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  2. Uniforms

    I cant agree to agree with you. What i can agree with is to agree to disagree
  3. Field Turf at BoA?

    We play so much slower on turf. Cam is not at the top of his game.
  4. It is a good question. If JR were to remain owner I think there is a good chance Hurney and Rivera might be more likely to embrace a youth movement and the losses that come with inexperience. As it is, they may very well have a new boss in a few months that won't want to listen to Hurney's excuses as to why this team still doesn't have back to back winning seasons after 12 years on the job.
  5. Bucs trade for JPP

    Lordy. That's a tough one to swallow. If anything, it shows, pay upfront, not on the backend. I hate pushing money forward.
  6. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    This left out defending pedophilia.
  7. Bucs trade for JPP

    Whenever a big name player goes to the Bucs they almost always become a disappointment. Not worried.
  8. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    bragging about being in the military is like bragging about going to prison
  9. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Dowd Down. https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/22/politics/john-dowd-white-house/index.html
  10. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    Support our cops: -- (CNN)Sacramento police officers shot and killed a black man in his grandmother's backyard because they believed he was pointing a gun at them, police said. But investigators say they did not find a weapon at the scene, only a cell phone near the man's body. The fatal shooting of Stephon Clark on Sunday night was recorded by two officers' body cameras and from a police helicopter; that footage was released Wednesday. The videos show a brief encounter between police and Clark, lasting less than a minute, from the moment one of the officers spotted him in the driveway and yelled, "Hey, show me your hands. Stop. Stop." In the dark, the two police officers chased Clark into the backyard of his grandmother's home. "Show me your hands!" one of the officers yelled. "Gun, gun, gun." Then police opened fire. Clark crumpled to the ground, momentarily tried to crawl before falling motionless as more shots erupted around him. The officers fired 20 times at Clark and he was hit multiple times, police told CNN affiliate KOVR. Officers then handcuffed Clark and began life-saving efforts, according to police. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
  11. Field Turf at BoA?

    "Let's buy a team and do something really stupid right away!"
  12. Bucs trade for JPP

    I wonder what he would give us for Hall.
  13. Bucs trade for JPP

    For those that care about the cap ramifications. The Giants are in fact saving 2.5 Million in cap space this year from the move. JPP was scheduled to count 17.5 Million against the cap this year. Now that he's been traded he will still count 15 million against the cap in dead money. So this move does clear 2.5 Million in cap space this year. Reason being last year he signed a 4 year deal with a 20 million signing bonus. Only 5 Million of that cap hit had been accounted for. The other 15 was to be divided evenly over the next 3 years, however once he was traded the remaining signing bonus has to be accounted for this year. Still a tough pill to swallow to have your 3rd highest cap hit and 9.5% of your total cap going to a player who is no longer on the roster. The Buc's meanwhile are on the hook for 12.5 Million this year (fully guaranteed). After this year they could cut him with 0 dead money. However if they keep him they are looking at the following cap hits. 14.5 Million in 19 and 12.5 in 20.
  14. Not going to say it’s true but I’d bet his ego is getting a bit hurt. You hear nothing about him when people talk about the top RBs.
  15. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    I do. I treat our military as a unit that is a arm of our foreign policy and call the military out. fug the military.
  16. hmm. Maybe the fact that the DNC thinks the voting public is smart enough to know these things is one reason they don't get more voters.
  17. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    this is like saying being in a gang or being a dealer or being impoverished is just one simple choice you make like picking what clothes you feel like wearing that day. it's completely detached from context and externalities that are heavily weighted for someone young and naive where they've been indoctrinated to believe that it's the only way to escape the hellhole they're born into. not saying that there's not tons of psychopaths that just wanna waste whoever hates our freedom but this is something I would expect to hear from a madhatter type person.
  18. Bucs trade for JPP

    Albert Breer. Where did you get 12.5?
  19. Bucs trade for JPP

    With roster/other stuff, his cap hit is $12.5, $14.5 and $12.5 the next three years. They can dump him before 2019 with no dead cap.
  20. Field Turf at BoA?

    Gonna be lots of carpet burns
  21. Save the Planet....ban plastic straws

    Every single deli in NYC will give you a straw with every drink you buy, without asking, every single time. I think the NYers are scared of dirty can tops IMO
  22. Field Turf at BoA?

    That’s not good. Hope he’s wrong.
  23. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/austin-bomber-mark-anthony-condit-had-two-roommates-lived-in-pflugerville-20-miles-from-austin-limited-social-media/ nyctreeman • a day ago "Limited Social Media Presence" ... TRANSLATION: ... They scrubbed all his left wing Democrat posts when they discovered who he was. Of course if he were "Alt Right", we'd be seeing endless reports on his vicious right wing opinions. phillie_fan62 nyctreeman • a day ago Conservative treehouse has said he's a registered democrat! Figures. I think you're correct. 78 Warmac9999 phillie_fan62 • a day ago Need to know who the roommates are and if they are involved - say jihadists inspiring a crazed leftist to commit violence. Certainly fits the mold of Hodgkinson and Paddock. The Democrat leadership is to blame for inciting violence against the American citizenry. 45 • Reply • Share › Marx’s Credit Card Warmac9999 • a day ago Pflugerville has a strong leftard contingent... like San Marcos 27 Warmac9999 Marx’s Credit Card • a day ago It really only takes an event, or some virtual reality version of an event, to trigger someone who has been driven to the edge of insanity by the constant drumbeat of leftist agitation. Add to that the search for an identification in an exciting group, say ANTIFA or Islam, and you get a positive motivation for justice through violence. In addition, many of these murderers are on psychotropic drugs and extensively watch or play violent video games that utterly distort reality. The witches brew is there for all to see and the Democrats love it. 23 • Reply • mickel Warmac9999 • 18 hours ago Generally though, these leftist MKUltra freaks almost always end up killing leftists. We must remember that the MSM is the MKUltra radar signal. VIA VERDE Braddock • 16 hours ago Everyone in America knows Austin is a commie town along with All the other maggots infested liberal college towns in every state. Moreover, they are all indoctrination centers for whabi Islam paid for by Obamas buddies in the moslem brotherhood. The amazing thing is that while obama was running around with his muslim brotherhood friends in the whitehouse, the Saudis declared mbh a terror group and is taking them out of their schools in Saudi. All college towns are islamo/commies Highlander Braddock • 21 hours ago I know a whole bunch of liberals, young and old alike, who IDENTIFY as conservatives. I also know plenty of liberals who IDENTIFY as a gender that doesn't jive with the genitals God gave them ... which of course lends credence to the oft stated theory that Liberalism, by definition, is a mental illness ... an illness characterized by the inability to face reality. Just because this punk said he was a conservative on a blog post certainly doesn't mean he was, and it's plain to see that his ACTIONS are completely inconsistent with any truly conservative ideology. Very few conservatives are mentally unstable, and mentally stable people don't go on killing sprees, terrorizing society and taking innocent lives. I wish I could say the same thing about liberals. They seem to have the market cornered on unhinged behavior and many of them believe that their causes are so important that they justify killing innocent people
  24. Uniforms

    we'll just have to agree to agree with me.
  25. The Observer ran an article Tuesday about Raleigh and Amazon. But buried deep was this comment below from Charlotte Developer Johnny Harris: To read more, click here Something tells me that Jerry's old school mentality has kept the field natural. Here's to change and hopefully the removal of the shield at midfield.
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