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  2. Remember when he scored against the giants in the third game of 2013 after starting 0-2? Cam was that same level of hype afterwards. Let's see...
  3. Nice to see someone besides, McCaffrey, Stewart, and Kuechly have some BALLS. And how about some personal/professional pride, for God's sake? We were best with Cam being Cam and the Zone-Read. He is not a textbook, pocket-passer NFL QB. Conventional wisdom isn't always right, you idiots!!!!!
  4. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    lol, no one's afraid of you, cupcake Imagine typing this, clicking "Submit Reply," and thinking, "man, this guy doesn't know who he's messing with" as you adjust your thick framed glasses and take a sip of green tea. Quick, go find that picture of some guy getting stitches after 12 antifa goons dogpiled him.
  5. Very true. Give cam control and look what he does
  6. You have to let your QB be himself. Shula and Rivera want a game manager not a elite QB.
  7. 1st td in what? like almost 8 quarters?
  8. Turnover here would be huge.
  9. Now someone go knock the sh*t outa Brees!
  10. This makes me hate Mike Shula so much. Why does he neuter us? We look SO much better when we play faster and put the ball in Cam's hands. This has always been the case. Shula is way too often a shitty checkers player who fancies himself a chess master.
  11. Anyone notice when we go no huddle ... good things happen
  12. Stfu you were just talking mad poo a minute ago
  13. See what happens when we take control away from Shula and OPEN UP THE fuging OFFENSE??? And y'all wanna keep shitting on Cam? GTFO. Hes the solution, not the problem. This fuging pussified coaching staff and spineless organization is the issue.
  14. Luke needs to make up for the drop and get that TD on defense!
  15. Why cant he play like that everydrive? Great drive by Cam Newton
  16. Cam is pissed straight up. Don't normally see him score and not give the ball away.
  17. Finally letting cam run If he dies the he dies but we need to win and cams running let's us win
  18. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Cam just fired up the whole team and stadium with that drive and TD. That may of been just what he needed.
  19. Exactly. Thats why we should go no huddle and just let him use his instincts instead of this shitty play calling.
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