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    He really shouldn't shake his head.
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    only that sniveling dad-jean-and-new-balance-wearing attention-whoring packers fan who hid behind his camouflage army hat and shrieked that cam could have cut his finger off by snatching that sign while his son called cam a theiving n-word and his daughter tweeted every show host she could fat finger into twitter trying to get fifteen minutes of fame wailing about it that's the only packers we hate. most of us don't care you exist
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    This is going to be kind of odd timing, given the other thread, but hey... I'm retiring from the boards. Fun as it's been, and as big a Panther fan as I still am, I think it's time for me to follow Jared Allen's example and ride off into the sunset. To be clear, I'm not mad at anybody. I'm not upset about anything. I just have a lot going on with my family, primarily that my brother is dying. So I've decided to drop out of the online stuff for a while. Maybe permanently. It's been fun talking football with everyone, though after getting married - and gaining two teenage kids in the process - I have far less time to talk football and other things. Other priorities have to take precedence now. Many of you will understand. I'll likely be on the rest of the day just to say farewell but once I log off I won't be back. I wish everyone the best. And always, always, always, go Panthers.
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    No logo at mid field.
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    In response to Cam Newton's birthday video. Amazing.
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    It's about time that we, as a forum, discuss this topic at length. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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    In other news, MSN is apparently still around
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    Lmfaoooo nice job Falcons. Blow a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl then straight up steal the Eagles logo and turn it into a statue in front of your new robotic asshole stadium. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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    Hey....I am opening a new rooftop bar which will be ready by the first Panthers preseason game. It's on corner of MLK and Graham and will be closest bar to both Knights and Bank of America Stadium. Menu will be street food/food truck like....skewers, tacos, grilled cheeses, quesadillas, sliders, etc.. I know there is a roaring riot bar but would love it if you guys check us out.....will have TD with some menu items to give back to his charity, Panthers murals, and a nice local bar feel. Will have big patio downstairs with a bar, rooftop bar, a huge bar inside and with all 3 areas with TVs. Attached are some pics of view from rooftop. The name will be Graham St Pub & Patio....thanks! Also, seems like NC is close to passing new brunch bill that will allow restaurants to start selling at 10am on Sunday instead of 12pm which is good news.
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    6 months in on the whole food plant based eating. Down 35 pounds. Off all prescription medications. Back pain is gone. Everything just works better thanks to the reversal of arteriosclerosis. My tubes are relaxing and opening up again, and blood is able to get where it needs to go. It is as simple as that. Have not been sick this year. Not even allergies. I even stayed healthy at a time my whole household passed around stomach flu. The point? If you have any chronic lingering medical issues, just try it out for a month. You could save a ton of cash , feel so.much better, and extend your life in the mean time. I realize I catch flack for the posts, but after each one I make I get DM's from people wanting to improve their health. That makes it worth it. Anywho... Love, Mgmnt
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    Heartbreaking. We can all agree at this point there are more important things than football he needs to be focused on.
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    with green screen they can place the ball right in his hands.
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    Mike Shula's lack of a brain. Ron Rivera's lack of a spine.
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    You're welcome...
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    Daryl Worley had it rough from the start. Expected to be the #2 corner of a decimated Panthers secondary, it's certainly no easy task for any rookie coming out of college. The typical rookie corner would fail under these conditions. It's just hard to be a good corner right out of the gate. Even so, Worley took the challenge head on. Putting his best on the field, he showed growth week after week; his play getting better by the minute. What started off as a roller-coaster of horror ended in a steady stream of potential and growth. It's not far-fetched to say Worley is not that far behind Bradberry's game at this point. So, what made Worley's 2016 season so special? Are people overlooking just how good Worley is? Will Worleybird and Beastberry be making headlines in 2017 as one of the NFL's premiere CB tandems? Take a look at Worley's film. The answer is in his own play. Daryl Worley's 2016 Rookie Season In Review Coming in as a rookie, Worley needed all the help he could get. It's hard to expect Worley to be able to handle NFL receivers on his own. McDermott's solution was to have Worley give a lot of cushion to wide-outs in coverage. This helped Worley have an advantage against deep routes and getting burned, as he has more room and time for error. However, this often put him at a disadvantage at defending short routes and passes. Players gained good chunks of yards on Worley by exploiting this weakness. Hyde gets an easy reception for a good 6 yards on a simple short route. Although Worley does close in and show good tracking and tackling, he still had a whole lot of empty space in front of him begging for an easy reception. Granted, Bradberry also had the same issue of giving up a lot of cushion to wide receivers. Nevertheless, it still proves how limited Worley was as a new rookie. It was also common to see Worley let up on simple first downs. Worley often had a lot of help surrounding him, but to no avail. Worley's hips didn't flip as fast as they should've, giving the 49er wideout plenty of room to work with. Running his route, the 49er receiver had just the room he needed to make an easy first down reception on a 3rd and long. Worley didn't stand a chance at preventing the inevitable. To top it off, Worley was part of the reason Vance McDonald went for a long TD. During Worley's life alert moment, McDonald was able to weave through the Panthers defense for a rather easy touchdown. Without Worley being there in prime position to stop him, it was just a matter of out-running everyone to the endzone. The 49ers elected to do a sail concept in this play. TE McDonald takes a vertical release and cuts on the 7 route. Chip dialed up a cover 3 beater as he noticed the Panthers defense hinting towards that formation. Worley would've been in position to prevent this from being a touchdown, but tripping up nullified his role. Even with all these rookie mistakes, Worley still flashed potential. Discounting the McDonald touchdown, Worley never gave up a huge play all day. He showed he could deflect and defend passes with solid coverage in certain instances. Knowing that his receiver would go for the first down on an obvious 3rd and down situation, Worley sits and waits for him to come right into his trap. Having the 49er covered right during the turn, Worley comes in to break up the pass on a solid play. It's stuff like this that became more common as the weeks went by. Worley's start was rough. He'd occasionally whiff tackles, give up first downs, and hand over a lot of yards. As @CPantherKing said, Daryl 'Whiff' Worley gave up a lot of plays due to his inexperience. However, this incompetence didn't last long. Unlike popular opinion, I believe he showed starter level consistency beginning week 6. In fact, the amount of flaws in Worley's game dropped dramatically since then. Sure, the 3-4 yard chunks occasionally came due to McDermott's scheme, but rarely did Worley appear as the prime culprit of mishaps. After the Julio debacle that Worley partly contributed to, our secondary was the laughingstock of the NFL. Worley's game was like night and day as he went up against Mike Evans. With a little help from Coleman, Worley was able to lock up Mike Evans step by step. This forced Evans out of the play. It would take a picture perfect pass from Jameis - which he's not usually able to do deep - in order to give Evans a chance. Worley was in prime pass-breakup position the whole time, so even that possibility was low. Worley showed dominance he never did a few weeks before against Julio. It was night and day with his performance, stepping in for an injured Bradberry. Although he did give up one TD to Mike Evans that was all on him, Worley did real well for most of the night. It was this night when Worley made it clear he was learning and growing, and it showed. Later in the season, Worley stepped it up. The Panthers knew Worley was getting the hang of things, and it showed in their new playcalls for Worley. For instance, take a look at this defensive formation: Notice Daryl Worley in press man with the other half of the field in zone. This usually happens when the team is comfortable in your abilities to play one on one with receivers and win match-ups, which basically means the team considers you a solid corner. It was clear the Panthers began to trust Worley more and more as a viable starter. When playing press, Worley showed more comfort and fluidity than in the beginning of the year. His hips flipped at a much faster rate than normal and his timing impeccable. Against the Rams WR, Worley stands in press coverage and stands step by step with him. Turning and flipping his hips in rapid fashion, Worley ensures that his receiver does not get the upperhand. Don't downgrade his impact going one on one against receivers. In man coverage, Worley held down his man in picture perfect technique. Given his one on one chances, Daryl Worley really showed up. Unlike prior weeks, Worley was given more of a chance to go after receivers on his own without the need of having much help surrounding him. However, that doesn't mean he didn't make mistakes. Take for instance this play: For one, it's a weird defensive formation that got two Cardinal wide receivers wide open on opposite ends of the endzone. Worley and Coleman have some sort of miscommunication, leading to Worley's receiver being wide open for an easy touchdown. Without Coleman and Worley switching, the result was them getting jammed on the wrong guy. However, Worley showed tremendous growth from this learning experience. Take this other play from the SD game: Bill Voth explains it best here: Worley learned from his past mistake on a very similar play involving Antonio Gates. This is the type of stuff you just love seeing from rookies, and the pace Worley is learning the ropes is staggering. Daryl Worley's coverage kept getting better as the weeks went on. No longer did he whiff as much as he used to, nor did he seem to be as scared of going up against an NFL wideout. In his first interception of the year against SD, Worley was stuck like glue on his WR. Although a tad underthrown by Rivers, Worley was never beat the whole play. No matter if Rivers placed it perfectly or not; Worley was going to make a play on that ball. Later in the year against the Raiders, Worley and Bradberry got a taste of going against two of the league's hottest WRs in Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. Worley played lights out and had himself a really nice game. Going against Amari Cooper in the endzone, Worley stayed locked on and deflected a sure touchdown. Cooper had no chance with Worley draped all over him, contributing to one of Amari Cooper's worst games of the season. Worley actually went against Amari Cooper a lot more than originally thought and did really well. Going up against Cooper is no easy task, but Worley stayed put and did his job. Cooper would try everything to take advantage and get something out of these corners, but no one let up. First of all, Amari Cooper's footwork is a thing of beauty. It's not often you see NFL WRs carry out such beauty in their feet, but Cooper does this flawlessly. Worley counters by staying safe and not biting, forcing Cooper to retreat to the left for just a small gain. The thing with this is the fact there was a play just like this the prior week that led to a touchdown in Oakland's favor. The fact Worley negated this to just a small chunk is quite impressive. Worley's coverage was nowhere short of impressive. Against these dangerous WRs, Worley was unhinged. He stood strong and played his role down to the letter. In this particular instance, Worley finishes up with an impressive pass breakup. Staying step by step with his receiver and covering him up like a blanket, it's not that far off to say his play looks just as good as Bradberry's. His run defense is nothing to scoff at either. PFF was not kidding when they said Worley's one of the best rookie run defenders in the league. Worley comes in at blinding speed towards the edge, stonewalling the Raiders RB to a halt. With proper tackling form, Worley pretty much eradicates @CPantherKing's "whiff" nickname as he hones in on his target; taking him out swiftly and effectively. Worley continued to look better and better as the weeks went by. When faced with new challenges and situations, Worley took them head on and came out on the winning side. Against DeSean Jackson - Tampa's new WR - Worley stayed with him. When a Washington WR attempted to set up a pick against Worley, he simply brushed right past that attempt and forced Jackson to go vertical. The result was an incompletion. Finalizing his rookie campaign, Worley had his rematch against Tampa once again. Without missing a beat, Worley stood up to the challenge and played phenomenally. In this instance, the Buccaneers call 2 seam verticals. Carolina opts into cover 3. Worley does a beautiful job reading the play and causing a pass breakup against the Bucs receiver. Not an easy play for any normal corner to make, but Worley does it beautifully. Worley's physicality grew more intense as the year went on. He wasn't afraid to go up and get rough with anyone when need be. That was no exception against Jameis' offense. Worley goes inside and roughly pushes down the Tampa WR, disrupting the throw. Worley prevents a TD by getting physical and ensuring that the receiver had no chance of holding on to the ball. A very smart and savvy play by Worley. Man coverage was something Worley really got the hang of as the season hit its twilight stage. He stayed on his man consistently and locked him up well. Now, don't let my boy Bradberry's amazing lockdown of Mike Evans distract you from Worley. Worley was able to stay step by step with his man even when the WR put a move on him and turned around. Worley trailed and stuck on him like glue, eliminating him as a possible target. A lot better than the beginning of the year where a play like this would leave Worley in the dust. Worley's performance against Tampa was fantastic. It brought hope to many Panther fans about the future, and shut up the doubters for a moment. Worley shined and played like the premiere corner he was. Conclusion Daryl Worley had a very underrated 2016 campaign. He had a steeper learning curve to climb in comparison to Bradberry, but he showed up real well. For a rookie, you couldn't ask for better growth and development. Worley looked like his own by the year's end, and I'd even argue he's nearly on the same level as Bradberry right now. PFF gives a good review of Worley. After starting the season off in the 80s-90s, Worley finished off the season as the 55th ranked cornerback. His 75.4 grade put him above the likes of Revis, and fan favorites Trae Waynes and Delvin Breaux. He exceeds the likes of rookie Eli Apple who seems to be the media's other rookie darling. While his coverage is considerably lower than Bradberry's, his run defense of 79.7 puts him in the top 15 of cornerbacks. With Steve Wilks now manning the defense, it's not far-fetched to assume Wilks will be far more aggressive than McDermott was. With Worley and Bradberry both coming into their own, our defense will no longer have to compensate our linebackers or scheme to give our corners cushion. Add in Munnerlyn and this defense is sure to be scary good. Don't count out Daryl Worley. He isn't far behind Bradberry at this stage of his career, and he's only scratching the surface.
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    I'm not a scientist, but I think she would still qualify as a woman.
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    Same source that told me that Peppers would be coming home is telling me that he is very thankful that he is being preserved. Source says he was promised what he is getting and word is his knees and lower back feel like they did in 2012...whatever that means. Never knew he had knee or lower back problems. Also said that he has never seen a locker room in his entire career like we have at this time. Sergeant Barrett said that the intense love/hate never stops in our locker room and that it is like high school players picking on each other. TBH, this was really hard to translate as my old friend is at the end of his time here but I had to share in case I don't hear from him again. I thought he was in his early 70's but his grandson told me tonight he is 86. I would have lost a month's worth of paychecks on that. Either way....if Julius is happy, I'm happy.
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    I have spoken to the entire locker room on and off the record at one point or another. No one has ever said a negative word about Cam to me.
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    Hope the dude is okay. Heart issues are no joke, obviously.
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    Things you need to know from mini camp day 2 James Bradberry currently struggles to put his shoes on. ... but once they are on, he puts on a clinic. Bradberry was the player of the day today, and it wasn't close. But here is the thing... it was against the Panthers best wide receivers and the throws were pretty darn good. Nothing he did today was a "gimme" other than perhaps taking advantage of Funchess falling to the turf. That happened when Bradberry got his first interception with a cast on. I am sitting over here trying to not get overly excited about the secondary for the Panthers. But you know me, I just cannot help myself sometimes. Between Bradberry looking like a pro bowler, Worley looking solid, Captain bringing the aggressiveness and swagger, and Corn already looking better than Sanchez ever has.... Man... I need tempering my enthusiasm. Speaking of Corn, he saw quite a bit of time on the outside today. If he and Captain both can prove to be capable of playing on the outside from time to time, watch out. That immediately squashes any depth concerns there. It was a pretty lackluster day for the Panthers offense. Kelvin was kept quiet, Funchess even quieter. The Panthers did run the ball quite a bit, and that is nearly impossible for an outsider to judge without any contact or tackling. Thomas Davis was especially fired up today and talking to the Panthers offense, even the members not currently on the field. He ran into the tight ends group on the sidelines while covering a receiver. He decided to talk a bit to Greg Olsen. That usually does not get a response, just as it did not today. Olsen isn't much of a talker. He just puts his helmet on when the time comes. Luke Kuechly probably had the single most impressive play today. Curtis Samuel managed to get away from him on a crossing route, but Luke was able to jump just high enough to get a finger on the ball, knocking it away. I don't think many middle linebackers in the NFL could do what he did today. The best receiver today was probably once again Russell Shepard. You may be tired of hearing his name already, but you may want to get used to it. Anywho, thats it for now. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Stewart's calves are bigger than my future.
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    QB/CB scuffle: check 2015 type season looking more and more like it's going to happen. Lol
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    Since last September of last year, I have been an ass to a lot of people on here and let others on here influence my behavior. I have let myself devolve and become someone I am not. I ask for those to forgive me. I am someone who cares about my integrity and respecting others. Brief update on my mom: (plz do not politicize this thread) As most on here know, my mother had stage 3 ARDS and pulmonary fibrosis due to some unfortunate events as she has been in the hospital 88 days now. She will not make it out of the hospital. One of the team pulmonary docs on her special team she has, has told us that she will not improve any more than she has. If she has one more lung collapse than we need to make life choices. She is in Vidant and will be indefinitely. The hole in her lung will not heal. The lung putty (w/e it is called) she does not qualify for and the only way for the hole to heal is by the vent being off in which she cannot afford to have off. The best case is for her to have the vacuum continue and miraculously the lung will heal. She has had the lung to collapse 4 times but being on the vent will not allow it. The selfish me would love for her to be here but in reality it is getting closer I am giving an update to all because it has been a while. It has been a rollercoaster ride. Per the docs, if she has another big episode than that can be the The doc said only God can be the healer now. Life is hitting reality of what might be so I need to reprioritize what is important. TLDR I am sorry to those in TB. I am a better person than that.
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    Christian McCaffrey is a very good runningback. He is also a very good slot receiver. He is a Carolina Panther. He will be giving defenses nightmares. This is what he will look like on Sundays. This is his business attire. This is a black on black combination, one of the Panther's best possible combos. This is RUN_CMC. Please raise hype levels accordingly.
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    Didn't watch, but hasn't this been the case for like, ever.
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    Cam had as many playoff wins during the 2015 season as Romo had for his entire career.
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    Thats his hoe line. He will toss that phone in the trash and not even be mad.
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    Its too late to turn back now.... I believe I believe I believe I'm falling in love... With Jerry Richardson at practice today, they honored him by playing some of his favorite tunes. Cam Newton did some old school dancing.. To be totally honest, I enjoyed the music so much more than the usual mix of modern rap and kings of leon. But that is neither here nor there. CMC Not sure if you heard, but Christian McCaffrey was at minicamp today. He seemed a bit nervous at first, and understandably so. He seemed to have developed a friendship with Austin Duke, greeting him and warming up with him early. McCaffrey lined up as first string slot receiver right away. He also took mainly second string RB reps but also first string as well. It did appear that he is in front of Cameron Artis-Payne and Fozzy Whitaker right from the start. Looking like he is truly the #2 guy on all downs. Curtis Samuel Samuel tweaked his right hamstring again early during passing drills. He tip toed the sideline as he caught a pass and I heard him cringe immediately. He was pretty upset about it. Hopefully he can take the next few weeks to heal up and figure out how to stay that way or he is going to fall far behind very quickly once training camp starts. Kelvin on Fire Something tells me Kelvin Benjamin didn't appreciate all the praise the defense got at his expense yesterday. Early on I noticed an increased focus during drills. You can just tell when KB is giving 100% when you watch him practice enough. He definitely was today. It also showed once team drills began. KB dominated everyone on the defense, a total turn around from yesterday. If he can put that kind of fire in his belly every day he is a pro bowler. Punch Thrown Mose Frazier threw a punch at Luke Kuechly's head today. There is a thread on it in the main forum somewhere. Austin Duke Last man on the field today was Austin Duke. He was catching passes on the jugs machine long after everyone else had headed out. I can't help but pull for the kid. Damiere better watch his back. Daeshon Hall During minicamp I was not sure Daeshon Hall would make any impact this year. I am now second guessing that. Hall looks very strong in the limited role he can play right now. He is starting to get the best of Moton when just a few weeks ago it was the other way around. This will be an amazing matchup to watch in Spartanburg. Thats it for now, let me know if you have any questions.
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    Stephen Hill... he is not.
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    What sandwich are you ordering next?
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    Just who is the NFL's best third down pass rusher? It's not Von Miller. It's not JJ Watt. Don't even think about putting Vic Beasley in that equation. It's none of those mainstream guys. The NFL's best third down pass rusher goes to a relatively obscure name. Not many know his name unless you're an avid fan of his said team. He wasn't even considered a full-time starter until later. His name is Mario Addison - a man who jumped from practice squad to practice squad to achieve to his point. He is the NFL's best 3rd down pass rusher. An interesting stat for you to enjoy. Aren't you glad we locked him up?
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    Franchising Hardy? Dude, we had no idea he was gonna go apepoo. None of us saw it coming. Hindsight is 20/20. If anything, it was smart. Imagine if we would have extended him for 5 years with guaranteed money. As for Smitty, y'all know damn well it was a locker room move. It sucked major ass but it had to be done for Cam.
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    I think he is going to fit in here just fine. Sounds like he brings everything you want in a veteran player...including he can still play. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article152919879.html Great role model for the younger players.
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    I hope both the Rams and Chargers suck and play in front of an empty stadium for the duration of their collective stay in L.A. Their greedy, dumbass owners deserve it.
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    Just ran into Christian McCaffery at the Charlotte Airport. Super nice guy. He was just chilling at an open terminal by himself. No one else recognized him, but being a die hard of course yaboychris28 did. Small talked for a few min about the upcoming season, also shared how I played rb in college as well lol..( way lower level d3) Anyways, then let him go on his way, didn't want to intrude too much. He was heading to San Jose so I assume he was heading home. Yeah it's not a big deal, but it was just a cool experience. Wasn't able to get a pic with him since my phone was dead at the time, but captured a ninja pic for my Snapchat followers while he was boarding about 30 min later. Lol #coolstorybro
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    I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him,
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    not football related, but this really touched me. Make sure you are an organ donor. There is absolutely zero reason not to be.
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    Well I mean what's not to get excited when you look at Christian McCaffrey's game? When you take a look at McCaffrey, the closest former player he resembles is Brian Westbrook. However, that comparison doesn't do him justice. He has Le'Veon Bell's patience and LeSean McCoy's running style. McCaffrey's is arguably one of the shiftiest, intelligent, and better between the tackle runningback from his draft class. Speaking of Le'Veon Bell patience, take a look at the GIF below: What was supposed to be a no-gainer became a 10 yard run. He waits behind his o-line to develop and hits the hole right when it opens. Afterwards, he shakes off a few defenders to go down the field even further. This is very common in McCaffrey's game. In a way, he made Stanford's line better with how he waits for blocks to develop. Like Bell, he anticipates that hole to open up with solid pacing, jumping right through it when the moment's right. An intelligent theme in his repertoire. Again, his elusive nature is what makes him dangerous. He will break defenders ankles and make them miss. He doesn't need power when he has this ability + patience to gain huge yards. McCaffrey gets the same amount of yards any powerback would, but with a lot more finesse. The notion that McCaffrey won't be able to break tackles in the NFL is absurd. He's shown plenty of examples of knocking away big and strong defenders and break away their tackles. Sure, he'll never be a powerback, but it's not like he'll just flop over on contact. With his few examples of route running, you'll notice a player who runs with precision and expertise. He catches the ball smoothly and looks like your typical slot receiver. When you combine all these traits together, along with Jonathan Stewart's power running, Curtis Samuel's running ability, and Cam Newton's threat as a runner, our rushing attack could be the best in the league. Christian McCaffrey will play a huge role in making our offense great. All of this hype is warranted because his film shows a player who will dramatically change our offense. Kickoff can't come soon enough.
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    Tried to pick up kelvins lunch plate
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    Cant wait to get drunk and fall off of it.
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    This is pretty badass. Very proud of my team for doing this. Not just to show resoect but to keep the players minds in perspective. I wanted to share with you all.
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    Folks are still talking about that? As much philanthropy the guy had undertaken since serving his punishment, folks still want to talk about the dogs. Can we give it a rest? It's about as annoying as talking Cam's towel. He was punished, served his time, and has been a modem citizen since. Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app