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    Can't be too concerned about that empty stadium in LA considering their solution was to give them a 2nd team
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    Going to be a rough week for me because since moving here I have grown to love the character of this team. They are exciting to watch. I will be sporting the red, white, and blue due to my heritage. I truly hope that Buffalo can rebuild under MCDERMOTT and get to the playoffs. The city deserves that. I don't believe that you can pick a winner based on the first week games. Each team stands out in different ways. Advantage Carolina because they have an identity on both sides of the ball. Buffalo is still regrouping and trying to figure out where they are. I'm hoping for a tie........Go Bills! Go Panthers! Circle the wagons and keep pounding.
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    Butker wouldn't have covered that any better.
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    It's been a busy few days and I just had a chance to finalize my work on a graphic look at the Panthers vs. 49ers game this past Sunday, specifically what I call a "game at a glance" representation of the drive charts for the game. Here are the drive charts for both teams side by side. I'll post the individual teams' charts below, along with some commentary. But basically, these drive charts this week are the story of the game. There is ONE WORD that can summarize the Panthers: OPPORTUNISTIC!! More on that below.
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    This Sunday the Carolina Panthers host the Buffalo Bills. Charlotte has had an influx of Buffalo residents over the past decade due to a stagnating Buffalo economy and job losses. Although they improved their lives by moving to Charlotte, their allegiances typically remain in New York. There will be a large Buffalo Bills fan presence at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday, but no where near the 50% that has been predicted in the media. You can safely expect about a 80/20 split. Here are a few things the Bills fans are saying about the upcoming game. On the Bills rushing attack: "I think Carolina continues to struggle on offense while Buffalo's is just getting warmed up. Both teams have great defenses but I really don't think there is a team in the NFL that can stop Buffalo's rushing attack. That's a huge advantage even if you are one of those "modern NFL" franchise QB types. What does that even mean....modern NFL? Screw it. Play smash mouth, run it it down their throats, and take the steam right out of them." The Bills are able to run the ball against the lowly Jets and all of a sudden they can't be stopped. Hell, even Mike Tolbert ran for nearly 4 yards a carry against the CFL caliber team. The same Mike Tolbert that is usually good for a loss, fumble, or missed block depending on the play call. The truth is the Bills may indeed have a good running game this year between Taylor and McCoy. The problem here is they are playing against the best front seven in the NFL this Sunday. I don't think you should expect the same results. It is difficult to find happiness in Buffalo, so many turn to the bottle. I give you exhibit A On the Panthers offensive performance in week 1 We all acknowledge that Newton was extremely rusty in the first half of the San Francisco game. There were at least two touchdowns that did not happen due to his sore shoulder. Luckily for the Carolina Panthers, the rust appeared to be greatly diminished in the second half as Newton completed all of his passes. On the other hand, the Bills are completely healthy and squeak out a close win at home against the Jets. All of a sudden they are in a position to throw stones? Laughable. The truth is the Carolina Panthers have far more talent than the Buffalo Bills. This can be best illustrated by the Bills signing Panthers' cast offs to their regular roster. I am not one to buy into the coaching angle that so many are talking about. Both head coaches are very familiar with one another. That is a wash. In the end, the Panthers defense once again dismantles the opposing offense and allows only single digits. The Panthers offense continues to improve as Newton's shoulder heals. Carolina Panthers - 28 Buffalo Bills - 6
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    Without question. In fact I think you should track Ken down and have him perform it live. How bad-ass would that be?! I realize he's a busy artist, but he may be up for it if there is a break in his touring schedule.
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    I always loved the Real Men of Genius commercials and after watching Kyle Shanahan's 4th down play calling yesterday I thought he deserved his own, so I present.... Mr. Risky 4th Down Play Caller Carolina Huddle presents: Real Men of Genius (Real men of genius) Today we salute you, Mr. Risky 4th Down Play Caller. (Mr. Risky 4th Down Play Caller) Steadfast in the belief you can move the ball on a defense that whipped your @ss all day, you’re a real maverick. (He’s a maverick baby!) Sure Brian Hoyer’s no Cam Newton, but he’s got moxie, and moxie plus an interior lineman named Fusco are all you need to win in the NFL. (Fusco’s coming for you!) You may have crapped the bed up 28-3 in the Super Bowl, but you’re Kyle Freaking Shanahan, 1st of your name, father of Matty Ice, and you’ve got all the answers. (Falcons blew a 25-point lead!) So crack open an ice-cold brew, Skeletor Jr., because we all know, when the going gets tough, you panic and become too predictable. (Mr. Risk 4th Down Play Caller) Feel free to chime in with your own Week 1 Real Man of Genius.
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    There you go. Butker cleared waivers and is back with the Panthers. We don't need Crume with Love and Butler ready to play again. Cole Luke will basically take a medical redshirt because we have more talent and experience at corner now, and we just got a little deeper at tackle. It's getting a little harder to dislike Hurney lately. I still don't trust him running the draft but I will have to eat some crow and say he's done a really good job with the roster so far.
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    It might be a little early but the NFL is flirting with what happened to Nascar. They catered to the corporate money and alienated the common fan. Attendance crashed and now its in the gutter. Charlotte Motor speedway has removed close to forty thousand seats. No more back stretch. No more turns one and four seating. Just corporate RV areas now. Food and drink prices are incredibly high and the founding fanbase cant afford to attend. They left all the grass root historical tracks for vanilla super speedways. Now corporate money is drying up. After the Lowes contract ended they had to revert to good old Charlotte Motor speedway. Nascar is on full desperation life support. NFL needs to take heed.
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    Since it's obvious we're going to have to do everything for you in this thread, here are a couple of pics from their party last week Also....they also moved over to Sixth Street Tavern for the season while their normal spot is being renovated, but it's still in DTLA and similar area. Edit: And I'm guessing @h0llywood will be there and he's 100% the coolest dude on the Huddle so that's worth the trip alone.
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    Cam was in a pissy mood the whole press conference. I was cringing very badly. I didn't even make it to the 4:20 mark. Im a huge Cam supporter, but just answer the questions man and quit being a dick. They aren't asking anything crazy or trying to get dirt out of you. They are basic questions. You get paid in the 8 figures to be a professional athlete. Just take those 10 minutes to be professional and lose the attitude. I expect poop but Im just being honest. Its extremely irritating
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    Starts at around the 4:20 mark. Do better, Joe. http://www.panthers.com/media-vault/videos/Newton-We-have-to-use-familiarity-to-our-advantage/387d615e-9dc1-4b03-9102-ea6f676e6a34
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    I'm just glad we don't have to drive far to see the Panthers win a Super Bowl.
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    The 49er's stadium was half empty but I still had to go through a ticket broker, $120 ticket with a $45 markup in fees to purchase. While the view was great, the sun was right on us the entire time (meanwhile the wall of corporate suites with tinted windows had the sun at their backs). Then if I wanted a beer, $10 for a Bud Light after a 5-10 minute wait in line. Roughly $45 for transportation to and from San Francisco which, btw, took about 3-4 hours of my life. That's $240 for one ticket and three beers if I lived in the Bay Area. On the other hand I can turn on the TV for 3 hours and drop $8 on a six pack and take a nap during halftime. Charge fans reasonable concession prices, make the stadium accessible to your fan base and somewhat comfortable, and let them buy tickets straight from the teams without payday loan level fees, and maybe they'll go more often.
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    California has no business having 4 NFL Teams, but that's none of my business. At least the Raiders are moving to LV, which is a nice change. The Chargers should go back to San Diego.
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    As TVs and technology gets better they have to battle against that. I can get Sunday ticket for the price of a single Panthers ticket. Also I think FF has actually hurt ticket sales as more people are watching a wider variety of games on Sunday. The only time I miss a Panthers snap is when I'm at a game waiting in line for a beer or in line to piss it out. Never miss a snap at home. Still nothing beats seeing it in person but look at the overall cost of attending one in person with a family...
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    Yeah I watched a video from a Bills "vegas insider" and he said, based on the first game, that Tolbert would be a solid RB1 if McCoy were to ever get injured. NYJ got'em gassed up. Reality will soon set in.
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    I predict big things from TD this week - he gonna be pissed about Tolbert running his mouth.
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    Double Olsen and bracket Cam and I think we have a solid recipe for victory.
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    I think it's mainly because of the type of defense you play. Try to take away the long stuff and force a team to be patient and drive down the field. That forces a lot of checkdowns. I don't know the yardage numbers, but I would assume it's small, because of how good the linebackers are. Not a huge deal, in my opinion.
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    Didn't he play safety at Miami? With Seymour and Gunter now we have some depth if Worley continues to struggle.
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    So we actually spent a draft pick on a kicker and that kicker is absolutely perfect in preseason. Meanwhile, we keep the highly paid guy that choked repeatedly in 2016 that missed like 3 field goals in preseason. #PantherLogic
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    Meh, kind of a whiny basis for an article...... The Rams were awful last year (4-12) and nobody thought Goff would come out of the gates in '17 the way he did. The Colts are not really an entertaining opponent, especially without Andrew Luck. It was near 100 degrees on Sunday in a dilapidated way outdated stadium. The Rams and Chargers were shoved down LAs throat by the NFL and Groenke and how can the NFL be pissed when their prices are astronomical for a day of football watching. And oh by the way LA, they're building a $2.66B stadium, so don't think prices are going to go down anytime soon. The Niners built their stadium 45 minutes from SF and wonder why people don't want to commute. Not saying you have to drink at football games, but I can't think of the last sporting event I went to where I didn't drink. Combine tailgating, hanging with friends/family and the sun and you have a recipe for needing a DD or Lyft/Uber. 49ers have gone 2-14 and 5-11 the past two seasons. Bryan Hoyer is under center, and the team gutted itself in the short-term for a promising return in 2-3 years. Sorry 2017 and 2018 are pretty much out the window....which is great in the big picture, but don't be mad for the next year or two when fans don't want to watch a team that is low on talent. Extremely hot temps in SF too during the game. Fans and people on here have said that it was crazy hot, and broadcasters said Bradberry and Worley had bad cramps and needed IVs. I've been to BofA for season openers and games in September. It is no fun standing in that heat. Wahhhhhhhhh, the NFL is nervous about fans turning out for overpriced games, overpriced concessions, and insane parking prices. Sorry, my 65" HDTV with a cold fridge and sweet grill a few steps away keeps me happy. My bathroom doesn't offer the potential for a staph infection and I highly doubt the drunk people at my house are going to piss me off enough for there to be any kind of fighting, nor do I have to listen to people telling me to sit down when I cheer. That being said, I was good for a game or two per year when I was still on the mainland and will probably still make it to a Panthers game this year when I go back to Charlotte at some point. I enjoy many parts of the games live, but it's not like it used to be. Technology, convenience and simple economics have pushed a lot of fans away. The NFL honestly has nobody to blame but themselves, but they are choosing to cry about concerns with empty stadiums. Crappy teams + high prices + adverse weather is not a good equation for people spending their hard earned money when there are alternatives.
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    Yes. You have people making 100k a year having to uber on the side to make ends meat. Think they're gonna splurge on tickets to shitty teams? No way. People cant afford what they use to be able to afford on the same salaries. It's just economics. Millenials who should be filling out the stadium with their families aren't gonna spend their money with those prices when many can't even afford homes for themselves that their parents could at the same age. This is common sense poo. NFL owners have zero pulse on today and their product will continue to suffer if they stay on this path. The Falcons need to lead the way. They made a great first step.
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    Bottom line is ticket prices are too high. Lower the ticket prices every stadium would be at full capacity guaranteed.
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    I know you are anything but a Hurney apologist, having advocated for his departure years ago when many here still claimed he was CAP guru or was automatic in the first round (when he wasn't trading our first round selection away or at least trying to). Had Hurney had his way, chances are we would have been without a first round pick the year Cam entered the draft. Having said that, doesn't it stand to reason the guy who was GM for ten years and was just fired four years ago would have a lot to do with selecting many of the core players? Cam and Luke are a direct result of a GM consistently unable to field a competitive team at the end of his reign.
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    The NFL should be seriously concerned with people opting to stay home to watch games. As ticket costs continue to rise, I would assume consumers would opt to stay home, where they can sit in their comfy couch, drink good beer that isn't outrageously overpriced, eat good food that isn't outrageously priced (the Falcons are on to something btw), not be subjected to wasted fans making fools of themselves at worst, and not throw away an entire day to watch four quarters of football. I like seeing games in person as much as the next guy, but I'm going to be honest, going to a game when the team doesn't show up and gets their head caved in like the Vikings game last year, it really makes you question what the point is. Especially when it's like 95 degrees out with no shade. Not to mention night games. If I had kids I would seriously think twice before taking them to a primetime game. The last one I went to, MNF against the Pats was an utter poo show before the game even started. Almost got into several fights with fellow panther fans because the other people were so drunk they could barely walk. In the upper level it was people screaming f bombs and the like every few minutes. Just not a good look. I can't imagine it's much better in cities with more rabid fan bases.
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    This moves Bradberry off special teams.... I am all for it.
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    Panthers 27 - Bills 13 Panthers are 4 of 6 in week 2 games under Rivera. (4 of 5 at home.) Of 8 prior seasons with week 1 wins, Panthers followed up with 6 week 2 wins (all but the infamous 2001 season and 2007). I like our chances. Defense already looks awesome. O is just getting warmed up.
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    Joe's question was a softball to Cam to say some nice words about his friends that went to Buffalo. Cam decided to be a dick instead. I don't see what everyone is falling over themselves about.
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    This comment bothers me. You do know the Jeremy runs this place, don't you? Have a little ******* respect. I may or may not always agree with Jeremy but I damn sure always show him respect with his opinion. Fortunately for you, I don't run the show because this comment would have you zapped, banned and skinned for your blatant lack of respect.
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    Bruh. I don't even know you right now
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    Great pick up ! The people hating on this is only hating because it's hurney . He's a solid back up and we need corners ! I think he has potential despite what Julio did. Julio also destroyed Patrick Peterson but no one says pat sucks
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    The key to stopping the Panthers last year was to run around Tolbert and tackle the man with the ball. How is that intel going to help DermDog?
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    I love this. Not just Tolbert but the whole Panther clan up there will force his offense to improvise and change. Pretty sure the sum of those two ingredients are growth.
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    Why was that such a bad question? Seems like he was giving Cam a layup to talk positively about his buddies. I'm fine with Cam only wanting to talk about his team, but seemed like a harmless question. PS...I know it's edgy to hate on him but I prefer to just keep it real - Joe's a pretty good dude.
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    This can't be true. I've been told repeatedly by the Huddle GM's that every team but the Panthers have all pro lineman at every position, even the backups. The problem was that Dave was too incompetent to trade anything and everything to get a few. He didn't care about Cam and was a meanie.

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