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    WR Kelvin Benjamin was expected to come back blazing from his ACL tear in 2015. Everyone expected the Panthers to have a juggernaut of an offense with the addition of WR Kelvin Benjamin to the mix of deadly weapons Cam would be able to utilize. Everyone expected us to be back in the game, and causing huge headaches for NFL teams everywhere. Sadly, that was not the case. Kelvin Benjamin came back, and appeared to have regressed from his amazing Rookie season. With questions concerning effort level, weak route running, and drops after drops, everyone was starting to wonder whether Kelvin Benjamin truly would be a number 1 receiver for the Panthers, and questioning his commitment to the game. His total yardage and TDs have decreased from his rookie season overall, as Kelvin Benjamin had 63 total receptions for 941 yards and 7 touchdowns this season, averaging 14.9 yards per reception. Although it looks decent on paper, you could tell Kelvin Benjamin was leaving a ton of potential on the field, and didn't appear to show much throughout the whole season. However, I truly believe the Kelvin Benjamin we saw most of the season isn't the Kelvin Benjamin we'll see at all next year. I believe there's simply more to the story than just simply regressing for whatever odd reason. After all, Kelvin Benjamin showed promise the first two games against the Broncos and 49ers, and showed up against the Falcons and Buccaneers for the last two games. Could there truly be another issue that's been bothering Kelvin Benjamin from achieving that WR1 status this team desperately needs, and is it possible Kelvin Benjamin to bring about a Pro-Bowl level season next year? Was There Anyone That Could've Predicted This Mess? Kelvin Benjamin suffered a devastating ACL injury in 2015, effectively causing him to miss 2015 in whole. It was an injury sustained in training camp, and one that struck fear into the hearts of Panther fans everywhere. No one expected the team to do well without him, or even sniff the playoffs if at that with the WR group they had. Against all odds, the Panthers made the Superbowl with a historic 15-1 run, but fell short as the Broncos exposed the Panthers offense. Amid all this, everyone expected the Panthers to comeback and do well in 2016. With Kelvin Benjamin diagnosed as to being okay for the 2016 season, everyone expected to see the monster that Kelvin Benjamin was hyped up to be in 2016. That never came to fruition. Nevertheless, there was one guy who predicted Kelvin Benjamin would regress. He predicted that Kelvin Benjamin won't be 100% until 2017, and that he would have a tough hill to climb in 2016. That guy was Joe Kenn, strength coach of the Carolina Panthers. The Root Of The Problem Joe Kenn noticed something about the extent of Kelvin Benjamin's injury. He expected that Kelvin Benjamin probably won't be 100% fine until 2017, and that it would be a process. He made such information known to WR Coach Ricky Proehl, who was skeptical and weary that this would be a possibility. Sure, this was news that should be concerning to some. If your number 1 receiver isn't expected to return to rookie form until 2017, then of course there should be steps made to monitor the situation. However, Proehl just wouldn't buy that Kelvin Benjamin wouldn't be able to overcome the setback he faced in 2015. After seeing Kelvin Benjamin's performance against the Broncos and 49ers, who wouldn't be skeptical of Joe Kenn's advice? Kelvin Benjamin amassed 13 catches for 199 yards and 3 touchdowns during that stretch, and absolutely dominated a deadly Broncos secondary in week one. I mean, tell me, would you expect a regression after seeing Kelvin Benjamin do stuff like this? Or this? Or even this? The first two games showed a Kelvin Benjamin everyone was familiar with. A big body receiver who makes some of the most insane catches and uses his body to his advantage. A huge disadvantage to any secondary or corner to try and take down. This is the Kelvin Benjamin we all loved and hoped to see all year. This wouldn't last long. Later on in the season, Kelvin Benjamin would go through a very depressing stretch of games, beginning with his no-show against the Vikings. Against the Vikings, Kelvin Benjamin amassed zero yards total. Zero. Not only that, he was only targeted once the whole game. When losing and struggling, you'd think the Panthers would look to their number 1 receiver as the answer, but that was never the case. Kelvin Benjamin came out of that game not contributing in anyway that would benefit the Panthers. It got worse as the Panthers faced the Saints for a second time, beginning a 5 game stretch of amassing a disappointing combined 10 catches for 158 yards and one touchdown. Kelvin Benjamin began growing greatly distraught - even to the point where he was benched for a stretch of plays against Oakland. This was not the type of season Panther fans expected from their returning #1 WR. Soon, Ricky Proehl finally admitted that Kelvin Benjamin had regressed in 2016, and that Joe Kenn was right: Kelvin Benjamin wasn't physically ready yet for an NFL season. Armed with this information, it clarifies the root cause of Kelvin Benjamin's disappointing season. With the swelling that began to occur in his knee, Kelvin Benjamin was soon limited in his abilities and what he could do. The fact it affected his development in training camp, along with his ability to practice further explains his lazy route running and low effort that seemed to radiate from him. With his leg still bothering him, Kelvin Benjamin just wasn't able to have the impact most would've liked to see from him. It appeared that Kelvin Benjamin may never truly become a dominant WR1 for the Panthers. However, Kelvin Benjamin set to prove that idea wrong as he came upon the last two games of the season. The Comeback Kelvin Benjamin appeared to have a spark as the last two games came into fruition. He showcased glimpses of the powerful, huge WR we all know and love as he led a campaign against the Falcons and Buccaneers. Although both games ended up as a loss, you still can't deny the effort level Kelvin Benjamin presented in both games, and how he looked like an absolute monster on the field. Against the Falcons, he would only have 4 catches in total, but with a total gain of 63 yards and 1 TD. On paper, this doesn't seem like much, but his impact on the field was huge. Kelvin Benjamin would begin making nice grabs and plays for the Panthers. He seemed to look like his old self on the field, as he made an insane catch into the endzone for a touchdown. Kelvin Benjamin would finish on a pretty strong note in that game. However, he wasn't done just yet. Against the Buccaneers, he would come out with 6 receptions for 93 yards and another TD, with 3 catches during a crucial drive that may have helped the Panthers win the game if it weren't for Olsen saving us the 8th overall pick. He would make some nice grabs and catches in that stretch, and finish it off with another one of his trademark touchdowns. This is the Kelvin Benjamin we were all hoping to see all season, yet apparently only decided to show up in the last 2 games of the season. The dominant, huge WR we all hoped would comeback and show up finally did for the last two games of the season. What triggered the release of this monster we all know and love? Simple. He got healthy. Proehl soon noticed that Kelvin Benjamin was getting healthier towards the end of the year, and it showed. Kelvin Benjamin's knee finally stopped acting up, and his performance shot up. He was no longer a wimp or a burden for the Panthers, but a solid contributor. When he got healthy, he began to show his talent and potential as a #1 receiver. When healthy, Kelvin Benjamin produces like no other. His frame and body gives him a huge advantage against any corner, and his power allows him to win contested catches for positive gains. The first two games and last two games showcased the real Kelvin Benjamin, and what he really looks like. So, beyond that, how does Kelvin Benjamin work to improve himself and ensure he reaches that goal of being our franchise WR? The Desire To Improve And Get Better Kelvin Benjamin knows he can be better, and he knows he has to work to get to that point. With that realization in mind, Kelvin Benjamin plans to work himself up to NFL shape and come prepared for the next season. Proehl mentioned that he believes Kelvin Benjamin plans to work hard throughout the offseason. He makes mention of some of Benjamin's plans to get better. Weight is something a lot of Panthers have bashed Kelvin Benjamin about. Looking sluggish on the field, many assumed it was due to a lack of conditioning and too much weight that hindered Kelvin Benjamin. Proehl also mentions he plans to personally work with Kelvin Benjamin and other receivers to get better this offseason. Not only that, but Kelvin Benjamin plans to help turn himself more into a leader-role rather than a nuisance. He admitted that he wasn't ready for that role coming out of Training Camp. He mentioned that he plans to turn himself around, and become a leader-like presence in the locker room. Proehl emphasizes Kelvin Benjamin's desire: The Restart With Kelvin Benjamin likely to finally be back fully healthy in 2017 - as predicted by Joe Kenn - Kelvin Benjamin will finally be able to fine-tune his technique during training camp, and not be limited in any role or way. With his plans to improve himself physically and mentally this offseason, there's no doubt in my mind that Kelvin Benjamin will be back in form for the 2017 season. With glimpses of greatness shown in the last two games, there's already precedent to assume that Kelvin Benjamin will likely have a comeback season and assume the role as our #1 wide receiver. This journey will not be easy. There's still a lot of hard work that Kelvin Benjamin must do during the offseason to achieve that goal. But the potential and desire is there, and Kelvin Benjamin knows 2016 was not what he truly is as a receiver. With everyone rooting for his true return, Kelvin Benjamin will work hard and improve himself. In an effort to restart his career, and become the wide receiver Gettleman and the Panthers envisioned as they selected him in the first round of the 2014 draft.
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    I tried my best to tolerate him. I really did. oh well
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    So, amid the amazing flood of moves Gettleman has done the past 24 hours, there's one particular signing that I believe may pan to be one of our most significant ones. You may argue that bringing Peppers back, getting Captain Munnerlyn on a 4 year deal, having another Charles Johnson, having a solid veteran in Mike Adams, or even grabbing Matt Kalil are our key signings this offseason, but there's just one guy we grabbed that I believe will have a huge impact. His name is Russell Shepard. Now, I know many of you were probably like "who dat" when you saw his name pop up as a potential Panther. I probably would've been the same, if it weren't for the fact I grabbed him for a couple weeks in fantasy. He rose through the depth charts and became a solid contributor for the Bucs. However, he's not just a WR. He's also a solid ST gunner who just happens to be one of the key leaders in Tampa. He's very highly regarded in Tampa, and his work ethic and strive to get better was something that seemed to radiate on everyone. He worked pretty dang hard to achieve to the point where he has now, and the sky's the limit to where he can be. Tampa Bay fans certainly are not happy to hear about this move at all. They truly do believe this guy is something special. Take a look at a comment I came across: Currently, his role is comparable to Philly Brown, but I dare say his upside is to work his way to Steve Smith's level. Now, I'm not saying he'll become anything that Steve Smith was - Smitty is certainly a legendary player that comes once in a lifetime - but it's fair to say his improvement from his ground to his ceiling is very likely to be high. So, how will he have an impact day one? Well, take a look: Impact: Special Teams Ace Our special teams have always been mediocre. It's dull, it's boring, and it's average. Nothing special, except a lot of stupid mistakes. The only bright spots were Vernon Butler beasting last year, Jeremy Cash's role, and MVP GOAT P Andy Lee prior to his injury. Other than that, it's a joke. How can we fix this dilemma? Simple. Sign someone who has leadership in that area and thrives in it. Remember that time when Ginn decided to trip over Teddy Williams, causing a huge fumble against the Bucs? Well, you'll never guess who was there to gun for it. I've never seen a guy fall over that fast to snatch a ball. Russell Shepard turns into the flash for a split second and snags the ball Ginn fails to achieve. He showcases good position to make a play, and grabs the ball when the opportunity presented itself. He's done stuff like this for a while, and he's real good at it. There's a reason he's highly regarded as a ST ace for the Buccaneers, and how he led them to be 4th in opponent punt coverage average. He brings physicality, will, and leadership to a ST team group that desperately needs it. With our ST standout Cash making his name known on our group, Shepard would help complement his play with his leadership and skill. Certainly a substantial upgrade in that area. Impact: Route Running Around these parts, route running is a rarity. You got Funchess who seemed to only be able to run routes when he's practicing in training camp. You got Kelvin Benjamin who's like "fug it" and runs a sluggish whatever-you-call-it, and you got everyone else. The only guy on the team who can run anything worth a piece of crap is Olsen. That says a lot. Enter in Russell Shepard. Check out this route he runs down here: Blows off the 49er corner with a solid route to make a nice grab in the endzone. This is some solid route work here. He makes a play by showing off his football route tree against this corner, and it pays off. You don't normally see this level from Carolina receivers, but Shepard brings that aspect with him. Solid guy who can run some routes. Check out another play: In this instance, Jameis Winston throws another one of his erratic throws that he always loves doing. So, how does he get bailed out? Russell Shepard adjusts to his mistake and turns it into a positive. He adjusts himself and his route to accompany Winston's error to turn this play into a good gain. Shows yet again decent feel for the flow of the football game and his ability to bail his QB out in the case of accuracy issues. I don't know about you, but Cam was pretty inaccurate last season. Adding Shepard as his "spell-check" to the offense certainly will help bring back confidence in Cam as he's able to throw to a reliable route runner. Impact: Deep Hitch Route Running In case you didn't notice, Carolina loves using deep hitch routes. It's a staple; our offense predominantly uses that route to gain yardage and make good plays. If you're going to be a Carolina WR, you're going to have to be able to run that route well. Luckily for us, Shepard is really good at that. Take a look at this one: Shepard a deep hitch in space and gets good YAC against the 'Aints secondary, getting a nice gain and completion for the Bucs. Showcases good route running and technique, and catches the ball for a solid gain. This is seen multiple times as his favorite go-to route, and it's something the Panthers just love using. Check out another deep hitch route: He begins by running out and hitting the top real nicely on the deep hitch route. You watch him quickly set up the hitch and play as the corner flies by past him. He plants himself well to make the catch and go for the YAC. Shows good technique and skill in achieving this result. Seems to be a common theme in his good plays when he runs deep hitches, and something our offense loves. I guarantee you Cam will be loving this guy on our team as one of his go-to options. Solid contributor as a route-runner in our scheme. Endgame: Is He Worth It? Yes. He brings leadership and maturity to a section of our team that desperately needs it. He brings about solid route running with potential to be really great. A solid guy the Bucs hated to lose, but a huge gain for us. Don't sleep on this latest installment of Gettlemagic. This guy looks like he can be something.
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    Never gets old. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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    I was Stationed at SJAFB in Goldsboro from 1992 to 1995. I had 3 mentors that took me under their wing during that time. One was MSgt. Barrett who refereed (sp?) HS basketball games when he could. I drug his ass to work for over a month in "93 when he had car trouble. Anyway, he knew/knows Carter and Pep from their pre-UNC days and their whole fam damilies. I am a Dookie and never gave a ***. I have never lost touch with him even when we had to write snail mail letters. He is not my bestest friend but we have never gone over a month without contact. He texted me tonight tonight and said Julius is coming back to the Panthers, period. He said 3 different family members he still knows said it was a done deal. If I am wrong just ban my ass forever. The MFer has to be at least 70 by now. I don't know what his motivation would be to lie. Please don't beat me to a pulp. No poo he knows the family, still lives in Goldsboro and they have confirmed he is coming back.
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    Thank you, Jeremy, for running such a fabulous forum. I Still remember when you started this forum back in 2002-2003 for friends after the Panthers.com shut down its official forum and you opened the door to random strangers to share their opinions and continue the growth of Panthers franchise. After multiple hacks and crashes due to traffic overload, you never quit or give up on Panthers fans and continue to innovate. You moved to a new server and build a better website so we can enjoy this awesome experience. I met you in person multiple times and you are always chill and awesome to talk too. To put it in one sentence, you are an amazing person. You gave Pro Members an ultimate experience when you threw a party at your place and invited Josh Norman to watch draft with us. You are the best forum owner and you deserve a huge appreciate for all you do for this community. Thank you sir!
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    I think this is very cool for a few reasons. First, you have a guy with character questions last year at this time dedicating himself to his religion, one where he should aspire to be the best person he can. But even more cool is who's baptizing him--TD. This is a very personal and important thing to most people who do it, and Worley is giving TD the privilege of performing it. I think our locker room is going to be pretty solid for as long as he wears the uniform.
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    Another thing that's obvious: The Falcons Blew a 25 Point Lead In The Superbowl
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    I like living in a world where our backups are Saints starters.
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    Probably the Patriots trying to trade back Kony Ealy
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    "I don't have to be the guy that catches every pass.." We know.
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    REPORT: The Falcons Blew A 25 Point Lead In The Superbowl
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    Lol at the arm chair GMs. We got a stop gap LT that: A) is not named remmers B) doesn't have a career ending concussion C) should help keep Cam on his feet Dafuq you simple bitches want from this market of FA LTs?
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    are we sure it's not just a connecting flight
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    Im sure a few of you have Instagram and caught Philly Brown posting this: Davis responded to make sure Philly didn't forget where he got his start: Why doesn't this man have a statue yet? He bleeds black and blue.
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    what did you guys expect him to say? Thanks for the money, fug Drew Brees, Carolina 4 Life?
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    Remember when we weren't going to do anything in FA and that we're only settling for mediocre?
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    FA hasn't even officially started yet. We're signing depth guys to contracts that are easily voidable aside from CJ who will be taking slightly under his market value for a Vet with his track record and production. Remember Tiquan Underwood? Cason? Decoud? Both Boykins? All signings that were easily cut because they got contracts that were minuscule and didn't hurt us long term. Stop acting like these are Hurney contracts that screw us for years to Come. We're bringing back depth guys whose contracts ran out, nothing more, nothing less. Bersin, Jones, Whitaker, Horton, etc. can all be cut easily if and when we sign or draft players at those positions who have higher upsides or deserve the roster spots. It's depth. We aren't going to ask them to be starters and play every snap. When something better comes along they will be replaced. Chill. Damn.
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    I respect you as a poster, but if I have to hear about McCaffrey being a better value back over Leonard Fournette again, I'm gonna go nuts (Jeremy wrote a shitty article today saying the same stupid s h i t). Leonard Fournette is the best RB prospect in years. If he falls to 8, we need to take him, if not him Adams. That's the only two at that point.
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    the only thing drew brees can extend
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    poo, I'd love if we re-signed Remmers. We need tackle depth something fierce and he has experience on either side. I don't necessarily want him starting, but a dude with his kind of experience is invaluable. People around here act like he was Byron Bell levels of bad, and that just wasn't the case. He was an average at best RT and a below average LT. Bell was below average at best at RT and the worst in the league at LT. I'd welcome Remmers back with open arms if it were a backup contract.
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    I hope we give him a 1 day contract so he can come home to retire.
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    1.) On his role with the team: “We haven't really talked about that.... I can say this: It's not one of those situations where I'm coming back for a farewell tour. I'm coming back to play, and I'm coming back to try to make some things happen. So my expectation is to be out there and be productive.” 2.) On whether he was hurt by what fans said about him in 2010 when he left Carolina: “To say I was hurt was a little bit of an overstatement. I was a little bit confused.” 3.) On tossing a touchdown ball away from Cam Newton in Charlotte while he was a member of the Green Bay Packers: “When I did those things... even (in 2015) with Cam, throwing the ball, all of that stuff is done in fun, showmanship, the competitive spirit.... It's never personal with me.” 4.) On leaving North Carolina in 2010 for Chicago in part to get more under-the-radar and out of his homestate: “That was part of it. I needed to step away for my personal growth and development.... When I went to Chicago, there was Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman -- those guys were fixtures... I went out, I saw those things, I grew... I've become a whole different person.” 5.) On Cam Newton: “I think he's a phenomenal talent and a great athlete.... I'm happy that he's going to be on my side now. But it's a great thing to be able to come back and be able to mesh the ‘old school’ with the ‘new school’ and have everybody together at least for one season. I think it's going to be a cool thing for everybody to see.” 6.) On whether he might play beyond the 2017 season: “Well, right now, I'm taking it one year at a time. At the end of the year if I still feel good, than why not?” http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article138610368.html Great interview by Pep. He's extra early too. Check out this tidbit below: I guess you could say he had some "pep in his step" this morning.
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    You have some slow boring times coming up between free agency/the draft and training camp. Feel free to make you crap threads then. If you do not comply I will throw you out quicker than Trump at a Cinco de Mayo party.
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    Literally cleaning house would entail sponges and mops. They are figuratively cleaning house.
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    You and Mr. Peppers have residence in Mooresville, welcome to the community, when is the cookie baking sale taking place? Will your kids be attending the same school as my boys, can they car pool?
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    also don't forget the falcons blew a twenty-five point lead in the super bowl
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    Lmao. People complain when we don't sign an LT. People complain when we do sign an LT. Some of you are hilarious.
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    Here's hoping for a Panthers logo in the center of the field when they are done.
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    If you complained about inexperience in the secondary last year, and are now complaning about signing a veteran pro bowler, you might be a shitposter.
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    Am I crazy for thinking this isn't that bad a contract? Ends up being 5 million a year if he doesn't work out. If he does work out were paying 11 million for a staple at LT. Left Tackles who can play aren't cheap, fellas. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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    With Oher likely gone? Absolutely frigging yes.
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    In the flurry of moves Gettleman made last week during the first wave of free agency, he managed to grab a guy by the name of Charles Johnson. No, not our CJ. Minnie's CJ. Charles Johnson. WR Charles Johnson was a guy who seemed invisible in one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Once considered as a hopeful speedy deep threat for the Vikings, he seemed to barely contribute to anything worthwhile on that offense. After all, if you couldn't perform at a high level in one of the league's worst offenses, what says you can ever make an impact in the NFL? Well, I believe there's more to that story. When considering his film from last year, one thing clearly stands out - the kid isn't getting enough opportunities. Whether it's because the Vikes' oline can't block long enough for deep plays, or due to Bradford's incompetence as an NFL quarterback, he hasn't been able to break out and prove he truly could be a threat. In the following, I break down a few plays that bring to light the potential Charles Johnson brings, and how the Vikings hindered that. Now, that's not to say he does have some stuff to work on - which I'll also allude to - but he's certainly capped in his total potential. Without further ado, here's my case for Charles Johnson (I'll call him CJ2 in some instances): Source Video: My Thoughts + Breakdown If you watch the source video, you'll likely be shocked at how many missed opportunities Charles Johnson had. Not only was he limited in how many deep routes he ran on instances, his QB couldn't simply accurately pass to his deep target. Below is an example of such: You'll notice Charles Johnson is wide open, yet Bradford was unable to nail him. Charles Johnson breezes by the corner, yet the Viking's o-line and Bradford failed him. Certainly not the most encouraging thing to see for any offense. But I want you to notice that Charles Johnson is capable of getting open. In the above play, he shows to clearly whiz past the corner on a deep route and get open. Had Bradford nailed that pass, it would've been a walk in touchdown. Sadly, that was not the case. Charles Johnson does show promise as a deep threat, and I just believe he's been hindered from showcasing that. However, that's not to say he didn't get some chances. Take a look at below: He presses the corner then gets open deep for a huge gain, showcasing good speed and capability as a deep threat. Had that pass not been overthrown and if he were able to keep stride, it would be a walk in touchdown. He has capability to become a deep threat; something the Panthers need with the loss of Ginn, and I believe Gettleman took care of that perfectly. Charles Johnson certainly looks like the guy for the part. Another example of potential CJ2 brings, but Minnesota hampering it: In this play, Minnesota shows yet again its incapability of throwing the ball deep. With CJ2 speeding past the corner and wide open, Bradford under-throws/miss-times the ball to make it a no play. CJ2 was forced to slow down to compensate for such terrible QB play, which resulted in the corner easily catching up. This should've been an easy walk-in touchdown from Charles Johnson, but Minnesota can't time the ball right for him. The result of such was a dud play. One thing that's consistent in these videos is how bad Minnesota was at throwing the deep ball. Most of CJ2's failures came from the Vikings overthrowing or underthrowing many passes. They just don't hit on his potential well whatsoever. CJ2 is also capable of running horizontal routes and beating the coverage. Check out this play: CJ2 lines up to the left of Bradford and zooms by past the corners and linebackers to get open for a good chunk of yards. His speed helps whiz him by traffic and make a terrific grab near the boundary. There wasn't much near him to take away that catch whatsoever. A solid play. What the Vikings seem to use him in the most are in these type of short passes. Here's one example: They try and utilize his speed in this way, but I just think that's to help compensate for Bradford's arm. You'll find a lot of these style of plays where CJ2 is misused - in my opinion - rather than utilized for the deep threat he is. However, he does have some issues, particularly in quick short throws. Here's one example: In this play, CJ2 attempts to catch with his body or whatever and fails miserably. The result is a play that could've easily ended up as an interception. This is not what you want when you have your WR running a quick route like that. Even so, he still is pretty reliable overall. He does show better hands than Ginn, and he still makes plays that he'll likely be used for. However, he sometimes shows inability to beat corners when challenged. Here's an example of a jump-ball where he couldn't win: When going against a corner in tight coverage, he wasn't able to win the battle. Now, this is what is to be expected due to the fact he's not Funchess or Benjamin. He's not the WR we expect to be able to win those battles all the time. So, considering that, he'll likely not be the guy we look for in a situation like this. What he does show is a guy who can run routes and get open deep. A guy who will be able to beat corners with speed and win with a QB throwing him those bombs downfield. Cam Newton is known for being one of the best in the league at that, so I have no doubt CJ2 will see his potential unleashed. Conclusion WR Charles Johnson will be the perfect replacement for Ginn. He has the speed and skill to be a deep threat and beat corners with speed and get open. Paired with Cam Newton, he should be able to shine. He has more reliable hands in comparison to Ted Ginn, and he shows he's able to turn on the afterburners and rip past secondaries and defenses with his athleticism and speed. On the Panthers, he's our speed option we'll use to get defenses to respect us. His film shows he's been misused far too often, and his QB can't hit him deep to save his life. His potential is being capped due to the Vikings inability to utilize him for the deep threat he is. The knock on him is his sloppy route work. When it comes to technical routes with pieces and sharp cuts, he can't hit them right. Because of that inability, he'll often get little separation as a result of lagging in that area. Due to this, his ceiling isn't really high, and I'd argue lower than Shepard's. His ability as a deep threat and straight line route runner is real solid, but as a technical route runner - not so much. CJ2 may have looked like he underperformed on paper, but the film shows the Vikings made him underperform. On the Panthers, I see his career being revitalized and him being a consistent good deep threat for 2017. He's a perfect plug with a QB who can throw deep, and I have no doubt his production will make us miss Ginn less.
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    Very good backup. Good to have him back. Outplayed Soliai last year imo
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    Solid vet rotation with familiarity in the system. If he doesn't work out, we can trade him to Seattle to play RB.
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    I haven't been this excited about free agency since the Falcons blew a 25 point lead. We got Captain, we got Peppers, we got 2 solid WRs, we got a pro-bowl Strong Safety today AND we have Kalil's brother. Life is good.
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    First ever Carolina Panthers USO tour. I met them at Panzer Barracks, Germany! ir was crowded and getting the pics was kinda hectic, but I got to talk to Trae for quite a bit will all things considered. Very professional and nice guy. It meant a lot that he gave my son and I the attention that he did. All five players were great to meet, and my son had a good time too. Im hoping this will get him hooked. Funny note, my son completely blew off the Topcats who came.
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    So, Dalvin Cook bench pressed 22 times, and Fournette had 21. And Fournette did nothing? So, because of this. We need to Draft Cook? WOW. This is some astute logic.
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    Hey all, A few of you have been very kind to let me know you miss some of the data analysis I used to do, and in particular, to ask if I can do some similar roster analysis by position groups as I did last year in the offseason. I'm just beginning to see quite a lot of light at the end of the tunnel in terms of a lighter workload with my job, after a pretty insane 6-8 months, and looking forward to doing some roster analysis very soon... Toward that end, I was browsing around some of the Panthers pages at Spotrac tonight. Spotrac is not a site I usually spend a lot of time on, except this time of year. It's probably been 8 - 10 months since I've been over there. It looks to me as if they've revised the site a bit. I landed on a page which looked quite different from what I remembered, and which I found VERY VERY helpful in giving a quick "at-a-glance" overview of how things stand in terms of contracts & free agents, position by position. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/ Here are a couple of the facts that just JUMPED off the page at me. Shocking Observation #1 I was STUNNED to see how little we're paying for WR. Of course Ted Ginn is a pending free agent, so this could change fairly soon if we re-sign him, but even so, we're investing much less at WR than ANY OTHER POSITION on the team, only 4.8 million contracted for this position right now for 2017, which is really surprising for a position where we usually have 5 or 6 players on the 53. Heck, we're spending nearly twice as much for SPECIAL TEAMS than WR! Yikes. Looks like an open door for bringing in some new talent, which we sorely need. I wonder if we have been spending near the least on WR in the league? Might be interesting to research... Maybe I just find this particularly shocking in comparison to the Antonio Brown signing. 1 player getting 4 times what our whole current WR corps is getting. Wow. Here's a closer look at the WRs on our Roster. This is clearly a position where we're back in re-build mode after high hopes last offseason that we were developing some good talent and stability after a few years of churning. It didn't happen. Yes, I think some of the guys like Damiere Byrd, Key Garrett, and Philly Brown still have lots of upside, but really, at least in terms of proven players, pretty much apart from KB we have a clean slate... Funch certainly is not yet proven. He didn't have a good year in 2016. I'm not as confident about him as I was following his rookie season... Looking at the above, I really HOPE we do re-sign Ted Ginn for a reasonable amount. YES, bring in new blood and competition too both via free agency & the draft, but without Ginn we would have HUGE holes at WR. Shocking Observation #2: Counting pending free agents, we currently have an INCREDIBLE total of 18 Olinemen on the roster, Yes, 18, including 8 tackles, and yet even amidst all those bodies we don't have much talent or any certainty at EITHER RT or LT. NO CERTAINTY at all. Of course a lot of these guys are just camp bodies / practice squad guys and many may soon be gone..., but truly this is a position disaster, and it looks like our Front Office is just throwing up stuff onto the wall and hoping something sticks - or hoping they find a diamond in the manure pile. (Granted, they did a pretty good job sniffing out Andrew Norwell, and also Tyler Larsen as a potential backup Center looked very solid and rose from the heap. Really hope we keep him... but Cs and Gs are much easier to find than franchise Left Tackles.) We can't assume Oher will be back. We MUST assume he's likely not going to play. Remmers has proven to be a liability, (although I'm ok if we re-sign him as depth and potential back up at both RT and LT if D. Williams starts at RT in 2017. At least Remmer's a better back up LT option than DAVID FOUCAULT!) We've GOT to sign a proven vet during free agency to shore up LT. MUST. MUST. MUST. If Dave doesn't do it, I will be jumping on the Gettle-bashing bandwagon headfirst. So, those are the two big things that jumped out at me browsing Spotrac tonight. Anyone else notice anything as you browse the team roster / contract situation? Give a look-see then comment here. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/