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    "Article" read more like an ad for life insurance Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
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    Panthers will be in the Carolinas for a long, long time. Growing market that isn't among the smallest to begin with, and a decent stadium. Wouldn't make any sense for a potential buyer to move the team any time soon.
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    Remember California Games on ATARI? IDK why but as a kid I LOVED that game.
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    Absolutely. And it's a fact that records sound better, not just an opinion. The only exception is when a modern day album is recorded in digital format (not reel to reel) and then converted to analog for a record. So your best bet is with older (and better) artists. Anyway, when was the last time you walked into a record shop and saw Nickelback on vinyl? Selena Gomez? The Beebs? Never. Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Public Enemy, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, The Pixies, EPMD, Nirvana, Hendrix. Check!
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    @Khyber53 gets it... you young fugers don't know real games... You only need two colors to have fun... black & white.
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    There are 17 million people in this area, and a fan base to support them. It is among the fastest growing areas in the country. Would be a dumb move to move the team.
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    I doubt richardson would let the team be sold and moved after death if he could help it. That atleast gives me some comfort on the subject. Would be a shame if it came to that, charlotte is one of the cleanest and most friendly citys i have been in, it needs pro sports. Also, anyone but bruton.
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    And when you were basically betting a machine a quarter every danged time you played... it was high stakes back in '82 man.
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    1 - Ninja Gaiden (NES version/Xbox) 2 - Mike Tyson's Punchout 3 - Street Fighter 2 4 - Pac-man 5 - TMNT 2: Arcade Version 6 - Super Castlevania IV 7 - Super Mario World and #3 8 - Donkey Kong Country 9 - Tetris 10 - Double Dragon Honorable Mentions: Halo 2 Killer Instinct Metal Gear Solid Soul Calibur Breath of Fire Megan Man X F-Zero Adventure Island Super Ghouls and Ghosts Duck Tales
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    The first system that I owned was the original Playstation. Lol
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    Oh yeah, I remember those places, they bought up all the vinyl for pennies and are now gone.
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    It's a plain record shop. The fancy ones are called Record Shoppe.
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    Pitfall was my other Atari fav... man I played that a LOT
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    I listen to street punk, Oi!, ska, crust, and grind ... so vinyl is the preferred method. It indeed sounds great, and there's just something fun about having cool album covers, inserts, artwork, liner notes, etc. It makes music more fun, instead of just having a phone stuffed with digital files.
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    Planescape: Torment Baldurs Gate II Final Fatasy 7 Chrono Cross Xenogears Red Alert Elder Scrolls: Morrowind SimCity4 The Neverhood Minecraft
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    Wow yeah I forgot about Half Life 2 as well...talk about a revolutionary game.
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    Centipede Asteroids Berzerk Wizardry Oregon Trail Final Fantasy 7 Everquest World of Warcraft Star Control 2 Civilization
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