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  2. Perfect. Great location. Just four stops away on the A train.
  3. Video games are dead *rant*

    I just got Hand of Fate 2 and I'm liking it a lot so far. Probably will end up getting the South Park game and Dungeons 3 as well. Also, I still have Dark Souls 3 sitting there collecting dust that I'm sure I'll get around to as soon as I build up enough courage. All in all there's plenty of good stuff out there without having to spend $60 on a game that has an agonizingly slow mobile-free-to-play-esque progression system.
  4. Video games are dead *rant*

    Ive been retro gaming some. Resident Evil 1-4 finished again. I have God of War 1-3 (never played them) lined up next. They look good and I always liked me some mythology so looks promising.
  5. Camera advice

    Do they make film for cameras anymore? Or is everything digital now?
  6. Just when you think Heel’s rambling had already hit rock bottom, he somehow manages to outdo himself.
  7. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    Bring him on for competition, the more depth the better the team is.
  8. Camera advice

    I want to get a film camera for gatherings that I host throughout the year. I've been burnt by disposable cameras the last two times I used them and I don't want to tempt fate a third time. Does anyone have a recommendation on a film camera? I know it is easy to use an iPhone for everything today, but I enjoy the mystery that film developing provides. Nothing beats opening up the film package and seeing a crazy photo. Most of my gatherings are held indoors, so I'm guessing a point and shoot is my best option. @Jeremy Igo, I know you're the resident photographer here and I was hoping I could solicit some feedback from you on this topic. If anyone has any suggestions or can provide a good option, please let me know. Thanks for reading in advance.
  9. Video games are dead *rant*

    I'm a huge Star Wars fan (read all the novels and comics) but I refuse to support Pay 2 Win. I wont buy the game and im glad gamers are taking a stand and hurting EA for this foolishness. From the reviews I've seen it sounds like EA made the progression system as random and grindy as possible to force frustrated gamers to buy loot boxes. I'm sick of this trend in gaming, it's why I don't have any games on my phone. I'm looking to get a Switch for Christmas. From what I've researched Ninentendo hasn't gone to the dark side yet and I'm excited about Zelda and Mario.
  10. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    He's probably not any good without the PEDs.
  11. How would this work? Is it a waiver system he has to go through? If not, is Hurney actually watching what's going on instead of being focused on the draft?
  12. The Last Jedi

    Rogue One is made immensely better by reading the companion novel 'Catalyst'. Knowing the back story of Galen Erso and Orson Krennic helped enhance my enjoyment of the movie. That being said you shouldn't have to read a novel for character development for a movie. The pacing and lack of shallow characters hurt, but I still think it's a good movie. If all the future stand alone movies can be as good as Rogue One or better I'll be happy.
  13. Yea the Bears game was just a stinker, but other two losses being against arguably the #1 and 2 teams in the NFC while beating the Patriots, Lions and Falcons (and all in relatively convincing manners) makes me think we may very well be legit this year. Of course we gotta continue to improve and take out the Saints and Vikings, otherwise just being the 3rd or 4th best team in the NFC ain’t gonna amount to a whole lot unless we go on a lucky Giants-esque run in the playoffs (entirely possible).
  14. Nothing wrong with adding a vet pass rusher for the stretch run.
  15. Dear Lightsout, I will take the pensil to let you know we are all well. At present hoping this will find you in the same. We too have ale and ran upon some dried beef hidden away in a stump. I am being treated with blue mass for that which ails me but I expect to recover soon. Your Brother in Arms. Sig
  16. https://twitter.com/EmilyLindin/status/933073784822579200
  17. 21st & Prime

    Heath is the biggest homer I’ve ever seen them allow. None of the other guys are even close. Deion and Irvin joke about it from time to time, but Heath legitimately tries to rationalize picking Saints, Patriots and Seahawks every single time and always talks up those three whenever possible.
  18. Today
  19. 21st & Prime

    Payday = Layday
  20. 21st & Prime

    Deion is a little bitch boy. Couldn't handle some good natured ribbing by Romo in the booth and then pulled out the "I won championships" in a real dick way. Yeah you did, as a mercenary with no allegiance to anyone but yourself which is why you chased a ring with the highest bidder whenever your contract was up. Say what you will about Romo, but the dude stuck with the Cowgirls even when they were trash and was probably the only reason they weren't a perennial basement dweller his entire tenure as the starter.
  21. If TO and Moose had a baby, it would be a baby Funch.
  22. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    Can he play offensive coordinator?
  23. How does anyone believe the Jaguars are a better team than us?
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