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  2. oh poo I misspelled a word.. off to the gulag I go!
  3. No, that's really the name Trump wants to change the Statue of Liberty to. Just to put those smelly evil foreigners in the right frame of mind coming into Trumpland.
  4. Really? let me know when 10s of thousands of people are lined up outside listening to trump chanting death to iran and all of them chanting it with him.
  5. Beasley is not elite. Not even close. Conklin is a monster. Down year this year but still a top 15 OT.
  6. there is no statute of limitations for sexual crimes against minors in AL.
  7. So, hearing the narrative that Christian McCaffrey is "a wasted pick" and essentially calling him a bust for not being a "transcendent talent." So, I later saw one of @Mr. Scot's posts on the past ten years of 8th overall picks, and decided to see if they were worthwhile or not. 2007 - DE Jamaal Anderson: Defensive End drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Turned out to be a bust and out of the league by 2012. 2008 - DE Derrick Harvey: Defensive End drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguar. Also a bust and out of the league by 2011. 2009 - OT Eugene Monroe - OT drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Serviceable, but never was a pro-bowler throughout his career. Eventually traded to hte Ravens for a 4th and 5th round pick. More known for advocating medical marijuana after retirement. 2010 - LB Rolando McClain - MLB drafted by the Raiders. Retired in 2012, came back, retired again, and so on and so forth. In effect, he's been in trouble multiple times with the law, had drug abuse problems, and pretty much wasted himself out of the NFL. 2011 - QB Jake Locker: Retired in 2015. People were actually advocating for the Panthers to get this bum instead of Cam Newton. [Seriously.](http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/45164-why-not-jake-locker/) 2012 - QB Ryan Tannehill - Underrated QB and pretty good. Been the Dolphin's franchise QB when healthy. Probably won't ever be elite, but he's a starter in this league. 2013 - WR Tavon Austin - Not worth an 8th overall. Good for a few jet sweeps, but really never separated himself as a huge threat in the NFL. 2014 - CB Justin Gilbert - Another Browns bust. Currently out of the league. 2015 - DE Vic Beasley - Been a decent force as of late. Led the NFL in sacks in 2016. Not in the same sentence as the Von Miller and Khalil Macks of today, but can definitely be called elite. 2016 - OT Jack Conklin - OT For the Titans. A good - likely franchise - tackle for the Titans. Worthwhile pick. Not elite tier just yet due to average play this year, but very likely to have a solid career. So, in effect, here's the countdown: Elite - Vic Beasley (1) Above Average - QB Ryan Tannehill, OT Jack Conklin (2) Average - Tavon Austin, Eugene Monroe (2) Busts - Justin Gilbert, Jake Locker, Rolando McClain, Derrick Harvey, Jamaal Anderson (5) So, there's really been one "game-changer" in the past ten years in Vic Beasley, and the only other guy I see on the fringe to joining him is Jack Conklin. Otherwise, you have two average players and five busts. All seven in that group haven't really changed the face of their team much nor separated themselves as threats. Based on past history, the 8th overall pick had a 50% chance of busting based on the last ten years. Christian McCaffrey isn't in the elite category, but currently I'd argue he'd be in the above average. He forces defenses to give him attention, has broken a few records, and has just been a consistent football player, even if not flashy. So, thoughts?
  8. Its no more common than neckbeards and rednecks in the US that go on "religion of peace" tirades and routinely espouse literal genocide as the only answer.
  9. This guy actually typed up "statue of limitations", but has the nerve to accuse others of being morons.
  10. If a statue runs is it really a statue?
  11. Hornets vs Wizards Game Day Thread

    It's great we won but I'm guessing Malik didn't get to play tonight very sad
  12. Well no poo.. even if he wins the senate will try to kick him out anyway for ethical reasons so his life won't be easy up in DC.. and the statute of limitations ran out but that doesn't mean the accusers cannot take him to civil court which they should do.
  13. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    For grieving father, Carolina Panthers, special memory of Julius Peppers serve as a lifeline http://amp.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article186103453.html As huge Panthers fans, Weaver and Fredrick sometimes waited for autographs after practices and games, and they met dozens of players that way. Fredrick stacked up trading card after trading card with signature after signature, but there was one Panthers player who always eluded them: Introverted defensive end Julius Peppers. One morning, at the stadium before a game and peering through sheets of rain, Fredrick, then about 8 or 9, caught sight of Peppers’ Bentley. Before Weaver could stop Fredrick, his young son scampered down the hill on which they stood and right up to Peppers, who turned in surprise as he got out of his car to see the boy. Weaver said he flashed Peppers a nervous thumbs-up from a distance, and almost fell over when Peppers scooped the boy up and sat him in his Bentley to get him out of the rain. As Weaver watched, the two chattered away. Peppers began taking items out of his trunk to sign for Fredrick. Weaver knew his son also had an unsigned Peppers rookie card in his pocket, but later, he found that Fredrick had been so excited to meet his hero that he had completely forgotten about it. Fredrick excitedly told his dad that the two had talked “about everything.” He then informed Weaver that because Peppers said he went to North Carolina for college, that was where he wanted to go, too. Fredrick talked about the encounter for weeks, delightedly showing everyone the items and autographs Peppers had given him. But he never got to see his hero return to Charlotte.
  14. This isn't a job at the 7-11 he wants. You would think the bar for that job is a bit higher than whether or not he has to face charges.
  15. Does that make the mothers pimps?
  16. Wentz is at 25/5 or something, right? Cam needs to be lights out and win out to get it done, IMO.
  17. Video games are dead *rant*

    Well in that case a xbox one s will do just fine.. we won't be seeing next gen console for awhile yet.
  18. Video games are dead *rant*

    i guess smoking weed and playing x box is what people do at work in colorado
  19. yeah, if you're in your thirties and saying that you only date girls with their mother's permission you're probably a pedophile
  20. Video games are dead *rant*

    I'm only going to play while I'm at work on a 32" screen I don't think I need 4k
  21. Hornets vs Wizards Game Day Thread

    I was thinking the same thing - except he can't stay healthy
  22. Video games are dead *rant*

    Well I mean there is the xbox one x that just came out.. it's $500 tho.
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