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    On Sirius NFL Radio Late Hits they wanted to talk about coaches...I called in and asked what we could expect Norv's impact to be on our offense. Gil said he has known him since Norv was a college QB. Raved about how smart he is, hard worker, etc. I liked these 3 things: Said he calls a lot of screens (some Panther fans may not recognize that play) Said 2 or 3 times that he is a great play caller Mentioned that he is a developer of QB's and quoted Aikman as saying he would not have been the player he was if it were not for Norv. I am very excited about our OC. Some of you may have already guessed that....lol. This will be a very good year.
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    Character is what you do when no one is watching. My parents neighbor's son just graduated from college and got married. He was flying to Europe on the honeymoon and had a flight dely/cancellation on a connecting flight. Riverboat was on the same flight and he introduced himself and did the selfie thing. Right before they boarded Ron walked up and gave him a card in an envelope. He had walked to a gift shop, bought a card, signed it and put 2 $100 bills inside. The note said congratulations, have a nice dinner on me and Keep Pounding. Pretty cool thing for Ron to do after a 5 minute conversation.
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    You got a guy who doesn't owe you anything doing the kindness of putting on a football camp, and you act like that. I swear...
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    Subtle honeymoon reference no? Keep Pounding young man....Keep Pounding. Niiiiiooooooce one Ron.
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    This offseason has taught me that Julio Jones and Antonio Brown are absolutely coming to Charlotte to play with Cam.
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    LOL at the people who hate on Cam as a QB. Anybody would LOVE to play with the guy. Too bad most take him for granted smh.
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    The guy has been there for us on the field and off the field. He was a great investment, great player, great teammate and great member of the community. The guy earned his paychecks week in and week out, both the big ones and the smaller ones. If this is it for him, then thanks CJ for the games. It has been our distinct pleasure having you with us for your career. Please stick around and keep being part of this organization!
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    I realize most of the Huddle can’t relate since they’ve never seen the inside of a gym so we’re going to be left with dumbass comments like this one but try to do better
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    Never was the same after that illegal block in the New England game a couple years ago.
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    I have no idea what dafuq he just said, but
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    There isn't a fanbase in the NFL that spills more collective dgital ink about fullbacks than the Panthers'.
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    It's the off season and I rarely post something about myself but I got to thinking. I am a contractor and have been doing this stuff since I retired from the USN. Each time I have started a new contracting job in Iraq we have gone to the Super Bowl 2003 right after I retired from the Navy I signed on with KBR and went to Iraq. SB Bound 2015 signed on with another company to go back into Iraq. SB Bound Recently I signed a job offer to go back to Iraq. I start at the End of the Month or Early August.....Gotta mean SB Bound. It's a good omen. And other jobs I have started we have done well. 2010......yeah know we sucked but we won the right to pick Cam 2013.....good year
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    Scot move on Jesus Christ dude.
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    This is the first real sign that Hurney has learned some lessons.
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    He's basically everything negative people said about cam when he was coming out.
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    Lately, if you’ve been looking at Cam’s IG story, it appears he’s really taking this next season seriously. He’s stated multiple times he plans to be in his best shape ever, and seems to be really dedicated. From early morning workouts to working out in general, he really seems ready. Also, he has this message for the haters. From all accounts it appears Cam is fired up and ready. Seems to be in his best mood since 2015. Could mean something. Maybe we’ll get our first back to back winning season at minimum. Maybe, this could finally be our year in the Superbowl.
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    i honestly believe jameis winston is just an idiot.
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    That win gif is when I was pretty certain something was wrong or he wasn’t all the way there..
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    The more weapons you can use effectively, the less predictable the offense is.
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    Happy he restrained himself. Nothing to gain and everything to lose, over some punk kid who will never amount to anything.

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