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  1. How is that the play call on 3rd and short with our third string running back
  2. Glass half full thinking here. Let’s get Brady at LT and hopefully he shows out. Shaq hurts. As much as I’d love to have cmc I’m ok with him getting one more week to 100% for minnesota. Let’s go win this game regardless. Disappointment if we don’t even with these injuries(not you Erving).
  3. I don't think we re-sign Jackson, which I like. Not gonna be worth what he wants on market, and we need that money for DJ and Burns.
  4. good post. keep pounding. 4-1 on the horizon
  5. No Erickson slander. Dude has caught everything
  6. Exactly how I feel. Stay positive boys. Come on
  7. Why don’t we wait for news on cmc before overreacting to trading him?
  8. Tbh I don’t hate the call. Same call to get a 3rd and 1 a few plays earlier. That’s on the line. Would have preferred a pitch; but complaining seems revisionist.
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