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  2. Yup and has nothing to do with accuracy or providing realistic content. Its a giant cash cow and money is what drives what kind of content is being put out there.
  3. i always thought he was a bit overrated. never understood the hype around that guy. only reason anyone paid attention to him at all was because of when he was OC for mcdaniels, which basically meant he didn't have to do anything. when he was here his work with the QBs was limited to "hey...throw the ball in this bucket." wouldn't be an upgrade over shula.
  4. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    ok now I think you're trolling
  5. Things that trump says

    Nope. Didn’t expect to be called out, huh? It doesn’t matter if I quote you 28 times to be honest. Why don’t you answer the question
  6. That Bills 3rd looking better and better

    And none of those were after 2009. He was OK up until he traded for Everette Brown. Then he just started completely sucking as a GM. The game evolved to a pass happy league and he was stuck trying to put together a team to play 50's style football. The 2011 draft was inexcusable considering we had the top pick of every round (Even though he traded our second away that year to draft Armanti frigign Edwards). He came out of that draft with only Cam and no other contributors/backups whatsoever.
  7. We still control our destiny for #2 seed

    This is Cam being Cam. All him, just a supremely talented player making something happen. The amount of lucky deflections/ignored blocks in the back/ trash bounces/balls that go straight through defenders hands is exponentially higher for Russell because he's a lucky human being. Shannon Sharpe summed it up pretty well, "I mean, you don't practice this. Now the throw that Aaron Rogers made in the divisional game, you practice that throw. Sideline, we're going to dash right, scramble drills, you practice that. Hail Mary, you practice that. You do not practice a guy blocking, quarterback spinning around, pirouetting, falling off his back foot, throws the ball, the guy falls down and he races 50 plus yards to set up a touchdown. No, all luck. 1000%." Missed field goals:http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2606654-a-little-luck-a-lot-of-russell-wilson-magic-keeps-seahawks-alive http://www.seahawks.com/video/2016/08/25/russell-wilson-scrambles-and-finds-tyler-lockett-touchdown Broken play 20 yards behind the los where he literally falls down and the vikings leave a man open: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGGao-AGwMI Whatever this is lmao: His team literally just watches him pull it out his crack sometimes:http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap2000000117264/Russell-Wilson-s-extremely-long-6-yard-run lol: Dont get me wrong, Russell is supremely talented. But him spinning around and not getting murdered atleast once a game is luck
  8. Things that trump says

    I agree with most of this. The frustrating thing about this is how Ball and Trump are cut from the same loudmouth idiot cloth, but only one is an elected official. This country is full of idiots (at least 62 million), but this is the politics forum. I don't care about what some "celeb" said on TV or twitter or wherever else.
  9. Mo Salah is making his case as the best player in the EPL this season. Super impressed with his technical skills and his shot placement has been incredible so far with some really outstanding goals. Thanks Roma!
  10. Things that trump says

    It is incumbent upon those traveling to another nation to be aware of local laws and customs. To do otherwise is foolish and dangerous. There is no excuse for ignorance, especially these days when it takes all of a few seconds to access all the information a traveler abroad will need. https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/go/checklist.html
  11. Hunter Henry agree 100%. Derrick Henry, sorry I’m trading Butler and CMC for Barnett and Derrick Henry in a New York Minute. Butler and CMC’s best days are ahead though, trying not to look back too much. It is what it is and I do hope/think we’ll be fine.
  12. Man at the beginning of the season I really wanted us to go after Allen Robinson.. Great WR on a shitty team with a shitty QB that can't get him the ball. Then he tears his knee up and the Jags are actually good. Now its hard to know what he is worth and how much he wants to part ways with the jags...
  13. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    You've become completely unmoored from reason. You'd make a great Republican.
  14. We’re still trying to build a dynasty here with our QB entering his prime. Their loss is our gain. Doesn’t affect us at all this year and nothing personal, strictly business to hope the Bills lose.
  15. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    And, let's take this way of thinking to its logical conclusion. How welcome do you think Americans are going to be in other lands if we feel entitled to ignore their laws and customs? How welcoming are you likely to be if Foreigners come to our country and flaunt our laws? What if they help themselves to your belongings, get caught red handed and then want to go home without being punished because American justice is not up to their country's standards? Remember: United States incarceration rate - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_incarceration_rate #Merica!
  16. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    what punishment would the huddle be cool with for being personally embarrassed by these athletes? twenty years? 30? life? stroke them with canes til they die? would that be apt?
  17. I named all of the drafted panthers WRs over the past 10+ years you dimwit. Most if not all were high-producing WRs in college. And Pilares was not just a kick returner in college. His senior year he caught 88 balls for 1306 yards and 15 TDs. Again, the point is college production does not necessarily translate into NFL production. Our receivers are rag-tag (other than Olsen and maybe Funchess now that he is getting more targets) and there is nothing wrong with that. That is why I compared them to New England, who seems to get to the Super Bowl or thereabouts every year. If you have an elite QB, rag-tag works just fine. You don't need to draft a WR in the first round if your QB is good enough to elevate everyone around him. When your QB is a stud, you can use the draft capital in other areas.
  18. Things that trump says

    The only item I can find that we know they stole was at least one pair of LV Sunglasses, which by a quick browse of their website range from $400-$2000. Then you have the other 2 stores where they supposedly stole merchandise so it's very likely they were spared at least 3 years in a Chinese jail. But semantics aside, my point here is that the President is under no obligation to help petty thieves in foreign countries and that ultimate responsibility lies with LiAngelo Ball and his two teammates. While it's unprofessional (not exactly a surprise for Trump) to say he should have left them in a Chinese jail, the point remains that these players are exceedingly fortunate to be back in the US. I think Trump only got them released for an opportunity to stroke his own ego and divert attention from the mess occurring domestically. I am of the opinion that if you break the law in a foreign country (knowingly or not) you should serve the time, with the caveat that the offense you committed abroad would also be illegal in the US.
  19. It's why Fitz has started telling he'll pay their fine if they hit him high.
  20. KB is going to always suffer from the Gronk effect, meaning he is so big opponents are going to always have to dive at his knees to get him down. Won't bode well for his future long term.
  21. I doubt that there was an actual intent to harm KB or any of the Giants receivers. DBs are going to hit low to avoid fines and large bodied guys like KB are going to get even more shots down low. It's just how the game is shifting due to issues with targeting.
  22. Alshon is averaging about 50yds a game and has the 2nd worst catch rate in the league. Torrey Smith is averaging less than 25 yds per game and has been held without a catch in 2 games and has 1 catch in 4 others. I wouldn't say that is "awesome".
  23. It's a 3rd round pick in April of 2018.......we're 7-3 with 6 games left in the season. . honestly who even cares about that draft pick. Especially with the way that picks have been working out.
  24. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    That is the reality of living or traveling overseas. I'd be beyond surprised if these three were not fully briefed by UCLA faculty well before, just prior to and during their time in China to not violate the law. #EntitledAthletes
  25. Things that trump says

    from wapo: true that we don't know or I can't find what they stole exactly, but the 10 years estimate is the max offense that this almost certainly wasn't close to being. e- your average pair of LV's are $4-800 USD. but that's not enough info
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