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  1. Courtesy of the Ellen show... Braylon will also be on the field as Ellen's correspondent.         
  2.     At this point, I am just done. It is completely obvious that Cam is now a punching bag for terrible reporters to get a rise out of.  I am glad he handled it much better than I would have.   
  3. Derek Anderson playing the role of Peyton Manning

    Yeah, the Panthers do.    Joe Webb would do a nice job in practice. 
  4. Can't put my finger on it. It is almost like he is lacking rhythm .... 
  5.   Having Derek Anderson, the same type of QB as Peyton Manning, is a real advantage in practices. This is something Denver does not have. Not sure they have anyone close on their roster to imitate Cam Newton. 
  6. Oh look, another Caucasian columnist that doesn't get it. Shocking.     
  7. This years Clueless Gamer...

    Thats Josh always when he isn't playing football.  I would have gone with Kalil or Tolbert for that piece. 
  8. Maybe thats what she was stuffing in his pocket?
  9. If Carolina wins the coin toss...

    They will defer, per usual. 
  10. The Santa Clara Camera Bag Strategy

    256 megs? Thats enough for 10 RAW photos! Sweet!