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  1. He's not being very subtle about his desire to be a Commander. If he does actually end up being traded, I'd expect that it's Washington and only Washington in the running.
  2. The Panthers are doomed to have Kenny Albert and Jonathan Vilma in perpetuity.
  3. Realistic and level-headed fanbase, Huddle notwithstanding.
  4. This Copa America has been wild with all the physical games, the refereeing "mistakes", and high tension throughout. It just boiled over last night in Charlotte.
  5. I'm sure the same was said when the Rams left LA. Only took 20 years to get them back.
  6. Well Kansas City voters just voted to reject publicly funding stadium upgrades via a new sales tax. So it seems your comment about it being a lack of passion in the fanbase that would lead a city to choose to not help a billionaire fund their stadium upgrades doesn't make any sense.
  7. So America can win something? The US has 2.5 times the number of total medals as the next highest country. We dominate the summer Olympics. And yes, people watch.
  8. Remember when someone on here said Cousins was gonna get jail time for this? Ah good times.
  9. It's Charlotte and Detroit. Hornets and Pistons are both ass. The Lions success last year doesn't undo decades of poor to mediocre play. Panthers I don't need to explain. Both the Tigers and the Red Wings haven't had any real success over the last decade. Detroit has 3 sucky teams and one good one that was sucky forever. Charlotte just has two sucky ones, but doesn't have a good one to rest their laurels on, so it's probably a wash.
  10. Bryce was bad. Darnold is also bad. Neither have shown so far that they are franchise QB material. The difference is, Bryce only has one year under his belt, whereas Darnold has well proven what he is, and what he isn't. I don't think you should let Bryce's poor play make you pine for Darnold.
  11. Darnold is never going to figure it out, and Wilks ceiling is .500 level coach with maybe a shot at a wild card one and done every year. Neither were the answer. Didn't think there'd still be Darnold truthers in 2024 but here we are.
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