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  1. Sadly those that were desperate to draft a QB at #8 are now putting unrealistic parameters on Darnold to justify themselves. "Must show he's a franchise QB within two games or we're the Jets!" It's tiresome.
  2. I was curious myself: Trade 1: Panthers received 52,83,204. Bears received 39 Teven Jenkins - OT (Ok St) + 151 Larry Bloom - OG (Miss) Trade 2: Panthers received 59 and 89. Browns received 52 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah - LB (ND) and 113 (traded to Detroit - Derrick Barnes - LB (Pur)) Trade 3: Panthers received 70. Eagles received 73 Milton Williams - DT (LTech) and 191 Tarron Jackson - DE (CCar) Trade 4: Panthers received 109,158,2022 4th rounder. Texans received 89 Nico Collins - WR (Mich) Trade 5: Panthers received 126,166,232. Titans received 109 Dez Fitzpatr
  3. We evidently had no interest trading down to #28. That takes us out of the running for all the elite first round talent.
  4. As I understand it they've added an extra game onto the season (not needed imo) and removed a pre-season game (very much needed). Personally I think it just dilutes the product - less practice time, more chance of injuries. But money talks, bullshit walks.
  5. That's definitely what scared people off, but I mean we also drafted an OG that turned up to the Senior Bowl (which is basically a job interview) at 376lbs. I'd have shot my shot.
  6. Is that the block where he took his guy and the guy their phenom FR TE was meant to be blocking too?
  7. The problem I have with trolls is when they're lazy. If you're going to commit to the bit - which is obviously no way to go through life, but you do you - at least put some effort in. Calling Teddy Bridgewater a 'coach maker' is just absurd. You're drawing no-one in when you lead off with that. F - do better.
  8. I liked this Draft as the picks were being made, but the more I've looked into it this week I'm loving the Draft (I didn't do anything like my usual research this year). I'm obviously a huge fan of drafting athletic players, which is what we did over the first 5 rounds. I'm also a fan of drafting productive College players - what can I say, I'm a 'floor' guy when it comes to the Draft. We did both - the athleticism obviously provides these guys with a higher opportunity to succeed and develop in the NFL. Someone like Marshall, for example, will make us quickly forget about Samuel I f
  9. Fitterer conducted this offseason how I'd have done so - and I happen to think I'd be an incredible GM. As Rhule continues to harp on - believe in the process. Whatever the results, I can't fault the process we've followed this offseason; fill holes in FA with cost-effective pickups and draft BPA in the Draft. That's how you pick up fantastic players while everyone else reaches because they NEED a QB / LT / CB etc. If their talent evaluations are on point - and after last year (and his rapid turn around of Temple and Baylor) I have to think that Rhule is a sensational talent evaluat
  10. The more I watch Chuba Hubbard, the more he reminds me of McCaffrey. He's not so much a change of pace back, as he's very similar (on a tier or two below though, obviously), he's there to spell McCaffrey. We've definitely committed to the Zone running scheme though - there isn't a Power back on our roster.
  11. I mean that Rhule quote from the Rich Eisen show puts it into context - and is what I saw too. In the games I've watched him play there's two or three 'sit up in your chair' moments per game from him. Plays that only the elite QBs make. It's up to Rhule / Fitterer to surround him with talent and for Rhule / Brady to coax more of that out of him - and eliminate the mistakes. I'd love to have a better Oline (this is the reason Allen made his big stride), but maybe we find 5 guys that work together as a unit this TC - we certainly have enough NFL calibre bodies to throw at the problem.
  12. The annoying thing is Rhule is very professional and careful in his interviews - he thinks Fields and Jones are 'great players', but I do wonder what the behind the scenes view of them really was. He coached Jones for a week at the Senior Bowl - he passed on the kid, so evidently he thinks Darnold is better. Fields is more difficult to evaluate in that sense.
  13. Technically we chose Darnold and Horn. That's how the coaching staff and the Front Office sees it.
  14. I'd love to see Robinson step up to the plate.
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