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  2. Fryfan

    The Left Practicing Segregation

    political affiliation is not a protected class nor should it be. Its a choice people gender, race, etc are not.
  3. Glad you were on our side CJ. Enjoy your retirement.
  4. If this is the kind of talent they’re targeting, the it has already failed.
  5. g5jamz

    The Left Practicing Segregation

    Any business reserves the right not to serve who they want, unfortunately. Most businesses will not stay in business very long conducting themselves in that way. The Red Hen will have to deal with the business choices they make.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVu4fDHYJgVTHVnZjg5R0JXQmxVNi1la0IzX1o2X0RTZ09j/view Full Poll includes responses like this: Not really the positive results for Donald's team that the OP would want you to believe. Also question 31 was not about asylum - its LEGAL to ask for asylum.
  7. Darth Biscuit

    The Left Practicing Segregation

    Do ummm... do you realize that you just called yourself stupid? Or are you too stupid to realize that you're calling yourself stupid?
  8. Shocker

    Kemba to Cleveland isn’t over just yet

    I seriously hope the Hornets stay away from the Ballers show. No thanks
  9. NOVA_Panthers85

    REPORT: Charles Johnson planning to retire

    CJ was an amazing player for us! Thanks for the memories! Wish we could have gotten a ring in your time.
  10. Darth Biscuit

    Donny Deutsch: Trump voters are “like Nazis”

    He's actually not... he and his band of merry fascists like Stephen Miller are doing their dead level best to sow discord, division and confusion so that no one notices what they're doing to the constitution. One tweet at a time.
  11. I bet Trump is planning his Night of the Long Knives even as we speak! One of you patriots needs to do something quick before a few thousand of you wake up dead!
  12. Darth Biscuit

    Donny Deutsch: Trump voters are “like Nazis”

    Very good point My wife voted for him over my strenuous objections, but she is a one-issue voter. Abortion. She could not vote for Clinton bc her church told her that we needed a conservative SCJ. She hates Trump (the man) and doesn't support him, but still to this day defends her one-issue vote. The problem here is that those that are ardent Trump supporters are either A) complete morons who are stupid fugs, or B) complete racist assholes who LIKE what he's doing and say fug the brown people, fug anyone who wants any measure of gun control, fug those sorry immigrants.
  13. Moo Daeng

    Bucs have best DL in NFCS

    Yes, it does look good. Lets hope the Bucs continue to be the Bucs. The inside of that line could be really really good if Vea is as good as expected.
  14. Captroop

    The Left Practicing Segregation

    I mean, in the Republican's defense, it's not like she asked them to bake her a cake or anything.
  15. jayflip

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I'd like to welcome our newest members @Cobraand @Egate to the party
  16. pantherclaw

    Bucs have best DL in NFCS

    That is a damn good line....on paper.
  17. g5jamz

    Big Brother take one on the chin

    Here's the entire opinion and if you have time you should peruse it. Gorsuch pretty much lays out a compelling reason for his dissent. Start with page 109. It's an interesting thought because it's not as black/white as it seems. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-402_h315.pdf Then page 112. Gorsuch is proving himself to be a very good justice.
  18. Happy Panther

    Donny Deutsch: Trump voters are “like Nazis”

    We shouldn't throw Nazi around because it brings most people to 1945 and genocide. We are nowhere near that of course and unless your name is Pol Pot it is hard to match the pure evil of what Hitler did. However Trump is running a fascist playbook to some extent. He suggests the media should have credentials taken away for reporting on him. He wants to remove due process. He wishes citizens would stand at attention for him like they do for the North Korean dictator. He suggests immigrants infest america. He removes children from parents and sometimes doesn't give them back (a technical definition of genocide.) He pushes nationalism at every turn. He has a VP who wanted to set up state run media. Border Patrol tells kids they are going to get a bath before taking them away (like the jews). I can go on. So no Trump is not 1945 Hitler. But he is a little bit like 1933 Hitler. Why should that scare you? Because in 1933 the Nazis used the Reichstag fire to abolish democracy in Germany and make Hitler the lawmaker - a dictator. This would be the next logical step for Trump. Find a way to establish martial law and disband congress. Then he can't be impeached! I would have said this would be impossible before Trump but it is now in the realm of possibility if still remote.
  19. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/25/nfc-south-2018-position-rankings-the-defensive-lines/ NFC South 2018 position rankings: The defensive lines Credit the Bucs with going all out this offseason to upgrade their defensive line. First, in free agency they added both Jason Pierre-Paul and Vinny Curry on the outside. Together, they have combined for over 80 career sacks and should radically improve Tampa’s edge-rushing game. They also picked up Vita Vea in the first round of the draft and will slide him in next to Gerald McCoy, who is one of the top defensive tackles in football. They have not played a single game together yet, but at least on paper this Buccaneers group has to be considered the toughest unit in the NFC South. Pure BS. More fuel for the fire. Burn baby burn.
  20. pantherclaw

    REPORT: Charles Johnson planning to retire

    Thank you Charles.
  21. Dumpster Fire who went 11-5 beating 5 playoff teams and two 13-3 teams. One of being a Super Bowl team on the road. One 5 pt loss to the Super Bowl winner. The worst aspect was the Achilles Heal being a division rival. If that makes for a dumpster fire you need to put some things in perspective.
  22. Cary Kollins

    Hereditary- new horror movie

    yes, it's best to go in as blind as possible
  23. Today
  24. Cary Kollins

    Here's a tip...or not

    I had my mind blown when my dad said you should tip on the pre-tax total and I thought he was just being cheap, but if you look at a check with grat included, it’s on the pre-tax total. I still tip on the overall total because it’s not much of a difference and it’s easier, but if it’s a big tab it can add up. I waited tables through college and some after, and I miss it sometimes. There’s nothing like the rush of gambling whether or not to add gratuaty to a big party. Eventually I learned to always add gratuaty, no matter what. That $10 tip on a $200 check stings.
  25. Happy Panther

    This is why we can't have open borders

    Crime rates go down when immigrants immigrate.
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