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  2. fuging sad our defense is getting gashed like this
  3. The decision to punt from the NO 35 down 18

    We're not coming back. Defense can't make a stop
  4. This punt and the lack of a challenge on the "first down" that was easily a yard short early in the game are just complete GARBAGE mistakes by Ron. He has been a head coach long enough now to know better than to make such flat out dumb decisions.
  5. The front seven is getting owned all day
  6. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    We are getting gashed like a mediocre Sunbelt team playing Alabama
  7. Yep, if Ron won't do it then he needs an ultimatum. Shula is gone one way or the other. You wanna follow him out the door or not?
  9. It's a problem that should have been solved two years ago.
  10. Yeah I was just griping to my family about this week. Tired of these losers. LOL. Typical Angels collapse. We had the wildcard for about 24 hours a few weeks back. Then to put the cherry on top as you said, the Panthers decided to disappoint us in grand fashion.
  11. Experiential device that compresses blood supply in theory limits concussions
  12. Exactly. I keep saying, this coaching staff is holding back a VERY GOOD roster. Get a coach in here with some balls and a good OC and we are superbowl contenders every fuggin year. But you know, JR and stuff
  13. Sean payton just out coaching us yet again...
  14. Steve Wilks get your ass outta here. Why continuebthe soft zones? They've been killing us forever so far
  15. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    We are just getting straight up outcoached. The Saints talent may not be great, but their coaches are 100x better
  16. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    This is the game thread. Not a time for intellectual debate about subjective word definitions. Of course I'm a fan. We all have our own subjective observations.
  17. Incoming Touchdown. This defense can't do anything
  18. I gave you simple instructions
  19. Yeah, like we discussed earlier about how bad things got after that first drive. It all goes back to Shula. Opening drives aren't usually that bad because he has a week to plan it. After that, it takes him until 8 seconds in the playclock to decide what shitty play to run. That gives Cam no time to look over the defense, no time to check out of the play, etc. It takes us out of rhythm. That scoring drive should be exhibit A of why Hurney needs to fire shula's sorry ass TONIGHT.
  20. Cant play zone against a HOF QB like Brees. Sitting back there and picking it apart.
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