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  1. Haven't made the playoffs since 2017. We gotta go earn it. McCoy is just a lifer in Tampa, so we know he doesn't really mean that. Carr is QB1 in division out of the gate with a good D. ATL had a nice offseason, just don't believe in Ridder. We'll find out starting ATL and I can't wait.
  2. That TNF is big for our fanbase pride.
  3. I hear you. Not saying we make the championship round or anything, but it would mean our young defense feasted or Young excelled his rookie year. Both positives.
  4. If we lose a coordinator to a HC role, it would mean good things for our 2023 season.
  5. Why is Brian Burns underrated by his own fanbase so much?
  6. Agreed. That's the silver lining in his injury history. Pumped for him this year.
  7. It is so amazing seeing Bryce Young in a Panthers uniform.
  8. Same. Buying PSL this week.
  9. It's a great day to be a Panthers fan.
  10. Man, this would be an electric start to the regime. Keep Pounding!
  11. And here you are posting on an NFL forum, so you are right in their wheelhouse.
  12. It's a compilation thread for people to follow.
  13. Spicy!!! I love it. And Saints MNF home opener?! Get to September already!!
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