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  2. Reality is, either a team has an elite QB, an elite supporting cast, or an elite defense that allows them to reach the superbowl. The Eagles, Vikings, and Jaguars all have top 3 defenses according to DVOA. ANY/A value also has the Jaguars defense on par with the ‘13 Seahawks and top 6 ever.
  3. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    We shouldve got one of the FB this season: Juszczyk or DiMarco.
  4. So what you're saying is that if Jake Delhomme was ... Obviously a dynasty has many puzzle pieces. But without an elite QB ... you're the Bucs or Ravens.
  5. Living in Hawaii in the age ot Trump

    through extensive research I have found out what really happened.
  6. Russell Wilson was from round 2. I included rounds 1 and 2 in that statement
  7. I will disagree with that assessment. The Navy will look to make a point here, and LT and LTJGs are perfect for that. One CMDR in the mix and its all below CAPT, no important heads on trial here. They really are going to have to get these guys scared straight. Running a warship at sea is a full time occupation with no breaks and imminent disaster always right around the corner. Watchstanding basics are the cornerstone of ship security and safety and these guys all failed to implement it properly from what I have seen.
  8. Russell Wilson x 2. But in reality, the list of mediocre to poor QB's to win the Super Bowl is quite a long one.
  9. What happened to guys like Peyton and Marino? Peyton shouldve won more. Honestly, Peyton won “1”. Von Miller and that defense won Peyton a second one. Brady and the Patriots created a dynasty bc of a spectacular defense. The defense of NE was what help win the first 3 SBs. You can say that the last two SBs were won bc of Brady, but not the first 2.
  10. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    Only thing Tolbert is qualified to run.. is Cam's food truck.
  11. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    From the interviews where I've heard her speak, I'd vote for her. As a former Navy Seal, I'd trust her views on foreign policy and the military sooner than most in DC.
  12. No, you don't need an elite QB to ... win. You want a dynasty? Yes you do need one. #Brady
  13. That doesn't matter. How many first round QB duds are out there?
  14. In the NFL, it is about constantly adapting. For years now, the league has been a passing league, predominantly. That is because good defenses, like ours, focus on controlling the field in front of them and, in turn, keying on containing the run game. This season, we're seeing some transition back towards ball control offense and stout defensive squads that are well rounded from front to back. Pats - they were/are always this way. They are the standard that nobody else can really seem to figure out still. Ball control. Run when you want. Pass when you have to. Do both well. On defense, it is as simple as "do your job" and it applies to whomever they are plugging and playing at the time. Their defensive line, at the beginning of the season, was scrambling to find capable DEs to get on the field and help withe pass rush to take the pressure of their safeties and CBs. Jags - I said a season or two ago that they were building one of the best DB squads in the league. They are young too. You won't pass effectively on them, but just in case you do, they've got a capable offense now with at least three WRs better than the Panthers have at all, and a power running back with a more than capable complimentary back to answer. Jacksonville even uses the FB/HBack position more than a lot of teams are using now. Bortles is actually just adequate, and is currently doing a good Jake Delhomme impression of doing what his offense is designed to allow him to do. Vikes - Keenum is another Jake Delhomme scenario. He is playing great, yes. But he has two of the best WRs in the league in Thielen and Diggs (Smitty and Moose, anyone?) and a great TE stable to work with. His line is not great, but they are adequate. His run game took a hit early in the season loosing Cook, the rookie, but they've adapted well with Murray/Mckinnon. They are very good defensively, especially in the secondary. They are good on ST as well. They basically have a bunch of lunch pail guys, like the Patriots, out there doing their jobs. Philly - This is actually worse than a Jake Delhomme scenario. Foles will do just enough to let his run game and defense do the work. I don't think they'll beat the Vikings but, again, similar formula. Run the ball, throw to your good WRs and TE, and let your defense wear down/control the opposition. It really isn't that hard. Yes, Brady is the only elite QB of the bunch, but his entire career has been made of what these other teams are catching up to. Play to your strengths, control the ball and clock, and trust your QB to make the throws when you need them the most. No, you don't need an elite QB. You need people to do their jobs. It starts with the head coach, the coordinators and then the players. If you execute a well designed gameplan, the odds are always in your favor. That is how you win games, especially big/end-of-season games. By that time, you're a well oiled machine. The Panthers fail at this because we're trying to force players into roles they don't fit in. From Cam to CMC to Funchess to any speedy WR we've tried to field not named Ted Ginn. We're also too loyal to players past their prime (I would have rathered Charles Johnson be gone years ago,) we don't give our young guys fair shots, and our schemes are poorly designed. The successes we have had have actually been because of raw talent, not lack thereof. Until we adapt and get ahead/back into the curve, we'll continue to be on a roller coaster.
  15. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    Unfortunately, when it comes to our politicians, I think we still need to adhere to the mantra of "when they go low, we go high." I understand it comes with a large degree of naivete to look at what the Republican party has become, and think that "establishment" democrats are going to be able to counter them. But what make you think Manning is that person who can? In this thread you've given a lot of thought to discrediting who you deem as more of the same, but that opens the door to literally anybody else. And you've yet to provide a substantive reason why Chelsea Manning would be a good Senator for the state of Maryland. I'm going to need more of a reason to support her than, "why not her?" I think electing politicians as a reaction to what the opposition has done just leads us a down a dark path. That's what the Republican's did. They were horrified by Barack Obama, and, to continue the Batman analogy, " Democrats crossed the line first. We squeezed them, we hammered them to the point of desperation. And in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn't fully understand." And we ended up with Trump. Trump is a nightmare. The Trump administration is a nightmare. The Republican Party under Trump is a nightmare. But in the face of that, we can't say, "Abandon everything we thought we knew! We need something radically different." Because if we start thinking like that, we're going to find ourselves responsible for electing some people who just want to watch the world burn.
  16. At least you get it, I get tired of repeating myself. A lot are judging off the saints game as well where we were playing man with our cbs on islands. They actually were in good position A lot brees just made some insane throws and the wrs literally couldnt drop anything. No corner thrives in that situation!
  17. He's making 11 mil this year counting a 4m signing bonus but he does not make 11m/year. His per year annual average is just over 8m based on the 8 year $65 million contract he signed and roughly makes ~1m more per year than Dabo. Clemson could match whatever Alabama offered him.
  18. This year is an outlier like 2012. Except for 2012 (Flacco), the Super Bowl quarterback from the AFC since 2003 has been Brady, Payton Manning or Big Ben.
  19. 100% cooperation

    I know we have a lot of proponents of Stop and Frisk on this board, who must be VERY concerned about Trump right now. When it was black youths with a gram in their pocket, they shrugged and said, "If you've done nothing wrong, stop and frisk should be nothing to worry about." I'm sure those exact same people are looking at this situation and thinking, "If Trump has nothing to hide, he shouldn't need to invoke broad executive privilege." Right? If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide, right? So where are they now? Aren't they mortified by what might be in Trump's proverbial pocket? I mean they couldn't have possibly reversed their thinking on an issue they had such vehement opinions about, right? Why would they do that now? What possible reason?
  20. So excluding this year and Tom Brady, name me the past Superbowl representatives that aren’t from round 1 or 2 since 2010. I’ll wait.
  21. The guy taunts fans after he thinks he has won? What a douchebag. Has he ever heard of the term "graceful winner?" Karma got him, as it always does, and always will - he'd best learn that lesson or else to learn to love humble pie.
  22. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Yes, thanks. I have been herre about a month and a half. Contractor, came here from Iraq.
  23. Hurney on WFNZ

    Stop listening to wfnz. Garbage radio.
  24. Lol it was your own article that gave his contract numbers, 8 years 65 million. Please enlighten me to how that is 11mil/year
  25. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-navy-homicide-charges-collisions-20180116-story.html I'd be beyond surprised if any of these guys go to Leavenworth for this.
  26. Shrine Game Update

    Known Meetings/Interviews... David Wells, TE, SD State (6053, 252 lbs, 31.75" arms, 9.5" hands, 76.75" wing) - powerful blocking TE and has been dominating in that aspect at the practices. Deadrin Senat, DT, USF (6001, 322 lbs, 32.375" arms, 9.5" hands, 77" wing) - Potential Star replacement, length and height not typical of Panther linemen (think, Ravens NT Brandon Williams build-wise) but seen as a possible day 2 prospect and played very well for USF at the nose. Able to generate pressure through double teams. Having a very strong showing himself in practices.
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