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  2. 21st & Prime

    yeah he does, not as much as keyshawn tho.
  3. Damn...lost another dog

    Sorry to hear about your loss. It always hurts to lose a friend. Pets are the best of our friends. May we all pass as easily as Max.
  4. the ball itch is the same as the bra adjust, sometimes its needed
  5. #MeToo women that refuse to speak out

    you're a naive fool to believe they would do anything.
  6. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Just checked the definition of ungrateful. It still means the same thing it always has. It is an accurate and completely appropriate description for Mr. Ball's behavior. How predictable that when attempts to paint criminals as victims fails, you should resort to claims of racism. If I committed multiple acts theft while overseas, I would not expect special favors from my country's leadership, however, in the unlikely event that I received their help, I'd be profusely grateful. I'd also publicly rebuke any person, family member especially, that attempted to leverage my inexcusable behavior into an opportunity for self-promotion (Looking at Mr. Ball).
  7. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Your issue is simple, you can’t accept the fact that life and laws don’t treat everyone equally. No one here has justified the stealing or downplayed it. However these kids having avoided “punishment” (some may say the embarrassment they’ve undergone is punishment enough for a non violent crime) isn’t something that should get you all worked up like you are in this thread AND certainly not the president of the fricking USA.
  8. I love Twitter

    probably because Matty couldn't make it Rise Up. sorry, I had to.
  9. Palardy's story

    Butker... (sadface.gif)
  10. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    What the hell are you talking about "poor"? What else needs to be said? Privileged BB players on a fully paid goodwill tour to China committed multiple thefts, embarrass themselves, their team, their school, their conference and their country. Incredibly selfish and stupid behavior. Why shouldn't these three have remained in China to be held accountable for their actions? I would not expect special consideration in a similar situation, nor should you. This should be an embarrassment for any American who was raised to believe stealing is wrong, to put your best foot forward, especially when representing others and to take responsibility for our own actions. Clearly none of these concepts are difficult to grasp. Their importance to any civilized society should intuitively obvious. Yet, somehow they have not only escaped these three goodwill ambassadors from UCLA, they have also escaped Mr. Ball, our president and several posters in this thread.
  11. Yes and the Panthers ended their run in 96
  12. Even at 74, I control Star every play and KK ends up wrecking people, no complaints rhere
  13. That we aren't the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  14. Since the Panthers inception, the Cowboys have not even played in let alone win a SB. Thanks Tony!
  15. 21st & Prime

    i heard some talking head somewhere say that the Saints were the most complete team in the league and i nearly barfed.
  16. The Walking Dead season 8

    It almost looks like they’re setting up a Daryl death, but I doubt it’ll ever happen. This week just proved that Negan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are probably the only thing worth watching for. Interested to see what the helicopter is about. Maybe a FTWD crossover?
  17. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Except they're the ones who last year (or the year before?) decided Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen were the new face of Bud Light drinkers. They have, indeed, corrected the near-mortal error of their ways. Whatcha wanna bet they moved on from the people/agency that recommended Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen?
  18. if anything, prevent the Falcons from getting him
  19. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Is does sound like it when you say it...
  20. Top Panthers things to be thankful for?

    im thankful to have all you fukers to entertain me when ish is boring at work! <3 And also thankful that the Panthers have won as much as they have. Seriously if you told me after the last preseason game that Greg Olsen would miss 8.5 games, Luke would miss 1.5, Ryan Kalil would miss 8, Kurt Coleman would miss 3.5, and we would trade Kelvin Benjamin away after 8 games... and then told me we'd be 7-3 after 10 games, i would laugh in your face. This team has faced so much adversity and has only lost due to self-inflicted mistakes. The only game we were truly out-played was the Saints game, and we were still an offense figuring out its pieces and had just lost our main one (Greg). Our defense hadn't truly settled in yet either. yes, im hyping myself up, but you have to admit, this ought to give us so much hope for the last leg of the season and the playoffs. This team probably hasnt truly hit its stride yet. Watch us hit it in the Saints game when Greg has had a week to get back in game mode.
  21. I love Twitter

    Well played Sir, I literally just blew grits out my mouth across the table at IHOP laughing at this.
  22. I love Twitter

    I don’t think anyone is joking about the pregnancy. He posed with a #2 balloon. It was gonna happen. Lets not get too serious about it. Congrats to him and his wife for their new family. Still gonna crack jokes on him.
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