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  2. Sanchez

    Dilly dilly! !
  3. "IT'S ALL A FRAUD!!!"

    So you agree he bent over and took it...
  4. "IT'S ALL A FRAUD!!!"

    Ok whatever...
  5. Trumps EPA dream as a reality

    Hunters can now target sleeping bears on federal wildlife refuges, after President Trump signed a new bill into law last week. http://www.countryliving.com/life/news/a42581/legal-to-kill-hibernating-bears/
  6. Trumps EPA dream as a reality

    Trump administration recommends uranium mining in the Grand Canyon The move would raise no additional revenue but would put drinking water for millions at risk. https://thinkprogress.org/trump-administration-recommends-uranium-mining-in-the-grand-canyon-dac9e04080d5/
  7. This is some Bullshit!! Half the league would kill for that oline.. And nobody was calling those weapons trash when they were winning.. Dez Byrant trash?? Whatever!!! He'd be the number 1 WR here.. Hell Terance Williams would start here as well..
  8. Cam also broke every QB record in football his 1st 2 years while taking the worst offense in history the year before he got here to top 10 his 1st 2 years.. So while you're trying to cover for the crowning and over the top love fest Dak has gotten for falling into the perfect situation for a rookie QB.. You might want to reinvest time into looking over Cam's history here...
  9. Ok. Cam had his bad games with all his best players. That's what I was trying to say. Id say thats as much a team problem as a Prescott problem. I'm not trying to rip Newton but offer some perspective.
  10. It's not a coincidence that these bad games coincide with Elliott's suspension. Zeke Elliott is that star of that offense. Dak Prescott is the JAG that hands him the ball.
  11. This thread is about having bad games. Laid Eggs would suggest he played bad games which he did. Two with no y TDs and multiple interceptions. Another with no tds and 1 interception. One of the 0 td int games included 2 fumbles. That is what I ment. Just look at the game stats. Young qbs have terrible games. Thats how it goes
  12. Cam "laid an egg" in his second year? He threw for almost 3900 yards. Dak is on pace to come well short of that. Hell, if his post-Zeke stats continue he may not surpass 3000.
  13. Only Newton (or whoever your teams QB is) gets excuses whike every other QB gets blamed. Our guy laid eggs his second season too. With Smith and Chud and Gross.
  14. Clifford not playing a rookie? Not surprised, it was a big worry a lot of us had.
  15. If Watkins keeps underachieving he might be affordable...might.
  16. Just give me an additional proven NFL WR. A speed guy would be nice, but proven NFL speed guys = $$$$$. I'm hoping Samuel can evolve into that deep threat, but we'll see. It'll be cheaper to add a proven possession-type guy. I don't see us spending big money on a FA WR, but I do hope to see us bring in a mid-level guy and cutting Shepard will free up some cash to help with that. Shepard was a mistake.
  17. MKG is your best wing defender and actually has a place on this team.. Batum looks overweight slow and lazy on defense.. Add in the facts we have a younger player who can do his job better and he would get more value for the team in a trade than MKG... It's a no brainer nic needs to go...
  18. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Donald Trump handed LaVar Ball 13 million in free advertising lol Trump gets played more than Jangler's Remember the Titans DVD
  19. I agree with your Funchese take and with a vet or speedster like Watkins and Samuels that would be a nice diverse wr Corp.. Now I actually wish we would have traded KB for Watkins..
  20. Swap Dak and Cam and you could probably swap the records too. Dak is a JAG. The guy has looked like straight trash without Elliott. I thought all along that Elliott was the driving force of that offense, but I didn't think that Dak would be THIS bad without him. I thought he'd look average. He'd have to play A LOT better to look average.
  21. The Cowboys are a lot like us offensively except without a good defense and somehow have Worse Personnel. I'm not saying Dak is Cam, or even close, but the Cowboys offense is trash. Dez Bryant, an Old Jason Witten and Nothing Else. Their run game has no threats without Zeke. Jason Garrett looks more.lost than Eli after he throws a pick. Terrance Williams and Cole Beasly are JAGs that don't really thrive from the coverage Dez gets. And then they draft another Cole Beasly in Switzer and that's the only offensive weapon they drafted. Travis Frederick and Zack Martin are still good, but Collins and Cooper have been Really Bad replacing Free and Leary, and Smith has either been playing hurt or out so their O-Line is far from "elite" anymore. There's almost nothing redeemable on that offense and it's hard to imagine any QB succeeding with that unit. Y'all get mad when people bash Cam without really analyzing anything. It's fair to do that for Dak too.
  22. Post a pic, any pic.

  23. Bringing in Sammy Watkins would be amazing. Allen Robinson too, but Sammy Watkins + Cam? Oh wee mayne.
  24. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Hope you didn't choose Gordon. Ekeler is taking his snaps. Mccoy is hot and cold. KC is good against the run, terrible against the pass. Hunt everytime against the Buffalo run D of the last 2 weeks.
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