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  2. I can probably answer this. It's Wow. He's the most irritating person to debate with on this site because he's quick to turn to childish insults and acts like his logic is infallible. It gets under your skin. Makes you double and even triple down on your stance. Even me, a person who likes Landry found myself backpedaling on Landry poo just to be contradictory to him. Now I just don't give a poo lol
  3. Props to Rubio

    If you are dumb enough to believe that. You are dumb enough to believe anything.
  4. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Your still a dumbass. That only wants to see the facts infront of you. Alex jones cock is down their. I recommend a pillow under your knees.
  5. Josh Gordon will be...

    It’s a brilliant move by them for sure, but I’m surprised the NFLPA allows it. Gordon is getting screwed out of millions
  6. Wait so everyone was on his nutz in the other thread but you wouldn’t want him hmmm that’s odd maybe he’s not that good after all
  7. Predicting the Tag

    People invent their own realities based on bad memory
  8. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    The assault weapon ban had expired prior to Obama taking office. He should have renewed it as a first issue. That did no happen. So because Obama did not act in time we cant act now? What logic is that?
  9. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    And you have no proof otherwise.
  10. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    No proof he doesn't exist....thanks!!
  11. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    saw this posted on facebook. did a little research to make sure the numbers were accurate, they were. this will shut all the liberal gun control tards up.
  12. Today
  13. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    What proof do you have that a god that worships AK-15’s isn’t actually a cult of heretics?
  14. I'm in the Mood For Love....

  15. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    No proof, got it...thanks!!
  16. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Drug bans work....it makes...drugs...hard to obtain. Obama had 14 mass shootings under his Presidency, first 2 years was a Democratic all controlled Congress...they passed which legislation again referring to gun control?....lol
  17. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    People holding ritualistic cabals in the name of god, for AR-15’s. Pretty much proves what ever they believe in is false. next thing you know they will be blessing twinkies.
  18. I like Jeff Janis...good hands,fast,tough,versatile,affordable...the type player any team needs...
  19. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    seriously here is a police officer who the state has selected to enforce its structure discounting polls from oxford literally because he hasn't heard of oxford. that's the epistemological state of the country that voted for donald trump. i don't think it can be fixed
  20. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    .... So gun bans work...it makes...weapons...hard to obtain. 1994 -2004 we had mass shootings...the number dead was not at the levels we are seeing post 2004...guess the "gun ban"...worked.
  21. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    i ain't never heard of this highfalutin oxford whoseywhatsy so there ain't no way it's real
  22. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    It's always been that way...Automatics been banned for years...try...and....keep....up....lol...
  23. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    You can get a automatic gun, but it will take a year at least and about $8000.00 to do so...to get the license....it's not "banned"...as you say...I can get one ifi wished, dont want it...my line of work... So we could make it hard to obtain one. Thank you for highlighting My point. ... I ... like...when...you...do...that.
  24. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    Butthurt Gazi won't speak...love it....thanks man!
  25. Snake logic: We have a shade over $15M in cap space for next season as things sit now and factoring in the projected draft salary pool, so let's spend virtually all of it to tag a guard an pay him elite LT money! Does that make it sink in just how dumb this idea is?
  26. Predicting the Tag

    http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/taylor-moton?id=2557871 Sources Tell Us "I had to go back and watch his 2015 tape when he played guard. He was a little rough at tackle this year but that isn't his spot. Big and strong as a guard. He was moving guys from Ohio State around like it was nothing." -- Area scout for NFC team I think I'll take the word of the unnamed NFL scout over that of a poster who has probably never actually watched a Western Michigan football game. I'm pretty sure I haven't either.
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