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  1. Or they just don't care about the NFL at all and only follow college, which feels like the majority of SCians.
  2. Is everyone here under the impression that Panthers fans in SC are fans purely because they do training camp in SC? Seems unlikely to me.
  3. The Patriots have had their training camp in Foxborough for 21 years now. Should they be the Massachusetts Patriots?
  4. Not before he interviews with Tepper to gain that sweet, sweet leverage for better contract.
  5. You were never hopeful/hype going into a season when Cam was here?
  6. I get both sides of the argument. If Travis doesn't go down, FSU is probably in, but I can see a world where the committee doesn't want another 2021 Cincinnati or 2016 Washington situation, where a team got in because by letter of the law, they met the requirements, but then gets blown out because they weren't really one of the best four teams in the country. Either way, the committee will either be vindicated or indicted depending on the results of the FSU Georgia game. Georgia wins handily, committee is vindicated. FSU loses closely or wins, committee will hear the noise. All of this is moot anyway because of the expansion next year. Even if there is a snub out of the top 12, it won't be nearly as dramatic as a snub out of the top 4.
  7. Never attribute to malice that which which is adequately explained by stupidity. Y'all are letting the fact that he's a billionaire fool you into thinking he's a genius.
  8. Yeah I think best case scenario out of a Harbaugh HC stint here would be a reset of the culture, and a return to knowing what it’s like to win before handing it off to a long term HC. Who knows how it’d actually go tho
  9. The key difference between Rhule and Harbaugh being that Harbaugh has experience winning in both college and the NFL
  10. There’s no sense of relief because everyone realizes these problems are way deeper than Reich. Rhule was looked at as the root of the problem, not the symptom that he really was.
  11. But is it Young that is making Mingo look like a JAG, or is he just a JAG? Or is it the offensive system that has stifled any ability for either player to make plays? Or is it all of the above? We've got a feedback loop at the moment where every individual piece of the system is sucking, and simultaneously causing other pieces to suck. It's a death spiral. We simply won't be able to evaluate anyone effectively until conditions change under a new staff.
  12. They only remember Charlotte FC exists when it comes to time to complain about how he "cares more about soccer than football".
  13. If BigKat bought this place, we'd know. That dude loves telling everyone here about his financials, to the point where it feels like bragging. I think he just likes to create new threads for every new thought that pops into his head.
  14. There are two outcomes of Tepper receiving mainstream ridicule: 1. He realizes his mistakes and rectifies the situation by lessening his impact on decision making. (He'll never remove himself completely, no owner does.) 2. He doubles, triples, and quadruples down on his idea that he's the decision maker, and he'll desperately try to prove the doubters wrong with attempt after attempt to finally get it right. I'll leave it up to y'all to determine which is the more likely outcome.
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