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  1. And avoided jail time for rape. He's winning at life.
  2. I still think you're wasting Pitts' skillset if you line him up as a TE (in-line). He's a big WR. Don't ask him to block LBs.
  3. If that's our worst contract then we're in great shape financially / Salary Cap wise. Fitterer could cut Erving tomorrow without batting an eye.
  4. Sad times. I'd completely fallen out of love with the franchise when we had that Amazon series so I've never watched it. A behind-the-scenes look at how Rhule runs things would have been fun.
  5. The money we're paying Darnold is irrelevant. If he's good we'd pay him whatever he wants - as any team does with their QB. If he's bad he's off the books next year.
  6. Nothing bloated about McCaffrey's contract. You're paying a premium price for a premium player.
  7. How do you win Rookie of the Year and get voted to the Pro Bowl from the bench? We took a risk on Bridgewater. It didn't work. We moved on.
  8. I mean by 'something to prove' he means 'I'm playing for a contract', right? Dude is a borderline NFL talent.
  9. Let's not talk about Jameis' victims at FSU.
  10. He's taken home $400k, he can easily afford a Porsche.
  11. The current uniforms should be throwbacks. We badly need an upgrade. Move away from silver for a start. White, black and blue should be our colours.
  12. I can only assume Obada was missing his former teammates...
  13. Reid probably questioned Bell's parenting skills.
  14. You have to be able to win from the pocket. Everything else is gravy. Darnold has the mobility / ability to make plays outside of the pocket and off platform, but that can't be his bread and butter if we want him to be a success in the NFL.
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