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  2. Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

    Saudi Purges Explained, With Marwa Osman Live From Lebanon What is behind the sudden purge of dozens of high-ranking Saudi princes and their incarceration at the Riyadh Ritz? Lebanese scholar and geopolitical analyst Marwa Osman joins us to give a close-up perspective as war clouds continue to gather. Follow Marwa on Twitter: @Osman_Marwa1
  3. Sorry I mixed @KendrickPanther and you. My bad. I have never given the kid any numbers to hit. All I care about is his production, and how he can make us better. There are a plethora of folks who think he is a bust already. There are plenty of folks calling him a Slot Receiver. And folks like you who question his value. After 10 games. All because he doesn't have enough rushing yards to satisfy them. All I have been debating is patience. Let's see what he does when he actually gets the carries needed to put up some yards. Then we can see what he can do. But it seems that asking folks to have patience with the process, is just too much to ask. It seems like folks just have to have their labels.
  4. So who would be our backup quarterback? Maybe soon it would be Dak Prescott,...
  5. Time for some consistency.

    That three way tie only works if the Vikings played and beat the Eagles Panthers in philly for an NFCCG sounds familiar
  6. Huddle Christmas drive??

    Those were the days. There were a couple of years that I came down to that tailgate from Greensboro just to walk the bikes to the stadium.
  7. The Walking Dead season 8

    I love the show with all the quirks, idgaf
  8. Time for some consistency.

    Let's see if the Rams are forreal. That'll be a loss to the Hawks, their division owner pretty much, the Vikings and Saints... they'll be considered a non-threat if they lose to the Saints.
  9. Trumps EPA dream as a reality

    The bears killed in "self defense" in the Anchorage area this year are at record numbers. Read more here: https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/wildlife/2017/11/10/nearly-4-times-more-bears-were-shot-dead-this-year-in-anchorage-than-in-2016/
  10. Does white privilege exist?

    It was his destiny...
  11. Fantasy Football glasses. Look at the teams who win the SB for guidance on how important it is to have an all world receiver. It's exciting, but not as exciting as winning.
  12. Time for some consistency.

    Consistency of results is good. Consistency of performance not as certain. I like us to make the playoffs and I like our chances playing in other teams stadiums. But one effort like Chicago in the playoffs and bye bye.
  13. but he was good in college...and was drafted high....and I recognize the name I agree. I wonder what is most peoples definition of a #1. Is it just the ones that get 1400yrds a year? How many of those guys would actually do that in our system with how much we run and Olsen? Personally I think most receivers are a product of the offense that they are playing in and the QB that is throwing to them. The Julio Jones and Calvin Johnsons are far and few in between. Our offense definitely needs a speed threat. Going into the draft I thought we might draft a potential outside receiver such as Jones or Godwin. I'm pretty sure Samuel was expected to be the Ginn replacement but that is a lot to ask out of a rookie especially since he played a bit of a hybrid role in college. Also we seem to like our niche receivers. We have had fast guys, tall guys, guys with good hands, and guys that can run good routes but don't seem to have one that can do it all. I keep waiting for us to draft or sign that all around receiver. Fast enough to go deep but also strong enough to catch in traffic. Big enough to compete to break a tackle but quick enough to get some RAC also. Good enough hands to make a QB look good and can run the entire route tree. Maybe a just described my definition of a #1. Either way I think sometimes we are a bit predictable based on our personnel, some versatility would be nice.
  14. It all goes hand-in-hand, the Dallas defense is playing like garbage and getting behind so the offense has to throw the ball more, and take more deep shots into traffic. So the quarterback is garbage. When reversed and the defense is getting stops so you can run the ball, the quarterback picks the easy completions, and now all of a sudden they're awesome. Personally I don't think dak is very good, but it's not as bad as it looks right now. Besides who cares it's Dallas
  15. Today
  16. Trumps EPA dream as a reality

    However if you shoot one in self defense ever, outside of the lottery. You must be able to prove it was self defense without a reasonable doubt. Or it’s essentially first degree murder.
  17. Anyone remember that Old commercial that said away goes troubles down the drain, call Roto-Rooter for service.
  18. Does white privilege exist?

    While the cops laughed, joked, & made breastplates mocking his death.
  19. The Benching of Monk if very frustrating

    That game is about a 110-104 win if Monk played the fourth quarter.
  20. Correlation does not equal causation. Doesn't mean we can't win with him. It's silly to bench him at this point. What good does it do for anyone?
  21. Hornets/Cavs

    Frank needs to get the fug out too. He's a net negative in probably all but 8-9 games every season. Kemba is our best player in all but about 8-9 games every season. It just so happens that half of those are against LeBron.
  22. Hornets/Cavs

    If we can deactivate Kemba before every Cavs game then reactivate him after the game, LeBron would rarely beat us.
  23. Hornets/Cavs

    Not really. Kemba's the only reason they won. If we could've shut down Kemba, we'd have won.
  24. Hornets/Cavs

    Kemba played for the Cavs again tonight. He always throws the game when he plays against LeBron. Hopefully the Cavs will at least pay part of his check tonight since he was their best player in the second half.
  25. Hornets/Cavs

    Yeah Kemba was off all night and we still had a chance to win.. With Lamb and Mkg on the court together our defense is pretty good.. LeBron being LeBron made a lot of contestant ridiculous shots..
  26. Post a pic, any pic.

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