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  2. This is interesting. Assuming he's gone this offseason. Who should replace him? Hire within?
  3. Maybe just the thought of the banner was too much for him. I'm all for a new OC, but his timing is awful. We're coming off of a bye going into the home stretch fighting for a playoff spot, and instead of having his head stuck up his rear, it'll be miles away in Mississippi. Great, just great.
  4. Having a great time in NYC

    Highly doubt as Tre Boston started for Chargers yesterday
  5. Yea when reading that it certainly sounds like they are laughing hysterically at him as a prospective coach or just treating him like kids treat cooties. Either way please take him and do with him as you will.
  6. He’s still just a second year player.... i mean this is the huddle who called Fournette a bust because he got destroyed on a handoff he had no time to do anything in practice. Or how Funchess is a bust before he “broke out” this year. Patience is a virtue.
  7. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Just saw this new one for the first time yesterday, major dissapoint
  8. damn, say it aint so! We cant lose shula, he single handidly took us to the super bowl.
  9. The other 2 running backs had 47 yards on 10 carries. 4.7 per carry. its not Elliott, it's their defense sucking Superbad so they have to abandon the run,.. oh then Dak is exposed, he sucks. It was was masked before as the defense was stopping people and their running game and line allowed dak to play pitch and catch here and there. Elliot being gone isn't why they suck,... their defense sucks bad and Dak is terrible,.. the running backs they still have are not the problem.
  10. True. I think he proved that he wasn't a bust prior to the whole fiasco. This probably deserves a thread or two for further discussion.
  11. https://247sports.com/college/ole-miss/Article/Rumor-Central-The-Latest-Rumblings-In-The-Ole-Miss-Coaching-Search-110967840 ”As first reported by RebelGrove.com following the Egg Bowl Thursday night, Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula has interest in Ole Miss, a report we can confirm through conversations with sources in coaching, agent and media circles this week. However, it’s unclear if that interest is reciprocated. Shula spent four seasons as the head coach of Alabama from 2003-2006, where he compiled a 26-23 record and twice finished third in the SEC West.” Take this for what you will
  12. Dak is good, just gonna take couple of games to adjust losing your best skill player. They should get more designs runs for him & get Switzer on the field who can create separation. We need Dallas to beat Philly Dilly Dilly
  13. In 2012 did Cam Newton have a 1st-Team All-Pro at LT, a 1st-Team All-Pro at Center, a 1st-Team All-Pro at RG, a 1st Round pick at LG, and a 1st-Round Caliber player (we all know La'el Collins, even though officially an UDFA coming out of college, would have been a 1st round pick if it hadn't been for that weird last-minute "accusation" the year he was drafted) at RT playing in front of him?
  14. Lots of closet cowboys fans on the huddle. Disgusting.
  15. Today
  16. Williams over 4 years has averaged around 45 receptions, 750 yds, and 5 TDs per year, averaging over 15 yds per reception. That ain't bad for a #2. Beasley, over 5 years, has averaged near the same as a #3 slot-possession guy, averaging over 10 yds per reception. Last year he caught almost 100 passes. If by "JAG" you mean that they ain't #1 receivers, you're right. Otherwise, they are quality options at #2 and #3 on their WR depth chart.
  17. 1. When drafting a player in the top 10, the organization is hoping for a Pro Bowl level player by the end of their first contract. 2. Many teams don't achieve that goal. I don't think either of these premises is in dispute.
  18. Wise decision because I was coming down for the tree lighting but just found out it's not till next weekend...
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