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  2. You don't seem convinced by our defense. The Saints put up 19 and 29 against opponents who both gave up more in their other games. It's too early in the season for meaningful trends but just something to think about. I'd expect us to hold them to less than 19 though.
  3. Does anybody know where SCP is?

    I follow him on twitter , @95keeppounding
  4. As far as Funchess goes...

    You aren’t actually using the “his college qb sucked” excuse for him are you? He also only played with Denard Robinson as his QB for the first half of his freshman year which was 5 years ago.
  5. Stoppable force meets moveable object.
  6. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    Replay just started kids
  7. What do you care anyways if they block roadways, you're not allowed to get behind the wheel deputy doofy.
  8. Today
  9. How is it peaceful if they are blocking roadways? Answer that big boy.....
  10. Kathy Griffin

    Did any celebrity or regular citizen do this to Obama? Double standards. ..
  11. Armah promoted to the team

    And I've been on this board longer than you, 2003...and people are entitled to their opinion......respect it.....
  12. Does anybody know where SCP is?

    Tried getting in touch with him, no luck....
  13. Rocket Man (Not Elton John)

    I call bullpoo...name your friend. ...link his The Hill email address. ...prove you are friends with this Phantom reporter....can you? Provide a pic of you and your "friend". Shut up!!
  14. Rocket Man (Not Elton John)

    Quit whining!! You lost get over it cupcake. ..Trump will win 2020 easy. ..guess we get to hear your whining 7 more years....
  15. Rocket Man (Not Elton John)

    POTUS is your President, the other is a douchebag. ...there..happy?
  16. With this Offense? Under easy....24 points at the most...
  17. Are there any good cops out there?

    Almost 700,000 cops in the US, how many have shot anybody unarmed....white or black....can you name 10? But all cops are looking to shoot the unarmed black man...Out of 700,000, name all these gun ho cops....lol
  18. Well they had a permit though

    Name the white national or state holidays we have 10 months out of the year....I'll be waiting .....lol
  19. What does being a "Radical Muslim Youth" consist of? TP the neighbors yard but substitute their head wrap as TP?
  20. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It Follows The Omen The Descent Trainspotting - not a horror movie but has some seriously disturbing scenes Reqiuem for a Dream - not horror but will keep you up at night
  21. Losing gettleman beane and wilkes within a calender year ,while being stuck with hurney rivera and shula...let that sink in.
  22. As far as Funchess goes...

    I'd settle for 5'11 190 and Smitty's heart.
  23. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    I honestly think the biggest factor is Cam missing the entire offseason. We can't under estimate the role that has played. This offense will start to gel and get hot. I have absolutely no doubt about that. Unless our offensive line gets Cam killed. One of the two will happen
  24. This actually would not surprise me at all. Offense roles early against a weak NO defense and Rivera goes conservative with a quarter and a half to go and this game finishes like the Buffalo game as Brees just keeps chipping away and the "prevent" D can't get off the field.
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