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    "In some cases, Hurney suggested moving a player from one position to another." What in the name of Nate Chandler is about to happen around here
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    So I found this gigantic Peppers jersey at flea market for $10 and knew I needed it. I'm useless, but my mom isn't, so she tailored it into a dress for me! Please excuse the lack of shoes and silly pose I just got back from dinner where I killed a bunch of drinks! Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
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    if your OC is consistently using christian mccaffrey in pass pro your OC might be mike shula
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    For all the Huddlers that really contribute and keep this joint interesting and informative, thank you. You don't need to read the rest. Now , for everyone else.... Far too many personal attacks still happening in here for some strange reason. Here is the deal, when I see one, I am banning. I am not looking to see who started it. I don't have time for that. Argue all you want, but keep it civil without name calling. If you are banned, don't cry to me about who said what to you. I don't care. You should have reported it. Second punch always gets the foul.
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    Ok guys...24 hours + of shock. Now time to act like adults. Things happen in the world we have no control over. Some of them we like and some we don't. Some we understand and some we don't. The rampant speculation (I know all we have) as to why this happened....which many seem to have now taken as fact and are spewing venomous anger toward Mr,. Richardson and even the team and players is a bit much. If you are not going to continue to be a fan because of this....I don't think you were a fan to begin with....but I am not going to argue with anyone on that. I still love the Panthers.........will support this team and have confidence in our players and coaches to continue to work toward the goal we all have for this team. I do not understand why this happened...no one does. It does not matter how many theories are out there. I wish Mr. Richardson would tell us but he likely will not. This is a personnel issue and that is universally treated with discretion among professionals. I prefer now to turn my focus on the excitement of seeing Cam throw the football after all these months...to see our rookies in their 1st NFL action..and when the season starts..to see "The Evolution." Nothing wrong with having opinions but a lot of this stuff is over the top..some quite unbelievable. I am going to trust that Mr. Richardson would not have made such a bold move at this time if he did not have a good reason. I do not of course know what that is and neither do any of you. Calm down guys.
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    Most of what you have seen so far has been from 1 on 1 drills in which it is heavily skewed in favor of the running backs. Here is a nice look of how his quicks translate in 11 on 11 drills. Notice CMC is already heading up field when both Kuechly and Davis haven't finished changing direction yet. Play was designed to go to the edge where it would likely have been snuffed out. Instead, CMC instantly cut it back inside for a nice three or 4 yard gain. Imagine if he can do this consistently this season. All of the times the Panthers could have really used 3 or 4 yards instead of a loss. All indications point to this kid being a baller at the next level.
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    I want to thank the Huddle for the support and kind words regarding my mother. On to what is important, the update. Day 113. She has defied odds and encompassed the motto Keep Pounding. The biggest event in my life happened yesterday. Mom walked! The importance is that UNC could possibly be doing a lung transplant if she meets certain requirements, patient walms 300ft 3x in a day. She walked 3ft. Each step is victory! My sis got married 7-1 and the docs saw the CT scan and explained to us mom may not make it to the wedding date. Mom was pushed with a team to the hospital chapel to see the wedding that the hospital surprised us with. They said the wedding should not be in mom's little room but a room that all could enjoy. The hospital has fallen in love with mom. You know what she defied the odds again. Two lungs with heavy pulmonary fibrosis and with chest tube in one of them. The lung without a tube looks like if she had another event, she would not make it because both would be collapsed then. She still has marble size sacs but her chest tube lung is reflating miraculously. She pushes onward each day with a smile. Mom has her color back, her personality and she is stronger than ever. Lungs are no joke when damaged. Thank you all again. Mom needs to walk a football field 3x and the journey started yesterday.
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    So here's a collection of random thoughts on today's news... Remembering Polian The first thing that went through my mind when I heard the story (besides wondering if it was April 1st or it came from The Onion) was "Bill Polian, Part 2". Despite Polian's track record of success, his "angry yankee" persona never really meshed well with Richardson's "southern gentleman" attitude. There was a story that during a particularly nasty negotiation with an agent, Richardson subtly flashed a note at a highly agitated Polian that had "C - A - L - M" written on it in oversized letters. On the flip side, Polian was reported to have once thrown a chair at an agent (I'd put my money on it being Rosenhaus),. Perhaps we need to be certain our next GM grew up in the South. For whatever you think of him - and I'm certainly not his biggest fan - Polian won Super Bowl rings as an executive. Jerry Richardson can't say that, and I've got a bad feeling he won't ever be able to do so if he values personality over ability. Keeping Up with the Joneses Jerry Jones hired Bill Parcells on the urging of many who told him he needed a "football guy" to run things the right way. Parcells failed to win it all in Dallas, and when he was out Jones felt vindicated in going back to doing things "his way' since he saw Parcells tenure as not being a significant improvement. I won't be surprised if Richardson comes out with a similar sentiment and does his own GM hiring rather than letting someone like Ernie Accorsi run the search again. It'll be a step back in the franchise's evolution, but that looks to be where we're headed. Quick Tip: If you see guys like Mark Koncz getting serious consideration for the job, it'll be a really bad sign for what lies ahead. The unfortunate reality: The worst stretch in team history came at a time when Jerry Richardson was his most "hands on" as an owner. The most successful stretch (i.e. the Gettleman era) came at a time when he stepped back and let others run things for him. If he is now going back to being "hands on", it's not a good thing. The Timing Issue This may not be the most ill-timed decision in NFL history, but it's probably in the running. Most of the decisions of who to start / who to play / who to keep, etc over the next few weeks will be made primarily by coaching staff (God help us) but having Gettleman be here for that process still would have been better. Once the final 53 were set and the season was underway, that would have been 'coast time" for the GM, and the far better time to part ways with him than eight days before camp, particularly at a time when other leadership positions are also unfilled. This was a bad choice made at a terrible time. Multiply those two things together and you've got a huge mistake. Would still have been a mistake to do it at the beginning of the season, mind you, but at least the timing would have been less disruptive. And I won't lie: Having the roster decisions primarily resting on a coach whose biggest weakness is talent evaluation and depth chart building scares the living crap outta me. What Matters Most People have long said that Jerry Richardson cares more about money than about winning. I've never believed that, and I still don't. But with that said, there is something that he does value above winning. Loyalty. Richardson has long been known as someone who rewards loyalty over achievement. Those are his personal values, and while that makes him a nice guy and probably a decent person to work for, it doesn't do as much to create a winning atmosphere as does running the team like a business. If you really want to win consistently, teams like the Patriots and the Steelers have provided the best examples of how to do so. And hint: loyalty isn't exactly one of their highest priorities. Neither is making sure their veterans all have happy endings (something which is extremely rare in the league, anyway). Successful teams letting go of beloved players happens plenty, and it's happened with far better players than we have here. Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Brett Favre and many other Hall of Fame level players have been let go when age started taking a toll and they were no longer worth big money. That might suck for fans and the guys who are let go, but if you want to run a winning organization you have to take the emotions out of the business decisions. You can't run a professional football team in a "winning is all that matters" league like a family business and expect to be successful. But apparently we're darn sure gonna try. Rivera Didn't Know Haven't seen it posted here yet, but for anyone thinking Ron Rivera had any part in this, wrong. Rivera had no idea it was happening and wasn't informed until after the fact. That really shouldn't come as a shock. Rivera and Gettleman had, per pretty much everyone with actual inside knowledge, a very good working relationship. they certainly didn't agree on everything, but no one does. More importantly, when they worked together, they won football games. Unfortunately for whomever takes the job, Rivera also now may have a bit of a rep as a "GM killer". The team will be hiring its third GM in his tenure. Rivera won games under Gettleman, less so under Hurney. What's next? Stay tuned. Inmates Running the Asylum Ron Rivera is a former player. So is Jerry Richardson. Both have reputations for rewarding loyal, workmanlike, "try hard" guys over actual achievers. Basically you have a "player's coach" and a "player's owner". Being in-between those two is not exactly a good spot for a GM who wants to run the team to win rather than to be nice to players. Richardson has a particularly egregious rep given the story (which I believe) of former OC Jeff Davidson being forbidden from even talking to Steve Smith. If you undermine your authority figures that way, you create an environment of entitlement, and entitlement doesn't win games. I had thought the release of Smith was a sign that the "players can run to daddy if the boss hurts their feelings" mentality was gone for good. Now I fear it's back, and might turn out to be worse than ever. Frankly, if I were a GM or a GM candidate, I'd probably steer clear of this job for that very reason. And there's a very real risk that good candidates might do just that. In which case, say hello to the latest Yes Man / Loyal Employee / Guy Ready To Fall On His Sword. Al Davis Territory So have the Panthers now become heir to the legacy of Al Davis? Is this a team that won't win as long as its owner is making bad decisions? I don't know, but I'm starting to think the unfortunate answer is "yes". And much as I hate to say it, what we're poised to see could wind up being even worse. The last years under Davis were an absolute circus, but Davis could at least point to sustained success and even to having won it all in his history. jerry Richardson can't say either of those things. The closest he came to being able to say it was with Dave Gettleman in charge, and now he's gone. I don't foresee Richardson taking the field in an Elvis outfit, but everything short of that would not surprise me. Mind you, we're not necessarily in a bad spot for the current season. But beyond that? Be afraid! Be very afraid! So What Now For me, I go back to doing what I always do and hoping for the best. But with that said, the optimism I had for the future of this team coming out of this offseason has taken a major hit, and I'm worried that more bad moves are set to follow. I don't wanna see a return to the Hurney days, but many people would say that the Hurney days were actually the Richardson days. Sadly, they may be right.
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    Bersin is the only player on the roster who gets bashed for doing his job making good football plays. Somehow it's his fault that people can't beat him out of his job. It's impossible for him to win here.
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    Doesn't regret leaving but said should have came back in 2014 and now regrets not doing it. Does not stop praising locker room or fun he is having (Ryan main contributor). Said this was the team that he thinks can win it all and now wants to play until he is 39 if he can stay here and has already brought it up to management. Stated he will get 2 rings with this team. I repeat...he stated HE WILL GET 2 RINGS WITH THIS TEAM. Take it for what it is worth. SIG out.
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    Wake up folks, it's 2012 again I'm writing this long because I didn't have time to write short. I have a lot of thoughts to get off my chest. Never have I been more motivated to write a critiquing letter to the organization explaining to them what they just did, but the guy who answers letters no longer works for the company (I wonder how that happened). Seeing the news on Monday was like watching Sirius Black die at the end of OoTP. Of course, we have no explanation from JR of why he fired the most prolific executive he's ever had working here, because he holds the fans in such high esteem and he's such a social butterfly. Eulogy What did Gettleman bring to the Carolinas that once was not there? Well, for one, Gettleman was a very worldly executive in the context of his career background compared to anyone else that had managed the front office here. He contributed to the success of the Bills in the 80s, the Broncos in the 90s, and the Giants of the late 2000s and early 2010s. Maybe he wasn't the all-encompassing visionary demigod that Bill Belichick is touted as and constantly compared to as, but Gettleman understood the fundamentals of the game in a similar way. Find players that can provide the skill set and/or measurables that make them project to someone who can provide a productive value to a football team. This doesn't emulate the Patriots model (and that's not a great blueprint anyway since multiple teams have tried and failed to do this very thing; most notably the Browns and the Jets multiple times), but in a granular sense of analyzing players and evaluating schemes, there is an overlap, and that's the source component of what you see when you're watching the Patriots operate like a bunch of hyper aware super soldiers. This resulted in better drafting and better free agent acquisitions. The previous Hurney-Fox paradigm drafted for shits and good feels many times. Yea let's just draft Jake Delhomme's cousin in the fourth round. Let's trade back into the third for local DII sensation Armanti Edwards and lose what would have been the first pick in the second round in 2011. Let's actually start a 43 year old man at QB because we are so ill-prepared with our depth when our 32-year old QB goes down with an injury. What could go wrong besides maybe he can't finish the game because his ankle has gotten so sore that he's struggling to drop back and he hasn't even really gotten hit? Such moves and such poor end results would never be observed while Gettleman was overseeing our personnel. Yea, you can get a lot worse than what this team has been the past few years. I remember. A Steady Hand If you think Gettleman rubs people the wrong way, perk your ears up and open your mind. And when I say this, I'm speaking directly to anyone that has ever said something to the effect of "why can't you Gettleman slurpers admit to any shortcoming of his??!" It's true, Gettleman's not a messiah, but this is such a poor, irrational argument, and the only reason I'm addressing it is because it's become such a prevalent and self-validated sentiment on here. Here's your answer. No. I don't think Gettleman was perfect and that every decision he made ended up being the correct one, but he provided such a great blend of football expertise and culture shock to this ass backward franchise of ours, I actually believed we were headed on the eventual road to progress for a while there. Gettleman approached his craft with rationale and provided not a leak of evidence to suggest otherwise, and as somebody that had sat through years of poor output and the expectation of seeing guys on the field that clearly didn't belong there, either because they were too old, or because they didn't have good enough skills and were being propped up as viable even though they laughably were not (James Anderson, Charles Godfrey, Jeff King, Maake Kemoeatu, Tyler Brayton), this was a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, you have to make the hard decisions. Do you think I wanted Steve Smith to be handed his release papers? fug no. In a perfect world Smitty can stay and coordinate with the team in perfect harmony leading up to a dynastic championship winning run of success. But if Steve Smith's locker room antics and persistent assertions that he was the alpha on the roster were bad things in a football sense, this was the only way to remedy it. Dave's hardline approach may be abrasive to you guys, but this is the only way to bring better football here. Do you want to be productive and contribute to morale and a winning team? Great, because that's what got Luke Kuechly, Kawann Short, Cam Newton, and Kurt Coleman contract extensions. Do you want to be a diva and not take part in teamwork because you think you're too cool for the fuging room? Hit the road. That's why Josh is not here. That's why Williams is not here. The expectations are reasonably consistent. You can play here if you're not asking for an outrageous price for your services, and if you are willing to take the burdens of leadership that come with the glory. The Carolina Way We have a tendency on this platform to judge this team's actions in a vacuum in general. If it doesn't adhere to the Carolina way, and the finished product is not desired, it must be wrong and we need to go back to doing it the old way. If you look at all of the consistently successful teams in this league (there's not much), what Gettleman was doing here was not all that dissimilar. Coughlin clashed with Tiki Barber ages ago and Tiki was unceremoniously released a year before the Giants went all the way in 2007. And Marshawn Lynch is out of retirement, but not with the Seahawks. Why? Because the Seahawks are committed to putting the best product they can on the field above all other interests. In Carolina it may be priority No. 3, after 1. making sure we meet the required quota of first-round runningbacks and 2. make those romantic charity/fanservice player transactions. So how does Gettleman become so vilified, hated and lashed out at by these players and their fans as opposed to other GMs? It's the culture. It's the way these players were introduced to the league. Why do you think on multiple occasions former players have mentioned that other teams like the Patriots and Steelers have a different atmosphere? These players were brought in under the context that the team was going to sponsor them as the stars, and they didn't have to win, and they didn't have to be accountable, and they could run roughshod and Papa Jerry will have their back if an assistant coach pisses them off. Then Gettleman comes in and the expectation changes. Now they are being held accountable and they can't take liberties and they hated it. I was ecstatic when I heard that JR was bringing in an outside consultant (Ernie Accorsi) for guidance. I felt like a change of culture was definitely being given a concerted effort, and my desires were satiated when they brought in Dave Gettleman. Dave didn't appease the press with platitudes about "running the ball and stopping the run" during his introductory press conference. He dropped gold nuggets of football knowledge that I hadn't seen from the non-committal figureheads that had once stood at that same podium. He directly quoted Tom Coughlin, a two-time SB winning head coach and the architect of a once productive expansion team that had foundered in the years after he had left (Jaguars). He said something to the effect of "if we do this right, we're going to be holding a Lombardi trophy when we're done". Looking back now, we came pretty damn close. Gettleman spearheaded his first impression by making his very first big move to revamp the DT position by drafting Star and Kawann Short, immediately stabilizing what was once a void of actual talent and a persistent weakness of the defense. And people still scrutinize the selections with all the comments about "double dipping" (a term of which I feel is particularly overused and does not define Gettleman's approach in the least) and talking about all the other guys we could have taken there. He then filled all the gaps he could with the money he was allotted to spend that was left to try and level up the anemic talent pool, the other guys that were there to support the main players. The Panthers won their division for the first time in 5 years, went to the playoffs and though they lost, it was a sign that this team was on the rise. Then 2014 happened. I don't care what anybody says, but 2014 was a success story for the Panthers. A bit of serendipity in the form of poor divisional competition and a late-season surge of momentum led the Panthers on the road to another division title, and their first playoff win since 2006. December 2014-January 2015 is the prologue to the 2015 Season. It helped give the team the confidence it needed to play on bigger stages. Without that, I'm not sure if the team is in the right mindset to go 14-0. Dave was the architect for one of the most cohesive locker rooms ever put together in 2015. The Panthers dominated like never seen before, shredding the NFC East, and both NFC West opponents in the playoffs. I mean what else can I possibly say about that season? It had a shitty ending but literally everything else went right. 2016 was obviously a disappointment, but in the face of everything else that had preceded it, not enough to shitcan the 2015 Sporting News Executive of the Year by itself. Which brings me to my next act... The Iacocca Allegory You may have heard the name and not the story, but the short of it goes like this. Lee Iacocca is a hardworking automotive executive of ethnic lineage (not unlike Gettleman) that worked his way up to the top of his field from the bottom with brilliance and an analytic mind (again, not unlike Gettleman). Do you own a Mustang or a minivan? If so, you can thank Iacocca then for spearheading the development of these vehicles and the resulting applications of their design that you enjoy so much, whether for practical purposes or if you are an automotive enthusiast. If Gettleman is Iacocca, then the Mustang is the 2015 Panthers. Unfortunately for Gettleman, the part of Henry Ford II (Iacocca's direct supervisor; will be referring to him as HF2) will be played by Jerry Richardson. HF2 and Lee clashed on a philosophical level multiple times during his tenure as the president of Ford. Lee wanted to implement creative thinking and put out an innovative product to outfox GM and Chrysler, while the conservative Henry Ford was too preoccupied with brand heritage and his own out of touch vision of Ford. In one of Lee's concepts, he envisioned sanctioning Honda to build motors for a car they were developing, and HF2 nixed it because "Fords should not ever have Jap engines in them" or something to that effect. This was the 70s and with the two oil crises that had transpired during that decade, Lee saw the need to build smaller cars with smaller, more fuel efficient engines powering them, and had in his sights the easiest, most efficient path to developing a small car. Lee ended up being fired by HF2 in 1978, because "sometimes you just don't like somebody". This was in spite of Ford having been profitable under Lee's leadership, even with the meddlesome HF2. Following this departure, Lee was picked up by Chrysler to perform the same functions and developed the minivan concept, as well as overseeing the introduction of that bell cow K platform that brought Chrysler away from the event horizon and toward record breaking prosperity. Actually if you own any kind of Chrysler or Dodge or Jeep you should thank Iacocca because those brands might not be here today. I mean I personally wouldn't own one and I don't know anybody who does that isn't living in section 8 housing but if you're a mopar guy, hey!... put your lighters up to Lee Iacocca. Time will most likely erase Gettleman's influence on this team much quicker than Iacocca's influence on the auto industry, because overall, the automotive industry continues to build upon the foundation of improvements over the years to stack even more improvements on top. And the NFL is a niche product in comparison, so we're working under a smaller dome of influence on humanity. So why am I using this as a case study to compare? Because just like the head guy at Ford (HF2), JR has no idea what the hell he is doing. It's widely viewed in retrospect that HF2 was an egotist that couldn't get the hell out of his own way. These are the types of stubborn, bull-headed determinators that would rather die by their own sword than live by someone else's. By Iacocca's account (which I choose to believe) HF2 was a tyrannic boss, a racist and a homophobe. While I don't think JR is nearly the kind of slimeball that HF2 was, to me the first description applies. Don't let his preference to not immerse himself in day-to-day activities deter you from this classification. JR is a control freak. He wants the team to run a certain way. He doesn't like the contract negotiations going on for too long, by the looks of it. (How does that help when it literally pays to negotiate everything because that's how you build a stacked roster?) He wants to employ a certain identity (that doesn't work) and stoic classiness (moderately irrelevant to winning football games in most cases) that the team must adhere to as a finished product. Ron Rivera embodies this, so he's got the job security. Yes, he may not be taking a plane to next year's NFL draft venue and sitting in the war room in front of a big board and running the show on his timetable in there like the other Jerry does, but that's kind of hard to do when you're a man of his age and health complications. He famously told Cam Newton to keep his hair very short and not to get any tattoos. He gave his own General Manager and Head Coach bed checks during a lakehouse getaway where they discussed the future of the team. Don't believe me? Here's an article. http://www.heraldonline.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article12205979.html There's more about JR's insistence on his vision of the franchise he has in the article. He basically starts proselytizing to the reader about how wonderful the Rooneys are and how they run such a classy franchise, to the point where you almost forget that their star QB is almost certainly a serial rapist. And back when this story was published, it was also reported by the observer, which had a more detailed account. I can't find the article itself, but I found parts of it in Fiz's commentary on the story, on a blog post he made way back: http://marginalplayer.blogspot.com/2008/01/jerry-richardson-tucking-in-john-fox.html?m=1 What kind of man who respects the employees under him does this bullshit? A few middle aged guys who run the operations of an actual football team are going to be subject to this kind of emasculating treatment. I haven't had a bed check since I was 8 years old, and I don't care how much you pay me to make a living, you are not giving me a bed check. If this was the point in John Fox's run where he started to not give a poo, I don't blame him. I never liked Jerry's authoritative, patriarchal leadership personality, and I never will. I think it has no place in running a football franchise. A note on performance There's only two main theories on the reasoning for this departure. One is the default "the results are not good" explanation, which, in this case, I think is bullshit, as it is in many similar departures, because you can always front this. At the end of the season, 31 teams are going to be unhappy with the results. So you can almost always fire somebody in the NFL and explain that the performance was not good enough, and many people will accept that at face value. Then there are personal reasons. Even superbowl winning teams have self-destructed because of personal reasons. Jerry Jones' reputation as an inept, meddling owner really gained traction when he fired Jimmy Johnson right after his second superbowl win. I have to follow the 2nd theory because it's plausible to me that Gettleman clashed with JR in a stylistic sense. JR had to have not appreciated his discretion as a GM, and that's the reason he's gone, because it sure as hell couldn't be that the results didn't exceed our standards. Maybe JR thought that Gettleman was letting too many guys walk to find more money, but what JR should really be focusing on, if that is the case, is that we've had so many more players than we've ever had flourish in our system the past few years, and because of like, you know, the salary cap and all, we can't just re-sign all of them to stay. What Dave provided here in just four short years was the longest run of success this team has ever had. Back-to-back-to-back playoff appearances, playoff wins, a superbowl berth, a ridiculously dominant 15-1 regular season performance. So the way I see it is that Gettleman provided a stabilizing, massive influence of objective input that buoyed this team back up from the benthic zone with a sensible analyzation in every decision made to maximize the value that players could contribute to this team, so that this team could be more successful than it ever has been. This conscious has seemingly abruptly become lobotomized out of the brains of this organization. I'm not going to question whether JR wants a winning football team. JR can want this team to win like everybody wants world peace and a cure for cancer. It's easy to say he wants the Panthers to win. Rather I will question his commitment to winning, like I have done so many times because his actions have provided me with so many opportunities to do so. It's not a binary question as much as it is a quantum superposition of how much he wants to win, and how much he wants this team to emblazon a display of his view of how the business of this team should be conducted, and in this case he has assigned far more value to the latter. CTRL-Z So which direction is the above equation going? With Marty's return, we're going to be undoing all of what Gettleman built since 2013. I'm already seeing reports of Hurney evaluating players and suggesting positional conversions, and I'm envisioning horrors of being one unit of "Jonathan Stewart on a bike" away from Hurney thinking we don't have enough power backs and trading Kawann Short to the Eagles for Blount and a 4th round pick. Maybe this won't happen but a bunch of stupid decisions that follow Hurney's idiotic logical conclusions like this does will. The Panthers are very likely going to regress back to a floundering non-entity of a football team. If they somehow avoid this fate, it will be in spite of leadership. Anything is possible but a well-guided hand really helps, especially in the realm of competition. JR brought back his headless yes man. If JR lets him get his hands on the control panel, expect some moves that are going to make you wonder whether or not Hurney is actively trying to sabotage this team.
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    Now that the offseason is coming to an end, this forum is for Carolina Panthers topics only. General football talk goes in the NFL forum. Also, a whole lot of venting goes on during the offseason. Such is the way it has always been on the Huddle. Now is the time to get a grip and cut out the personal attacks and name calling. The mods will be instructed to more strictly enforce this rule. You don't want to be on a forced vacation from the huddle during training camp. The end is here folks, we made it. The offseason of 2017 is dead. Long live Panthers football.
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    Tips the ball and still goes after the interception.
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    From Panthers.com "I never lost the connection with the organization," Hurney said. "I've gained a lot of perspective and have looked at things in different ways. I think I can help this team in a lot of areas. I think I've grown. And I feel I'm better prepared to come in this time and do a better job than I did over the 12 years I was general manager last time." That doesn't sound like a guy content with an interim role. Tell me I'm wrong.
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    Would you like the ability to down vote a post ? What sayeth the huddle?
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    Any NFL team thinking they can cover CMC with a linebacker in open space may want to think twice. Imagine the matchup problems this is going to cause.
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    Was just thinking he hadn't looked like the KB of the past two camps. This explains a lot. Wish him the best.
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    ***disclaimer: i can't verify this story*** in recent years i've become friends with a number of guys who are well connected with heavy hitters in the franchise. most of them have fed me pretty good inside scoops, from locker room dynamics to impending signings. nothing groundbreaking. today was much different. i was smoking a delicious padrón 1926 series exclusivo with a guy who works closely with the team (in a non-team related way) and routinely chats with front office staff. it came out in our conversation about the league that he's a friend of dave gettleman's from his days with the NYG scouting dept. in the middle of discussing gettleman's strengths and weaknesses as a general manager the subject of steve smith came up. "steve smith," he snorted, contempt curling into the air with the smoke from his cigar. "let me tell you something. there's guys you love for their results but are an absolute nightmare to work with. steve smith is gone for a reason." i casually fired up the smoldering end of my cigar and asked him if there was anything in particular he meant. he proceeded to lean forward unload the wildest tale i've ever heard. 2013 was by all accounts a superb year. after a rocky start the team congealed and began rattling off a few wins. by the monday night win over the patriots the team had been thrust into the national spotlight as a gritty upstart with a flourishing young talent and a cast of wiley veterans that threatened to go the distance. but then steve smith punched cam newton in the face. my jaw dropped. i asked for clarification. evidently - if he's to be trusted, and i think he is - there were major tensions in the locker room between cam and smith, who notoriously demanded cam feed him the ball, cowing coaches and players alike into kowtowing to his personal record chases. the locker room tension that year was downright deadly in spite of the team's outward appearance of success, and one day after practice steve smith and cam newton got into a huge argument. cam got in his face and told him to back off. steve smith blew his lid and punched cam in the face, twice. the team clamped an airtight lid on it. no media were present and no one was informed. practice was canceled the next day, and as my source put it, the locker room was "on lockdown" for two days until everything was dealt with. gettleman was told about it and then began seriously weighing smith's benefit against his cost to the team's cohesion. this, the story goes, if it's accurate, was the real driving incident behind the nebulous claims that smith was stunting cam's growth and preventing him from being able to take the tiller and command the team. thus with little fanfare the panthers cut him the following march. thats all the details i've got. i can't verify the story but this guy heard the entire thing straight from gettleman over a bottle of glenmorangie la santa and he's been a trustworthy source to date. he has absolutely nothing to gain by making this up. if true this is an incredibly interesting piece of the puzzle and would cast gettleman in a new light, as well as certainly steve smith and how we remember that 2013 season. anyone want to corroborate or deny?
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    I debated whether or not to start this topic for quite a while. Dan (the man behind @Panthers) has taken a new job and today is his last day. I'm sure the organization would prefer this to be a transition that goes unnoticed, not because they don't respect Dan, but because successful social media accounts have managers that take on the life of the brand and most of the time the followers don't know who is behind the curtain. I get that - and that's why I hesitated. But....not only has Dan been an amazing social media manager for the Panthers he's legit one of the nicest guys I've met. He genuinely cares about the team, its fans, and clever social media smack talk. I respect the guy completely and we will miss him. I feel like having him leave Charlotte without a proper sendoff just isn't the right thing to do for someone who has been such an impact in the Panthers community. So...I'm hoping that you all will get on Twitter and give @TweetsByDanno love he deserves before he heads of to NYC. I started by RTing some of the classic @Panthers moments that he's put together. Dan - thanks for all that you've done, my man. We're going to miss the hell out of you. We wish you a ton of luck back home and we'll absolutely be following along.
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    My name is Kevin. I've lived in the Philadelphia, PA area all 32 years of my life. I became a Panthers fan the year they joined the league in 1995. I have always been a Phillies and Flyers fan, but for whatever reason, my parents didn't follow the Eagles. After a few years of jumping on different NFL bandwagons as a kid, I decided to choose my permanent favorite team when the Hall of Fame game took place in 1995. The Panthers vs. the Jaguars... the winner would be my team forever. As they say, the rest is history. Sometimes I shudder at the thought of being a Jags fan, and that could easily be the case. Lucky for me, the Panthers won that HOF game. I still own my white and black Kerry Collins jerseys. I used to lurk these boards about 10 years ago and created an account in that same time frame. I didn't post much, and I've since forgotten what that username was. However, I still remember Tommy Jone and how awful Torry Holt was calling that game against the Browns. I began to lurk more recently and finally decided to sign up again. I don't post often, but when I do, I try to make it count. I'd appreciate any pie, beer, D, or pants to help keep my current pie-to-post ratio high because I know I can't keep it like that forever. I thank you in advance. That's my story. Excuse me while I go read about why it's both good and bad that we have a new GM.
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    Ben Boulware is all about that action. When he is in, he is always the last guy that gets pried off the ball carrier. I keep waiting for someone to take a swing at him over it. Tenacious as all get out, not shy at all about mixing it up with anyone. I like that.
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    Deserves its own thread. #Baller
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    Not saying OP implied this or said it, but it truly is amazing how the same "reasonable" posters who claimed anyone who spoke ill of Gettleman was a traitor or not a true fan, and those same posters, in multiple posts, have outright wished JR would pass away. Some classy "fans" we have...
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    @Saca312 I'm here. Got fired yesterday so I should plenty of time on my hands.
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    Two runningbacks on the same day in the same drill against the same defender. CMC against Zeke Fozzy against Zeke
  35. 32 points
    I know this is a taboo subject, but its pretty cool that two players that are bucking the racial football stereotypes are playing together on the same team. Such a great example for all of our kids that color is only skin deep.
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    Funchess is s superstar on the level of Jerry Rice compared to the WR's Hurney drafted over the years.
  38. 31 points
    Whenever I speak to defensive players they all say how much more aggressive this unit will be than previous seasons. It didn't take long for it to show. Preseason Game 1 - Defensive play 1 Wilks bring Thomas Davis on a linebacker blitz, frees up KK Short to get to the QB. First play of the preseason and he brings the heat.
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    Sports Science broke it down before the draft. He can shift 45 degrees faster than a human can react:
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    So we have a guy who had two years left on his contract who then threatened to hold out knowing for a fact that the Owner loved him and would assuredly side with him. Doing so then results in the owner becoming more fed up with a GM he already disagreed with and culminated in a top 5 GM being fired. Afterwards, that same player reveals that he will play out the contract he signed under his own volition (what a concept) and the organization is left with a stopgap GM who overpays everyone instead of the one that built a SB roster(it may be two with the look of this current team) and got the organization out of the financial hell that the same stopgap GM originally got us into. So basically all we did was dump a very strong football mind for the wallets of two players and some hurt feelings. Awesome time to be a Panther fan.
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    I agree he didn't make the Pro Bowl his first year here. Throw him out with the garbage. Loser.
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    I will go on record right now and say this defense will absolutely be ranked top 3 this year overall. When the starting unit is out there, there really are no weaknesses. Sure, some positions are better than others, but none are a concern really. If they can stay healthy, I feel like we all are going to witness something truly special this year.
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    Samuel after practice:
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    Sorry but people spend their hard earned money to support the Panthers. Jerry doesn't get a free ride on this. A explanation is required.
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    Today's play of the day. Worley coming on strong this camp.
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    The title of this thread refers to one of favorite gifs of all time...below if I can find it. It was about Luke blowing through an offense in a pre-season game. I was amazed, and sure enough, although it was his second season, just watching it you could see this guy was the real deal, and we had a true star. So watch CMC do this to that same player, now in his prime, but CMC only in his rookie season (albeit in practice), and try not to get too excited. here's the gif I referred to whatever the combination of Gettlemagic vs. Hurneymagic, our future is bright. Time to get excited on this board.
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    Pay them regardless of whether they're performing because you like them...loss.
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