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  1. Great post That bolded part made me laugh and nearly snort hot coffee I didn't know what to think about Snow and Rhule and a bunch of college guys coming to the NFL, but so far i've been pretty happy. Snow just knows so much, and it's great to watch!
  2. We won against the Jets when we were supposed to. The Saints were depleted, and we beat them as well. Again, good teams do that. Now we have Houston, who will be without their starting QB, and a good team should beat them. I just don't care about power rankings, they are just there for clicks. I get it. The media is always going to pass on the Panthers until we become relevant again. We haven't been relevant in years, if we can keep winning against teams we should beat and pull off a few upsets, then we can be relevant again. Then we'll get the pundits on our side. Until then though, expect us to be treated like crap nationally. It's ok though. I just want us to beat Houston on Thursday. I want to see Darnold take care of the ball and get it to playmakers. I want to see our defense continue to make young QB's lives miserable. I really dig the mantra of one game at a time. Being 1-0 each week. I think there's something to Rhule's methodology, and it seems to be clicking. So far, I'm pretty excited, but also a long time Panther fan who wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing blows up on us.
  3. I've always thought that. They can be good for a while, then something happens, and then blam-o, they suck. Guys who can kick in the same place for 20 years are not the norm. While it would be nice to have a fantastic kicker for 20 years, you have to be very consistent, and have them in the right "space" so they can be successful for that long.
  4. I held my breath a lot after each snap. PFF ratings aside, I think it's really obvious that our OL is not good enough. Rhule needs to light a fire under some butts this week. They are going to have to play better if we're ever going to have a convincing play action game plan.
  5. Burns was great yesterday. His immediate blow up sack of Wilson changed their protections. Notice how often he was drawing double teams, opening things up for the rest of the team. We had six sacks, which is pretty darn good. Could have been more, but that's always the case. Zach Wilson had to run for his life, yet his insane arm talent was able to keep them in the game. If the Jets can build an oline for him, he's going to be a good one. Such a trolling OP.
  6. That's unfortunate for sure. He is a really good player, but WFT paid him starter money, which we couldn't match. Sucks but that's the business of the NFL. I hope he's able to get well soon. I loved him as a Panther, and I wish him nothing but success (just not against us!). In the 21st century, schadenfreude is everyone's favorite pass time.
  7. Man, I can't wait for the actual games to start....this is all getting too click-baity. Projections are fun, but they aren't the actual games. So take every single one with a giant grain of salt. I can only hope that we're pushing for a playoff spot in December. That's where I think we should be. If not, then we should easily be able to see why we're not improving.
  8. I know I pay basically a cable bill, but I'd rather pay for what I'm watching: $8 - Discovery $8 - Disney (with ESPN+/Hulu Bundle) $12 - Hulu (minus Disney subsidy) $15 - HBO $15 - Netflix $8 - Paramount Amazon (not counting since it's part of the life style lol) Total: $66 But I don't have to watch many ads at all. I also have a TV antenna for my live sports needs. I pay spectrum the $76 or whatever it is. Ouch town, but it's the best option for us right now. So that puts me at $142. I can't recall the exact prices off hand, but that's pretty close I think. How much would it cost for Cable, a DVR, multiroom service + HBO? Over $200. Personally, I'm super happy with my various streaming packages! They generally work, and they also we get to watch what we want to watch on our own schedule. Even if we had cable, we'd still want to have Netflix and Disney + for their original programming. Say what you will, I love my HBO, and I will keep paying for it. 2-3 movies a month (as a family), several series I watch... It's easier than trying to find decent quality torrents. With Hulu (not live, just commercial free), I LOVE the library of on demand titles. So long as hulu has that, we'll keep paying for it. Being able to watch shows a day or two after they air is also super cool.
  9. Yep, he came out a hot mess of positions, but with the athletic profile to become a really good FB. Which he did. I'd love to see him back.
  10. Geez, that sucks. I still have so much love for what Cam has done for us over his career with the Panthers, and I hoped him well in his post Carolina stops. Cam won't stay on the streets for too long. There are teams out there with way worse QB situations than we have, and teams who will look for a spark. Cam will just have to wait for the inevitable injuries or plain bad QBs to show out the first few weeks. Will he have success? Who knows? How much does he have left as a runner and passer? Again, who knows.
  11. I would. He's an actual fullback, not a converted TE.
  12. My wife and I have been following the hurricane pretty intently. Admittedly, we started to care while watching Pitbulls And Pareolees. Seeing the danger they are in is scary. When are people going to realize that we need that do better. In all things.
  13. I was really impressed with the two minutes drill to finish the half. He was decisive in making throws, which is fantastic to see. Having CMC out there is going to change how defenses approach our offense. I don't care about the stats except for turnovers and improving in the red zone. If Darnold can improve in those area, it's going to be a pleasant surprise!
  14. This is so true of most large northern cities. Not all, but most have this same kind of shittiness.
  15. He's just 30 now... the whole thing is so crazy. Folks can say all they want to about how soft the NFL is now a days, but I don't think these guys should have to end up brain dead for my entertainment. There are quite a few things that they can do to help reduce the risk of injury, which I'm all for.
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