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  2. What if ...

    This free agency we don't pick up any wr and just spend big on secondary by getting a solid corner to go along with bradberry and pay for a decent safety as well . I feel like a good secoundary is what we're missing in order to have the #1 defense in the NFL . We had a good defense besides the secoundary. In the draft we can take 2 receivers and focus on offense In the draft .
  3. Political Compass Quiz

    idk if i would go around sharing that with people
  4. A good time of year for Props......

    What about your Igor alt ?
  5. Chief's to trade Peter....T. Johnson available FA

    We need a corner we should be in the bidding it's now or never for a sb
  6. anti-vaxx but also don't forget anti-wifi lol
  7. Norwell & Star

    Its not like he wan't be cashing in... the most important part is the guranteed portion. IDK get how Huddlers don't understand the basic principle of the CAP, you are just moving #'s from one players name to another one. We are letting go of several vet contracts that averaged up to 15 + million a year ----> Kalil ----> Davis ----> CJ ----> Gano those #'s can be transferred to Star & Norwell. So the deal wouldn't have huge #'s in 18 but would rise in 2019. *As always panthers can put in clause for insurance toward end of the contract (players get guranteed portion & team isn't stuck with huge % longterm Win / Win for both sides.) @KB_fan @panthers55
  8. A good time of year for Props......

    Personally, I feel that this was more pep talk for Jeremy than anything else. Some of his threads lately have been somewhat covert cries for help. A few thread titles: So.... Hi there Know the warning signs, people! Jeremy, we are here for you. We are excellent listeners.
  9. Or support what the public is asking for. Democratic voters want want the ban renewed.
  10. Jill stein ran a bad 2016 campaign her anti vaccine stumbles were embarrassing. I voted for her in 12 but in 16 she really stumbled.
  11. He'd make a lot of sense. Bridgewater is still my pick in a perfect world. I'd also consider Sam Bradford or Tyrod Taylor if they're axed.
  12. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    hasn't the republican playbook basically consisted of "call everyone to the left of jesse helms a communist" for decades anyway
  13. Well if rod says so. Lol.
  14. Norwell & Star

    @MHS831 Or resign Norwell. Huddlers can't argue both sides of FA and contradict themsleves.
  15. this "red scare" and "mccarthyism" thing makes you guys look stupid btw. russia isn't red, they're kleptocrat capitalists. they have more policy in common with Trump than anything resembling socialism. but it doesn't fit your narrative that is full of bullshit anyways so keep at it i guess.
  16. 3rd round pick for Norman

    Or resign Norwell.
  17. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    Russian / Trump collusion was figured out back in 2014 Do better.
  18. 5 wide

    Truth be told, for all you Pryor haters, rumors have him going back to Cleveland. So, this WR FA market might be looking a lot thinner than people expect. If Watkins signs or gets tagged (which still might happen if Joyner is extended), Sanders stays in Denver and Crabtree stays in Oakland, Robinson gets tagged by the Jags, and of course Pryor returns to Cleveland, then we're going to have to start thinking a lot differently.
  19. Your best memory at Ericsson/BoA Stadium.

    he was dead meat after that. the bucs collapsed to 9-7 including a week 17 home loss to a horrible raider team. if they had won they'd have been the 6 seed i believe.
  20. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    It’s funny he left all that out and wants to talk about context of pictures.
  21. 5 wide

    Ridley is my top canidate with his speed and ability to play X, Y & Z would make this offense more dynamic. I believe there could be much as 5 QBs taken in top 20 which leaves the possiblity of him dropping to us! @CRA
  22. 5 wide

    I am not a Wallace fan. Cannot make myself want him here, but the other 2 are OK....There is a large group of teams with cap room this year--we will have $30m if we cut Stew and Kalil--not a bunch. I see WRs like Richardson more realistic.
  23. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    Rosenstein has already said these 12 indictments had no effect on the election. The other indictments are false statements and money laundering/fraud charges.
  24. Dem think tank pushing Medicaire for Everyone

    this has been stallin' with p
  25. 5 wide

    Like our GM
  26. 5 wide

    Like I mentioned earlier, Sanders is likely going to stay in Denver if Elway gets his wishes, and Gruden is talking like he wants to keep Crabtree in Oakland as well. I've already discussed why not to get your hopes up on Bryant, so that just leaves old man Wallace. I just don't think that he's enough.
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