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  2. Kamara was off the board 10 picks before our 3rd round selection. We even traded up to get that close.
  3. He can state his intent all he wants but he can't force others to view it the same. Fact is many view it as exactly what he says it's not. Rather than alter the protest and possibly gain support from many more people, he and Kaepernick chose to ignore their feelings on it and continue. Now they don't care for the consequences. Hate it for them. And no, Mr. Sorensen we should NOT sign him.
  4. No hate here. He's a power back, one of many good RBs available in this draft. Being objective could be defined by flagging injury concerns and the fact that he was MIA in Georgia's biggest game of the season. At no point did I say he wasn't a good fit for the Panthers. I'm talking about value. I said this last year when we took CMC. Forums are bursting at the seams with fans who fall in love with a player. Is CMC a good player? No question. Is he 8 overall good? Its a different question. If he's there in the third when we have addressed safety and corner then great. But take him higher than that or trade up for him and you are allowing your heart to rule your head in my opinion. How many times have fans said we could have taken kamara/hunt in the third during this past season? This is a deep RB class and I don't get the must-have hype surrounding this one guy.
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  6. Oh please do indulge me and tell me why I don't want him to buy this team?
  7. SI.com's Albert Breer mock draft

    i LOVE THE PICK. Has been my pick since early on. If your gonna be picking this late and you can get the best player at his postion at a position of need? Why not.
  8. Lol Reid wasn’t the only player who kneeled, he’s just not that good. He probably asking for Earl Thomas money also
  9. I want all LBs and RBs & a stoner WR that will fade to obscurity after year 2.
  10. I'd love penn st rb in the first..a second rd TE...3rd rd wr and late rd safety...all from happy valley ...
  11. As a fan I certainly don't want them pretending we are in SB push this year. Clearly we aren't so why not be smart?
  12. Well everybody knows what you're talking about...
  13. When should we give up on Monk?

    He has looked bad. REALLY BAD. He doesn't even deserve to be in the NBA with as bad as he's been playing. He's starting to look like the hornets version of Jimmy Clausen.
  14. Getting laid off in july

    On a side note: I never realized what a powerful word "off" was prior to reading the title of this thread. It completely ruins what would otherwise be a cause for celebration.
  15. This is the question isn't it? Are the Panthers all in this season or are they simply building for the future? If I'm Hurney and Rivera I don't want my first season under new ownership to be my last. This is no time to lay an egg. Hopefully, if we are lucky, the draft will address two or three obvious areas of need, but with the team up against the cap how is it going to address the other areas? I think Hurney still needs to cut loose/trade another aging, big money, fan favorite player to make the numbers work.
  16. Gods bless the huddle.
  17. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    is this ESPN..stupid thread
  18. Suh cancels Raiders visit

    He reminds of Oher..could be a great player but plays when he feels like it..or when he doesnt have an Oreo attack!! Suh will chase the money.. Not a fan..good for him
  19. "Ah yeah" perfect mate codex000000100101010100000000
  20. All I know is that NFL types think rather highly of the dude, and PFF graded him as a "high quality" player. I don't give a poo how old he is if he can help this defense. At 32, I wouldn't expect to get more than two good years anyway (maybe three). I'm not going to quibble over lesser talent in other positions even if they are a desperate need. Arguably, we need a defensive end, and the draft doesn't look all that appealing at the position.
  21. U said CHubbs!! I like them both(Chubbs & Michel)!!! All I know is we need a damn RB!! I love CMC but we need a powerback..Stewart was awesome when healthy but was never reliable for a full season!..So having a two punch again will help and prolong CMC
  22. Bidding reaches 2.5 Billion, Rubin out.

    so you are saying if I was Ronald McDonald I might have a chance!!?? Oh wait I thought you said 2.5 Billion served not dollars!! U might want to goto Chick fil A for that!
  23. Bidding reaches 2.5 Billion, Rubin out.

    Yeah, I've given JR a rash of poo on here for his Mom and Pop way of running the organization, but he accomplished what no other person had been capable of doing, bringing the NFL to the Carolinas. A lot of people downplay that accomplishment here at the huddle, but it was no sure thing. JRs bid was considered a longshot because we were up against some tough competition. Reports at the time said his group provided a very impressive presentation (the best) to league officials and that helped secure our new franchise. There is no way for me to know what happened over the last 25 years to JR that turned him from a dynamic/shrewd businessman into what has been reported in the press about him recently, but I will say that major surgery, medications and octogenarians don't always mix well. I hope whoever is the decision maker for the sale of the Panthers values the team's ties to the Carolinas enough that they make sure the new owners aren't trying to hoodwink JR. I'm pretty sure the shrewd businessman that brought the Panthers to the region 25 years ago wouldn't want to see all his hard work tossed aside by some cagey interloper who only wants to move the team.
  24. Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    It would never be moved to Raleigh. The NFL would never approve a move to a smaller market unless they were paying outright for a brand new megastadium, which Raleigh would never do.
  25. so uh what's up with all these bombings in austin?

    Brb gonna YouTube carman now. I’ll pray for you.
  26. Our receiving corps is what it is. That's just the way it is. Some things will never change. That's just the way it is... But don't you believe them!
  27. Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    I'm not saying that an NFL team won't work in the Triangle some day, but why in the hell would Goodnight want to mess with the goose that's laying the golden egg? I mean, not only is Charlotte a bigger market, but it's right there on the border where the redheaded step children of the Carolinas can easily cross the border and partake of the Carolina Panthers.
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