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  1. Preach Micah. Just please dont break him Sunday.
  2. If we get blown out in a game where Dallas takes over our stadium, do we think we could see Fitt and Reich canned? Can see what Evero has. Or do we wait for Black Monday?
  3. He's not doing it here if we took him, though. That helps me. Just gonna root for the best for Bryce.
  4. Bienemy, Terry, Dotson, Samuel? Coaching matters. Blocking schemes. Route trees. We have NONE of it.
  5. Thank you, my moderator. I will reflect on this and get back to you. Work on changing my name too!
  6. https://www.49erswebzone.com/forum/niners/
  7. We dont have objective people on this forum. Stroud been sacked 8 times in the last 7 games. Coaching matters. Go ball CJ. I'll choose to not turn on our QB after 8 starts.
  8. Weak ass stuff from this fanbase this season, man. I firmly believe the people who wanted Stroud are happy with how this is going. I can't judge a rookie put in this situation. It's truly atrocious. Some people on here should just check out some Texans forums.
  9. I'll keep rocking in week in and week out cause he's a rookie on a bad team who is growing.
  10. I'll be there lol. No Burns sucks. This has Panthers being a laughing stock written all over it with the storylines. Wonder if it would render a firing or two Friday.
  11. Sometimes....you just know. I think we know. Hell ya it rides on Tepper, but that isn't changing.
  12. The disastrous nature of this season might rid us of both Fitt and Reich and we can build something new with BY going into year 2 like the Jags did for TLaw.
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