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  2. I get what you are saying. But for Ole Miss, they want to get back to their glory days. Maybe those glory days were far to short, but for them, they miss them. I agree that them getting a top shelf coach is probably out of the question. But as an SEC school, they really should be able to draw a good up and comer. The problem is. If that up and comer does win. He is probably going to leave for greener pastures. There is some allure there. They play great competition in the SEC, they have a somewhat storied history, they have a rabid fan base, and they will offer a really good salary. There are incentives for going there. It all comes down to this. What they want, and what they will get. Are probably two different things. Because it is hard to believe there is a coach out there that believes that Ole Miss is his dream job. Unless that coach is an Alum, he may not even exist.
  3. It was when I first posted it. Maybe it was erased because the rumor is bullshit.
  4. My Christmas list 1. Panthers Win Out 2. Shula goes to Ole Miss 3. Shula takes Dorsey as his OC at Ole Miss
  5. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Just like the Obama era and record setting gun sales. It pays to hate.
  6. googled ole miss shula found some interesting notes on boards https://247sports.com/college/ole-miss/Board/103605/Contents/Rumor-Central-The-Latest-Rumblings-In-The-Ole-Miss-Coaching-Search-110967840?Page=2 Ben Garrett (17038) 29 months I was asked this week about Mike Shula by a few people I talk to regularly. My answer, always, was I hadn't heard his name at all. But rumor central is nothing more than a collection of everything we hear, and as I told David before the Egg Bowl last night, if we needed something, I could put a little note on Shula. Neal has taken issue, privately and publicly, with our lack of attribution for adding Dave Doeren to our hot board and rumor central, among other frustrations. So in our note on Shula, I tried to do right by Neal, so I attributed their site. As far as confirming the report, I'll own that as simply poor writing on my part. After catching even the slightest wind of Shula, and as with every rumor, I at least went calling around. I talked to two industry people about Shula on Wednesday. One said he hadn't heard any connection to Ole Miss. The other said Shula has been looking to make a move to head coach, either in college or the NFL, though his preference is the NFL. However, this person said that while Shula would likely have at least some interest in Ole Miss, and went into a lot of detail about what Shula is looking for, Shula wants the NFL. My intention in my original writing in rumor central was not to confirm actual interest from Shula for Ole Miss but to confirm the rumors of his name being out there in connection to Ole Miss. I wrote it poorly. It's my fault. Believe it or not, and Neal won't, I, me, Ben, was going to include a rumor on him one way or another yesterday. I've already talked to Chase and explained my position on it. I tried to provide attribution after I, myself, saw him on their hot board last night. He only appeared on our hot board because we had something on him in rumor central. Here's the thing, though. Why would I choose the Mike Shula hill to die on? We don't have Mike Leach on our board. Or Darrell Bevell. Or Dana Holgorson. If we were stealing their stuff, why would I choose Mike Shula as the person/rumor to lift? It makes no sense. Either of the three aforementioned names would have been better and sexier from a content standpoint. Even Bevell, who they're reporting is a candidate but I've heard nothing at all about and haven't included. Bully for them. They could be right. I don't crap all over Rebel Grove publicly. Maybe I should. I won't because, one, I think they do a good job. And two, and more importantly, Chase is one of my good friends. But this stuff has gone on too long. I don’t get it. Neal and I have never really had a problem. But here, I'm pretty bummed, to be honest. It's all so petty to me. If there was even the thought of an issue, I don't understand why I wouldn't be contacted directly. It is what it is. We'll keep doing the best we can. We were going to run rumor central and the hot board Thanksgiving morning. Shula was included. We should have stuck with that plan. We tried to be respectful of Matt Luke and the team, which was David’s suggestion. And it was the right one. I pulled him from both because today's drama isn't worth it to me. We've got work to do. Moving on.
  7. We should be paying them to take Shula.
  8. Don’t tell Dez that. He might shank you.
  9. Time for some consistency.

    We had one really bad loss and two to the best teams in the NFL. Shula Shula Shula Shula Shula
  10. Huddle Christmas drive??

    Or we can just make thebigcat buy enough bikes for everyone instead of purchasing his 87th car. Greedy mug.
  11. I get all that. But all that, is precisely why they need an Alum to take over. Anyone else will use it as a stepping stone. If they manage to have success that is. But get one of your own, and he may stick around. Also, Freeze was considered a good hire. Name recognition, decent track record. Just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, it is a catch 22 type thing there. You need to be able to recruit to succeed. You can't succeed without those recruits. And right now Ole Miss can't recruit against those top tier teams, mainly because they are not winning. Vicious cycle for them. I have always liked them. Too bad they just cannot seem to break into the big time.
  12. See my last reply. Yeah, the SEC is generally the best football conference but that doesn't mean the middle of the road teams can pick and choose. There are plenty of non-SEC programs that are better jobs than a mid-teir SEC program.
  13. They are 65-511-35 all-time. Theyve won exactly two divisional totals since 1963. Yes, the SEC is the best football conference in the NCAA year in and year out but that doesn't change Ole Miss' historic mediocrity. Middle of the road SEC programs can't just get anyone they so choose. Not even close. Hence why Ole Miss ended up with Hugh Freeze the last time around. That's my point. Alabama, LSU, Texas, Notre Dame, USC - those are the types of programs who can get whoever they want not the likes of Ole Miss, Arkansas, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, etc.
  14. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    Well, when you put it like that...um nvm.
  15. The Last Jedi

    To each their own. Some love it. I use it as a non habit forming sleep aid. No regrets on the purchase.
  16. Yep pretty much nail on the head right there. They sit in the wings with he I told you so's.
  17. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    Oh sure. Jump in to splain yourself, after we already figured it out. Sheesh. jk and Happy Holidays to you, and yours. And don't forget your jacket this weekend. It's gon be cold out there.
  18. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    Bro....you read the thread title and OP and are confused as to who we are talking about? Yikes.
  19. Time for some consistency.

    Here are the procedures for breaking a 3-way tie: Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games among the clubs). Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference. Strength of victory. Strength of schedule. Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed. Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed. Best net points in common games. Best net points in all games. Best net touchdowns in all games. Coin toss Philadelphia owns the head to head win. Minnesota and Philly do not play in regular season. Panthers would lose out in virtually any tie breaking scenario with the teams currently in the playoff picture.
  20. Amazing isn't it. I remember after Cam 2nd year he was completely wrote off for Luck, RGIII and Wilson and many others. Cam 2nd year wasn't even that bad. I didn't hear anybody blame the coaching. Dak not progressing, blame the coach
  21. Justice League

    I'd rather see a good Green Lantern movie. Ant Man would have bombed if it had been the first film in the MU, and then we might not have gotten the rest. I remember everyone being shocked that Iron Man did so well.
  22. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    I'm talking about Captain Munnerlyn possibly not playing on Sunday
  23. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    trust me, i was confused to, but I think he's referring to Captain
  24. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    You are talking about playing time? Right? Because I can agree that he needs more reps. I don't see his name on the injury report. So this post kinda concerns me. Please tell me my Cap ain't hurt. IMO, Cap has shown to be a viable option in the running game. So it must be his blocking, which I thought was above serviceable. Or his pass catching, which I believe is at least serviceable. That is limiting his reps. I know Stew is the starter. But it is getting late in the season, and Cap has fresher legs. Let the kid get some reps. Please. Oh crap. You were referring to Capt., not Cap. Dude? Dang. LOL You got me. You gave me a mini heart attack for the Holidays. Man, your Xmas gifts must be...eclectic.
  25. Trumps EPA dream as a reality

    Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Luckily Alaska have state laws that basically nullify it. Shooting a bear or moose in Alaska is akin to first degree murder.
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