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  2. Post more pictures of him, not sure what he looks like.
  3. Who is billy marshall? Anyone know? Just a fan or is he part of the media. and anyone know who this turd is? Hes got to be the most anoying and pessimistic fan in the internet
  4. Predicting the Tag

    Move M Kalil to G and get a true LT. Kalil problem is speed rushers of the edge. He’d be a solid guard.
  5. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I would pay good money to watch this fine fedora’d man-going-their-own-way showcase his katana skills in a good ol’ fashion gentlemanly slaughter.
  6. Looks like this is Wenger last season. Kroenke son is relocating to London for 3 months to find a new manager. Kroenke son now runs Arsenal who is Arsenal fan and loves soccer. Kroenke senior hates soccer but bought Arsenal purely for revenue.
  7. Hi there

    Keep your head up
  8. Hi there

    I think it should be mandatory to take them out at an early age. They have very few signs and if not caught, can be deadly.
  9. Hi there

    Gallbladders are Saint fans?
  10. Hi there

    That's the thing about gallbladders....they never stick around forever.
  11. Cam was at his best throwing down the field when he had the dudes that could stretch it like smith and ginn.
  12. Hopefully we can get the deep passing game working again in 2018
  13. Scott Turner: No need to change Cam

    Most of his issues stem from forcing the ball and not setting his feet. Clean that up and it's all good.
  14. Hi there

    The doc found some bad stuff and the surgery is imminent to remove it :/
  15. Hi there

    Both of my brothers have had their appendices removed. Keep waiting for mine to fail
  16. Hi there

    I love those dogs. I just bought an aussie
  17. Hi there

    indigestion is a sign btw.
  18. Hi there

    Yeah it's a good 10 mins of pure crazy when me or my gf get home and he gets out of the crate.
  19. Today
  20. Hi there

    I've had it checked. No problems yet
  21. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    someone called this okstupid lol
  22. Hi there

    Get it checked asap then. Mine had turned white and was on verge of bursting. If it burts, it can be deadly.
  23. Ownership options so far

    Exactly, Kaeppernick basically ruined his own career in the NFL, something he worked his whole life for, to speak up for injustices. He has dedicated his life to giving back to charity and doing a lot of great work. But a white sees him take a knee during the anthem and calls him "Krapperstick" when I'm sure that person hasn't done anything for charity less fortunate people in his life. But it's okay because I'm sure he reads the bible and flies the flag so no good deed has needed as long as you do those 2 things
  24. Hi there

    I think I'm the only one of my siblings that still has a gallbladder. Mine will probably leave someday too.
  25. Hi there

    Just left bloated and angry
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