of drinking! Getting too old for that now a days!
  3. I was going to finish up season 2 of the Boys, saw Invincible, and who's work it was based on...yeah, I blew through that! Then finished up season 2 of The Boys. Both great shows for similar and different reasons =)
  4. I did. I really enjoyed the heck out of it! I don't know anything about the source material, but the idea of a "Superman as conqueror" versus his half human son was a cool storyline. I can't wait for the next season as Mark grows beyond what his Dad was.
  5. I will say, the more I read and watch of WG talking, the more you like the kid. He's got a pretty high likeability factor. It would be great if he could develop into a decent #2, but if he's not good enough, then that's the kiss of death for him. I won't feel bad. He's got a hot wife, his health, and he's made some decent money on his NFL contract. And heck, he could still get ANOTHER contract as a back up. WAS and BUF come to mind...
  6. The Huddle: the first poor play any rookie makes will cause them to be called a bust forever. Personally, I just want to see guys who try hard. If we can get that far, that will be an improvement. Will the trade down draft be worth it? We'll see...
  7. I loved guys like Anthony Johnson, Nick Goings, and David Gettis. Just fun guys to watch. I thought for sure that Gettis was on his way to being a superstar...
  8. Nice work! I love the stylizations on the player select. What did you use? After Effects?
  9. Yep! Sounds like Clyde is in a wonderful spot! Good luck! Looks like a sweet baby!
  10. That's why I can't foster dogs. I saw the pictures and I was like "so where can I fit a 3rd crate???" My wife and I agree if we started fostering dogs, we'd end up with all the dogs...and we'd keep them all! If you can, bless you! Best of luck! I'd recommend working on training the dog. Leash manners, learn what triggers the dog, basic commands, etc. That will set them up for success if you can give them up =P
  11. I don't disagree, but there is a media storyline about Brady as the next big OC wunderkinder. While he delivered a new an interesting look last year, did he fundamentally fix the offense? Was he held back by TB? Did he hold back TB? Oh yeah, lots of questions, but I have a feeling that he will get snapped up by a desperate team.
  12. Fear comes from a lack of preparation and high consequence of failure. Confusion comes from a lack of understanding for whatever reason. Both can be corrected with good coaching. Good coaches, as we've seen, are creating mismatches on the field. They are making the job of the QB easier to a degree. Now sometimes, teams get out coached. It happens. Players suffer when they haven't been prepared for an opponent or without contingencies. For Darnold, it's going to be preparing game plans and teaching him what to do when the poo hits the fan. He's got the talent (though not the dr
  13. After we traded for Darnold, I enders up watching both of O'Sullivan's videos posted here, along with several he did leading up to the draft. What I came away with was the Sam has talent, but the Jets fumbled it. Sure, Darnold bears responsibility for his plays, but he was not set up for success. He is still a young QB. So at the end of the day, he still has a lot of possibility to mold into a franchise QB. Like it or not, this is Joe Brady's HC audition year. If he can prove to be a QB whisperer with Darnold and turn his career around, we'll be looking for a new OC come the Spring.
  14. I agree. I do expect the search to start pretty immediately if Darnold flames out. Will we find a franchise QB? That's a much more complicated and scary proposition... Getting a franchise QB is not easy!
  15. I think it's hilarious to see folks ready to string Darnold up after his first incomplete pass or interception. Like @rayzor said, he's basically a more advanced rookie, and should be held to a similar level of patience. That's why we picked up the 5th year, in my opinion. I'd love it if he "hit" here and we were able to finally have the answer to our QB-post Cam question. But if he doesn't, I'm sure Fit and Rhule will be looking for a QB until they find one. That's the nature of the NFL. As we also saw with the Chiefs, it doesn't matter what your record is, you can trade up in the d
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