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    sweet jesus on a stick, i can't believe what i'm watching. we've seen strands of it for the past couple of weeks in spite of poor line play, but the difference turner has made has never been more clear than in this game. play calls coming in with loads of time on the clock. cam's footwork looks good. guys getting schemed open. divergent route trees. everything that was wrong with shula's offense appears to have reversed with the installation of turner's. i've never felt so good after a series of stalled drives. shula was dog doo but he's been sprayed off the soles of our new balances and we look fresh as fug.
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    Armah stright up bodying Cameron Wake to free CMC for the touchdown. When was the last time you remember Tolbert doing this?
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    The All-Pro “Insider” section of the huddle
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    I've posted on and off for a couple of years about working on a feature film set in the Vietnam War. This afternoon I signed a global distribution deal with Vision Films and Sony Entertainment, the latter of which wil sell it to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. at the film markets this fall. You should be able to watch Point Man as early as December. Now I have a career as a filmmaker. Thanks to everyone who was a part of the process, from generous fundraising donors to @arbnranger helping set scout to @Paa Langfart helping with prop design to @cookinwithgas, @Cat, and @Floppin attending the cast and crew premiere, and whoever else I'm blanking on right now.
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    literally the greatest WR of all time... IDGAF what your arguments are. Give Smitty Joe Montana, or even Peyton Manning during the Marvin Harrison era, and everyone would be saying Jerry Rice who?!?!? Despite having perennial pro-bowlers Chris Weinke, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore, Rodney Peete, Vinny Testaverde, and Jake Delhomme pitching him the ball, Smitty banked legendary numbers and plays despite his 5'9 and a quarter inch height and limited opportunities. He didn't have a chip on his shoulder. He had a boulder. And I'm a poet if you didn't know it. He carried the franchise on his back for a decade, despite the odds against him. Yeah he had some not so favorable moments. All of us do. Call it hero worship all you want. The dude is and will be a legend, and I am glad I can say that I saw him play during my lifetime.
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    I'll ALWAYS love Steve Smith and any real Panther fan should also.
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    He wouldn’t be the first player to show up to BOA in a disguise. Matt Kalil showed up disguised as a left tackle 8 games last season.
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    Taylor Moton--Can't believe you folks didn't mention him first.
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    Gonna be a busy couple of months for Cowboys “fans” - their Yankees will be in the playoffs, Norte Dame and Alabama are off to good starts, and basketball season is right around the corner so they have duke and the warriors to get ready for.
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    Could the team that beat us 3 times last year be a problem this year? You serious?
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    The GOAT is back So when we honoring
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    Ed Hochuli has a son that refs just as bad as he did
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    setting the bar at cam is pure flattery actually
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    Winner: Norv Turner....knock on wood but we have yet to have a delay of game penalty or have to burn a timeout due to calling the play in last second ala Shula.
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    Matt Ryan was poo tonight. That is all.
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    Mean while in Charlotte
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    Easy Ron, let’s not rush Amini back. I think he needs a few years of rehab first.
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    This says how far he has come and he will only get better. The camera angle in game had me thinking Curtis had a man beat due to secondary miscommunication, nope check this out I wish I can do a Chris Berman whooop at this moment, Curtis broke the DBs ankles (no pun intended). Funchess, Curtis, Wright would make for an awesome first team WR core. DJ, Byrd, and torrey would make a great second team WR core. I am still trying to the missing DB that was guarding Curtis lmao
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