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    Absolutely. And it's a fact that records sound better, not just an opinion. The only exception is when a modern day album is recorded in digital format (not reel to reel) and then converted to analog for a record. So your best bet is with older (and better) artists. Anyway, when was the last time you walked into a record shop and saw Nickelback on vinyl? Selena Gomez? The Beebs? Never. Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Public Enemy, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, The Pixies, EPMD, Nirvana, Hendrix. Check!
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    Oh yeah, I remember those places, they bought up all the vinyl for pennies and are now gone.
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    It's a plain record shop. The fancy ones are called Record Shoppe.
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    I listen to street punk, Oi!, ska, crust, and grind ... so vinyl is the preferred method. It indeed sounds great, and there's just something fun about having cool album covers, inserts, artwork, liner notes, etc. It makes music more fun, instead of just having a phone stuffed with digital files.

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