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  2. Especially the fact you don’t even know what take home means.
  3. Yes. They are agents, pieces of a larger puzzle. They don’t take home more money then reported. And as reported the average is around 97,000 a year, multiply that by 45% and there you go. 43,000. They aren’t politicians with other jobs, endorsements, the ability to cash home their campaign funds and under the table deals. They are just people working a job. Most of them don’t even qualify for hazard pay/danger pay. And even that is still only up to a 25% boost in the most dangerous areas for only as long as they are there. Your stupidity is actually almost amazing. Then I realize it’s stupidity and shake my head.
  4. Guy who used to work there has said that there are so many people in the building working jobs that they're not qualified for that if someone who knows what they're doing actually takes control, a lot of people are going to be unemployed. Richardson was well known to promote as a reward for loyalty. Whether you actually had any ability or aptitude to do what he was promoting you to was irrelevant.
  5. Ownership options so far

    I don't think anybody other than a few fans actually has.
  6. Ownership options so far

    In the past, I might have agreed that they'd try to sweep it under the rug. With today's media, I don't think they can afford to. The NFL has already taken some huge PR hits with the Ray Rice and Josh Brown stories. They don't want that to happen again, especially not in the aftermath of the #metoo movement. Throw in that Richardson defied them when they tried to pressure him to hire someone other than Marty Hurney, and I think the real possibility exists that the NFL is going to crucify Richardson with this investigation. Now, it may not happen until after the team is sold. That allows both the Panthers and the NFL to claim some distance.
  7. Ownership options so far

    I never took the Diddy thing seriously. It was a good joke to laugh at
  8. Ownership options so far

    To be thorough. I don't believe he's actually going to make a bid, but some do and it's been talked about, so here it is. Frankly, I'm not absolutely convinced DeBartolo is going to make a bid either. Heck, for that matter, I can't find much more than two or three sentences on Paul Tudor Jones wanting in. For perspective, I found a story speculating on five possible purchasers of the Bills that was written early on in their sale process. I think only of the people listed actually ended up making a bid, and the people who ended up buying the team were never mentioned. A lot of this is being done in shadow, so the person who ultimately buys the team might be someone that to this point we still haven't heard of. Heck, we hadn't really seen anything on Navarro until just a few days ago.
  9. Ruh roh - indictments

    whatabout? I mean we just gonna skip all that to start talking about the Uranium deal that has been so distorted few even know what it was. Fun fact. Russia doesn’t own or control 20% of our Uranium.
  10. I think that would be a great option, although honestly I'm hoping (visionary and progressive) new ownership comes in and does their own thing, leaving Richardson remnants in the rear-view.
  11. Ownership options so far

    I don't think it is likely they strip him of the team unless he refuses to sell, which I doubt will happen either. I do imagine the misconduct case will likely get swept under the rug once he moves on, as well. The NFL has no real reason to push the subject because it gives the league bad press. If the media pressure stays very high, that might be a possibility but I think they are already bored of the subject because he decided to step down. Had he attempted to deny the entire ordeal, most likely they would have ratcheted up the pressure considerably. I am sure every major organization is on pins and needles while this "metoo" and/or sexual misconduct movement sweeps through everything, so I see the NFL dragging out their process and releasing the results when the furor has died down. This whole thing sucks. I don't have the disdain for Richardson that so many here do but I will admit that the thought of a shake up of the status quo is viscerally appealing. The timing could have been better. I wish this whole thing had gone down after we initially hired Hurney as the interim. Maybe we would already have had this whole sale completed and our front office situation figured out.
  12. Ruh roh - indictments

    The negotiator thing is the way he has operated all his life. Ask for $1000 so people will be glad when they only have to pay $500. I am in sales and purchasing, so I recognize some of the stuff he does. I was never as freaked out as a lot of people here cause I never thought him serious about most of the stuff he said. He is a blowhard and bluffs a lot, exaggerates continuously. I still think it is his schtick, so to speak. Actually hoping you guys were coming around:) 0
  13. I don't care whether he trades up, trades down, trades left or trades right as long as he chooses a good player. More often that not, he doesn't. And as one of our sources confirmed with our former assistant GM, had Marty gotten his way, Cam Newton would have been playing somewhere else.
  14. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    Ryan Kalil, Will Witherspoon, Charles Johnson, etc.
  15. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    That’s why I’d rather him trade picks for decent players. He can’t hit 2nd and 3rd rounders to save his life. Next we will do another small school tackle project or trade both our thirds for another armanti wanting to play receiver. trade the 2nd and 2 third rounders for players. he got Olsen for a 3rd so why not?
  16. Ruh roh - indictments

    They dont
  17. Ruh roh - indictments

    No. But stupidity isn't an excuse for abusing powers of executive office or obstruction of justice. But you are kinda correct. In fact, I have already seen signals that suggest that Trump's lawyers have already laid the groundwork to argue that Trump is too stupid to know he was obstructing justice. Bold strategy. I wonder if Trump will undermine it in 5 seconds on Twitter (hint: he will) But I am glad to see you coming around from the "Trump is just playing everyone because he is a master negotiator" idea you were floating last time I was here.
  18. more simple solution: put marty hurney against a wall
  19. No. I did read. You are talking about the infallibility of the Supreme Court. I was talking about the Constitution. There are plenty of places to read it online. That is what you patronizingly said to @Catright? Your logic is smart way to dilute yourself. That way you can believe what u want. Your interpretation is correct and if the Supreme Court disagrees they are wrong not you. That way you are always right. And you know, we all do it. I don't agree with the Supreme Court on many of their rulings and think their interpretation of the Constitution is incorrect. So hey, knock yourself out. But let's go back to the original discussion. You said you gave @Cat facts and she said "nuh uh". Well....no you're wrong. You said the Supreme Court is fallible which is true. But that isn't a fact that means anything at all. It is just an underlying fact to justify your interpretation the Constitution (BTW that was what my first reply to you said. Go back and look). @Cat actually was being factual based on current law. I don't want to speak for her but she deferred to the Supreme Court not because it was infallible but because that is how law actually works and how constitutionality of a law is determined as designed by the Constitution (there are plenty of places to find it online). That is a FACT. She said the 90's assault weapon ban isn't a constitutional issue because the Supreme Court has already ruled on the constitutionality of that law. That is a FACT. The FACT is that the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Constitution is what determines the Constitutionality of a law. Your opinion or interpretation of the Constitution means jack shyt. As per usual @Cat is living in a fact based world and you are remaining in your own fantasy world. It would not be so bad and people would give your opinion more weight if you weren't such a patronizing and condescending dick about it while still being incorrect. You talk down to people about the Constitution and law when you don't seem to even grasp the mechanisms surrounding them or how law works. And then when people are just fed up with dealing with your shyt and give you a throw away response you strut around like you actually won something. Or...when someone takes the time to systematically break down exactly why you are wrong you will give a meager "Still not reading" or "try again" or some other dipshit post because you are so insecure in your own self that you feel like you have to somehow save face to continue to impress the two or three posters who still actually take you seriously on here. Tell you what. I'll save you the trouble. If I still "don't get it" just don't respond. Just tell yourself you won. Save us both the trouble
  20. Ruh roh - indictments

    I know it’s hard to accept that your right wing bubble is full of nothing but bullshit.
  21. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    loll and you really think members of the FBI only take home 43k a year? just like the president only takes home $400k a year? and members of congress only make $150k a year? come on man. reported salary does not equal actual salary.
  22. Today
  23. I think he specifically made this thread to drive his narrative that Hurney had to be held in check during the draft because of a penchant to trade up. This information coming from two posters on this forum, and nowhere else. It's kind of funny considering Dave Gettleman ensured the Panthers had the fewest picks in the league during his tenure because of his obvious penchant to trade up, which he did in every draft.
  24. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    There you go again. I tried to give you praise and you go to the extreme characterization which seems your primary strategy these days. I said you knew more about them than I did but I did do research and know them. Which of these candidates have been general manager before. And the issue. It is this draft and this offseason. And the plan is 90 % done.
  25. Ruh roh - indictments

    Wonder if Trump can get his hands on this foreign policy tool. I hear they are top secret
  26. Ruh roh - indictments

    Okay. How does Russia have controlling interest in 20% of American Uranium production again?
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