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    Man I dont think I have ever seen this forum this depressing heading into a playoff game. You have been spoiled by the success of this team over the years. FFS, show a little enthusiasm. It's sad that no one is giving Carolina a chance, not even the fans. Some of you act as if you would rather be one of the teams dumping their staff and hitting the reset button. fug that. Go Panthers!
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    Remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl?
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    It took me roughly 24-30 hours to get over that brutal knife in the back loss to blow the division. Now it's time to get PUMPED. We're gonna waltz right into that stupid frigging Dome and pull some harry potter voodoo sh*t on the Aints; I'll be there handing out paper bags as their loser fans cry their way out of the stadium. And after that we'll go to Philly thinking our sh*t don't stink. And frankly, in that damn city, our sh*t will smell like roses. We'll shut them out on our way to MN, where we'll set up an igloo and make it our home because we'll be there for damn near a month before returning home for our Super Bowl parade.
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    I'd take Chud over Shula in a heartbeat.
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    With Manhertz on IR Rivera said Armah would be getting more reps. It's a shame it has taken an injury for that to happen. Should have happened long long ago. Manhertz is awful.
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    Remember that time we scoffed at paying Ted Ginn?
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    Some of us have been screaming about Shula's poor play design for a long, long time.
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    Does this site not have mods anymore like wtf? It may be time to retire soon. This poo is getting out of hand.
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    How are we supposed to play fast when we're not breaking the huddle until there's under 15 seconds on the play clock? Hell, we weren't even playing fast late yesterday when we were down two scores.
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    Yup we gonna lose Sunday.
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    Surely phone calls are being made now that the season is over for most teams. Right?
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    Preach on, chknwing!!!!! I swear I am this close to just leaving this site until the draft. It is damn depressing around here.
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    Dan Marino isn't even 1% higher than Cam and literally every 30 for 30 you see where they interview a QB that QB says Dan is the best pure passer ever. Facts indeed.
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    I didn’t read that giant wall of text, but Ken Dorsey is a waste of space.
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    Is to establish the run and run it often. When we beat NE, MIA, MINNY, we ran the ball very well. Saints have the #16 rushing D, they give up 4.4 ypc This game if you want to win is going to require creativity, tons of read option and dual backs with Stewart and CMC simultaneous. You could even add the wrinkle where CMC comes out of the read option for a quick dump off pass. Long story short, if we don't turn this into a Kentucky Derby and run our thoroughbreds (Cam, CMC, Stewart) then we will lose this game.
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    Remember when we had a first round WR who has more career yardage and TDs for us than every WR on the roster combined? I do but I sure am glad we’ve got the 21st pick in the 3rd instead. Who needs WRs these days?
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    It's been over 2 years since I've made a video, I think.. I had one worked up for our 15-1 Superbowl team but never finished it because of how it all ended.. Anyways - It feels great to do one again.. It dusn't have all the "glitz and glam" that lilsmitty's vids have - but I do what I can.. Hope you all enjoy!!
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    2015 was the best and it's not even close. Nobody remembers strength of victory.
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    The owner search is going to trump the GM search.
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    My dream of 2 TEs would finally come true lol.
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    Actually you did nothing but reinforce the fact that stats arent everything. Look whoelse is on that list, Marino, mcnabb, warren moon. HOF Qbs with the same completion percentage as Cam. Somebody must of missed the memo on those guys huh? Good job buddy, you gave us some facts alright.
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    @SCP Panther Fans need you this week! You have been in hiding long enough, now is the time we need you to come through with a glorious poo talking thread against your most hated rival. So Panther Fans, please join me in pleading for SCP to make a thread so that coach Ron can read it to the team before they take the field on Sunday. We need you, you are our only hope!!!
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    So from my memory, the 2003 team had a better defense and better receivers but only put up on avg 20 pts a game, different era. They never dominated all season long, even on their 5-0 start. Then they had a bad stretch of the season where they lost 4 out 6, including 3 in a row. When the playoffs came they had to play against teams that beat them earlier in the year. dallas in WC (beat Panthers earlier in the year) rams in div (this is the team that is similar to NO) eagles in nfc champ (beat Panthers earlier in the year) I know social media wasn't really a thing back then but I remember sports media never giving a chance to win at all. 2017 Panthers sort of hot start 4-1 but didnt dominate either but we have been cardiac cats again. Then had a bad stretch vs philly and Chicago. Got sort of hot again, but sputtered against division foes. So nfc wc (play division team that beat us twice) div philly ( team that beat us earlier in the year) nfc champ unknown So not exactly like the 03 team but this team does remind me of them, If some of our stat people are board maybe they can provide more evidence and parallels. Im just trying to give myself some hope after my freak out this last Sunday.
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    It is sad, and we should all feel sad about it. It's like watching a good friend who has been in a bad relationship so long that they have come to see their spouse's abusive behavior as normal. Let's just say, if prime Steve Smith had been on the field today, ya'll honestly think we have 180 yards passing? Look at what Antonio Brown does for the Steelers. Teams regularly use triple coverage on him. Ya'll forget what it is like that your #1 WR practically force safety help on every play? Or a guy who's can win the 50-50 ball in tight, single coverage, then break the tackle and take it for a score? How about playing teams in zone coverage and letting your #1 line up anywhere on the field and what a huge advantage that is for an offense? How players like that stretch the defense and open up route trees for the other receivers and the running game? The bottom line is that in the most prolific passing era in the history of NFL, the Panthers have a front office and coaching staff that doesn't appear to value the most dynamic position in the game. The only reason it is successful at all is because what Cam does running the football, and this puts an enormous pressure on the QB in the limited opportunities he gets to make a play with his arm. So, until that changes, you are going to have games like this one, the one against the Bears, etc., where the entire offense looks completely frigging inept because the Panthers literally are inept at a key position in terms of play making potential.
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    This site has been severely down in quality this season. Last year wasn't even this bad and we had a losing season.
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    So you'll be telling all us "fake fans" to stop rooting for the Panthers when we get blown out by the saints for the 3rd time in a row? And that we should be proud we had a winning season and managed to sneak into the playoffs after a 6-10 dumpster fire post 2015? That we're "trending in the right direction" even though we still have the exact same weaknesses we did years ago on the roster ? That back to back winning seasons dont matter? You hang your hat on occasional winning seasons and just appearing in the playoffs, more power to you dude.
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    To be fair, the African American female driving already had her seatbelt on...
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    Normally I wouldn't pay this kind of talk no mind, but it just seems over the top right now. It's too dramatic, almost drama-queen-ish in my estimate. Y'all need to wake up and take a sip of hot cocoa. Ice up son, ice up.
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    Look at this retarded piece of poo compare 17 years of yards to 7 and not even total yards(missing TDs for a reason too) after derping the first comparison. You're a Paramecium brained Neanderthal with a fat tub of lard for a mom. PAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Like I said before, weirdest fuging forum this year. Panther go 11-5 in the toughest division by far in the NFL with the most quality wins in a single season that I have ever seen by this team and everyone is shitting on them.
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    He's actually right. Plenty of coaches have come up with schemes and ideas that looked like they'd be unbeatable. But then someone figures out how to beat them, and they're not smart enough to counter it. Buddy Ryan was a prime example. He came up with the 46 defense and everyone thought they'd be dominant for years, but teams learned how to counter it and Ryan didn't have an answer. That's why the Bears who looked unbeatable in 85 never got back to the Super Bowl after that. Likewise, Shula came up with a great scheme that worked well...for a year. After the Falcons and the Broncos figured out how to beat it, it was never the same. And just like Ryan, Shula doesn't have enough creativity to answer back. Belichick counters adjustments on an annual basis. That's true genius. Guys like Todd Haley do the same. Basically, you're not a real genius if your scheme only works for one year. If you can't adjust every year to keep it fresh, you're not that good.
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    We could put the saints at the 1 on every drive and they'd probably still score 35+
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    Lol! Imagine the urgency of finding someone to take your job
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    It wasn't the offense that was the problem. We couldn't stop anyone. Chudz wasn't running the defense. Shula benefited for the same reason. Defense got better offense had to score less. Shula couidn't carry Chudzinski's jock strap.
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    He also threw for 4000 yds in those first two seasson. While I agree moving forward is a good idea you can't forget how dynamic our offense was. This is the type of offensive mind we need for Cam. I would tell you this.... We would have destroyed Denver with him. Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey were a nasty pair.
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    Enough moving backward....time to move foward. We been there and done that. Hopefully Hurney is gone very soon.
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    He kinda reminds me of Cam in a sense. Emotional getting the D fired up before that turnover
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    It's like PanthersUnited without the comedy....
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    That should've been the first question they asked him. The second one should've been: "Why don't other teams ask to interview you?"
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    1. Yes, the refs missed 2 pretty obvious calls. 2. Yes, Cam was absolutely putrid yesterday and he is a sacred cow on this board and cannot be held accountable or responsible for his poor play and anyone who dares to post anything suggesting how horrible he played will be criticized by other forum members. 3. Greg Olsen was pissed because he knows his career is coming to an end and he also knows this team had an opportunity to win the division and improve their seeding and get a home game but played as though none of that mattered.
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    This Mikey guy blaming cam in every thread is getting old

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