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  2. Round 2 Safety - Kyzir White - WVU

    Our last good safety was Chris Harris....nearly 10 years ago. Coleman only benefited from Norman taking away a whole side. Ever since then he has been ass.
  3. Who cares? I've seen this argument before. Someone posted the all time accuracy rankings for kickers as validation that Gano is actually clutch. But you know who else was right there smack dab in the thick of that list with him? Olindo Mare. By this logic I guess we should have kept that guy, eh? Perennial losers and losing teams hang their hats on meaningless poo like rankings. All I remember is him missing a kick in a close playoff game on the road against our arch rival.
  4. They absolutely did. I don't know what you were reading.
  5. Yes they did he was the top TE in the class, stop lying
  6. More from Panthers.com: Vernon Butler

    No, they really didn't.
  7. @top dawg @panthers55 This guy really doesn't know what he is talking about at all. Imagine if he had played 90% of the snaps I guess he would have over 1,000 yds
  8. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    no i mean what is the extra L for
  9. Funny how you pull what want out of the argument.. What did Gross say?? And Smitty was right than and Gman was wrong if we go by what Smitty says.
  10. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Oh, the irony Better to spend years screaming over your favorite player getting cut, then?
  11. Round 2 Safety - Kyzir White - WVU

    NFL Comparison Michael Boley ??
  12. Most had him as a late first or early second round pick. That's what I remember. Number 8 was simply too high. Many people had the Pats picking him until it became apparent that we were more than interested.
  13. You do know TEs PASS PROTECT & RUN BLOCK besides catching the ball. P.S. Pats #2 was Martellus Bennett who got hurt otherwise he would put up huge #'s they would have won like last year
  14. LOL at the whining idiots and Gettleman apologists. Hurney was really the only reasonable choice. Nobody is going to take the GM job with the team getting ready to be sold. Hurney took the job on an interim basis and naming him the GM gives the team some stability until the new ownership comes in and hires their people. Marty Hurney is under no illusion of him retaining the position under new ownership.
  15. Jaguars cut Chris Ivory

    With Stewart, the question is can he still play as the first string RB. With Ivory, the question is could he ever really play? I wouldn't even trade out Fozzy for Ivory.
  16. Round 2 Safety - Kyzir White - WVU

    Love, love, love Kyzir.... but I have a feeling he pushes late first round/early R2 by the time the combine is done and draft night is upon us. Dude is a baller and I would love him in a panthers uniform. If he's there for us in the 2nd, I'd take him ... fo sho! A guy I am also all over is Marcus Allen from Penn State. Love everything about him...he has some glaring weaknesses, but his game highlights (not just YT highlight vids) make me happy. I think he will also jump up boards and would be a solid pick for us in R2. Dude is a lethal hitter and supports the run well, as well as flexible to play both SAF positions.
  17. Hurney and drafting receivers

    That's your problem.. You think somebody is trying to win some fictious prize .. I just want you to make a valid argument with out saying dumb poo or contradicting yourself.. Or being so commited to it that you keep doing it over and over.. That's all.. I don't get anything for being me and questioning your opinion...
  18. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    Under that same law, Cruz was a legal mentally competent good guy with a gun. He was deemed mentally stable after examination at a mental health facility in 2016. Maybe you need to do your research before mouthing off. I’ll state it again, a bad guy with a gun was once a good stable mentally competent legal law abiding gun owner until they shot up some place.
  19. yeah, you got nothing. gtfo
  20. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Wow you are not bright. People are getting screened better and we are diagnosing better. Which in turn helps lower the mortality rate. We have a few types that are on the rise - but mainly we are living longer diagnosing better and aging as a population - hence more cancer diganosis.
  21. Well, most people do have my vote over the current situation
  22. Hurney and drafting receivers

    At least I won't spend months being a cry baby and acting like a bitch when somebody gets fired..
  23. Hurney and drafting receivers

    I don't think it was quite that easy. They had a bunch of young receiver that they thought needed playing time and could fill the void (Jarrett being one of them). Let be real...Keyshawn was 35 years or so when he was released. I don't think he ever played again after the Panthers released him. Let's not act like letting a 35 year old receiver go (who never played again and was only with the team one year) was a huge reach.
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