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    Finally had the guts to unrack 405 on the squat today. First time in about 15 years... Got two reps pretty easily. Legs are not the issue... Still working my back up to the heavier weights.
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    You could do a reverse image like that for Detroit.
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    This is a great example of what kills me about Cyanide and Happiness. The setup for the punchline is always so great, and the punchline in concept is so good, but the execution of the punchline is terrible. The last frame would be so much better if it just said "No" requiring the reader to figure out that he was referring to the other statement. This is the case with so many C&H comics. Nevertheless, a funny one.
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    Don't worry man... you're beautiful to me.
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    I haven't lifted heavy in ages. I think last time I went 405 on the squat was around 2009 when I was lifting with a bunch of "bench bros". Every day was chest, shoulders, traps or tris. I couldn't keep up with them on the bench. But one day they decided to squat and I had to show off. We had one who benches over 350 struggling with 225 on the squat. It makes no sense to me. Somehow I've become partial to front squats. I don't get nearly as much weight but I feel like I get much more out of it. I guess my workouts have morphed into a combination of what Cat does with some "sustainment" lifting. I'm definitely not going to set any PRs with my regime that I'll be starting again soon.
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    The initial NCAA investigation was into the football team and its links to runners/ agents. The paper classes issue didn't come out until after the NCAA had punished UNC. UNC claimed it was an academic issue, not an athletic issue and the NCAA agreed. Therefore, there was no reason to go back to Chapel Hill and go over the transcripts of the players to see if there was an eligibility issues. UNC has not been investigated or punished, by the NCAA, for any of the fraudulent classes.
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    haha he does do a lot of charity stuff and does seem to stay extremely grounded though... I'm sure he feels the pressure, but I think his early successes have made him a popular target for other people to seek out for side work...I don't envy someone like that, having to balance so much with a private life too...
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    yeah, agree all the way around... he's probably the best author i've read in recent years outside of GRRM. i follow him on FB and all he does his talk about how behind schedule he is, which is crazy to me considering these books are the only books he has to stand on as far as goodwill from publishers/readers go at least get your first series out, then if you want to be a diva author, go to town lol
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    for those of us waiting for the third book in Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicle series... this is coming out first http://www.amazon.com/Slow-Regard-Silent-Things-Kingkiller/dp/0756410436/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1402063568&sr=1-1&keywords=patrick+rothfuss
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    That's awesome dude. I don't know if I ever want to get under 405 again. My max parallel squat back in the day was 600lbs. I'm getting some of that strength back since I started lifting again but I'm not going to do anything that requires me to wear a belt. I'm just sticking with high rep stuff.
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    i didn't do much if poo today, but i've been back at it for over a week.
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    i agree with this. if you really totally seriously dedicate yourself you can end up looking like this: but that's with a LOT of hard work. it is a lifestyle in itself. but you'll never look like this without testosterone and other enhancements such as steroids: looks like someone photoshopped floppin's arms on that chick. just do aerobic lifting with your arms and switch your strength training to back, shoulders, core, legs, chest...whatever you think isn't "too big" yet.
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    Most of us care more about our teams than World Cup.
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    I'd have to vote for Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 is still my favorite game of all time, and FF8 and FF10 are also very solid additions to the franchise.

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