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  1. This team was punching above its weight with Miguel. I have strong doubts that this same squad will be this competitive with a new manager. Hope I'm proven wrong.
  2. Well that press conference was fugging useless. No new information was divulged it was just "I don't want to speculate" in reply to every question. Might as well not have had one.
  3. He just wasn't a yes man who would lick Tepper's balls like Rhule does. Tepper don't like that.
  4. Saw a random twitter post claiming that Miguel gave an ultimatum to Tepper to go back to real grass or he would walk. Probably not true but thought I'd share.
  5. I mean I'm all for giving out honors and awards for the best players in a given season, but to have those players actually get together and play a "real" game is stupid lol. Just give them the accolade and be done with it.
  6. I don't disagree. I guess I'm making more of a semantical argument that someone can't be "right" on a prediction of future events. At least not in the present moment, anyway.
  7. Unless he 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt proves he's the man for the job in training camp, then Sam should be starting week 1. Rookie QBs tend to not do so hot when immediately thrown to the wolves.
  8. Lol how is he right about this? It's just his opinion on what he predicts might happen. There's nothing to be right about.
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