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  1. Very happy with this. Dude was garbage and acted like he was an all-pro.
  2. I wish. But nope. The downside for them is just immense. Imagine explaining to that fan base the picks were worth missing on Lawrence.
  3. Truly impressive to be so condescending and wrong at once.
  4. Man, if COVID was a big reason for getting Teddy... Who knew I could hate it even more?
  5. If he in fact isn't, wouldn't that worry you about who is running this ship? He is a sunk cost, they have to realize this, no? 15 TD is his career high. That is atrocious. Peyton threw more TD in a season that Teddy has in his 49 career starts. I just don't understand where this Teddy can be the guy bs comes from or ever has come from.
  6. Just to reiterate, he deserves this treatment. It's a business. Don't care if he is a nice guy. He doesn't produce. Hasn't since he was drafted in 2014. The nice guy appeal and big injury altered people's thoughts. I remember before the ATL TNF game this year the whole panel was saying Teddy is our franchise guy. Drove me nuts.
  7. Think Miller can be had for cheap to be a bridge guard. At that point, it's using draft capital or a cap casualty to patchwork LT and RG. I do think it is doable, yes. And using rounds 2-7 is often forgotten by fans.
  8. Moving on from Cam was the right move. Signing a backup for 20 mil a year was not.
  9. I feel this is a very on paper type sentiment. By the time the QB we draft in 2023 is ready to get us a SB, we will have to pay Burns, Chinn, Moore, Brown, etc. And that is assuming the rookie QB even works out. It's cyclical, there's always going to be people you have to pay (IF you draft well). Getting a QB is paramount. It is a QB league. Chiefs, Packers roster is slightly above average outside QB and they win 12+ a year. This is why so many people are excited about the thought of getting a 25 year old Watson, even if the price is steep. It is worth it.
  10. Man, I really don't like Teddy. Tepper will get his guy, whether it be rookie or Watson. He knows how the fanbase feels and how it affects his bottom line.
  11. Yes, absolutely. Not that he was the main reason, but he almost won a super bowl. Teddy will never sniff Championship weekend.
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