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  1. Yeah I get the same vibes with Richardson as Willis last year. Almost every mock draft predicting him going in the first round, only to fall to round 3. Levis - who knows. I can see a team taking a swing early, and I can see him being a day 2 pick. As long as we're not one of the dumb teams I'm gucci.
  2. Which is why I don't think there's going to be a mad dash for QBs. Probably only Young and Stroud go in the top 10, unless some team foolishly falls in love with Levis (looking at you Jim Irsay).
  3. Bring that terrible griddy to Charlotte
  4. Weren't folks last year saying that there could be 2-3 QBs taken in the top 10? I found a mock draft from last year with 5 QBs going round 1. Fans and pundits overvalue QBs, teams don't.
  5. The Colts had a top 10 defense in points allowed 3 of the 5 years Reich was head coach. The only truly bad year was last year but most of the season Saturday was the coach.
  6. Unclear. Got it. Edit: But it does appear that the subtext here is indicating they'll try to bring in QB competition.
  7. I haven't seen anything to suggest that they're not. I could be wrong though.
  8. I have a feeling we're not going to be one of the main players to get his signature when he's released.
  9. Honestly the Falcons are probably the only team in the NFCS that won't be trying to land a new QB. Carr could be good with the Saints but I'd say first round playoff exit would be their ceiling with the current roster.
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