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    At this rate Fournette will be off the board before Cleveland picks at #1.
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    I am starting an annual charity push in the mold of Pay it Forward to celebrate the Falcons epic choke job. Think of it as 'Fail it Forward'. I am calling it 'How Will You 25'. It's simple. Pick a charity or cause that you care about and donate $25 dollars on 3-28. Or, if you can't afford a $25 donation, donate 25 minutes of your time helping a cause. The whole idea is to do some good while celebrating the Falcons shitting their pants. Let me be the first to wish you a Happy 3-28. My annual 3/28 donation of $25 will be going to the Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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    Let us review.... Shall we? Clemson national football champs Atlanta blows 25 point lead SC men make final 4 SC ladies win it all UNC wins it all Is it just me or does 2017 seem like the exact opposite of 2016 so far? Let's hope that trend continues
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    Spent some time talking to Jeremy Cash tonight. Have a listen... (also found on the Carolina Huddle Podcast subscription on iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts)
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    Pat Mahones sounds like one of those names like Mike Hunt.
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    I'm sure the "official" version has an asterisks at the bottom reading "Cam Netwon Excluded."
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    Also big shout outs to Goodell for scheduling the NFL Draft on my Girlfriends birthday and she has no interest in sports fug you pal.
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    the falcons ones only look about three quarters of the way done
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    As many people have noted in recent weeks, the Panthers aggressive free agency means we've got a sizeable roster headed into the draft. The Panthers roster currently stands at 80 players. The roster limit for training camp is 90 players. We have 8 picks in the draft, plus the chance to bring in UDFAs and more free agents. Where is DG going to make space for all the new players?! While it is WAY WAY WAY too early to make any real roster predictions, I did find it helpful to review the roster today, trying to further assess at what positions the Panthers could really use help from the draft and to look at what players might already be on the bubble, at the risk of being released if we draft new talent. Here's an overview of the roster broken down by position, and with an attempt to subdivide the players for each position into 3 priorities. probable starters/key rotation guys depth / backups; camp fodder / practice squad types It surprised me quite a bit to discover I could easily come up with a pretty darn solid 53 man roster of category 1 & 2 players, with very few holes, (especially on Defense, Offense has some questions & holes still.) Here's an overview of the roster, looking at the numbers of players at each position. One would think that with 41 offensive players and 35 defensive players currently on the roster that we might have more holes on defense. But I don't think that's the case at all. We've got TONs of WRs & OTs (18 total at these 2 positions) on the roster, but many many are likely guys we're just churning through to see if we can find a diamond in the rough. Even with 18 players on the roster at these positions, these are still two of our areas of greatest need. Here's a look at all the players on offense and defense, grouped by position, with my rough classification as to what categories they fit in. Players in blue are more or less presumed starters / key role players. Yellow are the backups / depth to fill out the 53 man roster. Red presumably will get cut. Offense: On the Oline, obviously we can't have 3 starting tackles, and it's not a position where one uses a rotation. If Oher is healthy enough to start, Daryl Williams becomes a backup, perhaps competing with a newly drafted tackle. If we think Williams and/or any newly drafted tackle are suitable backup at guard, a player like Chris Scott or Amini Silatolu could be let go. I predict Larsen will win the Center backup role over Gradkowski. In any case, there is definitely room to draft a tackle. With Matt Kalil on the roster, and IF Oher is healthy, we could perhaps get by without drafting any tackle, but I know we'd all like to see Gettleman find someone to draft and develop for the future and to strengthen our depth at this position. QB is obviously not a need, but if a player (Dobbs) we like falls to us at one of our later picks, who knows, we could draft one as a developmental project, especially with Cam not being able to throw until training camp. If we were to end up drafting Christian McCaffrey, that could put Joe Webb's spot on the roster in danger as he is our "utility offense guy" (RB backup, WR backup, returner.) Obviously McCaffrey could not fill the QB3 slot on the roster though, and I think we'll want 3 QBs on the roster this season given that Cam's coming off shoulder surgery. RB/FB: There is room for another starter / main rotation player. I've given Stew & Fozzy the highest priorities, but really only Stew is safe. CAP seems to be very much on the bubble given that he's been given hardly any playing time in 2 years. Fozzy would probably be safe (he was one of the first players we re-signed this off season. Coaches like him.) if we were to draft Fournette, but would be doubtful to keep if we draft McCaffrey. As for Fullback: I assume we keep a dedicated FB on the roster, assuming Darrel Young or Devon Johnson show the necessary talent. Obviously we might look for a different FB, but I'd guess that would be through Free Agency rather than the draft. TE: Only Olsen is a sure thing. We went through how many TEs on the roster last season? And still we ended up with Greg & Ed Dickson. We all would like to see an upgrade from Dickson. There is definitely a spot on the roster for a TE... We could "live with" Olsen / Dickson & Simonson again. But why SHOULD we when this is a really really talented TE class. I will be extremely disappointed if we don't draft a TE in the 1st 3 or 4 rounds. To ignore this need would be very shortsighted. WR is far and away the biggest question mark on our roster. Really only KB and Funchess can assume to be pretty sure of a roster spot at this point. (And even Funchess could be bumped down or off the roster if someone clearly beats him this summer, though I doubt we give up on him just yet.) We obviously hope Shepard & Charles Johnson#2 will add something to the WR stable, but none of us have seen them take a snap in Panther Blue, so they're not certain yet. Byrd excites a lot of the fans but he's having surgery this offseason, could be tough for him to gain a spot. WR competition will be WIDE OPEN yet again, and there is space to draft/add 1 or 2 WRs to compete & upgrade this position. So, in summary, looking at the roster, I identify these priorities for the draft on offense: WR: (need) OT: (need) RB: (less a NEED than an opportunity with a really deep & talented draft class and wanting to strengthen & evolve on offense and limit Cam's runs) TE: (need / opportunity. Dickson's not adding much. This is a very good TE class.) Guard: no need. Center: no need if we like Larsen or think Gradkowski is solid enough QB: if a promising talent is there are one of our later picks.... why not? DEFENSE & Special Teams: On Defense: DANG, Dave Gettleman has done a fantastic job this off-season filling holes. Apart from the question of the AGE of a lot of our players on defense (a valid concern, which I'll address in a minute), I'd be pretty happy with our potential 53 man roster (the blue & yellow guys) even if we didn't add ANY new player on defense! Seriously, look at that defensive roster and realize that for ANY new draft pick on defense to make the 53 man roster, one of the 26 players in blue or yellow is going to have to go. WOW. TOUGH TOUGH choices ahead in building the roster on defense. The guys most on the bubble would seem to be Ryan Delaire Kyle Love Zach Sanchez / Teddy Williams (or really any of the CBs behind Bradberry / Worley / Captain) Dean Marlowe Basically, the only issue on defense is AGE. We need talented youth to develop behind Peppers & CJ, TD and Mike Adams. On D: I think we should aim for 2 players in the draft: A young talented pass rusher is the biggest need, then a strong safety. CB it would be nice to have more depth / competition to push Worley. At LB: we've got decent depth already, but it wouldn't hurt to "replace" AJ Klein. Shaq is already being well-groomed to be able to take over for TD when the horrible day of his retirement comes, but with AJ gone, it's worth starting to develop another new LB. But apart from a DE to play in rotation to learn behind Pep & CJ and to give us some young legs among the DEs, we're not looking at needing to draft a starter or key rotation player on Defense. We're looking a DEPTH and developmental players. This is a huge reason why I keep saying I want us to go offense heavy in the early rounds of this draft. It's on offense we have more holes & question marks. Our current Defensive roster could go out and start tomorrow. We have the luxury of being able to strengthen the depth behind the presumed starters, but we've got a very solid defense already. All told, I want to see us come away with about 6 players out of our 8 picks in the draft: 2 or 3 high picks going to Offensive Weapons: (RB / TE / WR) (rounds 1 - 3) 2 or 3 mid - high picks (rounds 2 - 4) for DE & S or OT 1 mid to late pick BPA at any position where we could strengthen our depth: (CB, LB, QB)
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    I can't ever recall a doctor coming out after a surgery and saying, "Damn, man... I botched the fug outta that one." They're all a success according to the surgeon.
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    Imagine telling players like Thomas Davis to shut it down and just phone it in for the last few games.
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    Charles Darwin: Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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    Report: Panthers 100% Sold On Garrett - Will Be Pick If Available
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    Fans need to realize that of the potential options available at 8, McCaffrey makes a lot of sense. If the first seven picks remove: Garrett Adams Hooker Fournette Thomas And we have to choose between Allen, Howard or McCaffrey, a case can be argued that McCaffrey makes too much sense. Need at RB, WR and special teams, and he is a true playmaking dynamic weapon that teams covet. If you would take him at 12-18 in the draft, taking him at 8 is not so far fetched. Cam needs weapons and McCaffrey would be a big one. I personally like Howard, but McC is 1B if the above players are off the board. We should be more pissed if Allen is selected, IMO.
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    Bene looking to be in shape now. Rehab took longer than expected. Sure would have been nice to have him healthy this year. Cutting him for admitting he was winded against Julio Jones wasn't a good move.
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    Hide him somewhere and don't let him leave... nobody has to know.
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    Bill will now be contributing to the official Panthers website and other media in the organization.
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    as a newly single person, i figured the best way to meet wimmin is to get drunk as poo and sit at home watching dumb 90's movies on netflix. armed with a bag of ritz baked sour cream and chives crackers and a couple of hoppyum IPAs, i kicked it on my couch and fired up heavyweights, a movie about fat kids finding their purpose even though jeffery tambor and ben stiller are being total dicks about it. through all of my laughter and tears, one thing stood clear: this movie foretells a super bowl victory for the carolina panthers. for those of you who haven't watched this masterpiece, here's the plot: an overweight kid gets sent to fat camp. everything is great at first. he hops on a bus with kenan thompson and makes friends with everybody. they pull into fat camp and start throwing their luggage to the resident camp counselor and ...OMG HOLY SHlT WHAT'S THAT by god, that's paul feig in a #95 jersey with a carolina panthers logo on it! this movie had my curiosity, but now it had my attention. let's back up for a second. this movie came out in 1995, which was the inaugural season of the team. the main character's name is a plucky young go-getter by the name of ...jerry. he's a likable kid, and he quickly makes friends with everybody, including the camp jokester and the sniveling british kid. but most importantly, he meets cody. ARE YOU SEEING THIS you might call me delusional. i called me delusional too. i called me drunk. i paused to scroll through a hundred tinder profiles that aren't liking me back and wondered if i'd be better suited lifting weights instead of watching heavyweights and structuring this post. but fug it, this is destiny! i knew it the moment some little poo prick named salami sam waddled in and sucked ass in the chipmunk hut, best damn hut in all of camp hope's history: THAT FAT FUCK IS A FALCONS FAN this poo was starting to all come together to me. it was the perfect setup. how many years has it been since this movie came out? 22. how many years have the panthers been a team? 22. what was the culminating point of this movie? the apache relay, a championship match between camp hope the stupid other camp. what's the culminating point of this year? the fuging super bowl motherfugers of course to get there they need some help from loyal allies, such as tom, camp counselor who wore a panthers polo followed by panthers-colors-infused-mid-ninties-grunge-rocker-flannel-wear it's too good to be true. ever defeated, the good guys sweated their way through training camp, beating out ben stiller on meth and a waffen SS type to master themselves by putting the butt of a hispanic (ron rivera) kid in ben stiller's face an imprisoning him. know where they did it? THAT'S FLAT ROCK NC OMG ok all of this ends up with the downtrodden fat kids (panthers) finding themselves and becoming super self-actualized and stuff. but the movie doesn't end until jerry has to face down the ray romano looking bitch kid from the prep camp in the race at the apache relay. so what happens? jerry (richardson) defies all odds by jumping on top of the ray romano bitch kid's car and wins the race (superbowl) and all the fat kids (huddlers) go bonkers an celebrate their win (super bowl win) which tells me we're gonna drop a charles johnson car on top of some bitch ass mid tier game manager AFC quarterback in the super bowl after nuking the falcons to win the division and then win the mother fuging 2017 superbowl and hoist it above our fat ass heads for the rest of time. heavyweights indeed
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    That seems to be the story line of the day. It shouldn't be. It's Fournette, and it isn't close.
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    Cotchery caught it.
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    Gee, so not only do the Panthers get to play the defending Superbowl champs last year, they get to have another go at it TWO seasons in a row. Someone better blowtorch the NFL shield off at BoA Stadium right now.
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    I mentioned this in another thread, but if Stewart and Anderson are not our team captains when we play ATL we are missing out on an opportunity.
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    Cam gives zero fugs about what anyone thinks or says about him. That's what love about Cam. He knows he's gonna get flamed and just does him no matter what. Shine through shade. [emoji111] Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
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    Oh lord I would love to sit on this forum with a bottle of liquor after we pick mccaffrey
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    Here is to hoping it all goes well today.
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    Gun to the head isn't confidence. Gun to the head is being forced to make a hard decision under pressure.
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    Whenever one looks at the new Falcons stadium, one simply can't help picturing Matty Meltdown's rear end on that fateful game day. It simply looks like a huge butthole basking itself in the air of Atlanta. Apparently, that roof may be the sole reason the stadium's finish date may likely be 'butted' back. http://www.11alive.com/mb/sports/reports-mercedes-benz-stadiums-retractable-roof-being-evaluated/426349799 Looks like retractable roofs that look like huge clamped buttholes aren't exactly the easiest thing to make. A huge blow in the rearend for the Failcons. Oh, and the Falcons blew a 25 point lead in the Superbowl.
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    Never forget.
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    Looks like Cincy found another RB
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    I spent some time today reviewing and playing with the list of Panthers draft prospect visits / meetings / workouts to date. I was trying to get a feel for what positions we might be targeting where in the draft. That is, looking for patterns / groupings of players, and just trying to get a feel for what the visits might show about our relative priorities on offense & defense. I've only done a preliminary review / analysis. I hope to do more, but for now, in the next few comments here I'll be posting some of what I've been playing with, and a few of my conclusions based on the patterns I've found. All of my data for the Panthers 2017 draft prospect contacts / visits / workouts is taken from Gene Ferrell's Black & Blue Maniac blog (I cross checked it with Walter Football as well) and is current through April 13. https://panthergf.wordpress.com/2017/02/28/2017-draft-prospect-visit-workout-meeting-list/
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    I've seen this line of thought from quite a few Huddlers. And as someone who felt the same way until very recently, I get it. But I realized how wrong that was and how he would evolve our offense. Let me try to reason with you. McCaffery is talented. And as far as HBs go I'd say he's as solid as any HB you could take in the past few drafts. He's fast, elusive and has some strength. Not only is he a threat out of the backfield as a receiving talent, which that alone makes him insanely valuable, he's a very good slot WR. In the same vein Howard would boost our offense and give us another face, McCaffery can do that too. To add on, the addition of a lethal screen game (Should Shula remember that's a play) would take a lot off our O-line and tackles which have a lot of question marks right now. The best part about this is, at least for the coming season, we'll have JStew with MxCaffery if he's the pick. Cam, Stew and McCaffery in the pistol would give offenses headaches. Pitches, screens, misdirections. Not to mention Cam could easily audible for a must match and kick McCaffery out to the slot. The possibilities are amazing. Finally, let's look at SB51. Look at what killed the Falcons. James White, the receiving HB, Killed the Falcons all day. This Thus as a weakness which is now known about the Falcons, and while they are likely to address and help the team to try to fix that, this is something that a team that has to play then twice a year has to have noticed. Also dont forget the Falcons lost a 25 point lead. All this coupled with he's an amazingly talented runner, the case is very strong for him at 8. And if things shake up a certain way two weeks from now, dont be surprised if McCaffery is the newest Carolina Panther.
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    If you can't even sniff the playoffs with how our starting defense currently looks it's anything but Gettleman's fault.
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    Nah bruh she's great and funny and sweet and fine as hell I have no idea what she sees in my ugly ass but imma run with it
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    "To you guys 8 spots doesn't seem like much, but to me it's gold. Got to give up something to get something". That line right there is the difference between being a Huddler and an NFL General Manager.
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    Where's everyone that said they were sure Stew was going to get cut?
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    Matt Ryan getting his Phase 1 OTA work in Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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    Isn't this the infamous "Cam has a fake smile" guy?
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    Do you read your message board?
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    This is opinion only, I have no inside information, I am not boarded in Orthopedics but in medical school, rotations and in conversation with colleagues this is likely what happened. Cam sustained this "minor tear" in December (found on MRI), he should have likely been pulled immediately from any further playing but regardless apparently he still did. With these minor tears the typical treatment is the conventional RICE Therapy (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), you usually don't go in right away and perform surgery. I suspect that his orthopedist possibly Dr. Robert Anderson who is the team's orthopedist https://www.orthocarolina.com/physicians-pa/detail/robert-b-anderson-md recommended this conservative method and repeat MRI in 90 days. The timing of the repeat MRI puts us right around this timing, once the MRI revealed that the partial tear still existed with surrounding inflammation that is when I suspect that the Panthers, Cam, Orthopedist went ahead and decided upon having the surgery. Nobody in their right mind goes right into an athlete's throwing shoulder and operates, risks outweigh benefits. I highly doubt Cam, the Panthers were just "delaying things" they likely followed conventional methods first. The only issue that I personally have is once that MRI confirmed a partial tear, you had to shut him down whether he liked it or not, the long term investment is way too much to have him play in meaningless games.