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  2. Daeshon Hall

    Him and corn will be back and will both start next season
  3. Unlike the saints players they have no class just look at cam Jordan . About to mail him some rat poison
  4. And what did that do for you ? I'm happy you beat us because I would have never watched that amazing diggs td that no one would forget . You are the biggest chokers other then the Falcons you had that win your fans were so cocky calling for brews to get another ring . But no y'all lost Marcus Williams sucks Bree's is going to suck next year y'all got no defense . People going to fix how to beat you and that's stop kamara . Your coach is a racist drug addict . Your team sucks
  5. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Arsenal offered £45M but Bordeaux wants more... They want way too much money for unproven 20 year old.
  6. Do me a favor and calm down . Ok? Cool?
  7. I want dbs . Wr and rb should be rounds 3-4 defense round one and 2
  8. Oh god, you had to go there....with Shelton
  9. Sanjay wants a tight end lol . We got Greg Olsen don't need another in norvs system . We need a power back
  10. Having a strong secondary can do man and zone can do wonders in today's league. This poo needs to be the number 1 priority
  11. Hornets have made Kemba Available for Trade

    this is such a garbage organization.
  12. Bold prediction we package Kemba/Dwight ship them to Cleveland for Thompson/Isiah/Frye and that Brooklyn lottery pick. Lebron is going to get his big trade wish, and unfortunately it will be with us. So long Kemba, hope you and Dwight win the Championship you deserve in Cleveland.
  13. If Hurney can manage to get us a good power running back, a a good wr, and a good TE in the draft I would be so happy. Fill in some holes on offense for Cam with youth to go along with Byrd, Samuel, and CMAC. Let them all grow together for many years. Could be cool if he could actually pull something like that off. I doubt he is capable though
  14. 2018 NFL Draft

    Tall Speed at WR for Norv: James Washington...St.Brown(Faster Funchess)... General Wr: DJ Moore, Ridley, Kirk, Miller Fast, elusive, after contact back: Royce Freeman Safety: Quin Blanding ...Ronnie Harrison ....Kris Weatherspoon...any Northwestern Safety.. all improvements Tight End: C.J Conrad...Mark Andrews, Fumagalli, Hurst DE: Harold Landry (He's going to be problem when he gets adjusted to the pro game), Arden Key ( Perfect pick if Pep was coming back w/ Hall in the wing ) CB upgrade / Ballhawk: Tarvarus Mcfadden Since last year, I've had my eye on Courtland Sutton, DJ Moore, Chubb, Derwin James and a few more...all of which should go rounds 1-3... if executed right we can improve in a number of spots in this draft. As of now everything is a crapshoot. After the FA period, we should have a clearer view. Only pick I can "actually see" Hurney making would be Dante Pettis. Whoever his first round pick is, I'll keep it optimistic considering his draft history.
  15. If the memo is nothing, then why do 0 democrats want it to be released and 115 republicans want it released?
  16. This is hilarious. Mel Blount once sued Chuck Noll for $5M during a season in the middle of their dynasty.. They went on to win the next two SBs. The Steelers don’t let go of a good thing on a knee-jerk reaction. Tomlin isn’t going anywhere.
  17. Well kemba is my favorite player so no haha. But I get what you’re saying.
  18. 2018 NFL Draft

    Signing Graham and Vaccaro. Drafting Ragnow in the 3rd
  19. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Payton is a pr1ck, but only dudes I really hate on that team are Cam Jordan and Ingram
  20. I doubt it, we need a WR badly. Free agency won't be good to us this year (again), what will be available that we need... We can't afford, and what we can afford, we don't need. I can see us looking for a safety/LB hybrid (mold of TD) in late second or maybe packaging other picks move back up into late first. If we take a RB before 5th I'd be very shocked, but we do need one. Stew is as good as gone, Fozzy is ridiculously over rated by our coaches, CAP is garbage
  21. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Seriously. Is anyone actually offended? I swear people like to get offended over the possibility of someone else getting offended. Nobody cares.
  22. Hornets have made Kemba Available for Trade

    Thats the problem with trading Kemba no team with a draft pick worth getting will want to move that for him. Only the cavs with the brooklyn pick are a contender with a potential top 10 pick that could use his boost. So if we do end up moving kemba its gonna end up being for a subpar deal just to unload one or more of the bad contracts. I dont know what we should do but blowing it all up for not top 5 picks is just not worth it at this time for me as the team has struggled with draft picks in general and I have no hope of anything working out especially picks outside the top 10.
  23. Is Ludwig a scumbag

    dude you’re ludwig you don’t have to solicit us for validation
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