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  2. Do you trust Igor?

    Why did you do this?
  3. Seems to have fallen off the rails. Discuss.
  4. Do you trust Igo?

    I always wonder how Igo fits 's in his .
  5. Do you trust Igo?

    You wouldn't have felt anything.
  6. Do you trust Igo?

    Depends on dudes 40 time. Hope he does well or else im going to do a break down thread of how bad he sucks wide angle style :-)
  7. Do you trust Igo?

    I did before he became an expert on nutrition.
  8. Do you trust Igo?

    Igo, you have to watch out. Jeremy is okay.
  9. Do you trust Igo?

    no he tried to take my virginity. my precious flower. jase ended up doing it.
  10. Do you trust Igo?

    I dont know about Igo but i know i dont trust that egg plant emoji?
  11. This is the point. You can't just look at a stat and make a decision without context. Coaching decisions have to take into account how the game is going and what is working or isn't working. In one game you might go for it and another like Sunday not go for it. Football is about matchups which change from game to game. Decision making has to as well. In this situation it made sense to take the 3. This week against the Saints perhaps we go for it if their offense is working. Again just like one size fits all doesn't work all the time, one strategy for all 4th and goals doesn't work either.
  12. Exactly... it's even worse when we're in FG range and Cam's taking a sack. With the way our defense is playing, you got to at least take the 3. I'm not saying the offensive line wasn't at fault some bc they were and Cam had some escapes on breakdowns that could have been sacks for other QBs. Still, at least 3-4 if those sacks are mostly on Cam given the situational football.
  13. Hate Week. Again.

    But, But, But you have a high priced first ballot hall of fame QB who licks his fingers before every play. For the record Jimmy Graham butt is already puckering up cause TD gonna treat him like his little bitch AGAIN. Graham hates playing TD. TD owes Graham. Panthers Roll.
  14. They scored 16 points in the AFCC game.
  15. man alot of this is on Cam he has to know the situation and get the ball out, more than a few of those sacks he had options and just ate it.
  16. Know it's early, but just found out I have to miss this game. I have 2 tickets in 503, row 18 up for grabs. $140 for the pair. I've got a buddy who is a packers fan, but I'd rather have Panther fans in my seats. Thanks! Can do PayPal and ship tickets if need be.
  17. What's not shown is the play clock in these replays. Far too often, the play takes forever to come in, leading a delayed Huddle break, delayed formation and Cam clapping wildly for the center to snap the ball so we don't get a delay of game for thev3rd time in our HOME stadium. This telegraphs the snap count and makes for a situation where there is little to no time for audibles to be properly called. Combine that with slow, long developing routes (still, ugh) and dodgy line protection (ugh), throw in a lack of separation and a dash of Cam pressing while ignoring the layups... you get this. Shula'd.
  18. You're misunderstanding my comparison and twisting it to support your irrational hatred of the Saints draft choice. My point was both star and Lattimore were highly thought of prospects who fell (rightly or wrongly) a little bit because of injury and/or durability concerns. I am not comparing their college experience, or skill set which is obviously different because I wasn't trying to make that point. That's your fixation not mine. Don't be putting words in my mouth. Anyway why do you care so much? He doesn't even play for us. Its so ridiculous to get worked up over another teams draft selection. Does Marshon owe you money or something?
  19. Thread the needle in heavy traffic or hit the wide open man in the flat? Why is this being presented as a viable choice?
  20. No way cam would have beat that MLB with a throw, CMC was probably his first read, plus, he had pressure right away, had to roll out
  21. This is Shulas trademark. We need a different OC with a faster style of offense.
  22. Hate Week. Again.

    This game boils down to: Saints D vs Functional 'Tard Shula Ugh.
  23. Why did Mccaffrey chop block the linemen instead of picking up the blitzing LB
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