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  1. McCaffrey injury status: yes.
  2. Baker or Chubb, Hunt and the OLine? At the end of the day the Browns are paying him to play for us for a reason. He's bad.
  3. Is this game likely to be moved considering the weather?
  4. You realise Dorsey is a first time OC in his first year, right? Didn't we just make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced HC?
  5. Unless they give up multiple first round picks it makes zero sense.
  6. So as it turns out I've dropped £3k to watch the Canes and the Panthers lose against the Tar Heels and the Cards. Wonderful stuff.
  7. He's been crap all year - can't process reads. Lashlee's simple system is all he's good for. He's just lost his job to Jake Garcia.
  8. It's funny, isn't it? She was famous because she's hot with big tits - hence the calls to bring her back in that role. Apparently she now directs them and was sick of the 'sexual harassment' she was receiving, so now they are what they are.
  9. Clemson's blueprint has always been about having an elite QB - they've invariably hit on those recruits under Dabo - Watson, Lawrence, Boyd. They don't currently have an elite QB (not starting at least, maybe that Freshman is great), which is why they don't look anything like the Clemson we've grown accustomed to.
  10. The QB is a big part of it, but just look at the Browns game. Rhule turtled up when he could have gone for the win. That's a mentality that's rife throughout the franchise.
  11. Don't talk about hamstrings around McCaffrey. In-fact don't mention any soft tissues around that guy.
  12. The Browns are paying us to play him for a reason. He's terrible.
  13. I mean Rhule is breaking all the wrong records for us anyway, why not add this one to his resume?
  14. Yeah, Mayfield is awful. No wonder the Browns are paying him to play for us.
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