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  1. Why would someone who loves soccer and would support an MLS team going to have animosity towards the team just because Tepper is the owner? From everything I've seen, he's had nothing to do with hiring the Manager or any roster decisions. I know people on this board can't disconnect Tepper from the soccer team, (and some of y'all are convinced he's prioritizing soccer over football) but I have a feeling most folks in the real world can divorce the Panthers from Charlotte FC and let both teams sink or swim on their own.
  2. Yeah ain't no way we're even close to the most miserable fanbases. Matt Rhule has a lot of y'all ready to leave this fanbase for good. We'd never make it if we had to go through what Lions or Browns fans do.
  3. Are y'all gonna do this every time Tepper does anything related to the soccer team?
  4. That would probably be the real jumping off point for a lot of folks. If the Panthers aren't winning by then, why pay even more to see them lose in a fancier building?
  5. So what happens if Tepper does move the team there? Is he going to move again when he inevitably alienates those fans too? What's the endgame outside of "build an actual winning franchise"?
  6. From building the practice facility in Rock Hill, to trying to acquire the land to build a new stadium on, to having Charlotte FC be the same colors as the Panthers so they can share a stadium, all signs to Tepper not moving the franchise. I get everyone's pissed, as am I, but let's be rational for a second here.
  7. What about the brand new MLS team. Does he move them too? Not a chance.
  8. Hanlon's razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
  9. Lmao he’s prepping us for Nixon to be his choice.
  10. Who dey is the Bengals. Saints say Who dat.
  11. Not sure if this has been brought up already, but I just saw Mac Jones' pitiful attempt at tackling the DB that intercepted him, and man that was a zero effort play.
  12. I have a feeling that the outcome of this game was going to have no bearing on Tepper's decision to bring Rhule back, but gahdamn if he isn't feeling a little bit remorseful then I don't even know what could change his mind at this point.
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