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  1. Ikey is starting at LT week one. Everyone chill tf out.
  2. Killed a 5 mile walk listening! Appreciate u man!
  3. I'm proud of the player and leader Shaq has become. He's gotten some slack cause its impossible to compare to Luke, but he has embraced the Keep Pounding culture and is far from the reason we are a perennial 5 win team recently.
  4. Those Bengals helmets are sick. I kinda like our helmets how they are tbh.
  5. Good interview. Kunkel seems like a cool guy.
  6. Was gonna turn my Kelvin jersey into Mayfield had he chose 13. Baker's dozen woulda been funny.
  7. The Broilers I choose to be excited and be apart of the Bakers
  8. 12 mil guaranteed more than DJ....what a great deal for us.
  9. Wanna echo again how happy I am we avoided this whole fiasco. Let's go Corral.
  10. I think everyone needs to acknowledge Baker is better than Darnold. He is being severely underrated on this board. It's like it was with Cam, the media portraying selfish and not a good teammate. His teammates love him, look at Bitonio saying he is still his guy. He got hurt week 2 and battled through. Won a playoff game the year before. I'd prefer Corral to start over Darnold, but if we can give up minimal for Baker, I think it is a no brainer since the rest of the roster is improved.
  11. I'm excited for CMC to remind everyone how good he is this year.
  12. Would love to see CMC in slot on a lot of early downs with him in.
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