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    Fines from the FCC too I believe.
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    AMC is bowing to their sponsors by not airing it live on the network that way. They are a subscription based cable network, so it would fly if they wanted it to. I think Breaking Bad was allowed like 1 F bomb per season. But they just don't want to be the non-premium cable network that just lets it fly like that. Comedy Central and others kind of broke ground with the word "poo," and AMC followed. Even on CC's app, they drop the F bomb, but still bleep it on live airings.
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    I still don't get the logic. Don't know if it TV standard thing or AMC's decision.... But I don't get how dropping F bombs is just this big no no.....but then the rest of an episode can literally be bashing in someone's brains. Repeatedly. Multiple angle shots. Guts falling out. Different zombie gore gags of what unique way can we show zombie #475's death. Then the show is like, I don't know....I think Rick might should say "screwing with the wrong people" so that we don't offend too much. I think if my 5 year old just had to stumble into a scene of TV and I had the choice between a f bomb scene and some gruesome death scene I'll take F Bombs for $500 Alex.
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