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  1. Imagine paying the price they're asking and then putting him behind this Oline.
  2. Oh no, Kicker revenge game this weekend. Everyone wear goggles in preparation for the blood and guts.
  3. I'd love to see this offence running a Wildcat. The Oline can't hold up when there's a semblance of balance. Imagine what happens if the opposition knows you're going to run the ball every down. We'd end the game with negative yards.
  4. Well he built them both from literally nothing to 10 win seasons - he left both before he could really reap the benefits of what he sowed because a bigger offer came along. Baylor was a scorched wasteland when he got there.
  5. How are we not trending in the right direction? What you guys don't seem to realise is that Rhule isn't an Xs and Os guru. He's a programme builder. He's here to stack the roster and install a culture. Let's look at what he's done so far (hint: it's no coincidence that a lot of our best players come from the list below): 2021 Draft 1 - Jaycee Horn (CB), USCe - looking like an exceptional player 2 - Terrace Marshall Jr. (WR), LSU - shown flashes of being a very good player 3 - Brady Christensen (OL), BYU - unknown 3 - Tommy Tremble (TE), ND - productive starter with upside 4 - Chuba Hubbard (RB), Ok St. - v. capable backup 5 - Daviyon Nixon (DT), Iowa - v. capable backup 5 - Keith Taylor (CB), Wash - v. capable backup 6 - Deonte Brown (OL), Alabama - Huddle legend 6 - Shi Smith (WR), USCe - unknown, but flashed in debut 6 - Thomas Fletcher (LS), Alabama - unknown 7 - Phil Hoskins (DT), Kentucky - unknown 2020 Draft 1 - Derrick Brown (DT), Auburn - stud 2 - Yetur Gross-Matos (DE), Penn St. - v capable starter 2 - Jeremy Chinn (S), South. Ill. - stud 4 - Troy Pride Jr. (CB), ND - unknown, but probably not going to make the roster next year 5 - Kenny Robinson Jr. (S), WVU - STs ace 6 - Bravvion Roy (DT), Baylor - capable backup 7 - Stantley Thomas-Oliver (CB), Fl. Int - see TP Jr. I've highlighted the 6-7 starters we've drafted in the last 2 years. There's 3 serious role players in those drafts too (and 4 more that could develop into serious contributors). That's absurdly good. I'm purposely not including FA and trade acquisitions, which I also think have been very good - I'm a big fan of the price we paid for Darnold, Henderson and Gilmore and the acquisition of Reddick, Jones, Fox and Bouye. (I'm a bigger fan of Elflein and Erving than most too). I'm extremely happy with the way things are trending, they just need to address the Oline in the offseason.
  6. So a third of the time he's 'hurried' when our entire passing game is three step hitch and get the ball out? Yeah, zero problems with the Oline there then!
  7. Lies, damn lies and statistics. If Darnold has the 8th highest average time to throw in this league, why does literally everyone want 3 new starting iOL and a new LT? He's getting hit on almost every drop back. Often he's getting hit before he gets into the hitch in his drop back - it's fuging absurd. Any time teams want to generate pressure they just run a stunt and come clean through up the middle.
  8. God these comments....: 2001 - Weinke (15 games), Lytle (1 game) 2002 - Peete (14 games), Fasani (1 [0QB rating] game), Weinke (1 game) 2007 -[the corpse of] Testaverde (6 games), Carr (4 games), Moore (3 games), Delhomme (3 games) 2009 - [the corpse of] Delhomme (11 games),Moore (5 games) 2010 - Clausen (10 games), Moore (5 games), St Pierre (1 game) 2019 - Allen (12 games), [the corpse of] Newton (2 games), Grier (2 games).
  9. Saban ran away when he realised the NFL was going to spit him up and chew him out. A bit like Meyer will do at the end of the season.
  10. How do you expect the QB to process what is happening when he has instant pressure to deal with? Peyton Manning in his prime would look like a scrub behind this Oline.
  11. My nickname for Joe Brady is Charlie Bucket. He lucked into a golden ticket (Payton's playbook). So far he's been smart enough to parlay that into an NFL OC gig - but darn he needs to adjust what he's doing quickly because the NFL is starting to chew him up and is ready to spit him out.
  12. The Vikings CBs were definitely running the routes for our WRs yesterday. My biggest concern, and I think why Rhule said that there will be major changes to play calling and more of a focus on running the ball, is that the Oline simply can't hold up in the passing game. Every time it's an obvious passing situation I'm terrified for our QB.
  13. If we lose an NFL HC to a College team, move the franchise to a city that matters.
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