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  1. Anyone up for creating the threads with some nice info and youtube video? I have a photoshoot to conduct.
  2. Bene Benwikere was the last corner that Gettleman drafted. He was taken in the 5th round. At the end of his rookie season he graded out as a first round pick compared to the other rookies.
  3. Best players left going in to day 3

    After yesterday I have thrown all hope of guessing who we want out the window, just like Getts did with BPA
  4. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    It is starting.....
  5. C-

    Will be fun to bump next year.
  6. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    He can attend practices and do training stuff, just not take part in drills.
  7. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    I looked at the forum index Saw three Hardy threads snapped a pencil in half.
  8. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    I don't think so. Peanut ran out of gas mid season last year even before his injury.
  9. 1. About the nightclub issue Gettleman and Rivera knew about the incident. I promise you they are extremely sensitive to DV issues having gone through the whole Hardy ordeal themselves. That was no picnic for them. They watched the tape with their own eyes and concluded the kid was protecting his girlfriend from another gal. He broke up a fight. You know, the kind of thing that happens at Charlotte area night clubs every single weekend. I have no doubt in my mind that it is a complete non issue. I trust Dave and Ron fully in this regard. However, since the tape is not public, I also trust the media will jump all over this, make it sound much worse than it was, and be fruitful NFL grandstanding banter for the entire offseason. 2. About Hardy coming back There is still a 0% chance that Hardy comes back. If fact, last night's draft pick reduces those chances even further. There was never any way the Panthers would take Hardy back to begin with. But now that the DV spotlight is back on the Panthers, there is actually a negative percent chance he comes back. Yes, the Panthers may actually pay him to stay away now. So please, stop with the silly Hardy talk. It is a bit embarrassing. We are better than this.
  10. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    I stand corrected.
  11. The Carolina Panthers traded up in the third round to select WVU Corner Daryl Worley OVERVIEW This Philadelphia native finished his career on a strong note, giving him the confidence to enter the NFL draft as a true junior. He garnered first-team All-Big 12 honors after finishing among the nation's leaders with six interceptions and 12 pass breakups. He also made 49 tackles and forced two fumbles on the year, even though he didn't play in the Cactus Bowl with the team due to academic issues. Worley had led the team the previous year with three interceptions (also with 52 tackles, 4.5 for loss, four breakups), but faced trouble during the season. He was accused of assaulting a woman outside a nightclub in September, eventually pled no contest and received a six-month suspended sentence for his actions, which he said were in defense of his girlfriend. Worley missed two games due to a suspension. As a true freshman, Worley made his presence known on defense and special teams, starting five games, making 45 tackles, intercepting one pass, and breaking up five others. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Has height and arm length that every secondary coach loves. Instinctive and willing to operate outside of his zone. Won't lose the 50/50 battle very often. Sits down on receivers when ball is in the air and uses well-timed leap and outstanding hands to break it up or take it away. Credited with 12 pass breakups and six interceptions last season. Stellar reactive quickness with hands to pluck interceptions after undercutting routes. Redirects receivers with aggressive shoves. Decent finisher as tackler. Carries enough long speed to run with Baylor's Corey Coleman. WEAKNESSES Doesn't have the loose hips or fluid feet to mirror and match in man coverage. The more layered the route, the more separation allowed. Passive in bail coverage allowing significant throwing run underneath. At times becomes pre­occupied with the vertical chase and fails to find deep ball headed his way. Would like to see more aggression from him play after play. Sits and waits in run support. Doesn't use size to overpower blockers and get into running backs early. NFL COMPARISON Tray Walker BOTTOM LINE Worley has good deep speed and excellent ball skills, but lacks the agility and hips to maintain his feel for receivers underneath. A move to a defense that employs more press and trail technique should benefit him and teams looking for range and instincts could try him at free safety. Worley's traits make him worthy of a Day 3 selection, but his success may be tied to his scheme fit.
  12. Bradberry is amazing...

    But now this.... I must admit.... it sounds like a HUGE reach.