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    Only one example of Big 5 teams losing to those outside the Big 5 leagues -Shakhtar 2:1 Napoli Also a tough matchday for Portugal -CSKA 2:1 Benfica -Besiktas 3:1 Porto -Sporting did jump out 3:0 on Olympiakos and win 3:2 but in a group with Barca and Juve that match will probably be the highlight Liverpool tied Sevilla and England/Spain were 7-0-0 in all other match-ups Bundesliga was thoroughly mediocre (1-1-1) Serie A managed just a draw in three matches Ligue 1 has just two representatives and earned a win and a draw
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    No Spoliers... Tried the Raid last night... OMG... We did not succeed. My group is doing everything possible not to watch or read anything on how to complete this one. It would be the first Raid we complete without help from the internet.
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    just got my tickets for the Sep 30 game against the Astros!
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    I was worried. Not gonna lie. I was thinking. Do I really want to get a game with a sh*t campaign and more of the same loot hunting. I'm glad I got this game. The campaign was like night and day from D1. It's like a developer listened to its fans. When i'm grinding for gear it doesn't feel as a chore. Something or someone is always around the corner. I'm finding it distracting. Take a patrol to do something. Find 4 things to do along the way. The NPC's have been fun as well.
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